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May 28th 2010

Apologies if I have not replied to your email. Yet again I have some very urgent matters to clear.

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Last week's report

I was informed this week that brilliant scientists Nobel Laureate Prof Brian Josephson and Dr David Peat, who had previously been invited to a Foundations of Physics Conference, were "uninvited" because the organizers found out they conduct research into the 'paranormal.'

The letter from the organizing committee to Brian Josephson asserted: "It has come to my attention that one of your principal research interests is the paranormal ... in my view, it would not be appropriate for someone with such research interests to attend a scientific conference." (source Professor Josephson's webpage).

This shows how ignorant, intellectually prejudiced and negatively conservatively entrenched the organizers of the science conference are. Those whose business it is to know what the military advanced countries are doing will tell you that some countries - like China and Russia - not only conduct research into the paranormal but use the paranormal for military purposes. China has made significant progress in military/espionage context of 'teleportation' - a quantum physics' paranormal phenomenon. (See Teleportation Physics Study) We also know China has made significant advances in psychic espionage (some informed observers estimate they are some 50 years ahead of the West.) China also has the numbers. Those in the 'know' will tell you that any country which masters the paranormal will rule the world - without spending too much funding.

These ultra materialists conservative 'scientists' are pushing ignorance about the paranormal to its extreme. They are deliberately discouraging brilliant researchers - such as Nobel Laureate Prof. Brian Josephson (pictured left) and Professor David Peat (pictured, below) and many young scientists from researching the paranormal, preventing them from making a huge contribution to national security.

Why the censorship? Why the arrogance? Why the prejudice? Time for these conservative decision makers to wake up because surely, they will be remembered as the most bigoted-conservative scientists who without insight into national security issues are betraying their country by their anti-paranormal prejudice.

THE GREAT PROF. ALBERT EINSTEIN's memorable quote- and let's never forget it:: "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds."

TELEPATHY EMPIRICALLY VALID: Why are conservative scientists deadly scared of doing scientific research in telepathy when other scientists have given most impressive and persuasive data for its existence?

In 1997 Dr Dean Radin, director of the Consciousness Research Laboratory at the University of Nevada, published a ground breaking book The Conscious Universe--the Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena. In it he analyzes the overwhelming scientific evidence for TELEPATHY and clairvoyance.

Typical of the staggering experimental results was a meta-analysis of all psi experiments conducted at Stanford Research Institute from 1973 to 1988 conducted by Edwin May and his colleagues. The analysis was based on 154 experiments with more than 26,000 separate trials conducted over 16 years. The statistical results of this analysis indicated odds against chance of more than a
BILLION BILLION to one (Radin 1997:101)Radin notes that as yet few scientists and science journalists “are aware of this dramatic shift in informed opinion.” (Radin 1997).
**See also physicist Dr Swanson's Part 2 (from item below) regarding the validating of the paranormal

TELEPORTATION AND SCIENCE: refers to matter being dematerialized, moved elsewhere, and reassembled time and distance irrelevant. There have been successful scientific experiments in teleportation of matter- see report. Conservative mainstream science does not want to know about it - even if no conservative scientist has never tried to rebut the notion of teleportation because these conservative scientists's existing scientific paradigm will inexorably crumble. Conservative mainstream science's laws will have to be reviewed when paranormal science sooner or later is accepted. The next gigantic step will be in human TELEPORTATION. There are those in experts in the paranormal who have witnessed human teleportation. A couple of scientists are stating that China has advanced to the level of human teleportation. Unlike physical research, paranormal research cannot be instantly duplicated by stealing documents. A country which has mastered human TELEPORTATION will mean it will take some one hundred years for another country to try to reach that level. By that time national security of many countries would have been compromised.

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Part 2 -Princeton P.E.A.R. lab findings
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For some time we have been receiving reports about amazing physical phenomena at Montcabirol, the spiritual healing and retreat centre near Toulouse in France. At the moment a number of physical mediumship circles are in residence and we expect more detailed reports soon. Here is part of one report now on the Circle website.

"A few seconds after putting on some native American music, we could hear footsteps and feel the wooden floor shaking and vibrating around us. This continued and eventually there were several spirit people moving about the room. Next, they began to dance and chant. This was accompanied by several musical instruments that played continuously, four of which I was able to identify. There were several what I would call native American drums being played, as well as tamborines, rattles, and bells (similar to holiday jingle bells). As this was happening, the number of people dancing in the room increased dramatically. It was difficult to assess the number but I feel that there had to be at least a minimum of ten or twelve people dancing and chanting in the room, possibly as many as fifteen or more. What I found to be most astounding was that they brought their own instruments. " Further eyewitness reports will be appearing on the Yellow Cloud Circle website in the near future.

On September 3rd this year Twentieth Century Fox will release Nosso Lar (in English, Our Home: the Astral City). This is based on a novel received by Chico from André Luiz, a doctor, describing his experiences on waking up in the spirit world. (Read English version of the book)


The story and purpose of the Forever Family Foundation as told through the words of co-founders Bob & Phran Ginsberg and participating psychic mediums and those who have benefited from the spiritual healing.


Painting medium Florencio Anton from Brazil says he became aware of spirit people at the age of eight and began developing his mediumship at the age of 11, producing spirit voices and automatic writing and first. Then dead artists began working through him and he has been giving public demonstrations for the past 20 years during which time he has produced over 5,000 paintings by over 100 artists. Each is said to be unique: he has never produced the same image more than once. The paintings are sold to support a charitable orphanage. Watch this video of Florencio at work in 2007.


HEALING - CANCER: Do 'spirit doctors' know the cure for cancer?

(Directly from the afterlife):
"There is no specific cure in the sense that there is one remedy that will cure every type of cancer, because they do not all owe their origin to the same cause. Some are physical, some are mental and some are spiritual in their origin. It is not possible to treat them all alike. You must try to understand the way we work. It is not done by saying ,"Your world has a problem, here is the answer." Your world must earn the answer. But if you have wrong living in your world, if you have the needless cruelty to which helpless animals are subjected, you have not earned the right to be cured, then no one can give you a cure. What is done is twofold: read more ...

It is sad that the testing of clairvoyants has to be left to media organizations who insist on treating it in a condescending sensationalistic way. However Sydney psychic Lorelle Trickett performed brilliantly in a recent test carried out to find three people buried in Waverly Cemetery. Out of 80,000 people buried in 50,000 graves she found all three. Watch video

PSYCHOLOGY AND THE AFTERLIFE: 'CATHEXIS': this is a very important word in the English language - it refers to a term in psychology which, putting it simply means 'a powerful, psychological bond with a thing or a human'. Information transmitted from the otherside tells us that there are those who cross over and find themselves back in the home they used to live - only because of 'cathexis' - the powerful bond exists ed between the person crossing over and the home she/he used to live in. These 'psychological bonds' are not particularly easy to break. We are also informed that those drug addicts with a strong addiction (cathexis) for drugs, would still experience the craving AFTER they crossed over. This also goes for the heavy smoking and drinking and with anything else which has to do with addiction. Here is the place to put right anything to do with 'cathexis' and with strong addictions to anything.


Directly from the afterlife: "From the moment of conception, and even before that, there is attached to the incarnating soul someone who volunteers to act as his guardian. "He has given His angels charge concerning thee, to keep thee in Thy ways." is a literal truth. The guardian will maintain to the best of his or her ability the functional assumed until the time comes for you to cross the border. The task becomes easier when you are aware of the guardianship; it becomes difficult when you are unaware of it. There is only one guide, but many helpers. The 'guardian angel' knows before he assumes his task what lies ahead of him-and he does not have a free choice in the matter either. Not everyone can say I will be the guardian to this or that person .Ours is a very organized world."

'PSYCHIC DETECTIVE' - Christine Morgan:
We received a report that mental medium/psychic Christine Morgan
email indiki1962@gmail.comindiki1962@gmail.com
OR PHONE +61-(0) 411 036 963
was able to assist in finding a missing person. Silvana, someone dear to me and Wendy, told us of this most interesting item: "A friend of mine, panic stricken and upset, rang me from interstate (Adelaide, South Australia) telling me her mother in her 80's, who is visiting Australia and does not speak English had gone missing and the police were involved in trying to locate her. Urgently I rang Christine in Sydney for help - could she help locate my friend's mother? Christine, after a fairly short pause said that she would call back. When she did Christine described a long street opposite a museum where she could see rows of bus stops and where she was confident the missing mother could be found. Christine said "I also see her with the police, she'll be found and will be safe." Silvana rang this information through to her friend and asked her to go with the Police to the location described which was very close to the city centre. Not too long afterwards the police found the elderly lady, sitting at a bus stop bench amongst the rows of bus stops on that very long street, opposite the museum that Christine had described. Well done Christine! And thank you Silvana for the worthy news item.


on the Thursday 3rd June 2010 at 7.30pm (8pm start) at 499 Willoughby Rd Willoughby Sydney- David and Christine
Many people regard David Thompson as the greatest materialization medium in the world to-day. But we can attest that he is also a superb mental medium. On Thursday June 3rd he will be teaming up with International medium Christine Morgan to do a demonstration of mental mediumship in Sydney.


SHOP (the venue for the above event) in Sydney - has a wonderful range of products including Spiritual & Metaphysical Books, Oracle and Tarot Cards, Guided Meditation CD's, Healing Crystals and Aura-Soma Colour Therapy products to name just a few. Take a moment to scroll through and enjoy the many tempting items in the online store or better still come and visit the shop and healing centre in Willoughby, Sydney where there is an even more comprehensive range of spiritual products - here you will see the angel statue or the fairy of your dreams, or fall in love with a stunning crystal ball. Copies of A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife can be bought there.

A UNIQUE International Conference in Mystical Malta
(an E.U. island in the Mediterranean, close to Italy) - Highly recommended!
BOOK NOW FOR A ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY - Life Changing Experience NOT TO BE MISSED! Fri 8th -Sun 10th October 2010 Grand Hotel Excelsior Malta

JOEL ANDREWS: Evidence of our Divinity & the Omnipresence of Miracles
CRAIG HAMILTON: Awakening to the Call of the Cosmos
ANTON MIFSUD: Is Malta the lost Atlantis of the Gods?
PHIL GRUBER: The Truth of the Indigos, the Enduring Magic of Malta and the Road to 2012
CLAIRE ZAMMIT Awakening the Co-Creative Power of the Feminine
ADRIANO FORGIONE: A Journey into the hidden side of alien contacts
COLIN ANDREWS: A detailed look at the Conscious Circles ...
SERAFINA ANDREWS: Prophecies of Awakening – Revealing the steps to the highest aspects of Human Potential
GEOFF STRAY: Prophecies, oracles, Mayan calendar, near-death
experiences and theories that all meet in 2012
SYNTHIA ANDREWS: Embodying Changing Consciousness’ – how we change positively as we head towards 2012

(Why is Malta historically fascinating? - The picture left shows high walls especially built built in Valletta harbor by the Knights of St John circa 1563 - where Islamic forces there were beaten by the Knights of St John during the decisive 'Great Siege of Malta' (1565) which successfully stopped the Islamic invasion of Europe...2) Malta - as a British military base was bombed heavily on civilians over three years by the Germans and Italians- during World War 2 "MALTA:The Most Bombed Place on Earth', from S.A.M. Hudson's book ''UXB MALTA).The bravery and determination of Malta’s civilian population not to be defeated was recognised when the island was awarded the George Cross by George VI in April 1942.
For details and registration please visit: www.apositiveoutcome.org
or contact Mr Trevor Zahra: tel +356 2141 4539
mob +356 99 01 39 37 email Trevor@culture3sixty.com
EXPERIENCE the Power of individual and collective Transformation


1) "Dear Victor, I am grateful for people like you. At almost 48 years of age, having my experiences negated and labeled ridiculous and not real (by family), having an educated and esteemed figure supporting the truth in this area, is extremely validating." Lara

2) Kisses to you and Wendy-Sonia Rinaldi Brazil, afterlife investigator.

3) Thank you so much for your newsletter.I would love, to speak with you.My best regards Love, peace and Light, Carmen (Spain).

'PSYCHIC WORLD'. the most reliable, credible and readable monthly newspaper on psychics, mediums, Spiritualism and the paranormal in the United Kingdom- and the world to-day. I have a half a page column in this magnificent British psychic newspaper. To subscribe to PSYCHIC WORLD send just £13.00 GBP. Please note they cannot accept US dollar cheques ONLY £ sterling cheques or £ sterling money orders or credit card payments.
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Disclaimer: Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.