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September 16th 2011

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Apologies if I have not replied to your email. But please do NOT send long emails - time is a huge problem for me.

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COMMENTARY: LIFE TOO TOUGH? I receive a number of emails from people who are not coping with life - or finding life too tough - too many problems, too much frustration, too many obstacles. There has to be a better way they suggest. Perhaps we need new values, new structures, new beliefs. We in the Western culture put too much emphasis on competing against each other instead of co-operating with each other.

Every day through the media we are bombarded with high pressure advertisements - about buying more consumer products we don't really need, buying bigger or more prestigious autos; and if we don't have the money, "we'll lend you the money".

In the West people are becoming more isolated. They are abandoning the Churches saying the Churches have become irrelevant in the fast dog-eat-dog society of twentyfirst century. Some 60% of marriages and partnerships end. Sociologists tell us there is more loneliness, more drug problems, more alcoholism, to-day than at any other time in history. There has to be a better way!

We find that people who have near death near death experiences experience an instant change in value systems and realize the futility of materialism and the amazing opportunities that life presents. Clearly it's important to study these experiences and to do all that we can to publicize them and the reality of the afterlife.



QUESTION THIS WEEK ABOUT: QUANTUM PHYSICS AND THE AFTERLIFE: What's Quantum Physics got to do with the paranormal or the afterlife? J.J.
(a Materialist from Denmark)

Quantum physicists has discovered that the belief that the universe is made up of lifeless clumps of matter is an illusion. Physicists have discovered that at the heart of all matter there is ENERGY which is interconnected and conscious.


Here are more brilliant physicists who state in absolute terms that there is no inconsistency between the paranormal and quantum physics.

Dr Harold Puthoff, is a physicist and CEO of a privately funded research organization called EarthTech International. This organization is dedicated to the exploration of new frontiers in physics. He has made significant contribution towards empirically establishing the validity of psi particularly in the field of “remote viewing”.

Professor Russell Targ
is a physicist and author who pioneered the development of the laser. He was also co-founded the Stanford Research Institute's investigation into psychic abilities in the 1970s and 1980s

Professor Dr Ernst Senkowski is a professor of physics and electronics who conducted intensive paranormal and afterlife research for over twenty years. Dr Senkowski repeatedly obtained positive paranormal and 'afterlife' results.

Dr Amit Goswami,
is a former Professor of Physics at the Institute of Theoretical Sciences at the University of Oregon. His book Physics of the Soul--The Quantum Book Of Living, Dying, Reincarnation And Immortality defines consciousness, not materiality, as the primary reality.

Professor John Bokris
wrote The New Paradigm--A Confrontation Between Physics and the Paranormal Phenomena (2005). In it he discusses evidence for the paranormal, including telepathy, near-death experiences, out-of-body travel, mediumship, reincarnation, apparitions, possession, distant healing, and other phenomena. He concludes that other concepts such as the paranormal, theories about consciousness, and interconnectedness must be integrated into science to enable a superior understanding of reality.

British scientist, Ron Pearson
, in his new book Physics Proves God argues that a sub-quantum structure, called i-ther, emerged from the void 40-70 billion years ago and has a constant huge energy supply that will cause self-organisation from chaos.

Sir Oliver Lodge
, one of the greatest physicists of all times, accepted life after death after using his scientific genius to prove it.

More physicists.... chapter 25 Quantum Physics


"There are many to whom pride and arrogance, possessions and wealth are more important than what is the truth. When you have become part of a system, you are enmeshed in it, it holds you in its chains. You seek to paralyse your reason by repeating old shibboleths. The next world is purgatory to those who have perpetuated a system of error and superstition. Each must undo the wrong that he has done. It is interesting to note that so many scientists, who for years have turned deaf ears and blind eyes to the whole realm of spiritual activity, now, in their examination of the world of matter, are beginning to realize that its secrets are to be discovered in vibrations."

or 'Monty' as his friends called him, was an active member of the Society for Psychical Research (SPR) for nearly 60 years. As Chairman of the Image and Publicity Committee, Secretary of the Survival Committee and an energetic member of the Research Activities Committee, he made huge contributions to the Society. He was principal investigator of the Scole Group of physical mediums, and author of the Scole Report, published in the Proceedings of the SPR (Vol 54 Pt 220) in 1999 with his co-investigators Professors Arthur Ellison and David Fontana. He is extensively interviewed in The Afterlife Investigations a highly recommended dvd about the Scole Experiment. He was also a prolific writer, a superb lecturer and an indefatigable investigator, best known for his research into phenomena associated with physical mediumship. The research papers contained on the Montague Keen Foundation website give an introduction to his contribution.
Research Papers 1
Research Papers 2

DR JIM TUCKER TALKS ABOUT HIS RESEARCH ON REINCARNATION A young boy supposedly has memories of a past life in which he was his own grandfather. Plus, Dr. Jim Tucker discusses his and his former colleague Dr. Ian Stevenson's research on children in eastern countries who have spontaneous past life memories. In their research they found much evidence suggestive of reincarnation, like detailed and accurate memories and physical characteristics carried over from the previous life to the current one (birth marks, deformities, injuries).


"Self-healing requires attunement and receptivity, a combination of getting the inner power to work and to be accessible to the outer power that flows from the Great Power and can come through you at the same time. Your function is to be a channel for the healing power. If the patient is spiritually ready, the results will come. If the soul is touched, then the healing is successful. If only the physical body gets better, the goal has not been achieved the object is to bring spiritual awareness."



Hello Allison, hello James , I've been receiving a number of emails claiming that there are some fairly aggressive, nasty attacks by the JREF mob against you both on Youtube and on blogs. They are pushing you to take on JR's ridiculous bogus challenge which we all know is set up to be impossible to beat. Just for the purpose of the record I suggest you refer that aggressive, insulting JREF sidekick propagandist to me. He has to earn his position as the second in command at the JREF by attacking the best known established mediums. We know it’s the biggest HOAX in paranormal history - just pernicious propaganda, but it would be only human to be frustrated with these unfair attacks.
Read full letter

Allison Dubois replied saying she totally ignores the closed minded skeptics. " I don't get bullied into taking on stupid tests. The closed minded skeptic's opinion doesn't matter to me. I'm doing the real work but thanks for the heads up!"

Fabian Pachero of the Tuscon Police, Detective Landon Rankin of Pinal Sherrif’s office and Tempe Police praise Forensic Psychic: Mary Ann Morgan

Case: Loretta Bowerwstock. Loretta went missing. Police had no clues where the body was, there were no more leads …gifted psychic Mary Anne Morgan was called to assist. After the case was closed, Detective Fabian Pachero of the Tuscon Police said about the gifted psychic Mary Ann Morgan, “After being involved in this case, I can say I’m definitely less skeptical of employing the services of a psychic …” Detective Landon Rankin of Pinal Sheriff’s Office said about the gifted psychic Mary Ann, “I’ve never used a psychic before until this case. The information she gave us was pin point accuracy … a psychic gives us insights that we don’t have.” Read more ...

CROP CRICLES VIDEO - excellent video showing some 20 different crop circles: Absolutely fascinating! Admire the beauty, the intricacies, the mystery. Perceive the paranormal with true scientific balance. A couple of skeptics tried fool viewers when they made a documentary claiming that crop circles are man-made. Watch this video and judge for yourselves whether it is possible physically to do these intricate crop circles overnight. Much fundamental information is ignored by skeptics: crop circles have been found in over 75 countries and the plants inside crop circles are changed in a way that is beyond human ability. Read arguments against the hoax theory of crop circles. Enjoy and admire!

UFO’s ARE REAL SAYS ADMIRAL ROSCOE HILLENKOETTER- the first Director of the CIA. Why would anyone want to panic just because UFO’S are observing the earth? Aliens would have mastered the skills of materialization and dematerialization. It would be ideal to make contact with them in an intelligent way to help us with advanced paranormal skills and with understanding the critical paranormal physics local scientists have just recently started to discover. ADMIRAL ROSCOE HILLENKOETTER:- the first director of the CIA stated in the New York Times in 1959, " These UFOs are interplanetary devices systematically observing the earth." Admiral Hillenkoetter said that "behind the scenes, high-ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about the UFO's. "But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense, the retired admiral said. He charged that "to hide the facts, the Air Force has silenced its personnel through the issuance of a regulation.


Many of us appreciate how much good movies on the afterlife like "Ghost" can raise awareness and lead to openings for discussion.
"The film Dearly Departed started with a simple question: "What if?" What if we could take a camera into the afterlife and find out what happens after we die? Do we meet friends and family who have passed on before us? What about the loved ones we've left behind?" The film has been shot but needs support to get it into theatres and film festivals. Read more...

SPIRITUALIST PREDICTED HER DEATH WITH DEADLY ACCURACY. "Cases have been known of Spiritualists who have predicted, not only the year of their 'passing', but the day and even the hour. In his published book THAT REMINDS ME, Ernest Oaten tells of a Miss Grimshaw at whose house he attended a weekly circle. In December she was taken ill. The doctor thought a few days would see the end. "I shall live to the end of March" she said. On the last Saturday in March, Oaten went to see her. "I shall be leaving for the spirit world on Monday," she said. Oaten told her that he would call and see her on Monday in the dinner hour. "If you are here before half-past one I shall be here to greet you. If not, I will rap for you on Tuesday night" she replied. Oaten arrived a few minutes after half-past one. She had passed away a quarter of an hour before. On Tuesday night she kept her promise and gave three heavy raps on two occasions during the evening. (taken from THE PSYCHIC LIFE OF JESUS, by Rev. G Maurice Elliott. On page 128).

CATHOLIC DIVORCEES WHO REMARRY DO NOT GO TO HELL! I had another enquiry this week (popular topic) about the Catholic doctrine on divorcees. Catholic doctrine claims divorcees who remarry are committing a 'mortal sin' and will go to hell if they die whilst in that state. That is NOT true according to highly credible information transmitted from the afterlife dimension. Divorce is irrelevant to proceeding to the realm of the Light on crossing-over. Beliefs are unimportant unless your beliefs make you a better person spiritually. What really is important on crossing over is what you did with your life - how much love you showed and what service you did to help those who needed help.

We have spoken to many mediums and psychics over the years about their experiences as children with psychic abilities. Many tell of parents who also had the gift but were frightened of it and tried to suppress it in their children. Medium George Anderson (who developed his abilities after a near death experience at age 6) writes in his autobiography of being shunted off to the school psychologist and admitted to a psychiatric hospital and being scheduled for shock therapy. So clearly there is a real need for this kind of education. Dr Caron Goode's new book Kids Who See Ghosts looks very promising.

Dr Caron Goode will be interviewed on September 22, 2011 on internet radio program Signs of Life which broadcasts on BBS Station 1 Thursdays at 4:00 - 4:55 PM (PST) or 7:00 - 7:55 PM (EST)- and then archives the programs.
Check out the wonderful line-up for 2011.


Humanists are usually 'skeptics' and do not accept the existence of the afterlife.
Where: Humanist House, 10 Shepherd St. Chippendale (near Broadway), Sydney.
When: Wednesday 28th September 2011

Time: 8pm
Speaker: Lawyer Victor Zammit, retired Attorney of the Supreme Court and the High Court of Australia. Qualified barrister (not registered).
Topic: The Afterlife: FACT OR FICTION?
Cost: $3 (includes finger-food).

1) EZIO & MICHELLE DE ANGELIS, well known mediums: Can the spirit world teach us how to live a more fulfilling and productive life? Does dying give a person more wisdom than they had while here on Earth? Join Ezio and Michelle as they share practical insights about love, life and spirit gleaned from those who have lived and died...and come back to tell the tale. With over fifteen years experience as mediums, Ezio and Michelle
will help you access all the healing, grace and love of the spirit world so that Ezio De Angelis you can create a life of your own choosing - a life that is worth living
2) Your Magic: Ignite Your True Power with Lucy.
3) The Shaman - The game of Life Dr. Medicine Crow is a Chief of the Sand Hill Band of Indians,
Venue: Revesby Workers Club, NSW.
Date: Saturday October 8th 2011 • Time: 9am - 4pm
Tickets: $180 from the club. Includes Lunch, Morning & Afternoon tea.Book: 9772 2100 (Information, call Dawn on 0412 438 796)
Book Early! www.eziodeangelis.com.au

Most people are aware that the majority of animals raised for the production of meat and eggs are kept in terrible conditions in factory farms. But few realise that similar facilities around Australia are keeping breeding dogs to churn out thousands of puppies every year- many of which end up in shelters. Be a voice for the thousands of dogs like Oscar kept silent and out of sight on puppy factories across Australia. Join the rally for Oscar's Law this Sunday September 18th at 12noon.
Sydney -- Belmore Park (Print the flyer) (Facebook event here)
Melbourne -- Parliament House (Print the flyer) (Facebook event here)
Adelaide -- Parliament House (Print the flyer)

FEEDBACK (selected responses)

1) Dear Victor, After losing my 18 year old daughter suddenly last year, I searched frantically on the internet for comfort!...Don't know where I found your site, But I just would like to say Thank you for your after life reports that I receive weekly. They are a great comfort to me , knowing that my daughter is still with me,,,with lots of signs from her that gives me hope to survive this tragedy and with your reports that an Afterlife Does Exist...With Love, Helen

2) Hi Victor, I am so happy you ordered my book, LIFE WITH A HOLE IN IT. Would love to hear what you thought of it when you finish reading.The mention of it in your newsletter sold a number of copies for me, which is great for a small writer like myself. Thank you! Vicki Woodyard

3) Dear Victor I would just like to thank you for your generosity in enabling people to download your book. I am looking forward to reading it, but I can already see that it is an exceptional book. Many thanks too for your excellent website, I, and I am sure many others are most grateful to you. sincerely Lyn

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Disclaimer: Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.