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17th April 2015

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COMMENTARY: THE LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT CONTROVERSY - HUGE PROBLEMS FOR THE CHURCH EXPERTS SAY: There are those I came across just last week who are religious and accept the belief that a priest has been given the power to 'forgive sins'- or not to fogive sins. This means a priest, by the religious beliefs can send you to 'eternal damnation' by not forgiving sins. THAT IS NOT TRUE!

The universal Law of Cause and Effect we have been informed directly from the afterlife dimension by those highly credible afterlife teachers- has been around since man came to earth millions of years ago and no Pope, Cardinal, no Rabbi, no Ayatollah, no Buddhist - no self labeled 'holy person' has the power, authority or the jurisdiction to amend the Law of Cause and Effect by one iota. There is perfect justice. No one gets away with it!

This law works with mathematical precision and is directly related to the law of karma - which means that what negative things we did to others, one time we ourselves have to experience those negative things - not to punish, but to spiritually learn how others felt when we inflicted negativity on to them either physically, mentally or psychologically. All this is for spiritual growth.



Whereas Near-death experiences are being extensively studied, very little attention is given to the much more common experiences of oneness, also called "transcendent experiences" and "peak experiences".

Many studies now suggest that these experiences are so common as to be considered normal- and up to 40% of people have them at some time in their life. (Back and Bourque, 1970; Greeley, 1974, 1987; Hay and Morisy, 1978; Hood, 1974, 1975, 1977; Thomas and Cooper, 1980- see bibliography). Read more about unitive experiences...

PROFESSOR WILLIS W. HARMAN describes his oneness experiences.
"...I had a series of experiences that resulted in concluding that we only seem to be separate in one level but that we are all connected and all part of the whole. We can learn some things about that whole by looking outward and we learn quite a different sort of thing by looking inward.... When you look inward, it seems to me that the universal conclusion is that we are here to discover, to learn and to act in the service of that whole. "When we die there is as great a diversity of experience as there is when we are living.... Of course where this all seems to end is that the farther you go the more you realize you are the whole."
Read more....

QUESTION: Are there opportunities in the afterlife dimension for service?

Directly from the afterlife dimension:
"Oh far more than you face on Earth. We have problems such as you cannot possibly realise. We have to deal with millions of souls in many parts of the spiritual universe- sick souls, young souls, forgotten souls, lonely souls, malformed souls, ignorant souls. Have we got problems! We have them because you send them to our world... It is very hard for me to convey to you what life in our world is really like. I speak truthfully when I tell you that there is so much to explore on this side. You have no knowledge of the infinite richness of the life in the world of spirit. There is no beauty anywhere, no majestic scenery, nothing you have visualised that can compare in its grandeur and in its infinite variety to that which can be seen in our world ...

is a trance medium. He claims to be taken over by the spirits of an advanced group of painters-Picasso, Van Gough, Monet, Da Vincy who are keen to prove that life goes on. In the climax of the demonstration in part 2 he does four paintings at once: one with each hand, one with each bare foot (these being done under the table at which he was seated), while his eyes were closed. Each of the four paintings is supposedly by a different one of the spirit artists.

Part 2

: the ability to speak or write a foreign language a person never learned. It comes up during trance mediumship, writing mediumship, independent voice mediumship and in past life regressions. Retired psychologist Peter Ramster told me again at the Afterlife Conference of the blonde Anglo Saxon during anaesthetics started to speak in Italian - a language she never learned. Neither she did have any friends who were Italians. How could that happen? Either it was a past life memory surfacing during a time when she was not conscious - sometimes this happens when subjects are regressed and speak in foreign languages. Or it may be an afterlife intelligence with her using her vocal box. But the past life explanation is more plausible. is one of the twenty areas of afterlife evidence, no genius skeptic has been able to disprove.


I find it difficult when I see a very serious contradiction in something I read in the Bible with what we are told by so many mediums and afterlife investigators. How can that be resolved?

Victor: Of course, as an expert in the admissibility of evidence, I am prejudiced in favor of that information which comes from highly credible sources from the afterlife - from the original source. The alternative are the writings in the Bible - especially in the Old Testament - which were written thousands of years ago by people we do not know who they were. Further, it is recorded that nobody has ever seen the ORIGINAL of these Biblical texts and some of these Biblical texts are insulting to our intelligence. So, where we obtain information directly from the afterlife from highly credible sources, such as Mons Hugh Benson and Silver Birch - and others like them, I tend to accept their version of things like what happens when we die and they also say, among other things, there is NO hellfire for eternity because each human being has the spark of the Divine.


Thomas Jefferson believed that the ethical system of Jesus was the finest the world has ever seen. In compiling what has come to be called "The Jefferson Bible," he sought to separate those ethical teachings from the religious dogma and other supernatural elements that are intermixed in the account provided by the four Gospels. He presented these teachings, along with the essential events of the life of Jesus, in one continuous narrative, primarily for his private use.
Download a pdf copy of the Jefferson Bible.



PSYCHOMETERY: A faculty discovered by Dr J R Buchanan in 1842, where an object when held by a sensitive person, produces a vibrational sensation conveyhing the nature and history of the object. Some medims posses this faculty though when demonstrating, it is commonly augmented by other mediumistic faculties, such as clairvoyance. An example - something which happened to me: I gave my car keys to a psychometrist; she was able to accurately describe how my property looks like from the outside of the house.


Seconds after we physically die, our spirit-body comes out of the dead physical body. The spirit-body is a duplicate of the dead physical body. The spirit-body has a 'mind' with all memories we had on earth - and previous lives' memories. Immediately after the spirit-body emerges from the dead physical body, there will be full consciousness and we will be able to remember all visits we made to the afterlife during our sleep when we were on earth. Then we are welcomed by a loved one who will help us to move on to the realm of the LIght - a place so beautiful we are informed directly from the afterlife, we do not even have the language to describe its beauty.



WHEN POLICE DO NOT LISTEN TO GIFTED PSYCHICS! A gifted psychic Nella Jones back in October 1979 gave a description of the notorious serial killer - the Yorkshire Ripper. She told London journalist, Shirley Davenport, that the police should look for someone who was a long distance lorry driver, whose first name was Peter, who liven in Bradford in a large detached house set back behind wrought iron gates - the house number was six. And she told her that the next atrocity was going to be on 17th November. But the Northern Constabulary rejected all this information as they had their own suspect - from information given to them by someone who was unreliable. November 17th passed and no murder took place - and the police concentrated on their own unreliable information. But a year leater on the 17th November the murderer struck again. And this time the police caught him. His name was Peter Sutcliffe, from Bradford, a long distance lorry driver, whose home number six Garsden Lane agreed with the descriptioin given by Nella Jones to the journalist Shirley Davenport a year earlier. Since then the Yorkshire Constabulary have regularly used mediumistic advice from gifted mediums.

DIRECTLY FROM THE AFTERLIFE: HUGE, UNNECESSARY FEAR ON CROSSING OVER: " I speak from first hand experience when I tell you of the extreme terror that consumes so many poor souls when their moment of transition has come. Instead of the winter of their earthy lives passing gently into the glorious fresh, fragrant spring of their new life in these lands (afterlife), they arrive here with that terror full upon them. Such beliefs are relics of pure paganism, but the wicked fiction has been kept up and disseminated by the Churches of earth as a measure of inspiring fear into the hearts of their 'faithful'. As a former priest of the church, I regret, deeply and earnestly, that I ever gave tongue to such misguided teaching. And there are hosts of others like me." Hugh Benson.

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