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July 17th 2015

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After receiving a MBA from Western Illinois University and spending several years as a Price Waterhouse consultant, Alex Tsakiris took a research associate position at the University of Arizona in pursuit of a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence. He left academia in order to found Mind Path Technologies, a successful IT firm which was acquired in 1996.

In 2007, Alex turned his attention to questions of science and spirituality through the creation of the Skeptiko.com podcast. His website Skeptiko.com- Science at the tipping point contains podcasts and transcripts of his well informed interviews with more than 280 bestselling authors, world-class academics and researchers on consciousness, near-death experiences, parapsychology, spirituality, mediumship and skepticism.

In his book he shares with us what his podcast guests have told him about big picture science questions and why science is wrong about:
- Quantum Physics
- Near-Death experiences
- Psychics and Mediums
- Psychic Detectives
- Telepathy
- Atheism and many other areas

"I'm not afraid of death- I know it's a beautiful experience".


ESSENTIAL VIEWING - TALK BY DR. PETER FENWICK, neuro-psychiatrist, is the co-author of several books including 'The Art Of Dying', 'The Truth In The Light'. In this video he talks about his research into End of Life Experiences and deathbed phenomena and what these mean in the greater picture of who we really are. Here is an expert about dying - someone who has 'hands on' expertise and talks about the match between NDEs and deathbed visions.

Sarah and Brent Hinze have spent 20 years collecting reports from parents who have seen or sensed a child before it is born, in some cases even before the child is conceived. Sometimes the contact takes place during a near-death experience. See Website. At 48 minutes Sarah talks about one of her own children who says he was given permission to die before he was born. He claimed that he only needed a short incarnation and if he left after a couple of months it would have caused much greater heartache.

AfterlifeData.com is a compilation of information on a wide variety of topics on life after death. Death Experience for Children describes the various ways that children die including miscarriages, abortion, sudden infant death syndrome, disease, accident, and murder. It describes their transition from human life back to spirit life, which differs from that of adults. Read more...

The International Association for Near Death Studies (IANDS) is making a very important NDE research book available to English-speaking audiences. The project involves translating and publishing a recent Dutch book by NDE researchers Titus Rivas, Anny Dirven and Rudolf Smit (picture below right) which details 78 cases of veridical (accurate) perceptions that were independently verified to researchers by another person. Veridical perceptions in NDEs provide some of the best evidence that the mind has actually separated from the physical body. Read book synopsis. Help is needed so please consider making a donation.

Dr. Archie E. Roy was a professor emeritus of astronomy and honorary research fellow in the University of Glasgow. He was also a long time member and past president of the Society for Psychical Research and founder of the Scottish Society for Psychical Research. I highly recommend his masterpiece 'Archives of the Mind' in which he presents some twenty of the best authenticated cases from over a century of scientific research. Professor Roy had extensive experience of research with mediums and worked closely with Tricia Robertson, vice-president of the Scottish Society for Psychical Research, to complete completed a five year study of mediums in a project called PRISM (Psychic research Involving Selected Mediums). Their third published paper showed that even in triple blind conditions a good medium can deliver relevant information to a sitter with odds against chance being a million to one. Read more..

Hi Vic, from your item on that skeptic Susan Blackmore last week. She said she does not deal with the evidence for near-death experiences because "there is no theory" that can explain consciousness outside the body. I think it is just an excuse, what do you think? Christopher J.

Victor: Of course it is an excuse! Why is it then that more intelligent, more highly qualified scientists, physicists - some of them the giants of science like Sir Oliver Lodge, Sir William Crookes, Sir William Barrett from the earliest times - and others to the present time stated there is a substantive theory for the empirical experience of the paranormal? (See Scientists who Investigated). All these scientists I refer to have accepted that those in the afterlife do communicate with us. Those who communicated and do communicate with us once lived on planet earth. Blackmore is making a fool of herself when she shows she is totally ignorant of the admissibility of evidence, ignorant of afterlife physics, ignorant of modern consciousness theory.

PROF. ALBERT EINSTEIN: "Pure logical thinking cannot yield us any knowledge of the empirical world. All knowledge of reality starts from experience and ends in it." .........One good reason why those on our side are increasing in numbers and becoming more confident - the evidence from collective personal experience cannot be ignored.

DIRECTLY FROM A HIGHER BEING FROM THE AFTERLIFE : "WE SEEK to drive out misery, fear and desperation. WE SEEK to bring the light of simple truth and reason, the voices of inspiration, of revelation, the wisdom of the spirit that has been crushed, stifled and repressed for too long. WE SEEK to bring the spirit back into its proper perspective, so that spiritual powers shall be made manifest and all the faults of a crude materialism be exposed so that for ever they may be discarded. WE SEEK to oppose all those vested interests of state, church, nation, class and sect. We seek to bring freedom to all, freedom in its fullest, highest, deepest and purest meaning. WE SEEK to abolish the fear and the terror of death, so that all may realise that it has its place in the eternal scheme of life. WE SEEK to abolish all the obstacles that stand between the two states of existence, that man may find his soul and in finding his soul find himself. WE SEEK to quicken all the powers of the divine within, so that the Great Power shall be expressed through all HIS children." Silver Birch.


QUESTION: Do we all have a conscious crossing over?
Victor: No, not really. Those who are likely to have a comfortable, easy conscious crossing-over are the ones who are open minded and have led a good, honest life (you don't have to be perfect). The more unselfish service you perform and the more forgiving you are the better. Those who have been ill for a long time or who were unconscious because of heavy pharmaceutical drugs on crossing over will usually be taken to special 'hospital' in the afterlife for proper treatment. When they regain consciousness they will be told that they are in the afterlife. Those who know more about the afterlife are the ones who theoretically will have a conscious good crossing over.

Listen as Ernest, a spirit visitor to the Kingsclere Group, talks through a trance medium about the importance of keeping an open mind about what to expect when you die. He says the most dramatic moment is when you have your life review and realise all your missed opportunities. Listen to MP3.


Victor, I know you have been writing and researching the afterlife for many years - but have you ever contacted the afterlife yourself? How sure are you that it's real?

Victor: Of course, I have communicated with afterlife intelligences - I have been doing that for the last 26 years! Whenever we participated in the materializations of David Thompson (pictured left) over the last ten years, I communicated with his main guide, 'William' (pictured right, artist impression) and with many others who materialized. We put these conversation tapes online years ago where listeners were able to hear very clearly those who materialized. But I am also clairaudient - which means I can communicate with those from the afterlife telepathically. The personal experience is just brilliant and it has convinced me 110% that consciousness survives physical death.

PSYCHIC ESPIONAGE: Just last week I was reading that some hard core debunking academics, who would objectively be regarded as 'agents of influence', are lobbying the government of the United States and other Western governments to NOT fund psychic research. This is notwithstanding that foreign governments, such as China, have shown impressive advancement in psychic skills for military purposes. The adage that anyone who can control the non-physical psychic energy will dominate and control the world is a truism that cannot and must never be ignored. It is only fair, reasonable and equitable that the government hears briefly both sides of the argument for psi funding. The existence of non-physical psychic energy has been established beyond any doubt. Some of the most highly credible scientists in this world AFTER investigating conceded the existence of this aforementioned non-physical energy. Read more about remote viewing...

May we all learn to "see" the person behind the face.

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FEEDBACK Three only published. Received always with thanks!

1) This video [French video on NDEs] in this week's report is one of the best ever. The scientific and medical collaboration is just brilliant, as is the empirical and corroborative evidence. Thank you for posting. Keith.

2) Look forward to Friday news feed!! I know there is always something enjoyable and thought provoking. My mother passed last week and she is sending little signs. Lori.

3) Thank you so much Victor and Wendy for another great afterlife report! Every week I read them I get more and more certain that the afterlife is real and there just waiting for me to come home to someday. Adam.

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