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May 22nd 2015

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COMMENTARY: COWARDICE PUSHED TO ITS EXTREME? We keep reading in the mainstream British Guardian newspaper that closed minded skeptics are denigrating afterlife investigators while themselves being determined not to investigate the evidence for the afterlife. These skeptics are nothing but intellectual cowards. I really cannot think of anything else to call them. Why? Because the due process of logic in the world to-day is that when someone submits evidence, the procedural onus is on the opponent to try to rebut the evidence submitted. If the evidence is not rebutted then it will stay valid. THIS HAS NEVER BEEN DONE!

These cowards came to a conclusion WITHOUT first investigating the evidence - violating the rules of the due process of logic. And at the same time they fail to acknowledge that orthodox science - 'reductionist materialist' science- has been unable to explain the very basics of life as we know it- see below and
Read Why don't more people know about the scientific evidence for the afterlife.

All over the world scientists,from every discipline, have been unable to explain how the brain, which is physical matter, can create consciousness. He shows that far from "having all the answers" there are many fundamental questions which reductionist science cannot answer.

VIDENCE: AFTERLIFE PHYSICS: QUESTION on the evidence for 'afterlife physics': just recently you said that the 'afterlife physics' would solve all paranormal mysteries. But what evidence is there for afterlife physics?

Victor: Those in the afterlife continually claim that the afterlife, the etheric world, is as solid as this world but simply exists at a different frequency- a higher vibrational level. Just as there can be different radio or TV stations co-existing in the same space, different world exist at different frequencies. Mediums and psychics are able to tune into these different frequencies. When we sit with David Thompson for materialisations, the convenor of his spirit team, William, tells us that in order for the miracle of materialisation to happen, the people in the seance have to raise their vibrations while he has to lower his. See Arthur Findlay's detailed chart about vibrations - above - in his ROCK OF TRUTH about vibrations.

Physicist Russell Targ, co-founder of the previously SECRET U.S. psychic research program, describes the very best evidence for extrasensory perception, precognition, intuitive diagnosis and distant healing. He describes many of these applications, together with the spiritual implications of psychic abilities from the Hindu mystic Patanjali, and the Dzogchen dharma masters, down to the present time, as they might be applied to expanding ones timeless and non local awareness.


Is there a genius closed minded skeptic from Florida or New York, a genius materialist, a genius reductionist scientist willing to take up my challenge to duplicate for $500,000 what Michelle Whitedove has did to win Lifetime TV's award for BEST PSYCHIC IN AMERICA? See for yourself - in the video below- the incredibly accurate psychic skills demonstrated in front of millions.



WHAT IS 'HEAVEN' LIKE? Closed minded flamboyant skeptics say that they do not believe in heaven - because they cannot see themselves amongst angels playing the harp or the violin supposedly for God. There is nothing more ridiculous and stupid than that for describing heaven - or what happens when we cross over to the afterlife dimension. Somebody ought to explain to them that highly credible information transmitted directly from the afterlife 'heaven' is nothing like that. It is hugely more beautiful than anything we have seen. There are no angels playing harps in front of God's throne. It is a place where conditions are immensely much better than earth: a place where we are in perfect health all the time, where we do not have to sleep or eat or have to clean and where there are always blue skies and light. A place for relaxation and recreation: and where you can make a contribution to continue to spiritually refine. Someone ought to tell these uninformed ignorant skeptics to read what Mons Hugh Benson says in great detail what the afterlife is like- See Life in the World Unseen.


One of the featured speakers at the ASCS Arizona Afterlife Conference in September this year is the wonderful Roberta Grimes, author of The Fun of Dying and The Fun of Staying in Touch that so many of our readers tell us they loved. She is also the host of Seek Reality Radio, a weekly program where she conducts a wide variety of uplifting, facts-based discussions on afterlife evidence. You can listen live on Saturdays at 1:00 PM Eastern (10:00 AM Pacific), and past segments can be played from the online archives at any time. Mel Van Dusen interviews Roberta Grimes about God, reality, death, the afterlife, and Jesus' teachings in the light of 21st century science.

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE: We received more questions about regressing to a younger age:
More highly credible information transmitted directly from the afterlife tells us about age regression. In the past I stated that in the afterlife, for those who make it to the realm of the Light, that is, for the good, honest, open-minded average person, he-she will regress in looks to a younger age. If crossed over in older age - see left pic, then you will lose all wrinkles, you have normal color hair - no grey hair, you will have more energy - and look at the peak of your age - see top pic. But let me remind you, that we have to EARN age regression - it does not come automatically. Everything we get in the afterlife dimension has to be earned - and that seems most reasonable!

QUESTION- Paranormal History:
Dr Richard Hodgson, afterlife investigator:
I was told that lawyer Dr Richard Hodgson was the greatest skeptic who ever lived and he was never convinced of the afterlife. Do you know something I don't?

Victor: Absolutely! Richard Hodgson, who before he investigated brilliant medium Mrs Piper, had the reputation of being the greatest skeptic ever - he would make the toughest skeptics to-day look like 'boy-scouts'. But it was Mrs Piper who converted him to accepted communication from the afterlife. Here is Richard Hodgson himself, "... at the present time I cannot profess to have any doubt but that the chief "communicators" to whom I have referred in the foregoing pages, are veritably the personalities that they claim to be, that they have survived the change we call death, and that they have directly communicated with us whom we call living through Mrs Piper's entranced organism." See Proceedings of the Society for Psychical Research (England), Volume XIII, 1898 (H10).(from Archie E Roy's THE ARCHIVES OF THE MIND- chapter: 'Dr Richard Hodgson's Conversion', p.68.)


The aura consists of the vibrations set up by the body. There are those who can actually see your aura - color vibrations emanating from your body. They can diagnose your health. They know the state of your soul and your mind's unfoldment. They can tell the evolution of your soul, for it is the aura that enables you all to be read as an open book. Your aura registers all that you have said, all that you have thought and all that you have done. Your aura is your eternal judgment, for there you are showing to those who can see exactly what you are within and not as you show yourselves without.

DR JIM TUCKER ON COAST TO COAST AM March 23rd 2015 discusses some of the cases of children's past life memories that he personally investigated. Starts at 1 hour and 7 minutes 30 seconds.




DREAMS: Are dreams transmitted to us from the afterlife dimension?
Sometimes they are. Dreams are the easiest ways for our loved ones to contact us after they first make their transition. They will usually appear much younger than when alive and in radiant health. Sometimes dreams can be a warning by a loved one. Silver Birch says that it is even possible for you when you are outside your body (as you are on many nights) to send yourself a dream about something that you discover is likely to occur in the future.



Information transmitted from the afterlife tells us that on crossing over the good, open minded average person goes to the Realm of the Light. Many orthodox religionists - Christians, Buddhists, Moslems, Jews and followers of other religions will end up there, as long as they are open minded and spiritual. However many of these are surprised to see people from so-called "primitive" cultures coming from the higher realms as teachers. Keep an open mind - and understand that you do not have to be religious to attain very high spirituality.





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1) Thankyou so much Victor - enjoyed it thoroughly - so loved the video of Celtic ladies singing "Walk On" - so lovely! Verlie

2) Hi Victor. Thanks for taking the time to produce such an informative, interesting and positive report. Rob

3) My friend Gwen Byrne and her spirit son Russell made the front page - and on her Birthday too.
K Jackson-Barnes.

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