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November 5th


Last week's report

COMMENTARY: Closed minded investigator in England EXPOSED! It is really sad to see these materialists using a closed minded psychologist as a puppet to do the dirty work for materialism. He pops up on British television screens occasionally to push something ridiculous for the materialists. This stooge is using his professional qualifications to denigrate, demean and to try to destroy honest, paranormally gifted people - such as a young girl I mentioned years ago, then 17 year old Russian medical intuitive Natasha Demkina. Natasha could have sued him for between $2 and $5 MILLION for trying to cause irreparable harm to her reputation. Even Nobel Laureate Professor Brian Josephson demonstrated that this negative psychologist was WRONG in his calculations and that Natasha's results could not have been achieved by chance. This was in spite of the fact that the design of the experimental protocols were deliberately and knowingly changed during the testing to bring about negative results. This closed minded skeptic R. Wiseman also tries to rubbish the brilliant work of Dr Rupert Sheldrake.
Now author Chris Carter has brilliantly EXPOSED the dirty tricks of this closed-minded psychologist in his latest article in the Journal for Psychical Research “Heads I Lose, Tails You Win.” Read more ...

NEW DVD: EARTH-SHATTERING SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE FOR THE AFTERLIFE - SCIENCE SHOWING WHY THE AFTERLIFE EXISTS: A new DVD directed by Tim Coleman is being released on November 23rd 2010. "The Afterlife Experiments' contains wonderful footage of some of the experiments we have been highlighting for years, especially the Scole experiment (lots of fabulous detail and simulations) and Marcello Bacci's voices. It also contains lengthy interviews with top scientific investigators Montague Keen (see next item), David Fontana, Arthur Ellison and the Scole experimenters Robin and Sandra Foy and Scole mediums Diana and Alan Bennett. For all of these, it is worth buying. The annoying negatives are the inclusion of the token rent-a-skeptic and the interview clips with uninformed people on the street asking them whether they believe in the afterlife. Pre-order DVD now for $13.50 plus postage.


Three weeks after he died, a spirit claiming to be Montague Keen, the eminent psychic researcher who co-wrote a report on the Scole Experiments for the British Society for Psychical Research, materialized through the excellent mediumship of David Thompson. Montague Keen's wife, Veronica, verified that it was indeed her husband. He was someone who from 57 years of research knew what to expect- but his words to her were: "it’s everything that I thought it would be and so much more. So much more, it is." And interestingly he confirmed that the Scole experiments were everything he had thought they were.
Listen to audio of Monty's first contact.

Can dreams predict the future?
Chris Robinson was tested at the University of Arizona by Dr Gary Schwartz and scored an amazing 100% success rate. Here in Part 5 of the video we see the tests. Jonathan Beecher of White Crow Productions will be releasing the video on DVD after Christmas.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Simply because the results are GUARANTEED to be negative and they will try to make you look ridiculous. It will ALWAYS be in interests of the closed-minded to find negative results! There has NEVER been a time in history where a closed minded experimenter - a psychologist or a scientist - tested a gifted medium or psychic and obtained positive results - never! For years I have been giving advice to mediums and psychics NOT to fall for the tricks of closed-minded investigators. It appears all have taken the advice - except for Chris Robinson - the pre-cognitive from England. He thought that by being honest he could beat a negatively entrenched, closed-minded skeptic experimenter WRONG! What did this experiementer do? He immediately changed the design of the experiment. This meant that Chris could never obtain positive results! Again, I warn ALL PSYCHICS AND MEDIUMS: NEVER, NEVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ALLOW YOURSELVES TO BE TESTED BY CLOSED MINDED SKEPTICS - NEVER! The closed minded investigator will change protocol and will do anything necessary to get his NEGATIVE results. In any event, the EXPERIMENTER EFFECT shows that a closed minded experimenter will ALWAYS get NEGATIVE RESULTS - NEED I SAY MORE??

When her husband died in 1983 Professor Sylvia Hart Wright and her son jointly had an experience that suggested he was trying to contact them from beyond the grave; two of his male friends reported similar events. Using her academic skills Wright started researching the writings of doctors and social scientists on such phenomena and in time interviewed almost a hundred healthy everyday people who had sensed contact with the dead. The result was her book "When Spirits Come Calling: The Open-Minded Skeptic's Guide to After-Death Contacts". Read online.

OPEN-MINDED PARANORMAL INVESTIGATOR WANTED: I had a request from a very nice lady from the U.S. West Coast, who tells me that she has the ability to speak unlearned foreign languages (xenoglossy) at will. She would like a qualified paranormal investigator to examine her to see what is going on. She can speak in languages she never came across in her life. This is a most wonderful challenge for a qualified paranormal investigator to examine something really spectacular. She she does not have to go into trance or be hypnotized. Anyone suitable to investigate kindly contact me vz@victorzammit.com

VENUES NEEDED FOR MATERIALIZATION MEDIUMSHIP We received some response the last time we put this item on. But we need more venues - especially for Sydney. (picture shows a fully materialized person). We are sometimes asked about suitable venues for demonstrating physical mediumship in Sydney (and in other cities around the world). An ideal venue has to be totally lightproof or able to be easily blacked out, big enough for 20-30 people, totally secure, easily accessible for visitors. It needs to be somewhere where other people will not be disturbed by sometimes loud singing. Cellars are ideal as long as the floors can be cleaned. If you have access to such a venue and are willing to host demonstrations of physical mediumship please email vz@victorzammit.com.

Victor, when we cross over to the afterlife, are we going to look as we looked just before we died - those who die for example, at the age of 80 with all the wrinkles, will they look the same in the afterlife?

Victor: Your face will go from the picture left - say, at the age of 85 years to the face on the right - same for ALL races (we do not even have to diet, we'll be perpetually slim!!)

I quote from Mons. Hugh Henson directly from the afterlife, "... the law is that as we progress spiritually, so do we shake off the semblance of age as it is known on earth ... We lose the wrinkles that age and wordly cares have marked upon us ... together with other indications of the passage of years, and we become younger in appearance, while we grow older in knowledge and wisdom spiritually -in truth we return - or advance - according to our age when we pass into spirit- towards what we have always known as the 'prime of life' (from LIFE IN THE WORLD UNSEEN, A Borgia)

We had a very positive response to this little book about what hapens when you die. It is available free as an internet download.
It was dictated by a son to his mother through the mediumship of one of the greatest mediums of the twentieth century Mrs.Osborne Leonard (with a preface by the great physicist Sir Oliver Lodge).
Download and read more from 'Claude's Book'p.6

, on dowsing, “We must accept dowsing as a fact. It is useless to work up experiments merely to prove its existence. What is needed is its development.” (picture, dowsing rod - professionals are able to use a dowsing rod to detect underground water, minerals). Dowsing, the holding of the dowsing rod refers to the tuning in of the vibrations of stored water or minerals hidden underneath the earth somewhere. A gifted dowser will hold the dowsing rod and the rod will start to move when attunement is made with the stored water/minerals underground. This inevitably is about tuning into vibrating energies which can perhaps be explained by quantum physics.

CLINT EASTWOOD'S MOVIE 'HEREAFTER' Some of our readers loved the movie, found the story telling engrossing and loved the fact that it opens up the subjects of the afterlife, mediums and near death experiences to a wider audience. However others have citicised it on the grounds that it does not answer the main question of what happens when you die and does not explain what happens in a near death experience. Michael Tymn has written of his disappointment with the movie and what could be included in a sequel about what happens when you die.

I had a few responses which stated that aliens from outer space could be aggressive and negative. I stated last week that the person I knew who made contact with an alien told me that aliens do not visit us to harm us. But I received emails telling me that there are those who were abducted and not treated very nicely at all. I keep an open-mind about this one but obviously more research is necessary. As to coming to Earth for our resources - that is also most questionable because our own energy sources on earth are being depleted very rapidly.

George Moss is a retired scientist who is part of a Circle that has been sitting for trance teachings through Eileen, a full trance medium, every Monday night for many years. The teachings of the Circle's main guide, Salumet, are available on his website in audio format and in book format and ebooks on kindle. He wrote this week:

"The pieces on 'aliens' are of particular interest, and you and the questioner are right to make the links with mediumship and telepathy. Mind-link / telepathy is THE means of communication used by advanced ET-beings. My own son 'Paul Moss' is the ET-mind-link medium of our Kingsclere Group... One further important point to think on: technically advanced ET-beings are also spiritually advanced ... far ahead of us ... the two advancements are enmeshed and go together; so the ETs are nice people."

The group's website contains transmissions from Boniol, the group's extra-terrestial contact. It also contains some fascinating material on what happens when you die.

: "QUANTUM PHYSICS, the Paranormal and the Afterlife." There is scientific evidence for the afterlife ....

- Spiritualist Newspaper '
the most reliable, credible and readable monthly newspaper on psychics, mediums, Spiritutalistm and the paranormal in the United Kingdom- and the world to-day. I have a half a page column in this magnificent British psychic newspaper. To subscribe to PSYCHIC WORLD send just twenty dollars, USD (or thirteen pounds sterling) per year - to: PSYCHIC WORLD Circulation Department, P.O. Box14, Greenford, Middlesex UB6 OUF, England (telephone England 020-8903-1993)

Marion's website in Danish and other languages has news about what is going on in mediumship in Northern Europe Read more...

“Hi, I'm Angela Artemis. Welcome to Powered by Intuition where you'll learn how to reach your highest potential by developing your intuition and changing your thinking to manifest miracles in your life. I interviewed Victor – asking him ten sharp questions”. Here are Victor’s ten sharp answers: Read more ...

Stella Horrock …Jessie Simone says she needs to talk to writing medium Stella Horrock. If anyone can assist please email me.

PUBLIC MEETING: VICTOR will be the guest speaker for DOWSERS SOCIETY OF N.S.W.
: on November 21st, 2010 2 PM, at the Community Hall, 44 Gladesville Road, Hunters Hill (corner of Ryde Rd).
He will present evidence for the existence of the afterlife putting emphasis on materializations of medium David Thompson. Victor says that the afterlife evidence is now objective and repeatable. During the materializations, he converses with afterlife intelligences. He also witnessed some seventy reunions of those from the afterlife with their loved ones sitting in the sessions. Victor will present simple steps which he says will allow you to reach the Realm of the Light on crossing over. The meeting will certainly be interesting, educational and entertaining!

(One of a number of ways)

Why does the Catholic Church say that a divorcee who remarries will be condemned to hell for eternity .. for billions and billions of years - especially if the person she divorced was cruel and she needed to find peace with somebody else? The Church says is that if you die in 'mortal sin' you go to hell for eternity. Then the Church made up its own 'mortal sins' - to name a few: not going to church on Sundays, masturbation, being gay, using contraception. People are leaving the Church by the million because they find the Church's dogmas and beliefs inconsistent with the logic of the more empirical 21st century. Is there a theologian who can explain the Church's obsession with sending people to billions and to billions of years of damnation in hell for alleged 'offenses'? Write to me and you can have as much space as you like to explain Catholic theology in relation to what is stated above.

Victor, can you get the book translated into Turkish so I can read it? My English is not so good (via Facebook).
ANSWER: We are preparing a new simpler version of the evidence for the afterlife to be translated into several languages. It will have videos as well as text. If we can find someone who understands Turkish and English perhaps they can help.


1. Hi Victor and Wendy, Love your messages and Friday reports! Thank you for your messages of hope to the world! D.S.

2. Dear Sir
Thank you very much for the interesting weekly reports.
Sincerely, Luciola

3. Hello Victor, I think you are doing wonderful work, and one day I look forward to hopefully working with you, to broaden societies understanding of the wonderful world of spirit. Cheers, Ken

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Sean Galloway's "I choose love" is a song which is becoming a movement. You'll love the footage of young children learning how to express the song in sign language. http://ichooselove.org/video.html
Thanks to Kevin Jones for the link.


Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.