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June 11th 2010

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Wendy and I thank you with all our hearts for the recent very kind invitations we have received to visit you in Germany, Brazil, United States, France, Kazakhstan and Malta. However we have decided that we need to stay in the one place (home) for the next 12 months to catch up on our research and writing. There is so much new happening in the world of afterlife research that it is hard to keep up with it all so please do keep sending us your reports. Again, thank you very kindly for your invitations.

Last week's report

COMMENTARY: ON THE NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE AS AFTERLIFE EVIDENCE: I was watching an excellent documentary called "MEDIUMS: We See Dead People" on cable television last night - a CBS EYE Production for A&E Network. It is an excellent show (also available on video) and needs to be repeated many times on cable television. The evidence shown is excellent and anyone who can perceive the paranormal in a balanced way would have no problem at all accepting the existence of the afterlife. However, to my surprise, former psychiatrist, Ray Moody who was briefly featured, went on record as saying that he does not think that Near Death Experiences (NDEs) are evidence for the afterlife.

Point of order Dr Moody. When NDEs are combined with the OTHER areas of evidence for mind-body separation and the afterlife- including four types of mediumship, EVP, ITC, materializations, poltergeists, OBEs, the ouija board, apparitions - and other evidence I have in my book on the internet NDEs do present a powerful and substantive evidence for the existence of the afterlife. There is evidence which has not been professionally rebutted that NDEs are not the product of brain activity- e.g. the Pam Allen case - when the patient was put into a state of artificial 'death' for an hour. She had no brain activity at all- the EEG showed a flat line. Yet when she recovered the subject patient accurately recalled where the specialist was in relation to his assistants, the conversations she heard between the operating specialists and his assistants. The patient accurately reported the buzzing sound she heard and details of the instruments being used. She went on to tell of the 'spiritual' experience she had - an experience that fundamentally changed her life.

When added to other areas of research, NDEs are a magnificent area of evidence for the existence of the afterlife. This is why I have always stressed that all the areas of afterlife evidence must be seen as a whole.

THE 'SCOLE EXPERIMENTS': " For the open-minded skeptic, the evidence collected over a period of six years and with more than five hundred sittings by the Scole experimenters and the afterlife team is absolute, definitive, irrefutable and irretrievably proven. Many regard the Scole experiment as the greatest recent afterlife experiments conducted in the Western world. When Skeptics attack the evidence for the afterlife you will find that they are all strangely silent about the Scole experiments. While they theorize about how physical mediums could have cheated not one of them has offered to conduct even one demonstration to produce even a fraction of the phenomena that these wonderful experiments produced on a weekly basis for over six years in several different countries under the strictest scrutiny in premises that were often assigned to the group on short notice." See Chapter 8 of my book.

Witnessing the Impossible by Scole Group medium Robin Foy
traces every session of the 'Scole Experimental Group' over the years, from its foundation and the beginning of The Scole Experiment in 1993 to its very sudden and unexpected ending in November 1998. In all, it follows over 1,000 continuous hours of mediumship and objective Physical Phenomena. The book represents the only true and complete eyewitness account of this unique and pioneering experiment, which pushed the boundaries of psychic research further than ever before at that time, consequently changing the face of physical mediumship and its resulting phenomena for all time. An absolute Must for all serious students of Psychic Research, and of immense interest to the whole of mankind. YOU CAN BUY THE BOOK UNTIL THE END OF JUNE AT A SPECIAL NEVER TO BE REPEATED PRICE. Read more....

'PARANORMAL ENERGY' As Edgar Mitchell stated (see COMMENTARY last week) - knowledge of the 'paranormal' is seeping in slowly in mainstream thought and contemporary scientific culture. When reductionist scientists eventually catches up with quantum paranormal science, the world will take light years jump in the true science and what truly constitutes 'Natural Law'.

The New Paradigm: A Confrontation Between Physics and the Paranormal Phenomena (by John OM. Bockris, ISBN 0-9767444-0-6, $34.95 Paperback, 504 pp., D&M Enterprises Publisher, 2005)

" After making a solid argument that there are some serious holes in current science—the religion of the West—Bockris devotes over one-third of the book to detailed descriptions of a wide variety of psychic phenomena. This is to further show that current science leaves many things unexplained, but also to show that ideas that have historically fallen into the category of religion should now be included in any study that tries to describe the real universe. These are not ideas that describe what is taught in any particular religion, but are ideas that fall under a more encompassing idea of a spiritual existence. It could be said that these phenomena are considered spiritual simply because they can't now be explained by science. Advanced technology can look magical and science that is not understood can look spiritual. That doesn't mean that what are thought of as spiritual beings don't exist; it means that science and our normal five senses don't perceive them. There is plenty of evidence that they do exist and plenty of people that can sense them, but not in ways that satisfy conventional science." from review by William Zebuhr.

AN AFTER DEATH COMMUNICATION THAT SOLVED A MURDER Respected afterlife investigator Dianne Archangel talks about a case from her recent book Afterlife Encounters.

people have asked me many times how long do we have to come back here on earth - when do we stop reincarnating? First one has to understand the purpose of life: to continue to learn and refine. I agree that those who come to earth for the first time would not have had the advantage of learning many spiritual lessons. The more lifetimes you have the better the chances of you becoming more spiritually advanced since on physical earth you can make very rapid spiritual progress - much more than in the afterlife. This is because on earth we have daily urgencies which have to be met:- relationships with other people under earth conditions; a place to sleep, working, eating - all take energy and effort negotiating with other people- etc. Also, on earth is a place where our thoughts are not an 'open book'. But once you reach a level where you feel comfortable with forgiving and loving anyone unconditionally - you would have reached a spiritual stage where you would not need to return to reincarnate on planet Earth again.


A psychic is able to pick up information by reading energies, auras and tapping into as yet unknown means by which information is stored. It is only when he/she learns to make and hold contact with an identified deceased spirit that she/he earns the title "medium". A true medium is always a psychic, but a psychic does not practice true mediumship since they do not have contact with a conscious entity. In this video John Holland describes how he became psychic after a car accident- and how later he became a medium.
(Forward to the 1.00 minute mark to avoid unnecessary intro).

Remote Viewing
is a scientific name for a psychic skill that many people can develop. Here former skeptic Dr. Simon Hein talks about his experiences with it.



Sonia Rinaldi in Brazil tells us that after reading an article from the BBC stating that patients in a coma are able to show (mentally) signs of reaction her team began trying to get EVP/ ITC results recording tests with children in a coma, They had astonishing results, implying the evidence that the mind remains active regardless of the physical brain. Check it out.

What would be the differences between the different realms in the afterlife realms?
Victor: Information transmitted from the afterlife from different countries is highly consistent: it tells us just to think of seven different realms vibrating at different frequencies (there are other higher realms) from the slowest to the fastest speed. The first realm with the slowest vibrations, excluding earth, is a dark, horrible and a terrifying place. Spirits end down there because when they were on earth they ignored the Law of Cause and Effect: that one day, on crossing over, they would be accountable for all deeds - any extremely cruelty - and extreme selfishness. The second realm - the Astral realm - is still a realm of darkness and many unrefined spirits wander around in this area and many are a problem to those on physical earth by their mischief - pretending to be 'guides' and can interfere in everyday life. Those who are average people - the basically honest folks with an open mind will be met by loved ones on crossing over to help them to go to the realm of the Light, the Third Realm - the picture you see top left, would be typical country scenery. Higher beings visit these places to try to help those who want to be helped but find that those beings in the first dark realm are stubborn. But ALL spirits from the lower realms will one day - even if it takes eons of time by our standards, slowly and steadily return to light.

As to the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh levels the more spiritually advanced you are the higher realm you will find yourself in. The higher the realm the better the conditions. I am doing more research on what the conditions are like in the upper realms and will be telling you what I find. More about this very interesting topic later on.

Hi Victor, in our Church I go to, the parish priest said that the Catholic Church had the power to forgive sins absolutely. Comment?

Victor: What I can tell you with absolute certainty is that no parish priest, no Church Minister, no Reverend, no 'holy-man' - NO ONE has the power to alter one iota the Law of Cause and Effect which has been with us, according to transmitted information - since time immemorial. This means that whilst for the Catholics it is a good start to go to confession, the Catholic Church has NO authority to negate, to reduce, to alter in anyway whatsoever the Law of Cause and Effect which is, we are informed, operative on physical earth and in the afterlife dimension. 'Energy is a boomerang' - positive and negative energy you initiated inevitably will come back to you - that may take a lifetime or two for some people to fully understand that.

Margaret Tidswell writes: "I have just watched the most beautiful film called "Unmistaken Child" about the search for the reincarnation of a world-renowned Tibetan master by his long-time disciple. The scenery is breathtaking as they travel through India, Nepal and Tibet. The film is deeply moving and a very strong argument for life after death."

No, I am NOT against religion. I am not against Christians, or against Hindus or against Judaism or against others who believe in religion. You can keep your religion. Believe what you want to believe. But I am an empiricist - someone who uses scientific method to get to the truth because when I obtain positive results using objectivity and repeatability, I KNOW I have the truth, the whole truth on my side. As an empiricist I do not have the luxury of religious or other beliefs. I am especially cautious about religious beliefs which have been around for thousands of years because we have no record of who the writers were, no record of the original, authentic religious texts, no record of anyone having seen the original texts. There is no evidence that these religious texts were inspired. And if the religion concerned has inspired cruelty, violence, and disgusting, degrading human conduct it is clearly evidence that the writings are NOT inspired. I am NOT going to believe using 'blind faith' because I know with absolute certainty huge blunders have been made in religious texts - that what is considered to be original is NOT original. I know that the religious stories we read in the Bible have been plagiarized from previous religious beliefs which pre-date Christianity and formed at a time when superstition was hugely part of everyday life. And I know with absolute certainty that creeds, dogmas and rituals are irrelevant to the afterlife. But I concede that some people need a religion. And that's fine as long as religion makes them spiritually better people. As to my religion?:
"There is no need for temples, churches or synagogues ..
No need for theology, or for complicated beliefs or philosophies ..
My mind and my heart are my temples and churches ...
My philosophy is kindness to all ... that is my religion."

WHY WE MUST REASSESS THE ROLE OF ‘EVIL’: Highly credible information transmitted from the afterlife tells us that we humans are NOT born spiritually equal. There are those who are more spiritually advanced than others – through time, individual effort and lifetimes of spiritual learning. This means that our decisions are directly linked with our level of spiritual evolution. The inevitable conclusion therefore is that how we behave - what we do - is directly related to how spiritually advanced we are. Those who are spiritually advanced will usually be 'spiritually exemplary' and those spiritually retarded, at the extreme end, would behave is a way that is sometimes described as 'wicked' and ‘evil.’ We have also been informed from the other-side that we all are a 'spark' of the divine - perhaps that explains why "we live forever." That also explains why we are ALL on a journey of continuous spiritual evolution and refinement. This inevitably means that instead of cursing the spiritually retarded - the 'evil ones' - to eternal damnation as most theologians do, we should help the spiritually retarded to evolve spiritually – as they inevitably will have to do sooner or later. The 'spiritual' writers of thousands of years ago, whose writings we find in the Bible, had no idea of the true spiritual make-up of man/woman and mistakenly thought that we were all born spiritually equal and that some people choose to be wicked and deserve to be 'eternally damned.'!

WE NEED MORE EVIDENCE FROM THE AFTERLIFE THANK YOU! Again I raise the issue that we, here on planet earth, need definitively clear, precise evidence for the afterlife which could pass the most stringent tests for validity by any materialist scientist. We are being inundated with crude and aggressive materialism through the powerful media every moment of our time - 24 hours 7 days a week! We need volunteers of the highest quality from the afterlife to urgently assist us in this most important task. Anyone who has any contacts in the afterlife please pass this message. Thank you!

ON ‘CLOSED-MINDED’ SKEPTICISM- continued from last week:
I am – like many other scientists, experimenters, investigators and writers - an open minded skeptic and will judge on results. But of great danger to society are the closed minded skeptics who could hold up progress for many valuable years. What’s wrong with closed minded skeptics? (More next week):
(4) Conservative, rigid, skeptical scientists rejected the discovery of the Doppler Effect for two decades because it conflicted with the prevailing notions of the science of the time.
(5) Unconventional scientist John Baird was called a swindler by skeptical scientists calling him a 'dreamer' with his 'magic box' of TV.
(6) Skeptical physicians called Pasteur's suggestion that germs cause disease 'ridiculous fiction'. (from the highly recommended YOUR ETERNAL SELF BY R.Craig Hogan Ph.D.)


1. "Dear Victor and Wendy, I just felt the spirit move me to thank you for for your news letter and all the hard work you put into it is so much appreciated by my friends and myself, you sure a white knight for spiritualism. All the best. Grant Haigh, Auckland NZ."

2. "First I am a great fan of yours. You are doing a wonderful job in the present corrupted money minded society, I cannot express the
feelings by words about you, just do it. Great great work, I challenge nobody in this world have done for the society like you. You are a one
man army, please continue.

3. "Dear Dr. Zammit, Three years ago, upon the demise of my wife, I was in grief. I stumbled upon your website while surfing the net seeking information about the afterlife. From then onward till today, I never missed your weekly reports. Your reports bring relief and comfort to many people all over the world, including me. You have done a great job, Victor. Keep it up! May you enjoy good health.Best regards. Siow Kok Lim" Singapore.

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