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AUGUST 1st, 2014
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COMMENTARY: .WIKIPEDIA'S INTELLECTUAL TERRORISM AGAINST THE PARANORMAL: there are quite a number of decent minded people who are telling me that they are finding the information in Wikipedia is viciously against the paranormal, against psychics, against mediums. Do NOT go to Wikipedia for anything to do with the paranormal - go to Google. Those anti-paranormal terrorists have been LYING, CHEATING, MISLEADING everyone to try to deny there is an afterlife, to deny that the paranormal is real. They are especially vicious against physical mediumship saying that the great medium Leslie Flint was a fraud and that ectoplasm is cheesecloth. To-day thousands of people around the world have eye-witnessed and are still witnessing ectoplasm being emitted from physical mediums like David Thompson and Kai Muegge.

VERY IMPORTANT: I have been informed that the England's Society for Psychical Research (SPR - see its badge on left) is organizing an alternative to the deeply negative Wikipedia on the paranormal. We all should support this effort by the SPR to establish a highly formidable and brilliant international positive paranormal encyclopedia.


IANDS 2014 CONFERENCE- AUGUST will be at the Newport Beach Marriott Hotel beginning on August 28th. Speakers will tell the beautiful and transformational stories of their Near Death Experiences.

'GOD' IS WITH US- WHAT NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES AND OTHER SPIRITUALLY TRANSFORMATIVE EXPERIENCES TEACH US ABOUT 'GOD' AND THE AFTERLIFE A wonderful FREE online book by Dr. Ken R. Vincent. The author has a doctorate in Psychology and specializes in NDEs and mystical/religious/spiritually transformative experiences (STEs). Dr. Vincent is a member of IANDS, a founding Board member of the Christian Universalist Association and is the former webmaster of The Universalist Herald website. Read more..

In an appendix in the above book Rev. Ken Vincent argues:
a). For the first 500 years of Christianity, Christians and Christian theologians were broadly Universalist (believing that all people are destined to eventually go to heaven).
b). Mistranslation of the word "eon" in Scriptures from Greek to Latin contributed the reinterpretation of the nature of Hell.
c). Merging of Church and State fostered the corruption of Universalist thought.
d). Modern archeological findings and Biblical scholarship confirm Universalist thought among early Christians.
e). Contemporary Christian scholars find Universalist theology most authentic to Jesus. Read more...

QUESTION: Do we one day in the far future - even in a million years' time become extinct ?

Victor: "
... You need not fear extinction of your ego or your personality ... But you will change, even as you do now. This change is like a flower blooming; it is natural and beautiful ... If you desire to slumber away eternity after you die, well, sorry, you're out of luck. You may sleep awhile, if you choose to, but then you'll wake up and have to get on with life! it is always fun, always a challenge to you, and filled with unutterable pleasures ... for all eternity." (BEYOND THE VEIL, Judy Laddon).

Dr Annette Childs and Dr Heidi Horsley

Kevin Williams, webmaster of near-death.com writes: " Had I not read the Guggenheim's book Hello From Heaven I probably would have never understood the multitude of ADCs experienced by myself and my family when our beloved mother died... The Guggenheims have documented every types of contact of the living with deceased loved ones. This revised article includes outstanding examples of each ADCs type." Read more...

SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE- this is something skeptics should study very carefully. Sir Arthur speaking through Sherlock Holmes, "When you have eliminated the impossible whatever remains however improbable, must be the truth".
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle materialized a number of times in David Thompson's materializations sessions.
Listen. Read transcript.


Whilst I respect and value all the evidence for the afterlife, my 25 years investigating the afterlife tell me that materializations are the greatest discovery in human history - and the best evidence for the afterlife. My nine years of experiences with David Thompson (pictured left) showed that materializations experiments are 'objective and repeatable', when variables are held constant under experimental conditions:

1. Wendy and I communicated with a materialized person, mainly with his guide William - and with others - all of whom used to live on planet earth before they crossed over. We experienced over 200 materializations.
2. William and others who materialize normally reside in the afterlife.
3. You can feel their hands when they touch you or shake hands with you.
4. They are able to walk and talk and answer questions about the afterlife.
5. You can meet your loved ones - Wendy and I have witnessed over 100 reunions. Wendy was reunited with her father who crossed-over 50 years ago. I was reunited with my younger sister who had crossed over three months before. Both used the same voice they had when they were living on planet earth. It is just sensational to re-unite with someone you deeply love after she-he crossed over years ago - to hear their own voice again, as if they never left us!
6. Those who materialize are able to give us accurate information about the circumstances in the afterlife. This is the best way to obtain afterlife information because we get it DIRECTLY from the original source NOT from religious books written thousands of years ago by people we really do not know who they were.
7. Under experimental conditions, materializations have become objective and repeatable - meaning they have become 'scientific' - consistent with the formula where the experiment is repeated over time and space, keeping variables constant, repeatedly yield positive results.
8. The information we receive is consistent with other information received from highly credible afterlife teachers, such as Mons. Hugh Benson and Silver Birch and others like them.
9. When you talk to a materialized person it is just like talking to a friend - mostly fully solid and able to indulge in intelligent conversation.
10. There is nothing on earth that is as earth shattering as when you reunite with a loved one who had crossed over years ago. We have witnessed some really sensational reunions to confirm that only materializations can produce sensational emotional reunions with loved-one we very much miss.
Listen to more afterlife voices.



If you thought that the mental mediums of today were not able to deliver messages with the detail of those of the early days of Spiritualism this is the book for you. Suzanne Giesemann has created a masterpiece of mediumship research in this story of her ongoing communication with the spirit of Wolf, a young man who, like her own step-daughter, was killed by lightning. Wolf comes through as a highly developed soul with a message for all of humanity. He came to Suzanne in the middle of the night before she had a chance to give a reading to his parents with eight pages of detailed information. He then told Suzanne to ask his parents to score it for accuracy using protocols developed by Professor Gary Schwartz. The sophisticated scoring of the reading is a wonderful insight into modern mediumship research. Take with the rest of the book that explores the synchronicities aroud the decoding of Wolf's messages it is perfect book to reassure grieving parents and those seeking solid evidence of the afterlife. Buy the kindle version.

ON THE ADMISSIBILITY OF EVIDENCE AMOUNTING TO PROOF- week 1: I received a copy of an email sent by Mark Cohen to Dr Stephan Novella - the skeptic who debated Dr Ray Moody and Dr Alexander. It seems clear that this Dr Novella may be a good scientist, but certainly he is NOT an expert on the admissibility of evidence. Of course, attorneys and judges are experts in the admissibility of what constitutes technical evidence which amounts to proof - not scientists.
Because it is very likely I will be cross examining this Dr Novella on what he stated, I first would like to outline certain basic facts closed skeptics show they do not understand. We hear all the time these skeptics say words to the effect, "You say there is an afterlife ... therefore the onus is on you to prove the afterlife exists, not us". But this may shock the closed skeptics: in fact the closed skeptics are saying, "there is nothing. There is no afterlife. The afterlife evidence and the paranormal evidence cannot be accepted." WRONG! READ CLOSLEY: technically, the skeptic is asserting that " ... there is no afterlife". This means the onus is also on this skeptic to PROVE THERE IS NO AFTRLIFE. NO SKEPSTIC HAS EVER DONE THAT! More on this evidence next week - week 2.


THE LONG ISLAND MEDIUM: Truly gifted THERESA CAPUTO has a very successful show. Some people might say she is a 'working class' medium. That's perfectly all right - because there are more working class people than others in the world to-day. Besides, Theresa has an energetic personality, she is very quick with people and she gets many 'hits' when giving people a reading. It is pleasant to watch someone who gives people confidence, get them to be receptive to loved ones from the other side. Great work Theresa.


Mark Cohen sent me some emails. One of them contained the information that the psychologist who debated Dr Eben Alexander stated, in passing, there are books showing that the afterlife can not exist - trying to boost his argument against Dr Eden Alexander. I have been searching for such a book for twenty five years and have NOT found just ONE book explaining the afterlife cannot exist. Is there anyone out there who is aware of a book explaining that the afterlife does not or cannot exist?




Read more about this case.


Robert Kelly, a Research Coordinator for Professor Claire White at California State University, Northridge (claire.white@csun.edu) writes:
" We need people to complete a short survey (about 15 minutes) to help us better understand past life beliefs in America and the U.K. While we know these beliefs are common, we know little about them. If you have any past life experiences or recollections, are from the U.S. or U.K., and are over the age of 18, please help us by taking our survey.

IS THERE A MOTHER WHO LOST A SON- SOLDIER DURING A WAR? From Leo in England, “Hi, I have a friend Maureen McGill, an author on afterlife books – Live from the Other Side, who is doing a book on Mothers who have lost sons “collecting messages from soldiers who have died in any war. Most of the messages come through to the widows, some to mothers and some to living soldiers. I am looking for more " mother " messages"- soldiers who connect with their mothers. If you know any mom's who have lost sons or daughters in any war have them email Leo on leobonomo@virginmedia.com".

NEW SPIRITUALIST GROUP SYDNEY INNER WEST NEWTOWN - THIS TUESDAY "Connected Spirits Inner West Spiritualist Centre" will be having its first service/meeting on Tuesday 5th August at 7pm at the Inner West Cultural Services-35 Dickson Street Newtown. If you would like to speak to Brett Thomas, (the medium responsible for starting this service) his number is 0419 428 888. There is also a Connected Spirits website/ facebook page you may wish to visit.

We have been getting great reports about an energy healer from South Carolina, Audie Herron. Next Saturday at 9pm (EST)- that's 11am Sunday for Australians, he is asking you to join him in a global healing meditation for one hour. He writes:
" The Scenario is the same, plan on lying down undisturbed for one hour at 9pm (EST) plus an extra 10 minutes prior, to get into a relaxed state and to set your intentions. Relax into it, surrender as you feel the energies and don't force anything. Doing these Healing Meditations helps the planet as well as yourself. " Read more...

FEEDBACK- only 3 selected.
1) Victor & Wendy I can't thank you enough for all the hope, compassion and love that your weekly report brings sending many blessings.....Alison

2) I have been getting your reports for years now, LOVE them and I look forward to each week. Thank you for all the work you do to make that happen. I lost my mother, father, sister and brother at an early age, and it brings me much comfort to know that I will hopefully see them again. Cindy

3) Thank you both for a wonderful Friday report as always. I absolutely love them I loved the video about synchronicity. I seem to experience a lot of it from time to time and then a long time without any and then it happens again, so funny. not extreme synchronicity like Dean Radin's experience, but still wonderful experiences...perhaps opening up my mind more and more to the non-physical


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