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JULY 13th 2012

Apologies if I have not replied to your email. We are now safely home but dealing with jet lag.

REPORT in 50 languages including - French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese and Hungarian - and many others. Be very patient with the grammar of these automatic translations.

We are back home from Europe. It was a lovely trip, very busy but highly spiritually rewarding.

One of the highlights of our recent trip to Europe was the opportunity to sit as a guest in the home circle of the Felix Experimental Group in Hanau, near Frankfurt Germany. We were most impressed by the dedication of the sitters who have been sitting weekly now since 2005. For the last three years the gifted 'physical' medium, Kai Muegge, has been following the method of mediumship used by physical medium Rudi Schneider to induce trance- by using very fast holotropic breathing. After the medium was in trance and the lights turned off we heard the voice of Hans Bender, in life a famous German parapsychologist (pictured left) who was in charge of the proceedings from the Spirit dimension. His voice was accompanied by loud knocks around the room. We started to witness bright blue spirit lights - the size of a golf ball moving around in the seance room and around the 12 sitters. They seemed to be responsive to the energy of the sitters- one came very close me and stayed at a distance of about 10 cms for quite a while. Next we saw a spirit hand illuminated by a luminous plaque; it moved, turned and made sure it was seen as a perfect solid human hand.

MEDIUM 'CONTROLLED': Throughout the sitting the medium Kai Muegge (pictured, left) was tightly controlled by two sitters who had their hands on the arms and knees of the medium. Frequently a red light was put on to see that the medium was still in the cabinet. Everyone else held hands in a chain.

ECTOPLASM IN RED LIGHT: A most impressive sight was the abundance of ectoplasm (a whitish, smoky substance which is emitted from the medium's mouth) which accumulated directly in front of the medium Kai Muegge and which was shown in red light. After a short time the ectoplasm was shown again in red light, this time draped over the medium's head and body. It would be sheer nonsense to describe the ectoplasm as a piece of cloth. It was clearly a living moving substance with a unique structure.

It is truly wonderful to see that genuine physical mediumship is alive and thriving in Germany today in a Circle that truly demonstrates deep interest in the past traditions of European mediumship and understanding of the importance of group energy. We will hear more from this Circle in the future. For more see the Felix Experimental Group Blog.

'REVOLUTIONARY' CHRISTIAN MINISTER COMES THROUGH IN GERMANY. During the seance with Kai Muegge, a former colleague of mine who died in 1995- the legendary, radical - some even called him 'revolutionary' - Rev. Ted Noffs (pictured, left) of the famous Wayside Chapel came through giving us great validation that he is who he claimed to be. In my younger student days the Rev Ted Noffs and I organized a number of highly successful public protests - mainly against the French nuclear testing in the Pacific where much beauty and life were permanently destroyed. The Rev Ted Noffs' radical social innovations - such as the anti-drugs campaigning, the social justice programs and 'doing good for humanity' programs were recognized by Prince Charles of the Royal Family and Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke and New South Wales Premier Neville Wran Q.C. His work was also recognized by some leading Christians from the United States.

TRIED FOR 'HERESY': One of the things that influenced me most was Ted's insistence that we should not allow religions to stand as a barrier between people. He taught: "I am a Catholic. I am a Protestant. I am a Jew. I am a Hindu, I am Muslim, a Sikh, a Buddhist...I am part of the religions past, present and future, because I am a human being and nothing is alien to me ...". He was tried for "heresy" by the Christian establishment in Sydney but found not guilty. His work is continued in Sydney by his children and grandchildren in the Ted Noffs Foundation.

Hans Bender- from the afterlife acted as the medium for Ted Noffs and told us that he had come to say how much he supported the work we were doing through the Friday Afterlife Report and the website. (This was not a surprise to me because Ted Noffs had previously contacted me, something that was not known to the Felix Circle).
Hans Bender also said that the small apport ( pictured left- actual size) representing different religions - that materialized through the medium's ectoplasm was a gift from Rev Ted Noffs.

Then Hans Bender told us that a young man who had committed suicide in 2009 had also come to make himself known and asked whether I could feel him standing in front of me touching my leg (I could). He told us that the young man said his name was Erik and he had come to thank me for the assistance the reports gave to his mother after his death and to many other bereaved parents. At first I had no idea who he was but then Wendy remembered "Channeling Erik" the blog of Dr Elisa Medhurst whose son has been communicating with her through medium Jamie Butler. We got in touch with Elisa who asked Erik for confirmation. According to the medium Jamie Butler:
" Erik said it was him. He was telling me they were all in a room and he showed himself to the medium man and wanted to touch his hair. Said he had messy (hair) like him. Erik said that these were the things he has been up to. He wants to spread the word that his world is real. There really should not be any more grief here on Earth. Please mom, tell him to publish."


In this video famous cardiac surgeon Dr Rudy talks about a NDE case where the patient was dead but was able to describe everything that happened in the operating room including post-it notes with messages on the computer monitor of the surgeon.



A former bicycle racer who competed in the 1968 Olympic Trials, Tom Sawyer had a near death experience in 1978 when his pickup truck fell on him, crushing his chest flat. He was clinically dead for fifteen minutes, yet he came back to tell of his strange experience of going through a tunnel, meeting the "Light that was God," and being sent back to tell people about God’s unconditional love for everyone. Sawyer came back with information on coming earth changes, healing, reincarnation, politics, pollution, and world peace. He came back to teach people how to communicate with God through prayer. What Tom Sawyer Learned from Dying was published by Hampton Roads Publishers in 1993.
Tom Sawyer and the Spiritual Whirlwind illustrates Tom’s work on a global basis after his NDE. Read more....

SCIENCE AND THE AFTERLIFE: Arthur Findlay's diagram about vibrations: Our senses and our instruments are only able to perceive a small range of vibrations between two fixed points, namely between 34,000 and 64,000 waves to the inch, or from 400 to 750 billion waves to the second. That is the section which makes up to us the physical world. But the physical world is only a very limited section of vibrations compared with all the other vibrations in the universe. Humans have only recently learned to produce machines which can tune into radio waves, television waves and x rays. But these all existed before we were able to detect them. Scientists working in the Spirit world (which they call the Etheric world) tell us that their world is just as solid as our world but on a different frequency- just above what our senses can perceive.


“You will find that the higher the ascent in the spiritual scale, the more recognition is there that there is reincarnation,” Silver Birch, another apparently advanced spirit communicated through the trance mediumship of Maurice Barbanell, “but not in the facile form that is so often propounded. Silver Birch explained that the individual personality on earth is a small part of the individuality to which he or she belongs. He likened it to a diamond with its many facets, pointing out that the personality on earth is but one facet of the diamond. “what you express on earth is but an infinitesimal fraction of the individuality to which you belong. Thus there are what you call ‘group souls,’ a single unity with facets which have spiritual relationships that incarnate at different times, at different places, for the purpose of equipping the larger soul for its work.” Michael Tymn examines this view of Silver Birch and others in his highly recommended article: The Enigma of Reincarnation.

QUESTION: Is there forgiveness in the spirit world?
S. Birch, "There is forgiveness in your world and my world, but forgiveness does not expiate wrongdoing. When a person who has committed a wrong reaches the stage of asking for forgiveness, it means that realization has dawned. But if he asks for forgiveness and forgiveness is accorded him, that does not mean that the act of wrong that was committed has been expunged. It is purely cause and effect. The act cannot be expunged until that which was wrong is put right." Clearly, this transmission of information from a highly regarded source tells us that no one on earth, no priest, no rabbi, no mullah, no religious Minister, - no one has the power to completely remove all negative consequences of the wrong doing. No one has the power to change the universal Law of Cause and Effect - and the person who did wrong to another must pay his/her karmic debt sooner or later.

Wonderful archival footage of Harry Edwards demonstrating Spiritual healing in Trafalgar Square London.


'PURE GOLD' INFORMATION: WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE? In my younger years I was taught that when I die, St Peter will be there with a book about what I did on earth. Then God will be the judge where I am to go … Is that true? K, Singapore.

Victor: Over twenty years I have been very carefully and with great discrimination reading transmissions from the otherside. The highly credible ones all agree that there will be NO St Peter, NO God, NO Angels. But there will be a ‘loved one’ where you (assuming you were a reasonably good, open minded person) will have a positive heart to heart connection to help you go to the realm of the Light. Here is former Catholic Monsignor Hugh Benson, who transmitted information to us from the otherside because he said he gave people the wrong information about what happens soon after we die. Here he is in one of his books:
'Let me tell you at once, Roger (just crossed over to the otherside), that there are no judges, or even a single great Judge, anywhere in this world, the spirit world. Any judging to be done, we do it for ourselves, and manage very nicely. You’ll find you will become extremely critical of yourself, as we all do. We can be very hard on ourselves even. So whatever you may have thought about Judgment Day, dismiss the whole idea from your mind.”

There are many accounts of pets being reunited with their owners through brilliant materialization mediums. This one is taken from the excellent book Living Images by Psychic Artist Coral Polge.
" At a later stage I was able to sit with north country medium, Jimmy Gardner. The forms which materialised at his seances were not as clearly defined as those of Helen Duncan, but at one of his seances a soft hairy form suddenly landed on my lap and barked. It was dear old Trix, our dog. I touched her and felt her paws on my lap. It was only a brief moment, but even dogs have their individuality when it comes to barking, and her spiky white hair was quite clear in the dim light. This realisation that our much loved animals live on in spirit meant as much to me as to know that relatives and friends go on into the next world." p. 36.

QUESTION: Why is it that the information from the other side differs about afterlife matters?

S.B.: "You have to realise that we lie in an infinite world and thus there must be an infinite variety of experiences for its dwellers. Life in our world is graded spiritually and thus there are differences of experience for all who are here. Anyone communicating with you can transmit only what he or she has experienced at that time. With progress, that soul will move to another - more advanced plane of being which can cause him or her to revise an opinion previously held. So it depends on the evolution of the communicator as to what pictures are being transmitted to your world. You must remember that the closer the communicator is to your world, the more limited is the ability to express what is higher in the scale of spiritual values which he or she has yet to attain. Treat every communication from our world with reason. If your commonsense says, "No I cannot accept this", then reject it. We are not infallible. We have not attained perfection, because that requires eternity. The process, as I have already said, is infinite."

THE 'POLITICS OF ENVY': THE 'LOSERS AND DEFEATISTS': I received an email from someone who informed me a couple of low level people (one of them was into criminality) are attacking me primarily because I defend physical mediums. These losers and defeatists are blatantly lying, writing to wilfully mislead and misinform. I do not read their rubbish. I'm informed these spiritually retarded critics 'incite hatred' and other negativity. I am reminded by Silver BIrch who told us that those who incite hatred and negativity will inevitably lose critical 'vibrations' and on crossing over they will automatically be sucked into the darker realm - sometimes to stay there for 'hundreds ... even thousands of years' by our time. Understandably, the problem is NOT mine - it's these losers and defeatists who KNOW they are spreading darkness.

BEST PSYCHIC NEWSPAPER: 'PSYCHIC WORLD'. the most reliable, credible and readable monthly newspaper on psychics, mediums, Spiritualism and the paranormal in the United Kingdom- and the world to-day. I have a half a page column in this magnificent British psychic newspaper. To subscribe to PSYCHIC WORLD send just £13.00 GBP. Please note they cannot accept US dollar cheques ONLY £ sterling cheques or £ sterling money orders or credit card payments. to: PSYCHIC WORLD Circulation Department, P.O. Box 14, Greenford, Middlesex UB6 OUF, England (telephone England 020-8903-1993)

Prayers and Spiritual healing are requested for English Spiritualist medium and Journalist Michael Colmer. He has been a regular contributor/ Editor of several Spiritualist periodicals, the most recent being the monthly "Psychic World" [est 1948]. Vocationally he has been a Spiritualist Medium for the last three decades.


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1) Hi Victor and Wendy,
I've always been fascinated by Cern and personally find it as science getting closer to the afterlife dimension. The Higgs has been theorized for almost 50 years now and finally 95% proven so far. The other ideas are about multidimensional universes and other "PARANORMAL" concepts in the quantum world. Does multidimensional not already pave the way to other realities, e.g. afterlife? When you think about it, science, especially in the physics world, actually have theories that make the afterlife almost seem mundane. I say give it time, if it took 50 years to prove the boson, then it may be awhile to actually prove the afterlife. Yet science will probably give it a different label when it is proven...lol

2) Thanks dear Victor, a wonderful read, as always. Kind of you to keep posting the weekly report, when travelling. Have a good weekend! Ann-Charlotte

3 ) A wonderful report as always :)
I really liked the explanation about Time in the Afterlife, I have never really understood the meaning of it, but this explained it well.

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