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November 18th 2011

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REPORT in 50 languages including - French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese and Hungarian - and many others. Be very patient with the grammar of these automatic translations.

COMMENTARY: WE DO NOT GO TO 'SLEEP' ON CROSSING OVER. The Catholic Church needs urgent reformation on some of its teachings. Information came to me again just very recently - that some priest keeps telling people that on dying they will go to 'sleep' until Jesus comes to judge the living and the dead - NOT TRUE!

WITH ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY - when we die, we do NOT stay 'underground.' We do NOT go to 'sleep' when we die. There is most powerful, convincing irrefutable evidence that moments after we die, open-minded reasonable people will be met by loved ones to help them go to the level of the light to continue to live there in a normal way in most beautiful conditions. That is a fact!

There is NO OBJECTIVE AUTORITY for saying that when we die we go to 'sleep' until Jesus "comes to judge the living and the dead." But the information that consciousness survives, that we go on living, has come from highly credible sources I often mention. Only those who stubbornly and deeply believe they will go to 'sleep' on crossing over will go to 'sleep'. If that happens, that would be a serious problem. This is because they encumbered (blocked) their mind in a negative way and because the astral dimension is responsive to our thoughts. But for the average good open-minded person, life will go on on a much, much more beautiful way.


EVIDENCE THAT NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES ARE REAL Evidence that people having a near death experience really see and hear things that they could not possibly do from the perspective of their physical body are called "veridical experiences".

Thanks to Kevin Jones for this link.

A fascinating mind-expanding life review.

Part 2
Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Highly psychically gifted Russian Nina Kulagina was scientifically tested for her psychic skills by top Russian scientists from the Institute of the USSR Academy of Science. By sheer psychic power she was able to move objects, affect compass readings and even kill a frog by stopping his heart. Yet some uninformed closed minded-skeptic writer writing in Man and Law in 1988 called her a 'fraud'. Kulagina, the brilliant psychic sued him for defamation and won. Kulagina had top scientists as witnesses all claiming the brilliant psychic was genuine. The skeptic-writer lost his job for allowing his negative prejudices to over-ride the scientific reports on the psychic.

and other psychics reputed to be able to stop a man's heart was one of the main reasons the United States military became interested in remote viewing.


Part 2...


and whether it is ethically permissible to use remote viewing for gain.


WHY ARE SOME SCIENTISTS SO OPPOSED TO PARAPSYCHOLOGY?" DR MARK LEARY Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience and Director of the Social Psychology Program at Duke University writes:

"I can readily identify with the intellectual difficulty of accepting most of parapsychology’s claims. I have a tremendous amount of trouble understanding how any of it can be true. Yet I also see the results of decades of well-designed research suggesting that psi might in fact occur and, from a scientific perspective, I don’t have the luxury of simply ignoring research findings that make me uncomfortable, and I don’t think I would be justified in condemning researchers who study such things . . . . I find it harder to understand why anyone would suggest that such research should not be conducted or that researchers in the field are misguided or irrational. Even people who do not believe in psychic phenomena should want additional research to provide an answer once and for all. The questions are so interesting and potentially important that we really should know the answers, however they may fall."
Why Are (Some) Scientists so Opposed to Parapsychology? Explore, 2011, 7, 275-277).

: Just very recently Prof Hawking on cable DISCOVERY Channel tried to persuade the viewers that there is no afterlife and there is no God. But as I stated before - see my cross-examination of Prof Stephen Hawking... he failed to persuade the viewers primarily because of the so many relevant DELETIONS. In a court room situation, where truth is rigidly tested for validity, this professor would have to answer questions about the objective and repeatable evidence for the afterlife. He stated in the said cross examination - and by his conduct, that he never ever investigated the evidence for the afterlife. Someone tell this professor to wake up! Tell him that he has to rise above his negative prejudices and to stick to evidence not opinion! That he is deluding himself trying to DELETE evidence which will NOT GO AWAY. I am preparing another article to rebut Hawking's second main contention that there is no God.
HIS ARGUMENT FULL OF HOLES: Prof. Hawking's argument is full of holes and does not stand to critical scrutiny. For example, he says that before the Big Bang there was no 'time' therefore 'God' could not create the universe since there was no time.That is an interpretation from a 'speculation'. That is inadmissible, it is non-sequitur and wrong. The theologians' argument is just as valid - that 'God' exists out of time and out of space. Of course, these days we read where even atheists - or former atheists accept a God - a Supreme Power - but which may have nothing to do with religion. PROFESSOR ANTONY FLEW - once a staunch atheist- see video below.

The very highly credible S Birch, a great afterlife communicator reminds us, "Death is not a tragedy to those who die; it is only a tragedy to those who are left behind. Do not mourn because the caterpillar has become a beauteous butterfly. Do not weep because the cage has been opened and the bird has been set free. Rejoice and know that the enfranchised soul has found liberty and that, if you would but unfold the powers that the Great Power has given you, you could share some of the new beauty and joy which is theirs. You could understand the plan of death and realize that death is but a stepping stone, a door through which you enter into larger freedom of the wonderful realms of the spirit."

Question: I think I have problems: I did a lot of dirty work against other people. But I was an employee in a government agency following orders from my superiors. Some of the things I did were really nasty- against people who might have been innocent. What can I expect on crossing over?

ALL kinds of cruelty against others have to be accounted for – there are NO EXCEPTIONS. I said many times before, nobody escapes the Law of Cause and Effect. Yes, there will be consequences for any cruelty you inflicted onto others. You have two problems: first, any CRUELTY - negative energy - against others is considered to be very powerful karma. This means you will, sooner or later be experiencing the cruelty or negative energy you inflicted onto others. That is the law. There is no escape from that. Secondly, your bigger problem is that you and your superiors could find yourelves in the lower, darker and more horrible regions - depending on the frquency and intensity of your cruelty against others. Your superiors might NOT have been sure about the information they acted upon - ignoring the 'due process'. Or the information was 'disinformation' which could have been sent from rival agencies - or there could have been other political reasons for abusing one's position of trust.

Your stay there in the lower darker regions may be extended if those you were cruel against do not forgive you. The defence of 'I was only following orders' would not be acceptable
if you knew you were doing wrong inflicting cruelty onto others. You will have to start now to make strong amends if you do not want to have serious problems on crossing over. I strongly suggest you read Dannion Brinkley's story (Google him). He said he was a killer for a government agency until he had a near death experience; he has spent the rest of his life making amends.

DEBBIE MALONE EXCELS: gifted Australian forensic psychic-medium detective Debbie Malone who is likely to win THE ONE psychic Channel 7 television competition - gave one of her best performances ever last Sunday in Sydney. She gave some eight readings in less than an hour at a meeting and each one I witnessed was absolutely mind-shattering with accuracy and details. Debbie gave a reading to someone not far from me and she got many 'hits.' Well done Debbie! (Incidentally, I won the door prize - Debbie's most impressive book - see cover top left). See Debbie's website: www.betweentwoworlds.net


PSYCHIC SHOW 'THE ONE': Time the producers of this show put on a 'skeptic' to compete with the real psychics. How else can the viewer see the difference between a gifted psychic and a skeptic? Suggestion: the producers should make that skeptic Richard - who keeps downgrading the psychics and who claims to be an expert in 'cold-reading' do all the tasks the psychics have to do - to make him compete with the psychics. Then the viewers get to really know how psychic - the psychics are. But it appears one of the producers stated. "If we do that it would make the skeptic look absolutely stupid"! But the viewers will get to know that psychic phenomena are truly real!

'On April 24, 1983, Mary L. Cousett left her home in Alton, Illinois, in the company of her boyfriend Stanley Holliday Jr. It was the last time she was seen alive. Three days later, Holliday Jr. was arrested and charged with murder. Although there was circumstantial evidence, with no corpse the police case was shaky. In desperation, detectives called in Illinois gifted forensic psychic-medium Greta Alexander - pictured, left. Alexander gave police the location to search, stated that the hand and foot would be separated from the body, and that the man who found the corpse would have a deformed hand. All of these projections turned out to be one hundred per cent correct. The Illinois police involved in the case are now firm believers in psychic investigation- as are more and more police departments throughout the United States'. (from THE BLUE SENSE, by A Lyons & M Truzzi Ph.D.)

QUESTION: WHAT IS THE GREATEST AID IN SPIRITUAL PROGRESS - LOVE OR KNOWLEDGE? - Directly from the afterlife dimension, "I would say on balance that it is love, if I am allowed to define love as the love that embraces not only one individual but all humanity. If you have reached that stage where you feel that you can have love for all, not only for those whom you like or who are near and close and dear to you, then that is an indication that your feet are very firmly planned on the road of spiritual progress. It also shows that you do have knowledge of spiritual principles. So that love, I think, is the greater aid, because you can have knowledge without love, but you cannot have love without knowledge."


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FEEDBACK - three selections representative of feedback:

1. Hello Victor, I have now read your book “ The scientifically proven reality of life after death” in the few hours that I have had it. I must say it is a good work, mirrors many of my own experiences, ... Leo B.

2) Victor - - I saw Craig Hogan's comments in your last posting . . .I, too, was there in Sarasota for the same two seances. I want to thank you for making me aware of David and Christine. It was incredible and I'm going again in Southern CA. Thank you for all the effort you make. Sincerely, Martha B.

3) As always a wonderful report. I am always looking forward to these :) Maria

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