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August 25th 2017

COMMENTARY: LIVING IN FREEDOM! While nothing is perfect, those of us who live in a 'free country' have a lot to be thankful for. Nobody tells us how to dress or who we can eat with, or who we can marry. In most cases our beliefs (or lack of them) are not a barrier to employment.

Sadly, many people in the world, some say the majority, are not so fortunate. In countries where there is a powerful atheistic group in total control, people have to be careful not to divulge their religious and spiritual beliefs. For example, in communistic countries, where individual freedom is lacking, belonging to a religion which is not "tolerated" by the state can make life extremely difficult.

And in countries where there is an intolerant religion in control, there can be brutal oppression of "unbelievers". It is no wonder that those in the Spirit World are so keen to spread the message that the afterlife exists and that there is only one religion, the religion of love.



The simple yet profound spiritual teachings of the Universal Spiritual Brother and Sisterhood (USB), coming from the highest vibrations and presented in its book “Spiritual Light”, are now being introduced in a series of new YouTube videos. The first few short videos in this initial release provide introductions to afterlife wisdom, the USB, and its spirit teachers. They also explain the USB’s purposes and goals for humanity, and how the spirit teachers communicated.


DR. AMIT GOSWAMI ON COAST TO COAST Deepak Chopra claims that "Dr Goswami is one of the most brilliant minds in the world of science. His insights into the relationship between physics and consciousness have deeply influenced my understanding". In this interview, Dr. Goswami claims that materialist science is full of contradictions. However, he says, because the various fields of science have become "silos", with little inter-connection, most scientists are not aware of it.

Quantum Physics &Consciousness

(from Dr Kenneth Ring's 'Lessons from the Light')
"Our findings are only preliminary and our samples too small to support any firm generalizations, but questionnaires given both before and after these presentations (about NDEs) revealed the following effects:
1. A decrease in fear of death.
2. An increase in belief that the moment of death will be peaceful.
3. An increase in belief in life after death.
4. A decrease in belief that life after death will be unpleasant.
5. An increase in belief that one will be reunited with deceased loved ones.
6. An increased belief in God.

According to many near-death sources, animals have souls and go to heaven just as human beings do. On Kevin Williams' website, near-death.com, you can read the testimonies of people who had a NDE and were reunited with their deceased pets. After reading these testimonies, you will never look upon your pets or animals in the same way. The testimonies describe animals that are not pets as having a heaven of their own, which human beings are allowed to visit. They also reveal that communication with our deceased pets on the Other Side is by means of mental telepathy. Read more...

Richard Martini, talks about the research which led to his books "Flipside" "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" and "Hacking the Afterlife." He claims that near-death experiences point to another reality, the "home" described in many NDE's and by people under deep hypnosis.


Voices Across The Veil is a project created by Michelle Szabo and Dr. Dennis Grega (creators of Afterlife Data) to allow more people to experience after-death communications with experienced, reliable mediums at a reasonable cost. They set up and monitor online sessions via Skype. A group of no more than 10 people are each given a reading by a skilled medium. People are asked a short series of questions before and after each session. Cost of the session is around US $40. Read more...
Michelle and Dennis will be sharing more about the program at the AREI Arizona Symposium in 3 weeks.


BOB OLSON TALKS WITH SANDRA CHAMPLAIN Former private investigator Bob Olson has been an afterlife investigator & psychic medium researcher since 1999. He hosts his own show Afterlife TV with fascinating interviews about the reality of the afterlife.




DESCRIBING THE ACTUAL MOMENT OF CROSSING OVER Terence, one of our new subscribers, asked what happens at the moment of death. Here Mons. Hugh Benson answers.
"The actual transition from one world to the other was imperceptible ... a delightful feeling of bodily ease and peace of mind completely enveloped me. I felt that I wanted to breathe deeply and I did so. The impulse to rise from my bed, and the passing of all physical sensations, mark the instant of my physical 'death' and my birth into the world of spirit ... when this took place I was still in my own earthly bedroom, and therefore a part of the spirit world must interpenetrate the earth world." (Mons. H Benson, Life in the World Unseen).

Alan talks about a physical medium who was blinded when light was shone on his face and describes how he saw Alec Harris gradually de-materialise during a seance.


WISE WORDS OF COURAGE, LOVE AND ENLIGHTENMENT directly from the afterlife dimension: "... That is why our message is important. It is we who strive to serve you, to make your world realise the price it must pay for its selfishness, for its wanton ignorance and deliberate cruelty... We are not evil spirits, seeking to lure you on the paths of destruction ... We do not seek to make you debase yourselves, to practise cruelty or sin. Rather do we strive to make you realise the divinity that is yours, the powers of the Great Spirit that you possess, how you can practise the law of service and help the Plan of the Great Spirit." (The Silver Birch Book of Questions & Answers).

"So how does skeptic S. Blackmore reconcile the fact of seven successful experiments out of twenty-one experiments with her often-repeated claim that her own research led her to become a skeptic? Simple: as Dr. R. Berger pointed out, Blackmore applied a double standard to her experiments. When her experiments seemed to show evidence of psi, the results were dismissed as due to flaws of the experiments. But when the results did not seem to show evidence of psi, she simply ignored the quality of the study." (C. Carter's Science & Psychic Phenomena - The Fall of the House of Skeptics).


Have you ever wanted to know what it's like to have a NDE? A skilled trainer for The Monroe Institute, Dr. Scott Taylor, is author and voice of the best-selling CD from Monroe Products, Into the Light: Near-Death Experience Meditations. This program features four expertly crafted guided exercises designed to give you a sense of what it is like to have a near-death experience. Read more...


Last week we printed a question from a reader whose skeptical husband had asked "when an afterlife presence visits (this dimension) what's the frequency, velocity and wave length of this presence." We are delighted that enineer Martin Pickering has an answer. Read more...



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FEEDBACK: (Three only).

1) G’day Victor and Wendy,
as you may recall, my wife and I are spiritualists. One evening while at some friend’s apartment, came the famous knock on the door with the equally famous pair of ernest Jehova's Witnesses who wanted to engage us in debate. We said, Oh, we’re glad you came because we’re just about to have a seance and you can join us in contacting Spirit! They couldn’t leave fast enough! Cheers, Steve, Costa Rica.

2) Thank you for another wonderful report that uplifts us all when our hearts are broken. Cristina

3) Your Reports continue to empower me on a weekly basis as I deal with the loss of my son in this life - I always feel strong and positive after reading your information and I realize I can best use the remainder of my time on Earth without him by gaining and sharing as much knowledge as possible about the afterlife. How happy it must be for those in Spirit whose loved ones on Earth are convinced, not just of their Surviva,l but to be aware that they are probably more alive, vital and free than ever. Julia.



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We Are The World - USA for Africa.

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