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February 22nd 2013

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STUNNING AFTERLIFE EVIDENCE: When I first started to sit in medium David Thompson's materialization sessions,'William' the leader of the Spirit team, said he was very happy to have scientists in sessions. William, said he was a scientist himself while he was alive. He tells us that in order to materialize he has 'to lower his vibrations' (to physical' vibrational level) so that he can talk to us. Then he is able to make physical contact with us, to perform other physical things like clapping his hands and stamping his feet to show that he is solid.

There were scientists who attended the sessions who told me they were stunned by the experience. But quite interesting, a couple of closed minded skeptics who attended said William could not be real because, 'There is no afterlife'. This shows, as I have been saying for many years, that only scientists who have the capacity to perceive the paranormal with true scientific equanimity can accept the evidence for the afterlife even when it is right in front of them. I found it most interesting that even clear evidence can be rejected by the skeptics' minds. I give EIGHT REASONS why closed-minded skeptics do not have the competence, the skills and the ability to perceive the paranormal in an objective way. Read more http://snipurl.com/26f7hgt

DR COURTNEY BROWN TALKS ABOUT REMOTE VIEWING AND QUANTUM PHYSICS For information on remote viewing, see http://www.farsight.org/ More information http://www.courtneybrown.com/
For more information on the SSE, see http://www.scientificexploration.org/
See chapter in my book: 18 Remote Viewing

A MOST SENSATIONAL NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE - Her brain was dead, her heartbeat stopped, blood drained, eyes taped - ears blocked with clickers. She was 'clinically dead' for one hour.:
THE PAM REYNOLDS CASE: Dr Michael Sabom, specialist cardiologist, reports on a well documented case of a person who had a prolonged NDE with proven out of body perception while CLINICALLY DEAD for an hour.
Pam Reynolds underwent a rare operation to remove a life threatening giant aneurysm [an abnormal widening or ballooning of a portion of an artery] in her brain. The only way that the doctors could operate was to connect her to a machine to process her blood, lower her body temperature to 60 degrees, and to totally stop her heart-beat and brain activity. According to Dr Michael Sabom, “This case is considered to be one of the strongest cases of proven evidence in NDE research because of Pam’s ability to describe in detail the unique surgical instruments used while she was dead, what the nurses said to the doctors while operating other and procedures used. Pam Reynolds’ had this spectacular ability to describe in detail these events while she was clinically and brain dead.” Watch closely this video: Pam Reynolds herself and medical experts explain the stunning evidence.


FROM ARTHUR FINDLAY'S highly recommended book about the afterlife 'THE WAY OF LIFE'
Arthur Findlay, afterlife investigator asked a spirit (through a medium) "What is contained in what we call space?"

Answer directly from the afterlife:
" Interpenetrating your world is another world of substance in a higher state of vibration to the one you sense. The universe is one stupendous whole, but you only appreciate what you see and hear and feel. Believe me, there are other worlds, of substance, finer than physical matter, in which life exists and of which you on earth can form no conception. Connected with your earth is the world to which I came after what you call death .. We do not live in a dream world. As I have said, we live in a real tangible world, though the atoms composing it differ from the atoms which make up your world ... You live in a world of slower vibrations..."

and says he is fascinated by 'Siddhis' or super powers gained by mystics throughout the world as a result of advanced meditation.



POTENTIALLY THE GREASTEST SCANDAL IN RECENT HISTORY? Pope Benedict XVI resigned after an internal investigation informed him about a web of blackmail, corruption and gay sex in the Vatican, Italian media reports say. Three cardinals appointed by Benedict allegedly verified allegations of financial impropriety, cronyism and corruption exposed in the so-called VatiLeaks affairs. Read more:
POPE RESIGNS – THE REAL REASON? A newspaper article states, “Citing wavering strength of mind and body, Pope Benedict XVI announced his decision to resign from the papacy at the end of February. He will be the first Pope to abdicate in nearly six hundred years. In 2010, as allegations of pedophilic priests continued to swirl, the late Christopher Hitchens decried individual and institutional corruption within the church's sacred walls. His original article is reprinted below … Concerning the most recent revelations about the steady complicity of the Vatican in the ongoing – indeed endless – scandal of child rape, a few days later a spokesman for the Holy See made a concession in the guise of a denial. It was clear, said the Reverend Federico Lombardi, that an attempt was being made "to find elements to involve the Holy Father personally in issues of abuse". He went on to say that "those efforts have failed". Read full article


Are Your Loved Ones In Spirit Trying To Tell You Something? Most interesting video interview with Medium James Van Praagh - precious information about the afterlife: Our soul stays in the spirit world while it experiences a lifetime in the physical world, though always being connected to the spirit. It's like a part of our soul experiences the human lifetime, but the whole? (the soul) remains. Therefore, the souls of our deceased loved ones will always be there to greet us when we return home (afterlife). And, likewise, our deceased loved ones will always be able to communicate with us here on the physical plane even if they've reincarnated. Watch video

Although we put emphasis on the objective and repeatable - the 'scientific' evidence for the afterlife, - we also regard the 'personal experience' - known as the 'experiential' to be valid afterlife evidence. The personal experience is very powerful and many times it is far more convincing that any eloquent scientific presentation of the afterlife evidence. At many times I, myself, experienced direct afterlife contact. These were powerful experiences which changed my life completely because they were absolutely and completely convincing. There are other personal experiences people have- like after death communications, near death experiences and experiences of expanded consciousness. Just because you cannot prove it, it does not mean it did not happen! Just as no one can measure love in a scientific laboratory, it does not mean that 'love' does not exist!!

Annie Kagan is not a medium or a psychic, she did not die and come back to life; in fact, when she was awakened by her deceased brother, she thought perhaps she had gone a little crazy. In The Afterlife of Billy Fingers: How My Bad-Boy Brother Proved to Me There's Life After Death, Kagan shares the extraordinary story of her after death communications (ADC) with her brother Billy, who began speaking to her just weeks after his unexpected death. One of the most detailed and profound ADC's ever recorded, Kagan's book takes the reader beyond the near-death experience. Billy's vivid, real-time account of his on-going journey through the mysteries of death will change the way you think about life. Death and your place in the Universe. Read more...

QUESTION: Does every human being have a 'spirit guide'?
"From the moment of conception and even before that, there is attached to the incarnating soul someone who volunteers to act as his guardian ... The guardian will maintain to the best of his or her ability the function assumed until the time comes for you to cross over. The task becomes easier when you are aware of the guardianship; it becomes difficult when you are unaware of it. There is only one guide, but many helpers. The guardian angel knows before he assumes his task what lies ahead of him and does not have a free choice in the matter either ..." (Directly from the afterlife, S. BIrch)


PSYCHIC HISTORY: DR. CESAR LOMBROSO(1836-1909): Italian psychiatrist and criminal anthropologist. He sat with Eusapia Paladino on many occasions, and gradually became convinced, not only of survival, but the truth of the spirit hypothesis. He claimed that his mother materialized in Paladino's seances on more than 20 occasions. His open declarations carried great weight among his scientific contemporaries, and induced some of them to investigate psychic phenomena. In 1909 he published his findings After Death—What?.

This is truly a most important video about crop circles. It claims that aliens have been helping humans for thousands of years. It contains footage of the most important crop circle ever received.

Read more about the most important message from aliens.

A MOST IMPRESSIVE INTERVIEW: Scientific Evidence of Afterlife Overwhelming Says Chris Carter

February 12th, 2013 Alex Tsakiris
Interview with author Chris Carter explores the scientific evidence for the survival of consciousness.
Join Skeptiko host Alex Tsakiris for an interview with Chris Carter author of, Science and the Afterlife Experience: Evidence for the Immortality of Consciousness. During the interview Carter discusses the consequences of accepting scientific proof of an afterlife. Read and listen.

One of the first things to be done upon arrival here is to realize that thought is concrete, that it can create and build, and then our next effort is to place our own thoughts under proper and adequate control. But like so much else in the world, we can soon learn to adjust ourselves to the new conditions if we have a mind to do so, and we shall never lack the most willing helpers in any or all of our difficulties ... Although we can send our thoughts, it must not be assumed that our minds are as an open book for all to read. By no means. We can, if we so will, deliberately keep our thoughts to ourselves; but if we should think idly, as it were; if we should just let our thoughts ramble along under a loose control then they can be seen and read by others.
(Directly from the afterlife by Mons. Hugh Benson - Life in the World Unseen)

HOMEOPATHY TRIUMPHS! THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND'S DOCTOR IS A HOMEOPATH - Homeopathy: fit for a Queen - because homeopathy works!
Yes that’s right- the Queen’s doctor is a Homeopath and Homeopathy has played a large part in the lives of many royals. King George VI used and valued homeopathy greatly. So much so, that he granted royal title to the London Homeopathic Hospital. It then became the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital. In 2010 its name was changed to the Royal London Hospital for Integrative Medicine, still keeping the royal designation. Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother was also a great devotee of homeopathy, treating both her family and her dogs too, with homeopathic medicines (including Arnica for any injury).Royal patronage for Homeopathic Hospital Queen Elizabeth II has continued the royal patronage of Homeopathy and the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital. Her Homeopath is Dr. Peter Fisher who is the Medical Director of the now Royal London Hospital for Integrative Medicine. But how does homeopathy work? IN the following video see how drops of water 'remember' substances which were once in them.




We received MORE money from Mr Lowson who wants to sponsor free books for those who cannot afford to buy the book: A LAWYER PRESENTS THE CASE FOR THE AFTERLIFE (usually $14 per book + & $14 postage (usually $14 U.S.& Europe, $7Asia, $3 Australia). So, if you are truly low in your finances and want to acquire a hard copy of the book, just email me and a book will be posted to you immediately. vz at victorzammit dot com


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BRITISH TELEVISION MEDIUM TONY STOCKWELL AND AUSTRALIAN MEDIUM LOUISE HERMANN IN SYDNEY, MARCH. Louise emailed me stating, "I am pleased to offer the following Two 1 Day workshops for those reading at the INTERMEDIATE to ADVANCED LEVEL in March 2013: The "Confident Medium" and "Psychic Detection" Workshops World Renowned UK Spirit Medium and author Tony Stockwell will be joining Sydney based medium Louise Hermann for two exciting 1 Day workshops in a supportive and relaxed environment. Tony is known for his television work including The Psychic Detectives, Street Psychic, Best of British Mediumship, Sixth Sense, Mystery of Body 115, Psychic Private Eyes and Legend Detectives. Tony has demonstrated across the UK, Europe, US, NZ and Australia.
Dates:Saturday 16th March (Day 1) and Sunday 17th March (Day 2) 2013
Time:Arrive 8:30am for a 9am sharp start. The day will include morning tea, buffet lunch and afternoon tea and will finish at 4pm.
Venue:Vibe Conference Room, Vibe Hotel Sydney
Cost:$290 for 1 Day or $480 for both days. Upfront payment is required for 1 Day or a deposit of $250 for both days with the balance paid 2 months before. Book early!


MARCH 28th 2013- APRIL 8th 2013
Discovering your Unseen Self- a 14 hour program. This is a once in a lifetime cruise that will change your life for the better. Book now to be part of the action with WORLD CLASS MEDIUMS JAMES VAN PRAAGH AND MAVIS PITTILLA

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1. Every Friday I expect devotedly your report and the music at the end of your report. Really appreciate your effort and the music you choose must be a gift of God. My soul sings and dances with that kind of peaceful and loving sounds. Celso Rojas, Paraguay

2. Hi Victor, I am Douglas from Toronto, and while searching google for the afterlife found your site. I want to say thank you and if do not mind, I would like to know a short description of your religion or faith if you have one. God bless you, Douglas, Canada.
Reply: Douglas my religion is to help people who need help- Victor.

3. Victor and Wendy, God Bless You Wendy. Jesus and the angels are always with you always. Josephane, Malaysia.

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Wine-colored days warmed by the sun
Deep velvet nights when we are one

Speak softly, love so no one hears us but the sky
The vows of love we make will live until we die
My life is yours and all becau-au-se
You came into my world with love so softly love


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