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September 22nd 2017

COMMENTARY: ATHEISTS WILL NOT BE 'ETERNALLY DAMNED' Apart from the fact that NO-ONE is eternally damned, we are credibly informed that the most important thing on crossing over is how SPIRITUAL we are and the amount of love we have shown. Being religious is not relevant, unless your religion teaches you love and service. Robert Ingersol, perhaps the greatest American orator, was internationally known for his agnosticism - and he transmitted information after he crossed over to the afterlife.

Also pictured, left, is the great inventor Thomas Edison, who was an anti-religious atheist - he too would have made it to the realm of the Light given his magnificent contribution to mankind.

We are informed that some atheists and agnostics on crossing over are more spiritually advanced that some religious people. How can that happen? Anyone who unselfishly helps other people, be they theist, atheist, agnostic, religious or secular, will find their level of spirituality increased. But just being religious - attending services in the Temple or in the Church, without unselfishly helping those who come your way for help, will not increase the level of spirituality.

What a joy and honour to meet so many wonderful people at the Arizona Symposium. For us it was especially gratifying to meet so many readers who told us that the Friday Afterlife Report is an important part of their lives. Everyone who attended is on fire with love and enthusiasm to share the message that death is an illusion. As you read this, Wendy and I will have just arrived back home after the long journey back to Australia. Once we unpack and get our thoughts together we promise you lots of details and a whole range of new opportunities to connect and share. All of the sessions were videotaped and after the tapes are edited they will be made available and we promise you lots more details in coming reports.


Actually there are no tricks to the meaning of Carl Sagan's quote which supports the paranormal. Just because there may not be evidence for the existence of some paranormal phenomenon at the moment, it does not mean the phenomenon does not exist. That simple! There are those stubborn skeptics who keep on saying that Sagan was against the existence of the paranormal - NO HE WAS NOT! For the record, Prof Carl Sagan DID expressly state that he is NOT against the paranormal and that if he was given the evidence he would accept it. One of Sagan's problems was that he did not formally investigate the best of the paranormal evidence. If he did, he would have accepted it as other brilliant scientists at genius level did accept the paranormal AFTER investigating. Read more ..

VIRGINIA HUMMEL CRACKING THE GRIEF CODE Following the death of her son in 2006 and the appearance of a brilliant white orb, visible to her naked eyes, she has focused her energy into discovering the source and identity of these intriguing balls of light. Virginia is an "orb magnet" and we will bring you some of her photos of the amazing orbs at the Symposium.

WHAT HAPPENS TO CHILDREN IN THE AFTERLIFE? Another very frequently asked question. Steve Beckow has sorted through hundreds of accounts from the afterlife to bring you the most detailed description of the provisions made for children.

"Why should I be out of mind because I am out of sight? I am but waiting for you, for an interval,
somewhere very near, just round the corner."
Henry Scott Holland

saw his assassination in a dream. After his death, his casket was, in fact, put on a platform in the East Room where soldiers were stationed to act as guards, Before his death, President and Mrs Lincoln invited Spiritualist mediums into the White House to try to contact their deceased son.

Dr. Mark Pitstick, creator of http://www.SoulProof.com, gives evidence that the soul never dies and is immortal. Dr. Pitstick talks about shared evidence of after death contacts and paranormal evidence that the soul lives beyond the body, that spirit beings exist and there's a way to contact them.

INTELLECTUAL GROWTH "Our intelligence can be increased; that is part of our progression, for progression is not only of a spiritual nature. Our minds have unlimited resources for intellectual expansion and improvement, however backward we may be when we come into the spirit world. And our intellectual progression will advance surely and steadily, according to our wish for it to do so, under the learned and able masters of all branches of knowledge and learning. And throughout our studies we shall be assisted by our unfailingly retentive memories. There will be no forgetting." (Mons. Hugh Benson).


DIRECT VOICE MEDIUMS When you had the privilege of having an an extended conversation with a "dead" loved one, with them speaking in their own voice - how they actually sounded when they lived on earth - in front of multiple witnesses telling you things that only you know, you are left with no doubt that the afterlife exists. Some of the brilliant recent direct voice mediums include
John Sloan (left), Leslie Flint, Etta Wreidt, Emily French, Estelle Roberts, George Valiantine, David Thompson (top left), Mona Van De Watt, Alex Harris, Marjorie Crandon.

DR PETER FENWICK Author of several books including 'The Art Of Dying,' 'The Truth In The Light' and 'The Hidden Door' neuro-psychiatrist Peter Fenwick talks about his research into End of Life Experiences and deathbed phenomena and what these mean in the greater picture of who we really are.


According to Yoga teaching, a hidden psychic force which lies coiled at the base of the spine, dormant until roused by the various Yoga disciplines and techniques. As it rises to the psychic centres or chakras, it activates them and brings into operation psychic powers appropriate to the centres affected.


Helping Parents Heal is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting bereaved parents, giving them support and resources to aid in the healing process. They go a step beyond other groups by allowing the open discussion of spiritual experiences and evidence for the afterlife, in a non-dogmatic way. Affiliate groups welcome everyone regardless of religious (or non-religious) background and allow for open dialog. Check out the location of groups.

We are thrilled to learn that they have an online group for people anywhere in the world which meets on Facebook and has live meetings with top speakers via Zoom. To join go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/769715453206653/


"What a glorious message we have for your world of matter - a message that makes men free and teaches them to rejoice in their divine heritage; a message that teaches them to throw off shackles and bonds; a message that teaches them to rejoice in the fullness of spiritual knowledge; a message that shows them how to live not only on the planes of matter but on the planes of spirit; a message that brings them beauty, love and wisdom, understanding, truth and happiness; a message that speaks of service, service, service..."
From Teachings of Silver Birch.

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FEEDBACK: (Three only)

1) What a wonderful Afterlife Report. Thank you ! The passage on Premonitions and our perception of Time is such an important subject...
I have always known that the past, and the future can be seen and experienced, but your quote from Silver Birch explains it so well. Karl.

2) Socrates had a lot in common with Jesus in many ways, both were persecuted for their spiritual knowledge and challenging the status quo.

3) Great edition V and W. You should gain a lot more material at the conference. Enjoy! xxx  Tricia Robertson.

INSPIRATIONAL MUSIC: THE 'CELTIC WOMAN' Irish group in peak form singing one of the greatest songs ever written, the fabulous YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE. This presentation has a most profound visual effect - and gradually builds up to a most wonderful climax. This classic music has much soul feeling - if you listen patiently and very carefully you'll know what I mean. Put volume high on full screen for best results and join the thousands in the audience who were thrilled to this very special music.

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