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November 6th 2009

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'WHAT YOU MUST KNOW BEFORE YOU DIE'? Perhaps the greatest afterlife topic for the average person to know is WHAT YOU MUST KNOW BEFORE YOU DIE? Of course, there will be those who have done their reading and fully understand what is going to happen on crossing over – but there will be a significant number of people who have not. I’ve come across research which tells us that the afterlife dimension there is a real problem with a fairly large class of people crossing over but deny they are in the afterlife. There are those skeptics who at the moment of crossing-over have a very strong, hugely stubborn belief there is no afterlife. Many of these refuse to accept they are in the afterlife when AFTER crossing over they feel they have a body, a mind, memories and utter, “I’m not dead!”

We are informed by the other side that is a real problem and the afterlife rescue teams have great difficulties persuading these ‘caught’ people – between earth and the realm of the light and realization - of the real situation. Silver Birch, a very highly credible afterlife 'high' entity tells us that the confusion with these ‘caught’ people could last from ‘hundreds to thousands of years’ by earth’s time. Accordingly, I was inspired to make a video for the general public. Those who read the Afterlife Report know that on crossing over will be met by a loved one who will help them to go to the realm of the light and realization. If you think someone needs a reminder about what he/she should know before they die – just send them the link to the video immediately below:

NEW 5 MIN VIDEO-‘WHAT YOU MUST KNOW BEFORE YOU DIE’. Those who have done their reading about the afterlife would know what is going to happen when they cross over. But there is a significant class of people who have no idea what is going to happen to them...

FULL VERSION ARTICLE: What You Must Know Before You Die ... read more

. We were invited by Zerdin Phenomenal to sit with physical mediums in England. The results were absolutely brilliant. You had to be there to experience the most convincing evidence for the afterlife on this planet earth to-day. Wendy shook a fully materialized hand that was completely visible in red light. I and others did all the preliminary investigations and repeatedly checked the medium to see if he was still tied in his chair – great phenomenon was seen and heard. Read report on The Rainbow Circle, one of the groups we sat with.

The Institut Métapsychique International (IMI) in Paris was born in 1919, in the heyday of spiritualism, with the explicit objective of conducting in-depth investigations of claims of the paranormal. The first formal studies were undertaken with Franek Kluski, a physical medium reputedly capable of producing detailed ectoplasmic materializations of animal or human forms. In their investigations, the IMI researchers were above all aiming to obtaining Permanent Paranormal Objects (PPOs), i.e., objects which constitute indisputable evidence for a paranormal phenomenon. The sessions were designed by IMI director Dr. Gustave Geley, the neurophysiologist and nobel-prize winner Charles Richet, and the Count de Gramont of the Institute of France. They employed an adaptation of a method earlier introduced by spiritualists, in which paraffin was used to obtain a wax mould from the materialized ectoplasmic forms. Read more...

THE CONVERSION OF THE BIGGEST SKEPTIC IN HISTORY: Dr Richard Hodgson, (Dr of Law). Born in Australia, he was perhaps the most vicious skeptical afterlife investigator who ever lived on this planet earth. He unfairly discredited Helena Blavatsky who founded Theosophy after he went to investigate her in India; he unfairly discredited Eusapia Paladino – (incidentally both were mediums). But Dr Hodgson, when investigating trance mediumship, he came across the most brilliant American medium ever: Leonora Piper. It was Mrs Piper who transformed the most stubborn skeptic in the world to fully accepting the existence of the afterlife. This was because Dr Hodgson was able to have intelligent conversations who those who passed on and with some of his own friends who passed on. Dr Hodgson learnt more about investigating when he went to New York because he also learnt how to perceive the paranormal and the afterlife with true scientific balance. He had Mrs Piper followed by ‘detectives’, he meddled with her postage, he put her virtually on full time surveillance. But after investigating her for a sustained period of time he admitted defeat. He wrote in the Society for Psychical Research Proceedings (Vol.X111,1897):

“I cannot profess to have any doubt but that the chief communicators are veritably the personalities that they claim to be; that they have survived the change we call death, and that they have directly communicated with us whom we call living through Mrs.Piper entranced organism. … I have no hesitation in affirming with the most absolute assurance that the ‘spirit’ hypothesis is justified by its fruits.”

For those open minded – that says it all! Read more....


A mother learns about the many ways her son can make contact after his death.


SCIENCE and RELIGION: if there is an inconsistency between religion and science which one prevails?: the objectivity of science prevails and will ALWAYS prevail over the subjectivity or religion. This is known as the 'Galileo Principle' - where Galileo, using science, showed that what religion stated about the position of the earth in the universe was absolutely wrong. Science of his time accepted Galileo's scientific fact because his observation was objective and repeatable. But the Vatican took over 330 years to concede that science over-rode religion in this instance. All religious writings (which do not have objective authority) were done in a time when science as we know it did not exist and religious writers had licence to embellish spiritual writings - without authority from anywhere. What science says to-day about the afterlife over-rides what religion says about the afterlife eg, people being condemned to eternal damnation. Science says that's absolute nonsense! Even theologians now keep very quiet about eternal damnation - and a number of theologians and priests have stated they do not accept 'eternal damnation.'

Just ignore those un-informed ignorant amateurs and theologians who try to denigrate the scientists who empirically investigated psychic phenomena in the early 20th century - scientists who confirmed the validation of the paranormal at these meetings.

A CATHOLIC PRIEST BLUNDERS: "IT'S A MORTAL SIN IF YOU GO TO A FORTUNE TELLER! " " (meaning: you could go to hell for eternity!) CATHOLIC PRIEST SHAMES THE VATICAN's THEOLOGY: without authority from anywhere, this uninformed priest is taking it upon himself to state that a clairvoyant or medium, in his words 'a fortune-teller', is acting as God! This priest, Fr Franco Fenech from Europe is wilfully LYING, MISLEADING everyone and being totally DISHONEST when he tells his parishioners that it is a 'grave sin' because it violates the First Commandment: "Thou Shalt have no other God before me."

What has going to a 'fortune teller' or to a 'medium' got to do with honoring or not honoring and respecting God? A clairvoyant says that the past, present and future are a 'continuum' - have already happened. The gifted 'fortune-teller' sometimes gets a glimpse of possible future events that have already happened. This goes beyond traditional logic and outside our comfort zone - but it does not mean it could not be right.

Whilst I would readily agree there are a number of phony 'fortune-tellers' ripping off the public, there are also highly spiritual, honest, decent clairvoyants (including some mediums who also get glimpses of the future). These honest 'fortune-tellers' are not violating any spiritual law whatsoever.
The question of 'fortune-telling' is totally IRRELEVANT to respect for 'God.' One also has to define who and what is a 'fortune-teller' in the community it is being used - is it accessing the future? Jesus on number of occasions told the future- would he be caught in the definition? Stop using God to scare the daylights out of people and stop the blasphemy Fr Franco, otherwise you will be paying a heavy price for it - guaranteed!

In this reading U.S. medium Joseph Tittel confirms to a young woman that it is her deceased boyfriend who is "playing with the bedroom lights" and wearing the strong cologne that she smells. He also confirms that he is contacted her through dreams, all methods frequently used by loved ones to show their ongoing presence.

EXORCISM-SPIRIT POSSESSION: ‘Spirit- possession’ usually refers to a mischievous spirit a ‘negative energy’ - occupying the aura of a victim and in the more serious cases occupies the victim her/himself. Some people call them ‘vile ‘spirits’. The Church calls them ‘devils’. I state again that the mythical 'devil' is nothing but a human being gone bad. Some occupying spirits are mild, usually undetectable, and others are extremely mischievous and others viciously menacing. The history of exorcism – the attempt to oust a 'mischievous' spirit from the victim shows that ‘religious’ exorcism is not usually successful with stubborn spirits. This is because an obsessing ‘spirit’ is in fact a spiritually-retarded human being who crossed over and is still causing mischief in the afterlife. The spirit could come from any part of the world where religion is known or unknown. A stubborn possessing spirit who did not know anything about Jesus or Christianity when on earth is not likely to be moved at all by any antics and prayers said in Latin of a priest or by having ‘holy-water’ thrown onto the victim. (A clairvoyant reported seeing two mischievous spirits obsessing a woman laughing their heads off when the exorcist priest tried to scare them away by throwing 'holy' water at them.)

But Chruchian traditional exorcism needs to be revised urgently because in fact the occupying spirit would be needing as much help as the "victim". Reciting some 400 year old Latin exorcism prayers is absolutely useless. One *Anneliese Michel - a victim of exorcism was subjected to 160 exorcism attempts by Catholic priests in Germany - all failed!

A gifted medium exorcist would take only one trial in a 2-4 hour session. Instead of cursing the spirit or uttering strong words sending the spirit to hell ‘where he belongs’ etc, the spirit him/herself would need spiritual direction. That is why the non-religious exorcist who is also a gifted medium – someone who can converse with spirits and someone who usually has a powerful spirit to assist –will be at a distinct advantage in convincing the occupying spirit to move out and go towards the light. It is spiritual to help any entity from the afterlife who needs urgent help. We are informed that even the occasional priest gets caught in the gray realm and could occupy some innocent person - speaking Latin through the victim. Some spirits are just lost in the dark Astral world and have no idea that higher realms exist – and that they can get to the higher realms if given proper directions.

What is it like in the afterlife. Are there cars?

Victor: There have been numerous transmissions from the afterlife about what it is like in the afterlife. Basically, for those who make it to the realm of the light and realization (that is, those who know who have crossed over and have been reasonable in life) – conditions there are far more beautiful than anything we have on earth. We do not have to eat or sleep or do any work at all because nothing gets dirty inside where we live, or outside. You will be with others who are of the same level of advancement as you are. Whereas on earth you may get the rough, spiritually retarded, mixing in with those who are spiritually advanced, that does NOT happen in the afterlife. This is because ‘LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE’. And no, there are no cars – because you would not need them- you just think of the place you want to be and in an instant you are there. Arthur Findlay books contain a lot of information about what it is like in the afterlife. Read more....

‘PSYCHIC INVESTIGATIONS I was watching this program on cable television and was very much impressed by the psychic abilities of Carol Pate (picture, a little younger) who helped Memphis Police Department catch a serial killer. The police officer in charge of the murder case, Captain Ken East, stated that Carol Pate was extremely impressive by her psychic skills (eight definitive correct major variables) and thanked her for the critical information which led to the arrest of the serial killer of some four prostitutes. The odds of producing the information she gave the police by chance would be more than 2 billion to one – which means Carol Pate is a genuine, gifted medium Read more ...
For More about other psychic detectives Read article

SKEPTICS’ HOAXES (2) The ‘Carlos’ affair: in 1988 closed minded skeptic J Randi planned a hoax to deceive the Australian people. He was able to get some guy José Alvarez to claim that he was channeling some spirit called ‘Carlos.’ What was not anticipated by the closed minded skeptic is that Australians are perhaps ten times more skeptical than any other race on earth. And journalists are perhaps twenty times more skeptical than the general population. Now this guy Randi thought he could deceive, fool and make idiots out of these highly skeptical Australians. What happened? After the show at the Opera House, this cheat Alvarez was cross-examined by tough Australian journalists, one of whom was George Negus who tore 'Carlos' apart and uncovered his fraud. So much so, that this Alvarez actually ran away from the interview to the huge embarrassment of his skeptical mentor. The end result was a huge failure for the closed minded skeptics, for Randi, for Alvarez and for the cheats and conmen of this world.

QUESTION: I am interested in why people are losing interest in religion, especially Christianity. How did you find the people’s attitude towards Christianity in Europe and the UK?

Victor: I was rather surprised because support for orthodox Christianity is dramatically diminishing –not only in France – and Europe generally, but also in England – and in Australia too. Contacts from the U.S. especially mid- to Northern parts, say there has been a dramatic reduction in the number of people going to Church once a week – usually on Sundays. There is a crisis about the huge number of people who have left the Church in the last fifteen years. Some claim it is the internet which has hit at ‘crowds’ – generally - in Church and elsewhere. The internet is giving people access to dramatic information about religion. It appears that people are interested in more scientific explanations of phenomena – particularly to the afterlife. People these days are not prepared to blindly follow writers of thousands of years ago – who are asking us to believe without evidence. Those days are rapidly going!

QUESTION: My mother is very sick and feeling much pain. Doctors gave her a few months to live. Tell me, is dying painful? I care so much about my mother.

Victor: My research over the last twenty years shows that the actual process of dying is painless. There is no pain associated with dying, with crossing over. But the only pain one feels is because of the body-illness one has before she dies. Information transmitted from the otherside tells us that where there was a great deal of pain immediately before dying because of physical illness, the pain immediately stops moments after physical death. Immediately after crossing over, there will be a feeling of much pain relief, enlightenment and peace for those who lived a reasonable life on earth.

FEEDBACK: " Victor, I’ve been following your website closely for ten years and also all the attacks against you by the closed minded skeptics and the cynics. But they never seem to show why the evidence for the afterlife is not valid. Has anyone ever been able to do this? Jack".

Victor: No genius scientist, no genius skeptic, no academic or materialist has ever showed to anyone where, when, how and why the afterlife evidence is not valid – not even for the allurement of $1 million. . You will NOT find one book written by a scientist or anybody else in any library in the world which says there is no afterlife. Yet there are thousands of books written by scientists, professionals and others who state that after they investigated the evidence they accepted the afterlife. The closed minded skeptics descend to the gutter and make fools of themselves when they try throw mud at me. Why? Because these closed minded skeptics push their ignorance to its extreme when they show they do not have the depth, the insights, the intelligence, the intellect to deal with the hard core EVIDENCE which is clearly above their heads. So they try to throw mud instead – that is the level the skeptics we have to-day – and have been for the last ten years! Guaranteed, one day they will accept ALL the evidence for the afterlife!


Members of this list can now obtain copies of my book A LAWYER PRESENTS THE CASE FOR THE AFTERLIFE for free – except - all you have to do is to pay for postage and packing: anywhere in the world A$13. Within Australia A$3. Email 2008@victorzammit.com. or send stamps to P.O. Box 1810 Dee Why 2099 Australia.
Churches and spiritual groups are welcome to apply for multiple copies sent via sea mail (cheaper) to sell as a fund raiser.

Last Saturday saw the first interview in this amazing free series which has now attracted 25,000 women to sign up to address the questions "What is the pathway to awakening the fullness of our authentic power as women? Elizabeth De Bold will be interviewed this Saturday. Read more...

BEQUESTS: Now more than ever before professional accredited and registered afterlife researchers are struggling for funding so that they can help the world understand that there is an afterlife. After you have provided for your family in your will consider making a bequest which will bring about ‘LIGHT’ on a global level after you’ve gone. So far, we can highly recommend the following legally registered organizations who will use your funding to benefit humanity:

* The Windbridge Institute for applied research
* Zerdin Phenomenal
* The American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena

* The Forever Family Foundation
* Mark Macy's World ITC- American based research on
* Rhine Research Center- Institute for Parapsychology
* Sonia Rinaldi's IPATI- Brazilian based research on ITC


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