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19th June 2009

Apologies if I have not replied to your email or if you have not received my book yet. Victor

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COMMENTARY: TIME FOR A CHANGE? RE-ASSES MATERIALISM?: Every day we are informed about some crisis going on. Marriage and partnership break-up are at a crisis point – some sixty to sixty-five per cent of partnerships are breaking up. Deaths from cancer is now one in three, in some countries one in four – but still, that is a crisis situation. The heart attack crisis is lessening but still the medical profession says there is a crisis in the number of people dying from heart problems every hour. Proper health care for the poor is non-existent – some 12 million children die before the age of five. Approximately, a third of the world is starving. Since you’ve entered this site, some 200 people died of starvation! Alcoholism is at its highest – and so are suicides. Gambling has a disaster rate in the West and the East. Crime in most countries is also a disaster situation, where some ninety per cent of crime remains unsolved. Millions of middle of the road people lost their life savings because of the state of the economy. Time for a change? Something has to be done? Absolutely! There has to be a better way!

First the education system has to be reformed to allow for extensive training in being able to communicate with others – extensive professional training in problem solving skills will dramatically reduce partnership breakups. Quality education should also reduce suicides, alcoholism and gambling. We are informed that a great deal of the food we eat contain [edit] carcinogens (cancer causing ingredients): colorings, addiditives, nitrates and other harmful chemicals – big companies put a lot of pressure to pass their product through the food-safety testing obstacle.

But ultimately, society has to inculcate the people in spiritual ‘accountability’ – that those who try to exploit, try to cheat, try to lie and mislead, those who know they are doing enormous harm to other people for material gain will one day be held accountable. Materialism: the huge drive to make money at any cost, clearly is NOT working. Spirituality: will work – give it a chance!

ELECTRONIC VOICE PHENOMENA (EVP): whilst I regard materialization as the most spectacular evidence I came across for the existence of the afterlife so far, in the future EVP/ITC will produce dramatic evidence for the afterlife that is very likely to revolutionize the acceptance of the afterlife material. Hard line skeptics questioned me about the validity of EVP – claiming there is no evidence for it. I refer them to a classical EVP experiment – where the experiment was conducted by professionals. Even some of the professional experimenters were skeptics – but adhering strictly to Scientific Method principles, the results were positive – voices from the afterlife dimension did come through. The EVP experiment was taken from Colin Smythe’s VOICES FROM THE TAPES. Some of the experimenters: A.P. HALE Physicist and Electronics Engineer; Sir Robert Mayer; Dr Brendan McGann, Director of the Institute of Psychology Dublin, Chief Engineer of Pye records, Ken Attwood, Read for yourselves … go to BOOK click on chapter 4

QUESTION: Have you had paranormal experiences yourself Victor?

Victor: This is a very popular question. New faces come on the scene and ask the most obvious question as to whether or not I had paranormal experiences. I have stated a number of times in the past and I restate yes, of course I have had and still have paranormal experiences. My commitment to the dissemination of the afterlife material is absolute because I have been given proof of the afterlife for the last 21 years. My authority for the afterlife and the paranormal is the experiential and the abundant of objective and repeatable afterlife evidence. Those like me who had these fantastic experiences know with absolute certainty about the existence of the afterlife. Next week I will reveal something that is partly public knowledge and partly I was able to obtain through my remote viewing experiences. It is likely to shock a number of people because the subject matter is highly sensitive and delicate.

BRILLIANT AMERICAN MEDIUM- MICHELLE WHITEDOVE - who won the best psychic in the U.S. Michelle Whitedove very kindly sent me two of her very popular life-changing books: ANGELS ARE TALKING and SHE TALKS WITH ANGELS (see next item below). We all witnessed on television Michelle Whitdove’s exceptional psychic skills in the final of the best psychic in the United States. And we were all impressed by her finding a buried stuntman within 29 minutes in a 12 acre desert area.


That is absolutely brilliant. So much so, that I challenged the closed minded skeptics around the world that if they could duplicate that skill of Michelle, I would pay the sum of $500,000!!. After some six months no closed minded skeptic, no materialist – just no-one took on the challenge. Perhaps because of one fundamental condition – if the skeptic failed he/she would have to hand over $500,000! The challenge was to put up or shut up – the skeptics and the nihilists and the negatives decided to shut up on this matter – more, see next item:

‘SHE TALKS WITH ANGELS’: book by Michelle Whitedove – who deals with some tough questions, “What really happens when we die? Do we have Guardian Angles? Is abortion murder? Do we reincarnate? Is our destiny pre-ordained? Direct answers are given from the Spirit World without religious dogma… She reveals Gods Universal Laws that apply equally to all irrespective of creed, color, education and economic worth. These truths give us the tools to improve our lives and the knowledge to create a fulfilling and prosperous future …” ANGELS ARE TALKING NEXT WEEK. For more information and a list of public appearances/buying books: www.michellewhitedove.com

POWERFUL WORDS FROM AN AFTERLIFE INTELLIGENCE: “I can only tell you the truth, as I see it from where I am, and always make appeal to reason, which I have enthroned as the supreme arbiter. Spread knowledge, destroy superstition, help the light to grow and the darkness to recede. Destroy vested interest. Help to kill greed, avarice, self-interest, orthodoxy, convention. These are all the enemies of the spirit. They must go. These are all the hindrances to the new world. All who stand in the way are by their very actions thwarting, for a time only, the plan of the Great Power of all life …”

AND MORE: “Our work is concerned with the millions who, if they had this knowledge in your world, would not come to us derelicts, wrecks, almost unfitted for the life of the spirit. They are filled with ignorance and fear, superstition and prejudice. Our task is to break down all the forces which make for darkness in human life. I never call it Spiritualism. I speak of the natural law. I never say Father God. I speak of the Great Power. I see a law: I see a purpose. You have to grow in spiritual nature, and if you would accomplish at least part of that task in your earthly life, then you would be prepared and equipped for the fuller life which is your inevitable destiny … that is why we come back to you …”

THE CATHARS – COINCIDENCES? : It is just possible that I was one of the Cathars who were killed by the Catholics centuries ago. I keep an open mind – it might have or not have happened: when I first started to do systematic afterlife research I had dreams of being walled up- a hole in the wall then the murderers would wall the victim so that he could not escape and would die probably of suffocation or starvation. It was a real strange experience at the time because I never knew that people were killed by being ‘walled in.’ Later I found that there were many Cathars who were walled up by the Catholics. Someone said that explains my attitude towards the Catholics! – even though I was brought up as a Catholic and attended a Catholic Junior College in my younger years. My belief was reinforced when I read the White Eagle movement, a non traditional semi Christian movement had some connection with the Cathars. I studied the White Eagle afterlife transmission for many years. More strange, is the way things happened this year: Wendy and I have been invited by Dr Ken S and … to attend séances in September at a venue very close to where some 20,000 Cathars were killed by the Catholics by the Papal forces near Toulouse, in France.

THE ATHEIST: those reasonable atheists who had a decent life while on earth and who did not believe in God - according to the Church are condemned to ‘hell’. But transmission from a former Catholic monsignor directly from the afterlife tells us something quite different. “The mind of the atheist is not lumbered up with a multitude of complex beliefs. Therefore, he reaches a true estimation of the Great Power (God) with greater facility. The non-believer will say that he does not believe in the existence of God because he has had no proof of His existence. Given the proof, he will say in effect, and he will be convinced – he gets it. Not by our giving it to him, but by the exercise of an intelligence free from an accumulation of false religious conceptions.” By Mons Hugh Benson transmitted MORE LIGHT- medium Anthony Borgia p.73/74.

ON EVIDENCE: ANECDOTAL, SUBJECTIVE AND OBJECTIVE EVIDENCE: after some exchange of emails with the closed minded skeptics – a couple intellectuals each calling themselves ‘Dr’ - resulted: a) these intellectual hard line skeptics did not deny that they do NOT have science to support their belief in ‘scientism’ because they accepted that ‘belief’ is ‘subjective’, it is personal, it is similar to the Fundamental Christian’s ‘blind faith’. Whereas with the paranormal and the afterlife, the evidence is objective, repeatable and therefore it is scientific. These skeptics came up with the objection that the afterlife evidence is ‘anecdotal’ – not understanding that anything objective and repeatable CANNOT be anecdotal. I advised them – free advice of course – to go see an expert litigation lawyer to educate them and to explain to them the critical differences between anecdotal, subjective and repeatable/objective evidence. I told them again that scientists are NOT professionals when it comes to the admissibility of evidence. I’ll wait and see what further response I’ll get – if any!

BILLIONAIRE KERRY PACKER: who once said he did not think there was an afterlife because when he had a stroke he did not have a Near Death Experience. But billionaire Kerry Packer who eventually died was totally ignorant to the circumstances as to who is likely to have a NDE and who is not. Some people thought he was a good guy because he was wealthy and used to give some $5 million to charity every year. But now we are informed, according to Las Vegas source, that Kerry Packer could have lost up to 50 to 80 million dollars in one night. His huge profits came from LOTTO – where a politician in 1978 handed to him on a silver platter the right to control the gambling of LOTTO in the State of New South Wales, Australia. I also stated before politicians should NOT have done that – those huge profits should not go to one person, but the huge profits should have gone back to the people by way of more hospitals, more schools, better medical treatment – when to-day the State of New South Wales is in very deep crisis in hospitals and education – instead of those huge amounts of millions being lost in Las Vegas.

GIVE YOUTH A CHANCE! This is a highly inspired version of O SOLE MIO sang by three 15 year old boys on a huge stage. We’re more than happy to present this great video clip to encourage youth to reach for high inspiration in music. See for yourself:

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