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September 24th

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Last week's report

COMMENTARY: WARNING TO MEDIUMS AND PSYCHICS ABOUT DOCUMENTARY MAKERS When someone smiles at you, shakes your hand and then stabs you in your back when it is turned- that's dangerous. The recent HBO documentary, "No-one Dies in Lilydale" screened on cable worldwide from July 5th 2010, is a warning to all genuine psychics, mediums and afterlife investigators about dealing with documentary makers who are ignorant about psychic research. Supposedly an "objective" look at Lilydale, a town in the USA where more than 40 mediums live and work, the movie comes across as an attempt to belittle denigrate and discredit Spiritualism and spiritual healing.

There was nasty, intentionally negatively manipulated editing to make the mediums look stupid and their clients gullible. The readings they chose to show tended to be very general of the "your mother says she loves you" type instead of the 15 to 20 specific, detailed variables good mediums frequently get when doing readings. The good readings were cut short after just ONE correct variable! The manipulative editing controlled the 'message' to the viewer - that the mediums were nothing but quacks - and only good for the 'believers'. And yet we know that one of the featured mediums, Anne Gehman is a very gifted medium who took part in rigorous scientific testing of mediums documented in the book, The Afterlife Experiments by Dr. Gary Schwartz. Yet in the video no mention was made of this and she came across as a slightly quirky eccentric who liked everything pink. Sad to even see Michelle Whitedove, a psychic and medium who proved her skills before a national tv audience, by clever editing made to look very mediocre.

But perhaps most ignorant and misleading of all was the total dismissal of physical mediumship including ectoplasm, spirit lights and levitation as total fraud which occurred back in the nineteenth century and is still giving mediums a bad name. The movie was a huge disappointment and my nose tells me that the skeptics from Buffalo which is near Lilydale N.Y. (see left picture) had an influence. Don't be fooled. Don't be misled. Mediums, psychics, afterlife investigators WATCH OUT when someone asks you to participate in an afterlife documentary. BE WARNED!!

This week's new video :
GHOSTS - RANDI AND OTHER CLOSED MINDED SKEPTICS WHEN THEY DIE Highly reliable information transmitted from the afterlife tells us a great deal about those who cross over with a state of mind that there is no afterlife. Closed minded skeptics like James Randi, Paul Kurtz, Shermer, Dawkins and Wiseman ... could find themselves trapped in a misty grey world of their own making. Anyone finding themselves in a similar position should shift their focus to someone they loved who died and ask for help.


WHAT REALLY HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE? " It should be emphasized that the recently arrived traveler is not without a body. As he looks over himself, he will notice that he appears much as he did in the flesh. His body is complete, and he may even be wearing familiar clothing. There are some noticeable differences, however, from his usual physical state. His body looks similar to the way it did before, but it feels quite different. The body is formed of a finer stuff than your earthly variety and is free from any sensations of pain, illness, discomfort, fatigue and hunger. this absolute freedom from any, however slight, feeling of malaise is exhilarating for all the new arrivals. The body is completely at ease, completely flexible, supportive, pleasurable to be attached to." (Beyond the Veil, Adjusting to the New Realm - J Laddon.)


Tom and Lisa Butler are transcommunication researchers in the United States. They are the Directors of the Association TransCommunication (ATransC) (formally AA-EVP), which includes members from around the world. The nonprofit Association is dedicated to provide objective evidence that we survive death in an individual conscious state. There is substantial information about their work on their website at atransc.org. Recently they traveled to Frankfurt, Germany to sit with the Felix Experimental Group. The physical medium of the group, Kai Muegge, lives in a lovely old farmhouse in the picturesque suburb of Hanau. The séances are conducted in a World War II bomb shelter, which is the basement of Kai’s house. According to their report they conversed with the leader of the Circle in Spirit, Hans Bender, who while alive was a well-known German parapsychologist about the nature of ectoplasmic materializations. They felt spirit hands and saw spirit fingers in the light of an illuminated plaque. They saw spirit lights and saw ectoplasm issuing from the medium in red light. They also saw a hand beginning to form from a pile of ectoplasm- something that was photographed.
Read their report.

SPIRITUAL REALITY- Near Death Experiences (2010) - FULL LENGTH DOCUMENTARY (26 minutes)

QUESTION: Would you say something about the process of dying?
"It is the sloughing off of the physical body as the spirit body gradually emerges. It is never a painful process. There may be some physical reactions when there is illness or disease. If the transition is not a simple one, then the equivalent of your doctors stand by. they help those who love this individual to accomplish his or her birth into our world until the cord connecting the spirit and matter severs itself and separation is assured for all time. Awakening happens depending of the awareness of the newcomer. If completely ignorant of the afterlife or if indoctrinated with false ideas - that understanding will take a long time, then there is a process of rest equivalent to sleep. It depends on the individual how long it will take for the awakening. Those with the knowledge have no problems - they step out of the physical world into the world of spirit to be welcomed by trusted friends for a joyous reunion." (SB. More Philosophy p. 74+)

More than the members of any other profession, lawyers and judges are trained to evaluate the credibility of witnesses, and the strength of evidence. So I was impressed when I found a number of lawyers and judges, at the top of their profession, who investigated the evidence for the afterlife and were prepared to make a public stand to support it, with absolutely nothing to gain, and often at great personal cost. This week Michael Tymn blogs about the voices that convinced Edward C. Randall, a prominent Buffalo, New York trial lawyer and businessman about the existence of the afterlife Read more....

over the twenty years of afterlife research a very common question is, what is the purpose of life on planet Earth?

Victor: a number of highly credible afterlife teachers tell us that the purpose of life on earth is to continue to spiritually refine. Religion and beliefs are irrelevant. This comes about by our daily challenges we give ourselves. One teacher put it this way - it is like when you go to kindergarden, to primary and to high school to prepare you for your adult life. We have to make many decisions in life. If we make the right decisions we continue to come across higher level of challenges for tougher decisions to make - that is how we spiritually grow and mature. There are those who want to make rapid progress - and others who want to take their time to make progress - doing many unspiritual things like being mischievous to others. But we all have free-will and if we make the wrong decision, that's alright, the challenge will come back again - and again- until we get it right. On crossing over, if you have done your work, you will be well equipped to move on to the realm of the light for continued evolution of the spirit to eventually go to the higher realms. Others may have to come back to learn all the final spiritual lessons which planet earth has to offer eg. unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness and total unselfishness.




INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF CONSCIOUSNESS- PORTUAL producer of the above video, is a non-profit research and education organization with a presence in nine countries and 13 cities around the world, as well as a research campus in Portugal. The IAC has two main focuses:
Investigating consciousness in an integral manner, taking into account facets such as psychic abilities and subjective phenomena
Based on those investigations, providing information and training that helps people to increase their self-awareness, develop their human potential, and establish a better understanding of our multidimensional reality.

SUICIDE- 'LIFE WASN'T MEANT TO BE EASY' said writer George Bernard Shaw.
Suicide appear to be a huge problem in many countries in the world to-day. Occasionally I receive emails stating that life is hard for someone on their own. Loneliness is hard and painful to cope with. Greater pain is felt by those who are lonely and sick. Others tell me they're single parents and are really struggling to make ends meet - and are not really coping. Unemployment, alcohol and drug addiction add to life's battles and challenges. Marriage and partnership breakup can be the toughest, most challenging and hurtful process.

Recently my own 33 year old nephew ended his life after a partnership breakup. Within two weeks of crossing over, he unexpectedly came through a medium we had never met before. She correctly identified him by name, age with a lot of detail about how he died, his place in the family etc. Like virtually all suicides who communicate through mediums his overwhelming emotion was sorrow- he kept apologizing for bringing so much grief to his family and saying how much he appreciated the support being given to his family. Above all he said that he would have done things differently if only he had known. We are assured that he will be fine now...There will be a 'periods of adjustment' for him in the afterlife.

Perhaps those responsible for helping us to map out the blueprint of our life on earth ought to advise us more strongly about the pressures of modern living and suggest that we reduce the number of our planned challenges!!

"Justice, as we are now considering it, is a very comprehensive term. In the spirit world it means that not only shall the transgressor receive his just merits, it means also that all who have suffered during their earthly lives, whether from the evil deeds of others or from the stress of adverse circumstances, or from illness and defects of the physical body, all such people shall be accorded a full measure of compensation through the natural means which are abundant and lavish in spirit lands. Justice, you will see, will be given to those who have suffered through no fault of their own."
Mons Hugh Benson directly from the afterlife.

This time aimed at a teenage audience and attracting mixed reviews Charlie St Cloud brings the topic of After Death Communication into youth consciousness.

says Victor and all paranormalists are 'charlatans'!: He
has long proclaimed his conviction that “The paranormal is bunk. Those who try to sell it to us are fakes and charlatans”. This 'ignorant' uninformed cowardly professor shows he is limited intellectually and professionally in understanding what technically constitutes ADMISSIBLE EVIDENCE. He has NEVER rebutted the classic paranormal cases Dr Dean Radin put in his book THE CONSCIOUS UNIVERSE and ENTANGLED MINDS. Like all other closed minded skeptics, this uninformed Dawkins NEVER rebuts any solid evidence for the paranormal and the evidence for the afterlife. For example, he did not rebut the issue I raised about the role of 'energy' being fundamentally responsible for evolution - something he completely deleted from his argument - and something which fundamentally and irretrievably weakened his argument. He just blindly continues to promote negativism and closed minded skepticism. So, Dawkins thinks I am a charlatan????? Perhaps that is what psychologists call, 'PROJECTION' - projecting who he is and what he is himself.

Selling more than 100,000 copies and translated into ten languages, Peter Russell's seminal work, The Global Brain, won acclaim from forward thinkers worldwide. It was regarded by many as years ahead of its time, and its original predictions about the impact of computer networks and changing social values are now being realized.
Here in full if his original video made in 1983. Brilliant. (35 mins).


YOUR KIND ASSISTANCE NEEDED: Does anybody know where to locate one specific Radio Luxembourg broadcast from the past: JANUARY 15, 1983 (the famous Ranier Holbe/Koenig broadcast on EVP). If anyone knows how and where to access this tape very kindly let me know at vz@victorzammit.com



1) Victor and Wendy, As always, thank you for your Divine Service . . . for the inspiration and love that you send us all. God bless you both . . .
J (in Alpine, Texas)

2) Dear Victor,
Many thanks again for all your great work. C,S,

3) Victor, I'd like to thank you for the work you've compiled. I've recently taken a personal interest in researching and collecting information regarding life after death, and spewing out the hacks. Your website and free download able book is a refreshing find after trudging through about 100 YouTube videos with uneducated opinions.
Thank you! Marc M.
Sherman Oaks, California

4) Your newsletter link for The French Revelation “amazon.com” is selling the book for almost $100. People can buy the book for $28 by writing directly to the author. nrileyh@hotmail.com


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