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June 2004

25th June 2004

SENSATIONAL NEWS: Prof Gary Schwartz was on British television Saturday at noon being interviewed about the big meeting on Sunday (see above). Prof Gary Schwartz RE-CONFIRMED that Montague Keen made contact from the afterlife AND that Montague Keen actually MATERIALIZED and held his wife Veronica in his arms!!!! This was witnessed by four highly credible witnesses. More later. WHAT A SENSATION!!!

ARTHUR FINDLAY: was one of Britain's most impressive writers on psychic history. He has been identified as the 'Spiritualist of the Twentieth Century' He wrote many brilliant books. One of the most important books is "On the Edge of the Etheric." There he transcribes information which was transmitted from the afterlife. There is a wealth of information about the conditions in the afterlife. I suggest very strongly for you to obtain a copy of this most important life- changing book. Try Psychic Press in England or Tony Ortzen from the PSYCHIC NEWS - for his details see third column on the right below. If you fail to obtain a copy, contact me.

MONS. HUGH BENSON: was a Catholic priest in England and was against psychic phenomena while he was on earth. He crossed over and after discovering the real afterlife he was horrified by what he had told his parishioners. He wanted to put the record straight about the real conditions when we cross over. I very highly recommend his books, try his first, absolutely brilliant Life in the World Unseen. Why? Because like Arthur Findlay's, Benson's information about the conditions in the afterlife was transmitted by someone who is there NOW. He is an eye-witness to what the conditions are NOT someone from earth GUESSING. There is NO HIGHER AUTHORITY about the conditions for the afterlife than a highly credible eye-witness as is Mons Hugh Benson who transmitted most important information through the medium Anthony Borgia. Again try Tony Ortzen third column to your right.

NO CREDIBILITY! I have decent people emailing me about different interesting items - one of them about an attack on me. But I just can't believe the colossal cowardice of this closed minded debunker. I will not cite his name - that would be giving his name importance. But his unsigned article some 5 pages of A4 says absolutely nothing technically why the afterlife does not exist. There is NO rebuttal of any empirical work! I have outlined some TWENTYONE areas of empirical evidence. Technically, any closed minded skeptic who does not agree with what I presented about the objective evidence for the afterlife has the burden to properly and legitimately rebut the evidence presented. This uninformed unnamed critic does NOT say who he is, we do not know his name and the whole overall argument is very, very weak not citing independent objective evidence to support his case. As an article it is absolute rubbish. It is one person's disbelief making up something which would not be admitted academically. I will make other comment on it in my next Friday's report.

POINT OF ORDER!: I am getting sick and tired of these CLOSED MINDED DEBUNKING SKEPTICS not adhering to the rules of debate. This particular skeptic pushed idiocy to its extreme when he stated I want an applicant to prove the negative - he swallowed the pernicious negative propaganda - hook, line and sinker - of that closed minded debunker from Florida Zwinge Randi. Let me educate you on this one: when someone expressly states objective evidence, the onus of rebuttal shifts onto the debunker/applicant to show that the evidence is not valid. For example, I presented there is such a thing as objective evidence by my first area of afterlife evidence the Electronic Voice Phenomena. The onus shifts onto anyone who does not agree with the evidence TO SHOW WHY IT CANNOT BE ADMISSIBLE AS OBJEJCTIVE EVIDENCE. These debunkers just cannot descriptively say - I don't accept it. Only ignoramuses of rules of debate would say that. To date NO ONE has done that! Only ignorant fools in debate just descriptively state, "I do not accept that" WITHOUT properly rebutting the substantive objective evidence. This is the SEVENTH year waiting for some intelligent Ph.D or some other to PROPERLY and legitimately rebut the evidence. Of course, we all have to accept that the evidence for the afterlife just CANNOT be rebutted!

18th June 2004

ACADEMIC Dr T H from De Montfort University, Leicester, UK sends these vital, provocative, incisive questions about the validity of psychic phenomena using the legal model.
QUESTION: You are claiming that a decision by a court is the surest form of knowledge --- more reliable than the scientific method. Would that be a fair summary of your point of view?
ANS: I never stated that a decision by a court is more reliable than scientific method. The court itself will get experts to use scientific method in some cases. I am an empiricist myself. But in cases where reductionist science cannot or will not examine a phenomena, courts can examine expert witnesses. Just because reductionist science will not test the phenomenon in the lab it does not mean that that phenomenon was not experienced by some of the most highly credible people on earth or that it does not exist. As stated, love like psi, is an example of a phenomenon traditional reductionist science (as distinct from the 'new science') cannot deal with in the lab. The courts do have a way to get to the objecive truth about this.

QUESTION: And so, you seem to argue, we should accept the decisions of the highest court as facts, since we have no surer form of knowledge. But you would certainly not claim that this applies to, for example, Stalin's show trials. Nor, if you were hauled before an Iranian court,
would you necessarily agree with their decision to stone you to death for your "blasphemous" views on the supernatural (as they would).Under what conditions do we accept the findings of a court as valid? What are the qualities a court needs in order for its decisions to be more certain than other forms of knowledge?
ANS: first of all it would not be correct to claim that the Stalinist show trials and Iranian judiciary system are what I am referring to - dictatorship means the decisions are made before the trial even commences. They are a joke, not legitimate judicial trials. The judicial system I am referring to is the ideal one - when there is no pressure on the judiciary by vested interests- the establishment, political, religious etc... This does happen on occasions in the West. Basically, the qualities a court needs are:
a) strict impartiality is essential - no interference internal or external pressure.
b)access to highly credible witnesses.
c) access to expert evidence,
d) willingness of the judges to rise above their personal conditioning (transcending environmental programming).

QUESTION: There is the problem of jurisdiction. Suppose that a U.S. or an Australian court rules one way on some subject and an English court rules the
other way. Suppose that you fly from Australia to the U.S. or England, where you would of course be bound by American or English law. Would you have to believe one thing when you got on the plane and the opposite when you got off? And if so, what would you believe when you were over international waters?
ANS: that is no real problem. It depends what matter is being dealt with. Relevant precedents from other countries are cited all the time in the High Court and the Supreme Court. If the matter is a non universal, local one, judges may not follow the overseas precedent. But if a matter is an international e.g. philosophical one, judges usually canvass overseas precedents.

QUESTION: As you can see from the previous question, it is quite difficult psychologically to accept your legal standard of proof. For example,
according to your standard I should regard "OJ Simpson is innocent" as being more securely established than "There are giraffes in Africa",
since the first has been the subject of a ruling by a duly constituted
court, and the second has not--- but at present I find it psychologically impossible to do so. Do you yourself regard the first of these statements as more securely proven than the second? I suppose that you don't --- but how does this square with the notions which you have expressed and which I have quoted?
ANS: That example of O.J. Simpson is a non-sequitor - doesn't follow. One is an assessment on human conduct the other an identification of an animal in a different country - you have to keep variables constant. But if there is a dispute about the existence of giraffes in Africa, the court will rule according to the evidence. When a lawyer omits to make a substantive submission, or fails to submit critical evidence, the judge will ask a lot of questions to clear any ambiguities. The conclusion cannot be linked with 'psychologically impossible to do so.' Conclusions are independent to psychology; to an uninformed person he/she sees the sun 'rising' in the morning. Is that an observed scientific fact? I am all empty space - is that an observed scientific fact? Do you think that the Courts will come to any conclusion inconsistent with established objective facts? Of course not! Context and specificity will be critical when endeavoring to make any assessment.

GOODBYE RAY CHARLES, one of my favorite blues singers. Wonderful human being, brilliant musician with an inspirational voice. In the afterlife - I'm sure he will find more fulfillment performing wonderful service to the millions!!

11th June 2004

FOR THE RECORD: ZWINGE JAMES HAMILTON RANDI, a notorious old-timer, debunker, appears to be the name of that extroverted slippery, closed- minded debunking skeptic who keeps on attacking me- just because he has FAILED to rebut the objective evidence for the afterlife. Content analysis of his writing shows that he has investigated my afterlife evidence - and my other writings on the Net - some 300 A4 pages and what did he find? Did he find my evidence is not valid? NO! Did he find that my writing about psi is not consistent? NO! Did he explain an alternative version of the psi phenomena some of the most highly credible, most intelligent people on earth experienced? NO!!! What did he find then? He found that out of some 300 pages of evidentiary argument I had one spelling mistake!!

QUACKS, CHEATS AND CHARLATANS : NEW AGE psychics themselves are more effective than closed minded debunking skeptics in identifying quacks and charlatans in psychic phenomena. Emails stated that some of the New Age 'psychics' in the U.S. are not getting results. BE CAREFUL where you go when you are prepared to spend money on psychics. First, never go to a psychic UNLESS you obtain confirmation by at least three people that a particular psychic is accurate. There are so many quacks posing as psychics because they can fleece the undiscriminating public. One psychic for pets in the US guaranteed the impossible on a cat and charged $300 for a cure: green paper to put around the very sick pet!! Cat died shortly afterwards!! People become very easy targets when they are most vulnerable! Another stated she paid $3,000 for a reading!!!!! Strictly speaking, in spiritual terms, no one should be paying any money at all - certainly no big money to any alleged psychic. Those who researched the subject found that when genuine psychics had the gift and were helping people charging the absolute minimum, they continued to be accurate. As soon as they got greedy, they started to lose the gift.

THE VATICAN last Wednesday 9th June acknowledged it received my OPEN LETTER TO THE POPE - see below.

INTERESTING BIBLICAL QUOTES: 'The dead know not anything; neither have they any more a reward.' Eccles. 9.5-6. Job 7:9 Isa 38:8. 'The DEAD TO LIVE AGAIN.' Isa 26:19, Matthew 25:46. 'Freedom of divorce permitted.' Deutononomy 24:1 21:10-14. Divorce restricted: Matthew 5:32. 'The earth hangs upon nothing.' Job 26:7. 'the earth has pillars and foundation.' 1 Sam 2:8 Peter 3:10 (this was a time when the prophets who wrote the Bible thought the earth was flat).
It has to be remembered that whenever there is an inconsistency between the empirical, science and the Bible, inevitably the empirical, science prevails - and will ALWAYS prevail.

EMPIRICAL CHRISTIANITY? There are Christian scientists and other scientists and empiricists (empirical refers to the use of scientific method) who are using empirical evidence to substantiate the existence of the afterlife. If selective alterations are made in Christian theology to make it compatible with empiricism, that empirical Christianity would NEVER be made redundant.

former senior psychic researcher for the Society of Psychic Research who died recently makes contact from the afterlife!!! Professor Gary Schwartz the empirical psychic researcher will explain how it all happened. Attend the conference: MEDIUMSHIP, SURVIVAL AND PSYCHICAL RESEARCH: A TRIBUTE TO MONTAGUE KEEN 10 am - 6.00 pm Sunday 27 June 2004 Royal Society of Arts, 8 John Adam Street, London WC2N 6EZ read more

TRUTH WILL OUT - AGE OF DARKNESS -for some seventeen hundred years, Europe (and wherever Christendom politically dominated), experienced the age of darkness - meaning that NO PROGRESS was made because the ecclesiastics, taught that education was 'evil' - and the people were taught NEVER to question anything the Church stated. The Church had a monopoly on people's thoughts - because the only source of authorized information was the Church. At one stage the Church even taught that whatever the Church dictated had a higher force than science.

GOODBYE ex- U.S. PRESIDENT RONALD REAGAN: I was asked last night by a junior would Ronald Reagan go to 'hell' or 'heaven'? I really do not know what a 'God' will do with Ronald, but if I were God I'd send him to heaven. Why? Because it was under the inspirational and guidance of the presidency of Ronald Reagan that the most disastrous political/economic experiment in the world - of communism was wiped out from the face of the earth - except Cuba (inevitably communism will disappear when Castro dies). China in practice has abandoned communism.

4th June 2004

SEVENTH YEAR!! DEBUNKERS FAIL TO REBUT THE EVIDENCE FOR THE AFTERLIFE- THE ONE MILLION DOLLARS OFFER STILL ON! This is the 7th year when the debunkers, closed minded skeptics, scientists and theologians of this world have FAILED to rebut the magnificent objective evidence for the existence of the afterlife - click on BOOK top right - and more information on right column.

PSYCHIC PHENOMENA (PSI) - over the last twenty five years PSI has made huge progress. PSI empiricists and scientists now are not censored as much as they were. Millions of people are telling the world of their psychic experiences - of the Out of Body and Near Death Experiences, apparitions of their loved ones who passed on, of hearing voices on tape (Electronic Voice Phenomena and ITC - click on BOOK top right). Live television is showing gifted psychics, like John Edward, James Van Praagh and others like them how those who passed on are relating messages to their loved ones on earth. For some seventeen hundred years the establishment tried to destroy psychic phenomena, many millions of psychics and others who doubted religious dogmas were murdered, butchered or burnt at the stake - but TRUTH survived - and now the Church is in serious trouble losing its supporters because people are investigating and experiencing the truth - psychic phenomena for themselves.

BIBLE CRUSADERS: are they exemplary? Have they been 'blessed with Jesus' grace' to show the world how to live decently, honestly and truthfully? OF COURSE NOT!! The Bible belt in the Southern USA is notorious for producing Biblical preachers - who underneath their façade of 'Jesus Saves' - have proven to be nothing by LIARS, CHEATS, 'ADULTERERS', HYPOCRITES, GREEN WITH ENVY OF THOSE MORE SUCCCESSFUL THAN THEY ARE - - including the Rev Marvin Gorman, the Rev Jim Bakker - the Rev Jimmy Swaggart and have shown ordinary human traits. Reporters have stated that these Bible Crusaders were more interested in taking cash from their supporters than in preaching the Word of God. Conduct is the evidence: the Rev Jimmy Swaggart - who at one time was raising some $75 MILLION a year from the gullible Southerners - LIED to his followers, LIED to his wife, LIED to the world when he was CHEATING on his wife by going to prostitutes at the peak of his Evangelism! He confessed this on television on the 17th October 1987. Was not that pushing HYPOCRISY to its extreme? Maybe. By Christian standards he was 'evil.' But forgiveness is important - because forgiveness is spiritual. We must not forget that people under enormous pressure find sexual activity quite relieving- we remember President Kennedy with Marilyn Monroe - AND a number of other American presidents who were having illicit sex - President Eisenhower (his female driver), President Roosevelt et al. Their defence was, that they were exceptional people - and as exceptional people needed exceptions to the usual rules. The Rev Jimmy Swaggert would vote for that!

WHAT CONSTITUTES 'OBJECTIVE' AUTHORITY? Whenever scientific method is used to measure any phenomenon, that would be the closest to producing objective results - any phenomenon repeated over time and space and yields the same results keeping variables constant. All over the world now there is an understanding that the Church was wrong for nearly two thousand years in stating that the subjectivity of theology is more powerful than science and to be accepted without question. Biblical crusaders who preached 'faith' and 'belief' now realize that ANY knowledge they want to disseminate has to be consistent with empiricism. Otherwise you have an inalienable and a fundamental RIGHT to doubt anything which is not supported by objective evidence. That's where continuous refinement in epistemology takes place. Just because I insist on empiricism and accuracy in religion, in the Bible and elsewhere does not mean I am against, the Bible, against religion or against anything or anybody!

TRUTH WILL OUT - AGE OF DARKNESS -for some seventeen hundred years, Europe (and wherever Christendom politically dominated), experienced the age of darkness - meaning that NO PROGRESS was made because the ecclesiastics, taught that education was 'evil' - and the people were taught NEVER to question anything the Church stated. The Church had a monopoly on people's thoughts - because the only source of authorized information came from the Church. At one stage the Church even taught that whatever the Church dictated had higher force than science. It was the Age of Enlightenment - when the books were brought from Turkey and other non-European countries that the light of intellectual freedom led the way to science and empiricism - something which the Church predicted one day will make religion obsolete. People have the right to their own beliefs - but when ecclesiastical orthodoxy tells empiricists they are wrong or they are Satans or devils, then common sense has to set in to set the records straight!


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