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COMMENTARY: Here is something very serious that is likely to shock you: "No original document of the gospels has survived, no record exists of such documents ever having been seen ... The books of the New Testament are not historical documents, no one knows who wrote them, nobody has reported ever having seen the original documents, and nobody knows when they were written."(from Arthur Findlay's ROCK OF TRUTH). Those who read my last week's COMMENTARY I stated that what we, the after-life investigators have PRIMARY EVIDENCE for the existence of the afterlife - meaning all information about the afterlife came DIRECTLY from higher sources from the afterlife. This makes our information very highly reliable - I guarantee you that!

BIBLE is: 'SECONDARY' SOURCE INFORMATION: But note carefully: the information of New Testament of the Bible would be regarded as a secondary source, hearsay, highly unreliable, an inferior source, unsubstantiated religious writings. According to former Catholic Monsignor Peter De Rosa in his book VICARS OF CHRIST, there were some Popes who without authority, changed the New Testament to fit their politics of the time - he gives the prime example of Pope Sixtus.

'PRIMARY' SOURCE always the best source: So, what you the reader come across in these weekly Afterlife Reports is reference to highly reliable PRIMARY SOURCES - like NDEs and Direct communications which will assure you or a serene, peaceful crossing to the beautiful realm of the Light.


It seems like every few months the media do a beat-up claiming that "scientists" have "proved" that near-death experiences are a product of brain chemistry. The latest is a claim in various newspapers that a study led by Dr Borjigin at the University of Michigan, using RATS, may have shown that NDEs are caused by increased activity in the brain following death. (Can rats tell the experimenters what they saw?).

The "evidence" for this? The scientific team studied 9 rats as they were dying and found that in the 30-second period after the animal's hearts stopped beating, they measured a sharp increase in high-frequency brainwaves called gamma oscillations. That's it. The published paper says nothing about NDEs.

She is quoted (perhaps in answer to a question by a journalist) as having said that "the same thing would happen in the human brain, and that an elevated level of brain activity and consciousness could give rise to near-death visions."

PROOF NDE's ARE NOT 'DYING BRAIN': We have some worried emails this week that somehow this study "proves" that NDEs in human beings are not real and that therefore there is no life after death. RUBBISH!! In Chapter 4 of our new book we give 13 excellent reasons why NDEs could not possibly be the product of a dying brain with detailed case studies. As well, as we point out, NDEs are only one of 25 different areas of evidence for life after death. Anyone who is disturbed by the study can download a kindle copy of the book and read it straight away.


Her brain was dead, her heartbeat stopped, blood drained, eyes taped - ears blocked with clickers. She was 'clinically dead' for one hour.: THE PAM REYNOLDS CASE: Dr Michael Sabom, specialist cardiologist, reports on a well documented case of a person who had a prolonged NDE with proven out of body perception while CLINICALLY DEAD for an hour. Pam Reynolds underwent a rare operation to remove a life threatening giant aneurysm [an abnormal widening or ballooning of a portion of an artery] in her brain. The only way that the doctors could operate was to connect her to a machine to process her blood, lower her body temperature to 60 degrees, and to totally stop her heart-beat and brain activity. According to Dr Michael Sabom, “This case is considered to be one of the strongest cases of proven evidence in NDE research because of Pam’s ability to describe in detail the unique surgical instruments used while she was dead, what the nurses said to the doctors while operating other and procedures used. Pam Reynolds’ had this spectacular ability to describe in detail these events while she was clinically and brain dead.” Watch closely this video: Pam Reynolds herself and medical experts explain the stunning evidence.

When people have a life review during a NDE the amazing thing is that they become aware of information that they were previously unaware of. If the life review was purely an random rewind of a "mental video tape" they would not see events from the perspectives of others. This interview is from one that NDE researcher Kenneth RIng did with Dr Jeffrey Mishlove.

The full video is a brilliant discussion and well worth watching.
Part 1
Part 2

Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

ESQUIRE ATTACK ON DR EBEN ALEXANDER HAS BEEN DEBUNKED NDE Researcher Robert Mays has posted an article on the IANDS website which shows the dishonesty of Luke Dittrich's attack in Esquire Magazine on Dr Eben Alexander's reputation. Read article...

Here is a very important and interesting quote directly from the afterlife about this very important question by Silver Birch, one of the most credible afterlife teachers known to us. His eloquent oratory is most impressive, perhaps the very best ever transmitted from the afterlife: "Ours is the constant fight against selfishness, self-interest, the powers that belong to all the darkness of life. Prejudice, superstition, error, jealousy, greed, avarice, hate - against these we are at war ... We seek to advance our cause wherever we can, wherever we find receptive hearts, receptive minds, receptive souls ... For years it was with difficulty that we labored. The opposition seemed so gigantic, the obstacles insuperable, yet we toiled on unceasingly knowing always that with the power of the Great Spirit behind us and with a few faithful, valiant hearts to co-operate with us, we could not fail. Just as calmly, yet as emphatically, do we declare we are marching forward to victory. Light triumphs over darkness, knowledge defeats ignorance, joy replaces sorrow and truth is the victor." (Silver Birch's A VOICE IN THE WILDRENESS).



I was discussing this very important issue this week: did your beliefs come from the environment you were born in? Experts tell us that mainly, our beliefs come first directly from our family, then our immediate friends and from our education system, from our media, from our culture, tradition and history. So that, by and large, the country you are born in usually determines your beliefs: if you were born in India, you'd likely to be Hindu, in Israel, Jewish, In Iraq or Iran - a Moslem, Western Europe, UK, US - you're likely to be Christian. In modern Russia and China - you're very likely to be an atheist. What is also very interesting is that there were people who would have died for their beliefs. Yet, if they were born in a different country that would not have happened! But the search for afterlife truth rises above nationality, history, culture and tradition. When we repeatedly obtain highly critical information about what is happening in the afterlife now from highly credible teachers, then after close examination of the information - that would direct us to the truth.



Part 2
Part 3
Part 4



Tricia Robertson's new book Things You Can do When You're Dead has many examples of her personal experience of stunning evidence given by mediums. This one is cited by Michael Tymn in his recent review:

“One of the ‘things that you can do when you’re dead.’ Robertson writes, “seems to be giving some kind of comfort to those remaining behind.” She tells of one case in which a woman contacted her and wanted to talk about the death of her daughter, wondering if Robertson could direct her to a good medium. Robertson asked her to bring some personal possession of the girl in a sealed envelope. Unaccompanied by the mother, Robertson then took the envelope to a medium. Upon holding the envelope, the medium said that he had a “girl here with longish dark, brown hair.” He added that she had been killed. He told her that she had two tattoos, one above the left breast , in the form of two hearts intertwined, in red and blue, and the other on the back of her right arm, a simple rose in read and green. The girl went on to tell the medium where she had lived, the name of her partner, that she had four cats, that she had been in prison when younger, and that she had a terminated pregnancy, and she described how she had been murdered. In all, Robertson jotted down 29 individual statements and then visited the mother to seek confirmation. The mother was able to confirm 22 of them, including the description of the tattoos, with absolute certainty. The other seven were not necessarily wrong. It was simply that the mother had no knowledge of them."

Read Michael Tymn's excellent review.

WHAT HAPPENS IMMEDIATELY AFTER YOU DIE: Victor, why is it you say that on crossing over there will not be anyone who is going to judge us about how we lived on earth - like St Peter? Maria, Portugal.

What you stated is the religious belief that there will be St Peter with a book which will contain what you did during life on earth - and depending on how you behaved, St Peter will send you where you deserve to go. No, that is NOT correct. Highly credible information transmitted directly from the afterlife tells us what REALLY happens on crossing over. We are informed that we judge ourselves! This is done by way of what we do on earth - every moral action will have an effect on our consciousness: if we do the right thing, we increase the vibrations of our spirit etheric body, which is a duplicate of our own physical body. When we morally and spiritually do the wrong thing we LOWER the spirit body's vibrations. This is done automatically. When we cross over the accumulated level of vibrations will automatically lead us to the level which matches our consciousness- to where we feel most at home. People who are honest, reasonable, decent, open minded - and they do not have to be 'perfect' - on crossing over will be met by their loved ones and helped to go to the realm of the light - a place which is far more beautiful than anything we have on earth.

We do not criticize anyone for following a particular religion. If your religion is making you a spiritually better person then your particular religion is good for you - whatever religion it may be. But we do not accept those so called religious who believe that violence is a way to please '
God'. No one is allowed to be cruel, to hurt, to harass, to cause fear and anxiety in the name of a religion or God. There are some really wonderful religious people who unselfishly give a great deal of their time to helping others - that is being spiritual and that is really great. However we are also finding that many people are moving away from traditional religions and are searching for highly credible information about the afterlife.


There will be no issues about race or sexuality or other differences in the afterlife in the realm of the Light. Perhaps in the lower Astral level - a level closest to earth there could be similar racist attitudes by some people. But on the higher astral levels it is the spirit which is the focus, not aspects of the physical life we once had. I have received an email recently where a person was shocked to think that in the afterlife they could have neighbors of a different race. We get it from the highest sources that color, gender, creed and sexual preference would not be issues in the advanced afterlife level.


QUESTION - ASTRAL TRAVELLING :"I have heard of astral traveling, which seems to happen to me. How does this function?"

"It happens very simply that the real you leaves your body and is able to travel vast distances, sometimes into our world, and sometimes into the further reaches of your world. Actually, every one of you travels astrally when you go to sleep. Then your spirit, for the time being, departs from your body, roams into our world and meets souls you love and who love you. It is a divine provision by which preparation is made for the time when you come here, so that it will not be a shock. When you do come you will remember, and be ready for the many wonderful happenings that spirit life has to offer you. It could be said that you die every night." (answered by Silver Birch).


Hi Victor I'm an avid subscriber to your weekly afterlife report, I tell everyone I can that its the best source of information with regard to the afterlife and such. However I am slightly concerned that you are endorsing a medium I regard as an obvious fake and confidence trickster. It's a bad reflection on an otherwise untarnished program, confused . Regards Darren.

Victor: Hi Darren, glad you raised this point. We present videos of mediums doing readings for the interest of our subscribers but it is up to everyone to make up their own mind about the quality of the evidence presented. We would strongly recommend that people make their own enquiries before seeking a reading from a medium. There are many websites which feature mediums who have been tested and rated by experienced evaluators such as
The Forever Family Foundation
The Windbridge Institute
Other organizations train and certify mediums.
Also we suggest that you seek personal recommendations from friends and family. As well I would caution you and all our subscribers that calling any medium a fake and a confidence trickster constitutes defamation. They could take you to court and unless you can prove in court with witnesses that identifiable fraud took place on a specific occasion it could cost you every cent you have (see Sally Morgan case).


I have just got on to the afterlife information and I am really scared of dying. The thought of death terrifies me. What can I do?" Ingrid, Sweden.

Victor: Not surprisingly, this is a very common question. I myself came across some people who are really terrified of dying. Some of them go into a great panic thinking what is going to happen to them moments after they die. The unknown terrifies them. But this does NOT happen to our subscribers – and those who read about the afterlife - because our subscribers and others like them, would have been reading all about what happens on crossing over for years – and are not longer afraid of death. Some even welcome it!

There are those who were brought up in religions who were conditioned to think that if they made just one mistake (a mortal sin the Catholics call it) which is left unresolved, then eternal damnation in hellfire awaits. NO, THAT IS NOT CORRECT! To get rid of fear, guaranteed, all you have to do is to regularly read the right books about the afterlife. Our book would be an excellent start to get to know what happens when we die. Silver Birch many times told us for those who are open minded, those who were reasonable in dealing with people, those who tried their best to unselfishly help others – a most wonderful place awaits – a place hugely more beautiful than anything we can ever imagine!

PROMINENT SKEPTICS FIGHTING AMONG THEMSELVES Leading bloggers this week are talking about in-fighting and accusations of dishonestywithin the skeptical movement and a dramatic drop in popularity for Richard Dawkins and others like him. Here are some snippets:
" What has become clear is that the former figureheads of the skeptical movement finally now have a (long-awaited) skepticism being applied to their own actions and pronouncements, and a number of them are being revealed for the pretenders they are."
"The author of 'The God Delusion' is not only frequently accused of bigotry & sexist views by the opponents of atheism, but he has even managed to become a public embarrassment to many people who share his distaste for religion."

(Thank you James for the item).
Read more.... http://www.dailygrail.com/Skepticism/2013/8/Is-the-Week-Organized-Skepticism-Imploded
and http://www.dailygrail.com/Religion-and-Spirituality/2013/8/The-Tweets-Dick

World Famous Mediumistic Painter to visit SYDNEY

Wallacia Development Centre in September 2013

José Medrado is internationally famous for his Psychic Art oil paintings and the speed in which they are amazingly produced by numerous spirit helpers and masters. He has worked throughout the world and is making a ‘not to be missed’ trip to the Wallacia Development Centre.
Book now: Awakening Souls awakeningsoulsinfo[at]gmail.com


" This book is the result of years of study; its breadth is amazing. Victor Zammit (retired lawyer) and his wife Wendy (retired psychologist) argue the case for the afterlife as if in a courtroom, and present the evidence of carefully chosen expert witnesses. Because of the quality of the evidence and associated discussion ... the book is a proof (beyond a reasonable doubt) of the afterlife. It hardly mentions and doesn't depend on religious arguments."
King Brosby (England) see Amazon UK.

Where to obtain a copy of the book: And a big thank you to those authors and afterlife investigators who also inspired us to produce the book. AND a huge THANK YOU to all those who wrote a most favorable review for us. Available now from:-
Amazon UK
The Book Depository



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LOUISE HERMANN Friday 23rd August 2013-Louise Hermann Live "Connecting with the other side"
”Hi, I am pleased to announce the following mediumship event in Alexandra (NZ), feel free to forward this onto anyone who may be interested:
Date:Friday 23rd August 2013
Time:Seating from 6:30pm for a 7pm sharp start (please arrive on time as the front doors will be closed). The evening will finish at 9pm.
Location:Alexandra District Club, 35 Centennial Ave, Alexandra, Central Otago, New Zealand
Cost: $25 NZD cash door entry fee payable on the evening after registration below.”

Australian Psychics Association 30th Anniversary Party: Wendy and Victor hope to see some of you there!!

The Australian Psychics Association is celebrating its 30th Anniversary at a huge party that is not to be missed. Psychics are coming from every state in Australia including up to 350 members and their guests. You don't have to be a member to attend.
When: Saturday 24th August 2013
Time: 6:00 pm Start
Venue: Twin Reception Centre
560 Botany Road, Alexandria, NSW 2015 (Sydney)
Dress : Come As You Were (or casual).
Ticket: $ 70 per person for all APA paid-up members –
Price includes 5 course meal plus unlimited soft drinks, wine & beer. Spirits, superior wines/beers and other types of drinks are available for purchase.
CONTACT - tickets Simon or Hiromi (02) 9368-1177
* RSPV: Please inform us no later than 14th August if you want vegetarian meals.

1) Victor & Wendy what you bring to us in your weekly report is beyond a mere thank you, I for one and I'm sure countless others are so grateful for all the news you bring, I look forward to every Friday and cant express how happy I am to have your report, wish everyone on the planet could experience this amazing Joy & knowing that we are so much more. xxx Alison Doyle

2) Happy, happy, happy for this Friday Afterlife Report. We always learn a lot with them. You are a light of hope, a light of wisdom in this dark world. Keep shining on!!.Celso Rojas

3) Thanks a lot, Victor, for posting information (about Tom and Lisa Butler's talk). I have just this minute subscribed to BBS Radio and have yet to explore the recordings properly. I am so pleased to have further access to recorded messages from the other side as I have listened and continue to listen to the Leslie Flint direct voice recording which I have downloaded onto my MP3 and I have been searching almost everywhere for recordings from other sources. Terry Burgoyne


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HIGHLY INSPIRATIONAL MUSIC: We have a lot of ABBA fans who requested this very special song - Dancing Queen, probably ABBA's very best song. Visually, this video is spectacular - you see ABBA group at its best. You see a sea of very happy faces - thousands and thousands of them jumping up and down with the music. This is really a most memorable piece of brilliant music that will bring lots of memories to many of us.

Disclaimer: Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.