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February 11th 2011

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Last week's report

THE REVOLUTION OF THE 'INTERNET' AND THE AFTERLIFE: WHY TRADITIONAL CHURCHES ARE RAPIDLY LOSING NUMERICAL SUPPORT! Traditional theologians will tell you that something most fundamental is happening. There is a revolution going on – a revolution that is making Christian and especially Catholic leadership say the ‘Church’ is in its worst crisis in history. People are not going to Sunday services as they used to. Why is this happening?

Simple: people are obtaining critical, relevant information from the internet and people are questioning the so called ‘miracles’ and other perceived to be 'outrageous' claims one finds in the Bible. Vast amounts of information are being poured onto the internet where critics for the first time – without fear of being burnt at the stake – are stating what is technically wrong with the 'outrageous' claims made in the Bible.

Research shows there was a Jesus was a medium and a healer - a highly evolved being who taught love and spiritual service. Silver Birch - the great afterlife teacher - said that Jesus was the most spiritually advanced being to walk on planet Earth. But there was negative interference in the Bible about Jesus' life.

The problem was that outrageous claims were taken from previous other religious writings – such as Jesus walking on water, Jesus turning water into wine, Jesus feeding thousands initially with five loaves and fishes, Jesus being born of a ‘virgin’. The Adam and Eve story is just a myth taken from previous superstitious writings and people now conclude that if the Adam and Eve myth is not accepted (most people do not) - there would be no original sin - no need for Jesus to be born to remove 'original sin'. And so on and on.

People have become highly discriminating. There are more people now accepting the scientific and empirical evidence for the afterlife than ever before – and many of those who leave the traditional Churches are accepting the non-religious argument for the existence of the afterlife. That is the way things will continue to happen in the future, irreversibly.


Researcher Dr Rupert Sheldrake argues that everyone has some psychic ability. He has conducted a number of experiments on everyday telepathy, such as knowing who is telephoning you or when you are being stared at. In this simple experiment a girl demonstrates that she can predict which of four people is phoning her 50% of the time which is significantly above what would be expected by chance.


Many people claim to be able to know who's calling them before they answer the call. Is this just coincidence or is some other factor involved? The Telephone Telepathy experiment attempts to answer this question empirically.
To participate in the experiment you will need a U.S. phone (cell or landline) and provider as well as 2 people with whom you share a close relationship (eg. friends, family). These people will require a U.S. cell phone and provider. Read more...

For more than 20 years, the United States military had a budget of seventy million dollars a year for the purpose of psychic research with special emphasis on 'remote viewing' which was a technique of locating a target using only the map co-ordinates.


BRILLIANT REMOTE VIEWING - CONFIRMED BY THE CIA: As I said last week, there are those who in this world who see mud (skeptics) and there are those who see stars (the open minded). Dr Dean Radin reports on a very interesting case: a remote viewer given only latitude and longitude coordinates of a location somewhere in the United States successfully described a secret facility in Virginia whose very existence was highly classified. He was able to describe accurately the facility's interior and was even able to correctly sense the names of secret code words written on folders inside locked file cabinets. This is very serious - and the accuracy of the remote viewer was confirmed by the CIA. Some closed minded skeptic reporter went to investigate the area the area - and saw absolutely nothing - except few flocks of sheep, and lots of droppings - no secret military outpost, no armed personnel, no buildings. - he thought he had a victory on his hands EXCEPT when an officer - eventually told the skeptical reporter that the secret military facility was indeed at that very spot, hidden deep underground!!(see THE CONSCIOUS UNIVERSE - The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena, p 99 First Ed).

(OR HAVE AN OBE)- directly from the afterlife dimension:
Upon death each of you has a very noticeable broadening of your faculties. It can be compared to suddenly being clairvoyant and telepathic, being able to read other people's thoughts easily. This is actually the case once you are freed of the earthly body. You can, indeed, read the thoughts of those around you. This is done without relying on language at all. Thoughts are transmitted in a wordless yet universally recognized language of the mind. Simply put, you become aware of the thoughts, emotions and overall tone of the personalities around you." (as reported by J Laddon in 'Beyond the Veil p.13)



Part 2

This is a typical response of those who attend the materialization sessions- they are "blown away" with the sensational experience.
This is how 'Mrs C' describes her experience:

‘When my father came out the first time & was having difficulties (this was when this spirit was trying to speak in the seance room - at first he found it difficult to speak, but then came back with more power in his voice) I recognized his voice & whispered to the person sitting next to me that I believed it was my Dad. I think I may have even said out aloud "Is that you Daddy?" (reverting to my child name for him) Also, interestingly, when I asked him if my mother was happy, his response was "she's as happy as can be expected if you know what I mean?" I did, as my mother committed suicide when I was only 12 years of age so I understood what he was telling me. No-one else there knew about that. It was his voice. As I said, I am still totally blown away by it all & yes, yes, YES I would LOVE to sit again, as much as possible. And now, my younger sister & her husband who are also interested in the Afterlife would also like to experience it. Love, Mrs C.”

As we all know, the world is made up of people who are spiritually advanced; others who are average and those who have a lot to learn. The extremely good would naturally find the place they earned in the afterlife. The average good, open minded people, the majority, do not have to worry. Those who are struggling will always get help. But for the small number who were deliberately cruel and sadistic and are not willing to admit they were wrong, here is a transmission directly from the afterlife:

" ... those well known in history, of people who were living deep down in the noxious regions - men who had perpetrated vile and wicked deeds in the name of holy religion, or for the furtherance of their own despicable, material ends. Many of these wretches were unapproachable, and they would remain so- perhaps for the numberless more centuries - until, of their own wish and endeavor, they moved however feebly in the direction of the light of spiritual progression." (from LIFE IN THE UNSEEN WOLRD, by Mons. Hugh Benson (pictured above,, page 83 -1993ed.)

SPIRITUAL HUMOR - An Australian aboriginal native from the Guringi tribe of the Deep North told me this one: as to why mankind would have been 'saved' if Adam and Eve were native Australian Aboriginals. WHY? Because "We would have eaten the snake …not the apple"!! - he said. (snakes are an exquisite delicacy to Aboriginal natives)


AFTERLIFE EVIDENCE: JOHN SLOAN, MOST BRILLIANT DIRECT VOICE MEDIUM: Here is how Arthur Findlay describes his first experience of the direct voice mediumship of John Sloan.

This went on for three hours, dozens of voices speaking to different people, men's voices, women's voices, children's voices, all of which I was told came from people called dead.
A woman's voice spoke to a man sitting on my left. It gave a name and referred to happenings at his home. It specially referred to Tom, who was giving his father trouble, and then came advice as to how he should be dealt with. Intimate family matters were discussed between my neighbor and this female voice, and finally with love it said "Good-bye."

'That was my wife, " he whispered to me. "I never come here but she comes back to me. She always knows everything that goes on at home."

I was now beginning to feel that I was the only one to be omitted from this strange medley of conversation which seemed to go on and on without stopping. Everything said was claimed to be correct, and I wondered how it was possible for any human being to be so intimate with all the dead friends, and the private doings of the sitters, as to be able to impersonate their deceased relations in the way that was taking place.


Kevin Lawrenson writes:
" Just to let you know last nights sitting was a great success, we had 27 sitters, it was the first time for about twenty of them. It was less stuffy and the people had more room. I managed to have a gap up the middle. Irene
[a young girl who is part of the spirit team] danced up and down with her shoes on; halfway through the second record Tom's cardigan was thrown out in a tight ball and the woman who's lap it landed on screamed at the top of her voice. Irene was having a great time. Phil Starr [a spirit who was a gay entertainer] also came and spoke through the trumpet, it was a lot of fun." Listen to audio
A few spaces remain for the sessions in Sydney so if you want to experience direct Spirit contact for yourself don't wait. Phone Inge Crosson on 0414 862 861 or email awakeningsoulsinfo@gmail.com.


We were very much impressed by Clint Eastwood’s movie HEREAFTER which finally opened in Sydney yesterday. The movie consists of three stories which start independently but are brought intelligently together towards the end. The special effects in the initial tsunami scene are Oscar winning material, the direction is pacy and the movie is highly intelligent, most watchable and entertaining. The main character George– played by Matt Damon came across with very high credibility as a psychic. But George saw his psychic gift as a curse not an opportunity to help other people in desperate need. There were, as others have reviewed, a few inaccuracies – like the attempts to make contact via EVP and psychomanteum and the poor standard of mediumship in the English Spiritualist Headquarters. However overall we do get a great representation of the “Conspiracy of Silence” and the materialists saying there is no afterlife, that on death there will be “the eternal void” – and that’s where they’re likely to go on crossing over. And the film does come out championing the evidence. So overall – ignoring the commercial digressions, a great movie to enjoy. One also has to remember that the film is highly 'esoteric' being shown in mainstream media. Very courageous and very well done!

In the year 2000 leading skeptic Paul Kurtz published an attack on the evidence for the afterlife in the Skeptical Inquirer, the magazine of the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal. Montague Keen of the Society for Psychical Research shows clearly in this article that Kurtz and other skeptics ignore and misrepresent the extensive evidence and try to mislead readers. Read paper.

MIRACULOUS MOMENTS- Elissa Al-Chokhachy - discussing her book on death-bed visions

" Ask any veteran hospice nurse about death-bed visions, after death communication, or near death experiences, and you are sure to hear a mouthful. Elissa Al-Chokhachy is a certified hospice and palliative care nurse who has authored Miraculous Moments: True Stories Affirming That Life Goes On. Elissa will be discussing firsthand accounts from those who received various signs, messages and touches from loved ones who have crossed over. Listeners are welcomed to call-in and share experiences as Elissa talks about personal proof that life does indeed go on" SIGNS OF LIFE RADIO
BBS RADIO 7 PM Eastern/ 4PM Pacific Every Thursday Night and archived.

- 'Messages From Beyond' -

Television medium Lisa Williams is doing another tour of Australia from February (see video below for an example) and the good news is that she is extending her demonstrations far and wide outside the main capital cities. The fact that she will be going to Newcastle, Wollongong, Mandurah, The Gold Coast, Cairns, Townsville, Hobart, Geelong and other cities is a great sign of the increasing demand for good mediumship. Read details


TONY STOCKWELL AND LOUISE HERMAN are givinga mediumship demonstration at North Sydney. Tony is a well known television medium (see video below) who will be on a trip to Australia. He will soon be traveling with international medium James Van Praagh - see below. But with Tony there will be local medium, the wonderful
Louise Hermann
Date:Sunday 20th February, 2011
Time:Arrive 3:30pm for a 4pm sharp start. The evening will consist of a short interval and conclude at 6:30pm.
Venue:The Independent Theatre, North Sydney.
Bookings:www.theindependent.org.au/whats-on/ or call the Box Office on 02 80190290
Please note:There are no guarantees on readings for the afternoon as this is determined by the spirit world.




Thank you Victor and Wendy for a great newsletter this week. I found the young girl who had committed suicide and her father's subsequent set up of jenny's place very interesting and also the article about anne frank being reincarnated. so many interesting things happening world wide including our bizarre weather patterns here in australia and time is indeed going faster. hope you and wendy have a great week love and light always j. xxxx

2) HELLO Victor: ...many thanks for your help and advice on the afterlife. I just wish i was physically closer to your good self, kindest regards, T.

3) Hi Victor and Wendy
, Many thanks for your weekly emails and website. After losing a loved one I looked into the matter of life after death - your site was my first step in this fascinating journey. I can't let my emotions cloud my judgment ... All the very best to you and your wife Wendy and thank you both once again for all the good work that you're doing! Steve W. South Africa.


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SOMETHING INSPIRATIONAL: Celtic Woman - A New Journey - Orinoco Flow - a most beautiful song ever recorded.
Visually they are magnificent. Song is highly inspirational. Mood is to enlighten and put pure joy and positive energy into your hearts and minds. Hear and watch for yourself something quite memorable and outstanding:


Disclaimer: Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.