A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife

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MATERIALIZATION MEETING: Tapes from Sunday's materialization session with medium David Thompson 23rd December 06 now available.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I take this opportunity to wish my readers the very best for the coming Year!

COMMENTARY: GREAT MATERIALIZATION EXPERIMENTS: Entering Stage Two:First, great things have been achieved by the Circle of the Silver Cord led by William, pictured- in the last six months since we started our afterlife experiments. Having investigated over an extended period from within the group I am personally convinced that the paranormal is happening. Afterlife intelligences have fully materialized to converse with us, to answer questions, to re-unite with loved ones, to even joke with us. The Circle of the Silver Cord is repeatedly producing world shattering results and now we are ready to share these results with other scientists and empiricists who have the professionalism and the skills to perceive the paranormal with empirical equanimity. These fantastic repeatable experiments of controlling non-physical energy are cutting edge ‘new science’ and hopefully will expand and eventually be incorporated into orthodox reductionist science.

HISTORY IN THE MAKING: CATHOLIC CHURCH IS IRREVOCABLY CHANGING ITS ATTITUDE TO SPIRIT CONTACT: Professor Father Brune was ordained priest in 1960, and held professorships in a number of leading seminaries. He is the author of numerous scholarly publications- approved by Pope Ratzinger (pictured below) and of a number of books on theological issues and paranormal phenomena, with special reference to the survival of death and the communication with deceased.

In a recent article “The Rediscovered Beyond” (translated from German) he writes of this change of attitude at the highest levels:

“One of the most spectacular developments one owes to the evolution of the communications with the Beyond, is the rather radical change of the positions of the Catholic Church in respect of this topic".

Father Brune outlines in detail how the Church has seen the benefits of spirit contact in reducing grief and outlines his own amazing experiences with ITC contact with some of the leading experimenters in Europe.

This is a must-read article for anyone interested in the current state of afterlife evidence. To read the full article go to Mark Macy’s and choose "What is new" then “The Rediscovered Beyond”. To learn more about ITC see Chapter 5 of my book.

QUANTUM PHYSICS AND THE AFTERLIFE: Notable physicists who investigated survival after death and psychic phenomena include Dr Harold Puthoff, Professor Russell Targ and Professor Dr Ernst Senkowski.

Dr Harold Puthoff, is a physicist and current Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Austin, Texas. He has made significant contribution towards empirically establishing the validity of psi particularly in the field of “remote viewing”. This was a term he jointly coined to describe a form of psychic functioning historically known as clairvoyance.

Professor Russell Targ is a physicist and author who pioneered the development of the laser. He was also co-founded the Stanford Research Institute's investigation into psychic abilities in the 1970s and 1980s. He authored numerous books suggesting that the mind itself reaches to the far ends of the universe and that it is this "non-local" quality, rather than any particular mechanism, that accounts for the remarkable data of parapsychology.

Professor Dr Ernst Senkowski is a professor of physics and electronics who conducted intensive paranormal and afterlife research for over twenty years. Dr Senkowski repeatedly obtained positive paranormal and 'afterlife' results.

Several physicists have recently published books arguing that materialist science is incomplete and therefore unable to adequately account for positive paranormal evidence. They urge the acceptance of a new paradigm or worldview which includes psychic phenomena and the existence of multiple universes including the so-called afterlife. Read more...


First, you cannot avoid the inevitability of you crossing over. No one can. No one ever will. The intelligent person would want to be at least open to evidence for the afterlife (See Book index) Second, only a fool will ignore the afterlife hoping (and believing without proof) there will be nothing. Not investigating is just colossal personal negligence. Any empirical afterlife evidence will stay valid until it is rebutted. If the evidence is empirical – it can NEVER be rebutted. Thirdly, from transmitted information from the higher sources, the afterlife has huge consequences. Fourthly, I can tell you that under certain circumstances one can find himself in darkness with consciousness for thousands of years – a horrible but possible scenario – a truly horrible state to find oneself in. Remember, you are NOT doing anybody a favor by searching for information about the afterlife – you’ll just be making it easier on yourself. Remember, you do not have to believe in anything – just be a reasonable decent person with an open mind.

THE BEST EVIDENCE – by Michael Schmicker – highly recommended. “An investigative Reporter’s Three Year Quest to uncover the best scientific evidence for ESP, Psychokinesis, Mental Healing, Ghosts and Poltergeists, Mediums, Near Death Experiences, Reincarnation and other evidence.”

Here are some attestations:

“… a dazzling journey into one of the most important areas of science that has ever existed.” Dr Larry Dossey, MD,

“Best Evidence is indeed one – if not the best itself- of the major books on explaining and offering proof that psi phenomena are here to stay whether we like it or not.” Prof Alan Wolf,

“My highest recommendation … not just one but a half-dozen astounding stories, any one of which can change the way we think about the nature of reality” Dr Dean Radin, author The Conscious Universe.

“An important book.” Dr Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 astronaut and author of Way of the Explorer: Psychic Explanation.

“For skeptics and cautious believers alike, a splendid introduction to impossible phenomena that refuse to disappear.” Dr Stanley Krippner, Co-Editor Varieties of Anomalous Experience: Examining the Scientific Evidence.

For availability, try

BRILLIANT PSYCHIC INVESTIGATION SHOW ON THE ABC (Part One) : Gifted psychics are making a huge contribution to the police and elsewhere. You do NOT believe it? Then why is it that to-day there are so many documented police shows giving specific details of police officers, venues and gifted psychics - showing psychics are supplying the police with critical information, but for which, murders would NOT be solved. Lucky guess?? Chance??

PSYCHIC INVESTIGATIONS (Part 2, number (6): In New Haven, Conneticut, Detective George Mazzacane called in gifted psychic Pascarella Downey after all clues about the brutal murder of 21 year old Penny Serra on July 16th 1973 run dry. Psychics do not solve crime, police do. But sometimes if critical information is not given to the police, the crime would not be solved. This psychic told police she could tune into the vibrations of the murder. She told the police that the murderer smelled of oil, was a mechanic, was wearing some kind of uniform at the time of the murder, had a name tag on his uniform starting with the letter “E”, was suffering from a pain in the head at the time. She predicted that the murderer would not be caught for many years but ultimately “blood will tell”.

26 years later the murderer, named Edward was caught using fingerprint matching and DNA testing of blood at the crime scene. He had been a mechanic at the time of the murder and had been visiting a nearby hospital for treatment of head pain. He was tried and found guilty and sentenced to a long term of imprisonment. ALL of the clues given to the police were 100 per cent accurate. Well done gifted psychic Pascarella Downey!

The Circle of Silver Cord: every week, a group of open minded searchers meet in the Northern Beaches of Sydney to participate in materialization experiments. We are called the Circle of the Silver Cord. David Thompson, pictured is the materialization medium. We discuss topical issues mainly to do with the afterlife, the environment and other critical issues that are of urgent relevance to the world to-day. See more ...

SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE’S MASTERPIECE! One of the greatest writers of the twentieth century was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (ACD) who after investigating the afterlife stated that yes, there is an afterlife. He feared no skeptic, no materialist, no debunker – in fact they feared him! His great intellect produced a classic, one of the most important books on Spiritualism: THE HISTORY OF SPIRITUALISM. ACD documents the advent of Modern Spiritualism from its beginnings in America to its advent and progress in Britain. ACD includes many spectacular psychic incidents independently attested to. He also mentions the great scientists who researched and experimented in afterlife matters such as Sir William Crookes. Sir Arthur’s THE HISTORY OF SPIRITUALISM Vol 1 and Vol 2, is a classic, an easy to read, packed with detail volume that all thinking people should read. This great work can be purchased directly from Psychic News Books Online.

DR EDWARD DEBONO OF THE FAMED LATERERAL THINKING WHICH TOOK THE WORLD BY STORM. I was asked recently whether the works of Professor DeBono’s clash with afterlife evidence. I had the distinct pleasure of being with Prof DeBono on a television panel with Prof. De Bono (pictured on left, me on the right in a debating mode) and can tell you that the afterlife evidence does not clash with lateral thinking. As a matter of fact, lateral thinking would support afterlife evidence – because one has to be lateral to deduce that the available evidence – which contradicts our personal beliefs in religious, culture, history and tradition. People are rapidly accepting the evidence because it is meaningful to them – the evidence has immediate relevance to their lives, how they live, what they think and what they believe or do not believe in. I found Prof Edward DeBono receptive, interesting and complemented my argument for the afterlife. See picture.

Again, my best to you for the New Year!


To all my readers – and others - MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!

COMMENTARY: WHY IS IT? People are funny. Some people are prepared to accept what some unknown writers wrote some two even three thousand years ago – at an age where there was enormous superstition – and writing which is purely personal, not empirical, not scientific. We do not know anything about the character, motivation, honesty or integrity or the writers yet these form the basis of our culture and worldview. Yet when we present hard core scientific afterlife data, this scientific and empirical data is resisted because it clashes with what somebody told you more than 2,000 years ago!! But gradually people are starting to understand that questioning traditional beliefs is the way to getting to the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Further, if you were born somewhere in the East – China, Russia or any of those places – your beliefs would be totally different from your present ancient derived beliefs. So, environmental conditioning determines your beliefs. Beliefs are hard wired into our nervous system and our emotions – one reason why fundamentally inconsistent information is rejected – even if the inconsistent information is scientific.

AN OPEN LETTER RE SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE: I feel the need to put on record my response to the communication of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle last Sunday (17.12.06). While I do appreciate and return the genuine affection and regard that underlies it, I am concerned that it may have given some of my readers/listeners the incorrect perception that I waste most of my time responding to skeptics. Far from it. Read more…

THEY DON’T KNOW THEY’RE DEAD! “The Bruce Willis character in the hit movie of a few years ago, The Sixth Sense, didn’t know he was dead. Most people probably assumed that this was just Hollywood science fiction. A friend of mine enjoyed the movie but laughed at the idea a person (or soul) would not know he was dead. Since the friend doesn’t believe in survival of consciousness at death, I asked him if he thought he would know when he became “dead.” I also asked him if he knows that he is “alive” when he is dreaming at night. That one stopped him cold. Does a crying infant know that he or she is "alive" in the material world?” If you are interested in reading more on this subject, click on and visit the web site of the Academy of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies at

(6) – Alexis Burke’s case. Psychic called: Laurie McQuary: In March 1986 the Portland, Oregon police received a call from John Burke three days after his 21-year-old wife, Alexis, had supposedly fled their home in a wealthy suburb in the family car. Detective Robert Lee wasn't certain what kind of case he was investigating - missing person or murder. Then, frustrated by the progress of the investigation, Alexis' mother consulted psychic Laurie McQuary. When the detective's case ran cold, he met Laurie and she shared her visions - John strangled Alexis; many people knew what happened and were not talking; water was important; there was an old car involved, and John's younger brother Kelly was implicated. Intrigued by Laurie McQuary's theories, Detective Lee investigated the clues. After a year, he got a confession. All of Laurie's "predictions" proved to be accurate. The case was closed. Laurie’s home page.

QUANTUM PHYSICS AND THE AFTERLIFE: Sir Oliver Lodge, one of the greatest physicists of all times, accepted life after death after using his scientific genius to prove it. He was a founder of the Society for Psychical Research. I have a lot of respect for Sir Oliver Lodge and would like to provide a short quote from his article Linking Life After Death To Subatomic Physics: “If, then, we can adduce any evidence that life or mental activity exists in space, and only sporadically makes itself evident by some material activity, the state of our present knowledge of physics renders our acceptance of the fact entirely harmonious. We have to do no violence to our physical conceptions if we admit the fact of survival. Life and mind never were functions of the material body, they only displayed themselves by means of the material organism.” Click on BOOK (right column), click on
chapter 25.

DO YOU BOTHER WITH SKEPTICAL DEBUNKERS? I do NOT! It is a waste of time trying to convince those who do not want to accept the objective, empirical evidence for the afterlife. We know from centuries of experience NO amount of evidence will convince these skeptical debunkers when they do not want to accept the evidence. I am NOT a crusader. I do not proselytize – I do NOT go out actively seeking to convert people, skeptics or debunkers. I am an empiricist – using scientific method to measure afterlife phenomena. I do NOT have luxury for beliefs. People have a right to their beliefs whatever they are – even skeptical beliefs. There is a huge amount of available evidence for the genuine level headed searcher to accept the afterlife evidence. There are some 95% of people who are open minded to the highly persuasive empirical afterlife evidence. They have to do the research, the reading, the understanding.

‘MEDIUM’ television series – based on ALLISON DUBOIS’ mediumship skills is in big demand in Australia. It is being shown twice even three times a week sometimes. It is on record it is the greatest psychic show of its type in history.

THE Stephen Wagner Experience: Now for something different: : “This time of year, we see angels everywhere we go: in stores, on packaging, displays, on television... they are part of the Christmas story and tradition. Many people, however, claim to have encountered them in real life - and have even received help from them personally. See this week's feature for some great stories. Then check out the Gallery for some interesting new photos. Happy holidays!”

NOBEL LAUREATE PROF BRIAN JOSEPHSON, UNITED KINGDOM. Cambridge-based Nobel prize winner Professor Brian Josephson has always been keen to champion the paranormal and he does so again in New Scientist (9 December) in its special “Lone Voices” feature which profiles or interviews scientists with views that differ from themainstream. In an interview with Alison George, he discusses, among other things, his views on the paranormal and cold fusion, revealing: “There are in fact a lot of scientists who believe telepathy exists, but they keep quiet about it.” From Roy Stemman’s PARANORMAL REVIEW Read More...

UNFORGETTABLE POSITIVE QUOTES by some of the most intelligent scientists and other most highly influential personalities who ever walked on this planet earth:

YALE PHYSICIST Dr Henry Margena, “To put it bluntly, science no longer contains absolute truths … the old distinction between the natural and the supernatural has become spurious.”

NOBEL LAUREATE PROFESSOR CHARLES RICHET, “We must accept dowsing as a fact. It is useless to work up experiments merely to prove its existence. It exists. What is needed is its development.”

PROFESSORS OSIS AND HARALDSSON, ON DEATH BED VISIONS, “Death-bed visions, combined with other afterlife research, make possible a fact-based, rational and therefore belief in the life after death.”

DR CARL JUNG, one of the greatest psychiatrists ever, “I shall not commit the fashionable stupidity of regarding everything I cannot explain as a fraud.”

DR FRED HOYLE, British cosmologist, “When science begins the study of non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the centuries of its experience.”

PROFESSOR BERTRAND RUSSELL, “We should not go for complete skepticism, but for degrees of probability.”

FORMER U.S. PRESIDENT JIMMY CARTER on American remote viewer when he was President, “She went into trance. And while she was in the trance, she gave us some latitude and longitude figures. We focused our satellite cameras on the point, and the lost plane was found.” Using psychics the U.S. Intelligence were able to find a Russian fighter jet plane before the KGB did.

NOBEL LAUREATE PROFESSOR CHARLES RICHET, “ People who have not seen ought not speak on the (afterlife) matter.

SIR WILLIAM CROOKES – undoubtedly, the greatest British scientist of his time, on materialization – “I didn’t say that it was possible, I just said that it happened.”

GEORGE MEEK, American scientist and inventor, “For the first time in 8,000 years of recorded history, it can now be said with certainty that our mind, memory, personality and soul will survive physical death.”

NOBEL LAUREATE PROFESSOR BRIAN JOSEPHSON AND PROFESSOR JESSICA UTTS, “Those who recognize that significant discoveries in science are very often prompted by observations that do not fit expectations will find a stimulating challenge in accumulating evidence that it is possible to elicit psychic functioning in experiments with ordinary volunteers acting as subjects. Even more convincing results occur with specially selected subjects.”

SIR FRANCIS BACON, “Read not to contradict and confute, nor to believe and take for granted, but to weigh and consider.”

JOHN LENNON, (attributed to him), “Without spirituality man is nothing.” See also his inspirational song IMAGINE.

COMMUNICATING with afterlife intelligences is the greatest discover in human history.

Best for the festive season! Till next time: Victor Z

Report 15th December 06

COMMENTARY: ARE BELIEFS IRRELEVANT? This is something which comes up regularly. You can be religious – a Christian, Hindu, Judaist, Moslem, Shintoist or have any kind of belief. You can also be an agnostic, even an atheist. The critical thing is that crossing over is a change of vibrations. It has to do with afterlife physics. People are free to have whatever beliefs they like– as long as the beliefs are not harmful to others. If their religious belief is going to make them more ‘spiritual’ then that religion is good for them. But being ‘spiritual’ is different from being ‘religious.’ Being ‘spiritual’ has to do with being unselfish and making a positive contribution to others who really need it. Sometimes religion gets involved with too much ritual and not enough spirituality. On crossing over, your conduct on earth will determine what kind of a life you will have. If you are an open minded, average decent person, you have nothing to worry about.

PSYCHIC DETECTIVES (Number 5 ) : POLICE IN SPENCER, NEW YORK CALL IN GIFTED PSYCHIC FOR ASSISTANCE! Five year old Tommy Kennedy disappears. Parents frantic. Over 100 voluntary searchers fail to locate Tommy. No clues left. Situation, desperate and hopeless. Detective Dave Redsicker from Tioga County Sherrif Department calls in a gifted psychic because he knows time is of the essence to locate the missing five year old boy, Tommy Kennedy. Brilliant gifted psychic Phil Jordan is called by the police to locate the boy. Although psychic Phil Jordan had never been in the woods where the lost boy was believed to be missing, this gifted psychic draws a most vital map. This map showed among other things: near a lake; three boats beside the lake; a building across from the boats; a waterfall; a field; a young boy under a tree. The chief of the local volunteers Richard Clark said he was stunned at the accuracy of the map and the leads. Detective Dave Redsicker said it was his first case working with a psychic. The leaders of the search, the police and the Tigoa County Search & Rescue gave unqualified credit to Phil Jordan for finding the missing boy. So much so that the Tioga County Sheriff had him sworn in as a Deputy to assist in other cases. Well done Phil Jordan for responding to the police call for help to solve a mystery. The boy’s parents? Hugely grateful for Phil Jordan’s psychic gifts. Why do debunkers scream with contempt at these documentaries? Because the results of the gifted psychics make these skeptical debunkers- who scream fraud everytime a gifted psychic is deadly accurate - look absolutely silly, totally insignificant and absolutely irrelevant. The case has been documented in three books - Phil Jordan I Knew This Day Would Come: A Personal Journey to Psychic Awareness (Jordan 1999, 58 64). Jenny Randles and Peter Hough Psychic Detectives (2001, 86-88) - see Phil Jordan’s webpage

AGE OF EMPIRICISM we are slowly entering into the age of empiricism (using scientific method to measure any phenomena). In the old days society relied on information written more than 2,000 years ago by unknown people. People were told to blindly accept the information and NOT to ask questions. The younger generation want proof for anything they are asked to accept. The new empirical thinking is about being able to obtain evidence for anything being presented to you. When you only believe things for which there is objective empirical evidence you will be on safe ground. That is the basis of my afterlife evidence research – click on BOOK top right.

AFTELRLIFE PHYSICS: those who research the afterlife and study in great depth the information transmitted by those regarded to be high intelligences – as judged by the content of the transmission – will tell you that on crossing over there are afterlife realms divided into ascending order according to the speed of vibrations - from the lowest to the highest. Low conduct – consistent cheating and heinous deeds reduces vibrations. Unselfish conduct raises vibrations. The process is brutally objective. But the Law of Cause and Effect can never be altered by anybody physical on planet earth. When we cross over we take with us the accumulated level of vibrations obtained during our lifetime on earth. That will give us the “ticket” to the realm we deserve. The process is perfectly in accordance with the universal law which has been in operation from time immemorial.

THE GREAT AND BRILLIANT DR. DEAN RADIN: Dean Radin's The Conscious Universe, Harper San Francisco 1997, is a forceful presentation of the scientific evidence for psi phenomena. Why don't the skeptics simply give up and admit the reality of psi? There are two possible reasons. First, Radin limits himself to the experimental side of parapsychology. There are no spirit visitations or poltergeists, no near-death or out-of -body experiences, no alien visitors. But because these topics can be conveniently lumped together with serious laboratory research, the whole subject of parapsychology remains vulnerable to skeptical attack.
Secondly, there is the nature of skepticism itself. In his chapter A Field Guide to Skepticism, Radin examines skepticism, its history, tactics and possible motivation. I very highly recommend his brilliant book. Try .Read more …

BRILLIANT RICHARD MILTON: a giant into alternative science. An alternative view of scientific discovery by controversial writer, broadcaster and journalist Richard Milton - Scientists and inventors who were ridiculed by science. Taboo topics. Investigate these and you're a crackpot. How the scientific police seek to patrol your minds. The real facts rather than the Scientific Urban Myths. Pathological skeptics brought to book. Forbidden Science. Hot links to the best alternative sites on the Web. Read more …

QUANTUM PHYSICS AND THE AFTERLIFE (2) click on BOOK chapter 25. British scientist, Ron Pearson, in his article "Survival Physics" argues that survival of death is a natural part of physics and efforts to discredit evidence of survival after death are misplaced. Since survival can be shown an essential and integral part of physics, the hope must be that the efforts still being made to discredit all evidence of survival will soon come to an end. This theory has achieved publication in Russian conference Proceedings (1&2) of 1991 and 1993 respectively, and in the peer-reviewed scientific journal "Frontier Perspectives"(3) in 1997. Furthermore Prof. Peter Wadhams, Professor of Ocean Physics at Cambridge University, supported the theory during a joint broadcast on the American Radio Shows in 2001. (Pearson, 2004). Click on BOOK, click on chapter 25.

PROFESSOR ALBERT EINSTEIN: one of the greatest minds of the twentieth century stated for the whole world to understand, “GREAT spirits have always encountered opposition from mediocre minds." Those uninformed who try to criticize the afterlife evidence without having even rebutted the expressly stated objective evidence for the afterlife ought to keep their mouth in its place. The more they talk loudly, the more they show how uninformed and ignorant they are.

SIR FRANCIS BACON, “Facts often appear incredible only because we are ill informed and cease to appear marvelous when our knowledge is extended.”

THE FRENCH REVELATION - : shows how one of the greatest lawyers in America, Edward C Randall, was able to communicate with intelligences from the afterlife. N. Riley Heagerty, editor, sent me a copy of one of the most important books in the history of psychic phenomena. A most important 400 page book about the work of American attorney Edward C Randall – who empirically tested direct voice medium Emily S French. This is the most credible psychic investigation in the history of the United States by a lawyer with the highest credibility.

FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: If somebody gave you information that is directly opposite to you cherished beliefs:
a) Do you ignore it?
b) Do you criticize the one who passed you the information?
c) Are you likely to say that the information is not valid because it is not part of your environmental programming?
d) Are you likely to study the information for validity?
We in the West have been programmed not to accept communicating with intelligences from the afterlife. The two opposite extremes have joined forces to oppose communicating with afterlife entities: the conservatives in the Churches and the establishment. When Galileo showed empirically that the establishment and the Church were wrong about the earth being in the centre of the Universe, Galileo had to recant on his knees, because if he didn’t he would have been burnt at the stake. Why? Because Galileo, even though what he stated was scientific, was against the belief that the earth was in the centre of the universe. This belief became deeply entrenched in the culture in the West. This is exactly what is happening these days – the conservatives in the Church and the secular establishment are against communicating with afterlife intelligences even though we empiricists do have the EMPIRCAL evidence to show that communicating with the afterlife is not only possible, but that is being done everyday.


WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD – SCIENCE & SPIRITUALITY: If you need some Christmas inspiration have a look at this video interview with New York Times best selling author Gregg Braden a pioneer in bridging science and spirituality. With an impressive background in science he presents compelling evidence that 8,000 dedicated visionaries CAN change global consciousness. What are we waiting for?? See the video (in English)

COMMENTARY: WARNING! Is BRITISH STAGE ENTERTAINER and self-confessed FAKE MEDIUM D. BROWN LYING, CHEATING FOR PERSONAL PROFIT? WHY? In pretending to be a medium in order to discredit mediumship, Brown knows he’s being a FRAUD and a SWINDLER. He knows he is misleading and misdirecting the people. He knows that as long as he is not supervised by experts he can get away with fraud. He willfully made many omissions to fool the unaware. That is unfair, unjust and unreasonable because a lot of those people who were sucked in by his intentionally false psychic presentation could have sat with genuine mediums before. The sitters would have superimposed the honesty, sincerity and the genuineness of their previous experiences onto this Brown and made subtle “concessions”. But we have no proof from Brown that the so-called sitters chosen were not his 'confederates'. If Brown can repeat what we do in our materialization experiments every week - he can earn himself half a million dollars. But, of course he won't. Because he'd be dealing with professionals. He’d be dealing with empiricists and scientists. And when he fails, HE would have to hand over half a million dollars! As long as he deals with the uninformed, with the timorous, with the gullible he knows he’s safe. He thinks he is getting away with lying, cheating and intentional fraud - all for personal profit.

PULITZER PRIZE-WINNING PROFESSOR JOHN MACK. “There is perhaps no more important question to human beings than whether consciousness survives bodily death. Above all, we want to know if our individual lives continue in some form, and whether we may ever again be in contact with those we have loved.” Dr. Mack wrote these words only weeks before his own passing on September 27, 2004. Mack advocated that Western culture requires a shift away from a purely materialist worldview (which he feels is responsible for the Cold War, the global ecological crisis, ethnonationalism and regional conflict) towards a transpersonal worldview which embraces certain elements of Eastern spiritual and philosophical traditions. Some of the world's most exciting research into mediumship is being conducted by the John Mack Institute Read more....

WANTED: Circle of the Silver Cord seeks a Patron to assist in bringing the message of environmental preservation and the continuity of life after physical death to the world. We seek someone who with their current standing can gain access to mainstream media to relate their experiences of the Circle. Send enquiries to

The Circle of Silver Cord: every week, a group of open minded searchers meet in the Northern Beaches of Sydney to participate in materialization experiments. We are called the Circle of the Silver Cord. We discuss topical issues mainly to do with the afterlife, the environment and other critical issues that are of urgent relevance to the world to-day. See more ...

SIX MONTHS! It has been just over six months since I joined the Circle of the Silver Cord. I state that with absolute certainty afterlife paranormal activity is taking place. That I personally guarantee. We are still working on the matters of voice correlations and validation of the individuals who are materalizing. Interesting to note that those materialists who in the past stated that they could duplicate anything psychics do have failed to duplicate the brilliant results we are getting.

$500.000 Half a million dollars is being offered by my sponsors to anyone to duplicate our results - not only to the debunkers and other materialists, but the offer is open to the most advanced scientists and anybody else in the world to-day . But if they they fail, a legal requirement is that they will have to hand over half a million dollars to our medium David Thompson (pictured just above left) - who is 'praying' for someone to me on! After six long months, I am still waiting! Debunkers and skeptics appear to agree by their silence that the materialization evidence for the existence of the afterlife is just irrefutable and irrebuttable.

SUICIDE: a number of emails were forwarded to me during these last sixteen years about suicide - including those actually contemplating suicide. I repeat my understanding of what happens to those who suicide: do NOT try to take your own life. From my research, those who try to short-cirucit their lives could find that things, more likely than not, to go much worse than expected on crossing over. Of course, there would be different consequences to suicide. This would depend on the motivation - avoiding responsibility, inevitable death, grave illness. Transmitted information from high sources from the afterlife, including Silver Birch, a highly credible source states that we are to do everything we can to experience as much as we can until we die - until we drop dead just like a ripe fruit drops from a tree. More about this very important topic later on. Aart Bosman from Holland send me an article on suicide Read more ...

SENSING MURDER: BRILLIANT TV SERIES. Gifted medium Laurie Campbell working with the police. New episodes of the US version of this brilliant program are coming soon. Laurie is currently not accepting any murder cases due to her schedule but is referring them to Pam Coronado. Read more...

ROB SMITH, Australian EVP expert will be doing an interview with Lia Ramses on this Saturday (Australian Eastern Time) about his “lates
t findings on EVP / Instrumental Trans Communication and Quantum relevance -” Rob has done a 2nd webcast on that will be accessible on Sunday 10th 2000hrs Perth Western Australian time.

QUANTUM PHYSICS AND THE AFTERLIFE (1) click on BOOK chapter 25. Professor Fred Alan Wolf sums up this argument when he writes, “I believe that the findings of quantum physics increasingly support Plato [who taught that there is a more perfect, non-material realm of existence]. There is evidence that suggests the existence of a non-material, non-physical universe that has a reality even though it might not as yet be clearly perceptible to our senses and scientific instrumentation. When we consider out-of-body experiences, shamanic journeys and lucid dream states, though they cannot be replicated in the true scientific sense, they also point to the existence of non-material dimensions of reality.” Go to BOOK top right, click on chapter 25.

EMPIRICISTS SAY: DEATH HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RELIGION or with any subjective, personal beliefs. I keep getting a lot of questions asking why the study of death is not the jurisdiction of religion. Why not, you may ask? Empiricists say that at the time of crossing over, what is happening really is a change of vibrations. According to Einstein our physical body’s molecules are vibrating at the speed of light – that is why you can see physical things and read this on your computer. On crossing over our physical body’s ‘etheric’ double, which vibrates faster than the speed of light, will emerge from the physical body. You will still have your memory, your senses, your character – the level of spiritual evolution. Those who have done their reading and research about the afterlife, are very likely to have a smooth transition because they know exactly what is going to happen.

If people – because of their environmental conditions - are happy and relaxed with their beliefs and they are spiritually exemplary, they have nothing to worry about – with or without a ‘holy man.’ But a serious problem is one’s beliefs and state of mind at the time of passing. Someone who has been taught that he will burn in hell for his sins and who really believes it, can actually create hell for himself – and he will actually see burning fire. Dr Rawlings, a cardiologist, experienced this when he was resuscitating a dying patient. His patient, in great panic and intensity, told Dr Rawlings not to stop because he was seeing hell fire!!!! This episode impressed Dr Rawlings so much, he wrote books about it and accepted that there is an afterlife. (See To Hell and Back
and Kevin Williams’ research conclusions The NDE and Hell

WHAT HAPPENS TO ‘ATHEISTS’ WHEN THEY DIE? The law of cause and effect applies to everyone without exception. It may surprise theologians that an atheist can be highly spiritual - those who unselfishly help others. On crossing over accordingly, it is what the atheist has done with his life that will be critical and determine the level of vibrations accumulated during time on earth. We know a number of atheists who do brilliant afterlife research e.g. British afterlife crusader Michael Roll. Read more...

Those who neglected afterlife matters – especially those who were actively negative about anything to do with the afterlife, could face some very serious problems. They can find themselves alive and refuse to believe that they are dead or that they are in the spirit world! “Look”, they will tell you, “I have a body. I can talk. I can think.” But ask them: “Why is it that when you try to talk to your colleagues they ignore you as if you were not there? When did you eat last? When did you sleep last? What time is it?” That mental confusion could last for thousands of years.

Click on BOOK top right, click on chapter 29 WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE!

ACADEMY OF SPIRITUALITY AND PARANORMAL STUDIES The mission of the Academy of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies, Inc. is to discern, develop and disseminate knowledge of how paranormal phenomena may relate to and enhance the development of the human spirit. Excellent website: Many of its articles have appeared in issues of "The Searchlight" or "Journal of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies," the Academy's quarterly magazine and journal. Additions to the page are made approximately every three months. One of its pages details "Intriguing Evidence of Life After Death" Read more...

AFTERLIFE BOOK NOW IN RUSSIAN BOOKSHOPS The book A LAWYER PRESENTS THE CASE FOR THE AFTERLIFE has been translated into Russian and is available for sale in Russian bookshops. Those who would like to purchase a Russian version send me an email.

(No.4) PSYCHIC INVESTIGATORS ASSIST POLICE SOLVE CRIME. Detective Wanner, Cumru Township Police in Pennsylvanian first consulted Dr Lauren Thibodeau about an unrelated case and she told him that soon he would be working on an old, unsolved crime. Six months later Detective Wanner was given the file on an unnamed woman who had been strangled, tied up in a blanket and dumped over an embankment in the small community of Cumru Township, Pennsylvania in December 1984. Dr Thibodeau had visions of lines of light across a map from New York to Chicago, a truck driver and the Brooklyn Bridge; murderer was a smoker, wears thick flannel shirt; there was sexual violence; the incident occurred near the Great Lakes; truck door was white. Spurred on by the psychic's accurate information, Detective Wanner was able to identify the victim and make contact with the victim’s family. Detective Wanner was able to arrested the murderer. He said, that the psychic assistance was critical to solving the case. Well done gifted psychic Dr Lauren Thibodeau!

DEEPAK CHOPRA influential doctor and author has come out in support of the Afterlife in his new book Life After Death: The Burden of Proof

DO NOT GET CONNED! Finally for this week - and for those who read this weekly column: NEVER give your bank account number to any Nigerian or anybody anywhere in the world; NEVER forward any money to some post office address in Africa or anywhere else - on the basis that you have won some lottery or someone left you a lot of money or to double your money in some investment scheme. Apparently hundreds of people, including a Florida lawyer (lost $320,000 !!!), a Professor of Mathematics and many others were caught in these fraudulent schemes. Do NOT trust anyone, anybody anytime. So many have been conned by fraudulent schemes. NEWS cable TV claimed billions of dollars have been lost by gullible Americans - and others!!

REPORT December 1st 2006

COMMENTARY: Transmission of information from the afterlife. I repeat, it is quite sensational during our materialization experiments to be hearing materialized afterlife entities – people who have been dead for decades (and Silver Birch dead 3,000 years ago) to be walking and talking and answering questions from us. This information is above the 'boggle threshold', outside our comfort zone and not part of our history, tradition, culture, values and beliefs.We tape these materialized entities' voices and we are getting better at obtaining clearer, more resonant voices. During our materialization experiments every week, the sitters go through the same ritual of searching each other, tying up the medium in some twenty different ways – including the seals. I personally guarantee that fraud is not and cannot take place. In absolute terms, it is physically impossible for another human being to interfere in what we are doing. Whilst the other sitters can sit quite comfortably, I confess, sitting in darkness is quite a challenge for me. It is an effort for me as my earliest experiences of darkness had to do with people in extreme fear of being killed. Whilst my psychological fear is now under control, it will take a few more weeks to completely master the situation. But because the results are so universally of critical importance, I really have tried very hard to maintain my cool in these challenging situations. But, at the moment I’m some 95% OK! The other sitters, as the sound files show, are extremely confident conversing in total darkness. I remind all that it is very important to do our work in total darkness as any bit of light will attack ectoplasm (white substance which is emitted from the medium) which could seriously injure our medium. We have been promised bigger things will happen in the future.

CLARITY OF VOICES: please note carefully: just for the record, the voices of those who speak when they are materialized change slightly because of ectoplasm. It is more difficult to speak when afterlife entities materialize than if they speak in ‘direct voice.’ The afterlife entities who spoke through Leslie Flint were not fully materialized so the voices tend to be clearer and more resonant. Only those who have mastered the materialization process– such as William, Jack and Timothy can speak very clearly with resonance.

WANTED: Circle of the Silver Cord seeks a Patron to assist in bringing the message of environmental preservation and the continuity of life after physical death to the world. We seek someone who with their current standing can gain access to mainstream media to relate their experiences of the Circle. Send enquiries to

The Circle of Silver Cord: every week, a group of open minded searchers meet in the Northern Beaches of Sydney to participate in materialization experiments. We are called the Circle of the Silver Cord. We discuss topical issues mainly to do with the afterlife, the environment and other critical issues that are of urgent relevance to the world to-day.For more information:

THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND’S ARCHBISHOP DR COSMO LANG (the equivalent to the Catholic’s Pope): I received a number of emails expressing surprise that Dr Lang who materialized last Friday refused to answer two of the three questions I put to him. We were informed that in his days on earth Dr Lang was fairly radical. But the American emailers stated they were rather surprised he “chose to take the Fifth Amendment” – refusing to answer a question directly related to his source of knowledge. These emailers thought now that the Archbishop is in the afterlife, he would have the necessary correct information to answer critical questions about how Jesus was turned into a God at the Council of Nicea in 325. Further, as to the real reason why the famous 1938 Report by the Church of England about spirit contact was suppressed. The world needs to know the truth as to what happened during the Council of Nicea- perhaps the most important Council in the history of the Western world. This is because it was at this Council that the Western mind was shaped for nearly two thousand years! Listen to Archbishop Dr Cosmo Lang – go to left column, top left under Audios of David Thompson.

SENSING MURDER: BRILLIANT TV SERIES. Gifted medium Laurie Campbell (pictured left with Allison Dubois) working with the police to solve serious crime. New episodes coming soon. Please see news/events page for episodes guide and law enforcement telephone numbers. If you have any information regarding the cases shown on Sensing Murder please contact Crimestopper's to report anonymously call 1-888-441-5505Laurie is currently not accepting anymurder cases due to her schedule Laurie refers murder cases to Pam Coronado. “There is perhaps no more important question to human beings than whether consciousness survives bodily death. Above all, we want to know if our individual lives continue in some form, and whether we may ever again be in contact with those we have loved.” Dr. John E Mack.
Read more ...

AFTERLIFE EVIDENCE: my afterlife evidence is not just a summary of the available evidence but a LEGAL presentation of the evidence. The presentation of the evidence is done in plain English but in a legally admissible way.

ROB SMITH, EVP expert will be doing an interview with Lia Ramses on GHOST RADIO STATION this Saturday 9th December (Australian Eastern Time) about his “latest findings on EVP / Instrumental Trans Communication and Quantum relevance - just a heads up if you are interested.”

READ SOME RARE AFTERLIFE MATERIAL thanks to the patience of Aart Bosman from Holland
(Ignore the access forbidden message and click on the link below it) or try

A most interesting afterlife website.

SURPRISE YOURSELF: 'THE SECRET' - Behind The Secret. The Secret is the culmination of many centuries of great thinkers, scientists, artists and philosophers. All of the people involved behind the scenes with The Secret are honored to stand on the shoulders of these great people cherishing the ideas that have come before us. Our Behind The Secret area hopes to shed a little light on the talent, the cast, the crew and the teachers in the Making Of The Secret. So let's begin with "How The Secret was made..." Access their website:

INTELLIGENT DESIGN (ID): I am curious, but always curious in an empirical way. I am not affiliated with any of the ID philosophers. I am totally independent on ID. In the strictest terms, ID has nothing to do with creationism or historical religion of any kind- especially those from the U.S.. There were those religionists who exploited ID in a non-empirical way – and that’s not right. As a lawyer using empirical reasoning, I see links between cause and effect and I ask materialist scientists, to please explain the issues raised below. But these materialists have to be careful not to label everything to have ‘come by chance’ in nature. Guaranteed there will be unanimous agreement regarding the items numbered below, Given probabilities, ‘chance’ does not explain anything. It’s a copout. This is because mathematical probability will be in the TRILLION TO TRILLIONS to ONE that these phenomena could NOT have come by chance. Whilst there are thousands of items that come within Intelligent Design, hereinafter are just 15 major items for these materialist scientists to explain that there is no Intelligent Design. I submit quite objectively, any level minded person will see that there IS intelligent design of some sort: (***Note carefully, the issue here is that if there is intelligent design, inevitably there has to be a ‘designer’. But as a legal empiricist it is not possible to extend and to go beyond a ‘designer.’ I leave it up to you how you want to define ‘designer.’

Materialists scientists please explain there is no intelligent design in the following. If you cannot, inevitably you will have to accept there has to be a 'designer':

1.Centrifugal forces in the universe. It is not in dispute that there is a force in the universe preventing the collision and collapse of the universe.
2.As distinct from 1 above, the precision of the cosmic orders in our solar system ie, the actual revolving of the planets around the sun.
3. The precision of the cosmic order in other solar systems.
4. Gravity.
5. The Laws of Physics – the atom, nuclear energy.
6. Evolution: the energy life-force that precipitated evolution in the past and -
7. The present growth in anything alive from human, animal, bird, vegetable, insect and fish.
8. The internal biological precision of the functions of the body and of every living creature.
9. As distinct from 8 above, DNA
10. The sexual orgasm.
11. As distinct from 10 above, the power of attraction for mating in all species.
12. Human intelligence -and other species’ intelligence.
13. Human memory.
14. Species’ ability to adapt.
15. Materialization miracles witnessed by independent experts.

GIFTED MEDIUMS AND PSYCHICS WHO HELPED POLICE IN HOPELESS CASES It is most unfair, unreasonable and unjust for those debunkers who put on their websites that the police never sought the assistance of gifted psychics. That, in absolute terms, is not true. The police seek the assistance of gifted psychics regularly. I worked for a law enforcement agency and can attest that the police do seek the assistance of gifted psychics. But some of the police want to keep this psychic assistance quiet. Why should these debunkers lie, mislead and deceive the public? The public can see that those skeptical debunkers who are trying to attack Allison Dubois (see directly on right column) - and other gifted mediums and gifted psychics - are deluding themselves. Truth, sooner or later will out - guaranteed. For the last two weeks items on PSYCHIC DETECTIVES go to left column, ARTICLES
Psychic detectives help police

PSYCHIC DETECTIVES: Lompoc Police Department – near Santa Barbara (U.S.), engaged the services of brilliant psychic Dixie Yeterian to solve a murder mystery of ‘Owen E’. Dixie has a record of assisting other police departments and the FBI. Detective Mel Ramos (Ret.) of Lompoc Police Department stated, “The psychic solved the mystery really.” He added, words to the effect, but for her psychic skills the murder would not have been solved because the police came to an absolute dead end. Dixie Yeterian stated that, “ … the body would be found some 15 miles away from the murdered home; there are farms in the are; a steep hill; cattle; gravel road.” She saw “ …a rifle being taken away from the wall”. She heard a gunshot; felt pressure on left side of the brain. He “… was buried in a shallow grave.” She gave them more information but the final piece of critical information the psychic told the police was that the murdered own son killed his father. Police picked up the son and after telling him what the psychic told them, he confessed. He was convicted of murder. Detective Ramos stated that the psychic accurately described what happened to the murdered father – as told to them by the son. Brilliant psychic work Dixie!

NDE'S The Near-Death Newsletter is a free monthly newsletter from The mission of the newsletter is to provide the latest news on the subject of near-death experiences and related phenomena and to promote IANDS (International Association for Near-Death Studies), near-death researchers, experiencers, events, and multimedia resources. Check out the November Newsletter now.

ACADEMY OF SPIRITUALITY AND PARANORMAL STUDIES The mission of the Academy of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies, Inc. is to discern, develop and disseminate knowledge of how paranormal phenomena may relate to and enhance the development of the human spirit. Excellent website:
Most of the following articles have appeared in issues of "The Searchlight" or "Journal of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies," the Academy's quarterly magazine and journal. Additions to this page will be made approximately every three months. Intriguing Evidence of Life After Death See website below:

MEMORABLE QUOTE: “This is my religion. There is no need for temples. No need for complicated philosophies. My mind and my heart are my temples. My philosophy is kindness.” The Dalai Lama.

CHINESE TRANSLATION OF THE BOOK WANTED: is there a translator from anywhere in the world willing to voluntarily translate the book into Chinese? I am so grateful that the book has been translated into Russian, and it is now available in Russian bookshops. Thanks to the other translators who translated the book on voluntary basis into Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese; thousands have benefited from this.
The book is currently being translated into French. For enquiries:victor

“GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!” stated Patrick Henry in the United States on March 23, 1775 at St. John's Henrico Parish Church in Richmond. So one of his slaves took his advice and escaped to freedom. The spirit longs to be free.

THINKING OF A PRESENT FOR CHRISTMAS? The fourth version – best yet so far – of my book is now out. Just twenty $20 U.S.dollars including postage makes a nice gift for your favorite friends – and something that that will guarantee them a smooth crossing over if they follow the principles outlined. Go to BOOK right column and pay credit card or Paypal. Do remember, this is a non profit endeavor. Postage is included – which is some $11.10 Aud.

EXCEPTIONAL EXPERIENCE: my own grandmother died at the age of 90 years. She bravely survived years of German bombings in World War II in Europe. At the moment of her death in bed, her eyes slowly opened and closed in the dim light. Three of her daughters were stunned when she stated very clearly with a subdued voice, staring directly above her, “Where is this bright light coming from?” A moment later she crossed over. There have been thousands of reports by people who at the time of crossing over see very bright light – a good sign they made it to the realm of the Light. We have been guaranteed that we will be reunited with our loved ones on crossing over – that is the empirical evidence.

AFTERLIFE DOCUMENTARY: are there any filmmakers out there who would be interested to make a documentary about the evidence for the afterlife? We need investors, producers and others who can make a contribution. Those who are genuinely interested please contact me:victor

GOOD VOICES IN ENGLISH and SPANISH (later on in other languages). We have decided to do audio versions of the book for the benefit of friends of our readers. Do we have some trained actors and others who have pleasant, clear and resonant voices willing to each read a chapter to be placed on this site? Please contact me on:victor