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January 2004

30th Jan 2004

Question of the week: I don't believe that U.S. President Abe Lincoln was advised by spirits about major US policy decisions . 'Skeptic.' - Louisiana, US.
ANS: You MUST read THE HAUNTING OF THE PRESIDENTS by L Martin & W.J. Birnes (Signet Feb 03) where you will be given detailed, documented information about - not only Lincoln, but other US Presidents directly involved in psychic phenomena and the afterlife.

PRESIDENT ABE LINCOLN: actually was ADVISED during séances on US policy. The spirit of Daniel Webster through the gifted psychic trance medium Nettie Colburn advised Lincoln not to delay the issuing of the historical Emancipation Declaration. In February 1963 Lincoln accepted the advice of a spirit called 'Dr Bamford' that he personally visit the troops at the front in order to quell a potential rebellion by the Union military. Another gifted medium, Charles Schockle, at the White House related critical 'future information' to Pres Lincoln about the sinking of the Confederate CSS Alabama. It sank after it had previously captured over sixty union ships with an estimated value of more than $6 million.

QUESTION FOR ALL TIMES: Why does the establishment in the West have a historical negative anti-psychic bias? Sydney, Australia
ANS: brilliant historians Arthur Findlay, Lea Henry, Helen Ellerby & many others state that from 1128 AD until the 1880's the 'Holy Inquisition' caused the death of over 15 million people (mostly women) in Europe and the U.S. and South Americas. These included many who were either psychic or supported psychics. A couple of years ago the present Pope APOLOGIZED for the mass slaughter of the innocents. The Vatican's 'Holy Office of the Inquisition' was dissolved only in the early 1900's. But the anti-psychic partiality started around the fourth century. At one time the mediums and the priests worked together in the temples. Jealousy evolved and the priests successfully ousted the psychics - one of the saddest incidents in the history of the world.

RUSSIAN PSYCHIC BEATS THEM ALL: Russian scientists tried so hard to fault one of the most famous Russian psychics - Nelya Mikhailova - but the psychic won each time. For more than 30 years she was the most extensively tested psychokinesis psychic in the world. She was tested by the Who's Who of Soviet science including several Nobel-prize winners. In 1968 Moscow's top physicist Dr Ya Terletsky publicly proclaimed in Moscow Pravda "Mrs Mikhailova displays a new and unknown form of energy".

PSYCHIC WARFARE: somebody tell those uninformed closed minded skeptics that many countries do research into psychic phenomena. The KGB with the Russian Military-Industrial Commission spent an estimated 500 million roubles under Yuri Andropov to 'push full-speed ahead with psychic warfare.' - From PSYCHIC WARFARE and MIND CONTROLS chapter 29 in PSYCHIC DISCOVERIES - THE IRON CURTAIN LIFTED - by S Ostrander & L Schroeder.

BRILLIANT SWEDISH SCIENTIST: Swedenborg was one of the first scientists in the world to use his vast scientific knowledge to investigate the existence of the afterlife - and to write volume on his observations of the afterlife. A most fascinating history you must not miss. An excellent summary is the book A SCIENTIST EXPLORES SPIRIT - obtainable through Swedenborg organizations around the world.

FRENCH PSYCHIC Joan of Arc: first she was tried and 'murdered' - burnt at the stake because she was psychic. Then later the Vatican made her a Saint. I suggest you read the real story of Joan of Arc and her gifted psychic skills in Arthur Findlay's book THE CURSE OF IGNORANCE. - try major libraries.

SCIENTISTS' ADAGE: never to be forgotten: "Assertions of impossibility are based on the metaphysical creeds of the scientists of the day." Professor C.J. Ducasse (U.S.). Some conventional scientists MAY have some problems with psi, but certainly millions of people do not. This is evidenced by major national polls conducted by highly credible firms such as Gallup, Roper and Yankelovich. They repeatedly found that 93% of the American public accepted or believed the evidence for 18 paranormal phenomena (and the afterlife) offered for consideration.

MORE JEWS ARE ACCEPTING THE EVIDENCE FOR THE AFTERLIFE: Whilst Jewish writings do not specifically state much about the afterlife, more than ever, scientists with Jewish background are now giving empirical information about the existence of the afterlife.However, because Judaism is primarily focused on life here and now rather than on the afterlife, Judaism does not have much dogma about the afterlife, and leaves a great deal of room for personal opinion. It is possible for an Orthodox Jew to believe that the souls of the righteous dead go to a place similar to the Christian heaven, or that they are reincarnated through many lifetimes, or that they simply wait until the coming of the messiah, when they will be resurrected. Likewise, Orthodox Jews can believe that the souls of the wicked are tormented by demons of their own creation, or that wicked souls are simply destroyed at death, ceasing to exist.

BIBLICAL REFERENCES TO THE AFTERLIFE: Some scholars claim that belief in the afterlife is a teaching that developed late in Jewish history. It is true that the Torah emphasizes immediate, concrete, physical rewards and punishments rather than abstract future ones. See, for example, Lev. 26:3-9 and Deut. 11:13-15. However, there is clear evidence in the Torah of belief in existence after death. The Torah indicates in several places that the righteous will be reunited with their loved ones after death, while the wicked will be excluded from this reunion. The Torah speaks of several noteworthy people being "gathered to their people." See, for example, Gen. 25:8 (Abraham), 25:17 (Ishmael), 35:29 (Isaac), 49:33 (Jacob), Deut. 32:50 (Moses and Aaron) II Kings 22:20 (King Josiah). This gathering is described as a separate event from the physical death of the body or the burial.

RUSSIAN GIRL WITH X-RAY VISION: Television interviews with this amazing young Russian girl, who has been thoroughly tested by some of the toughest traditional scientists in Russia and the West. This Russian girl has X-ray eyes! She passed ALL tests. More about this most interesting case later.

Report 23rd January 2004

VICTOR RESPONDS TO THE KING OF THE U.S. CLOSED MINDED SKEPTICS: who said, "There is no afterlife … if psychics were real why don't they predict race winners … Las Vegas results, terrorist attacks … " The name of the closed minded skeptic who said is not important that but the quote is. Whilst it is good to have a healthy skeptical mind, it is silly and even ridiculous to make unsubstantiated statements in an inadmissible, dogmatic way. My sharp, short rebuttal .. Read more…

THE AFTERLIFE EXPERIMENTS: Breakthrough Scientific Evidence of Life After Death by Professor Gary Schwartz has now become a classic. "Science meets spiritualism in this extra-ordinary precise and detailed of experiments … it is one of the most important books written on this subject." James Van Praagh. "Dr Schwartz perfectly blends the academic principles of science with … spirituality, searching …what happens when we die." John Edward.

EXPERIENTIAL EVIDENCE: whilst strictly not 'scientific' is the most powerful evidence for the existence of the afterlife. People who experienced some form of contact with afterlife entities do NOT need empirical evidence for the afterlife. But for closed minded skeptics who completely reject the personal 'experiential' evidence, empirical evidence is critical. There is NO room for doubt: the empirical evidence for the afterlife is definitive, unequivocal and absolute.

AROUND HOLLYWOOD, BEVERYLY HILLS, SANTA MONICA: … in these areas searching for a good bookshop for psychic and spirituality? One of the best bookshops I've visited anywhere in the world: visit the BODHI TREE BOOKSTORE 8585 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood, CA telephone toll-free - 1-800-8259798 or 310-659-1733. Email :

SKEPTICISM: is different from closed mindedness materialism. Historically, skepticism means to 'doubt.' Skepticism does NOT mean denying the existence of any phenomena. The closed minded materialists appeared to have hijacked the label 'skepticism' and are hiding behind it when in fact these materialists are NOT skeptics, they are irretrievably closed minded, denying anything unless you can touch it, feel it, smell it, hear and taste it. Go to left column click LAWYER ON THE SKEPTICS…

NOTICE TO ALL: there has NEVER been anyone - scientist or anybody else in history who produced ANY kind of evidence that the afterlife just cannot exist. Whereas there have been too many scientists and empiricists who stated they used their scientific knowledge to show that the afterlife exists click on BOOK, then click on chapter 2

PSYCHICS IN THE WHITE-HOUSE: Nobel Peace Prize winner and the one who conceived the idea of the League of Nations, President Woodrow Wilson, sought the services of highly gifted psychic Edgar Cayce for healing and guidance when he was President. Highly intelligent, he would have assessed the validity of the evidence for psychic/spiritual healing and guidance - AND he decided to go with it.

DO NOT FOOL AROUND WITH POWERFUL 'PSYCHICS': A fascinating true story: another - earlier American President who came into extreme conflict with a powerful Native American psychic Tenskwatawa paid the ultimate price. Harrison was governor of Indiana Territory and was the leader of the American army when in 1811 he led the slaughter of the Shawnee Red Indians at Tippecanoe and threw them off the land. In response, the Red Indian psychic/medicine, (the younger brother of the Shawnees' leader Tecumseh) predicted that Harrison would be killed in office when he became the leader of the nation (the President). Years later in 1840-1 Harrison became President and lasted just four weeks in office - then he mysteriously died. All were stunned by his sudden death. The first time a President died in office.

PRESIDENTIAL CURSE & PRE-COGNITION?: something known to historians and not in dispute. The same powerful American Native Indian psychic Tenskwatawa (mentioned above) is reported to heave predicted the death in office of every American President elected in a year ending in zero. The 'negative energy' - otherwise known as the 'curse' began in 1840 with President Harrison. Twenty years later Abraham Lincoln was killed in office. Twenty years later in 1880 President Garfield was killed in office. Twenty years later President W McKinley elected in 1900 was killed in office. President W G Harding elected in 1920 died in office. Franklin D Roosvelt elected for the 3rd term in 1940 died in office. President Kennedy elected in 1960 died in office. President Ronald Reagan elected in 1980 was saved by an assassin bullet - psychics believe because his wife Nancy sought psychic protection against the Presidential curse. What is going to happen to George W Bush elected in 2000? (facts from a book by Joel Martin & William J Birnes THE HAUNTING OF THE PRESIDENTS)

TIM RYAN 'PURE GOLD' AFTERLIFE RESEARCH: I had the privilege of meeting Tim Ryan recently in Los Angeles. He has made available to the world an incredible collection of 200 out of copyright 'rare' books on the subject of communications from the spirit side (the actual words from spirit) or the process of how to do it. Of particular interest to readers of this site are the books on Channeled Spirit Teachings, Future Life in the Spirit World, Mediumship and Mediums (40 full text books) Spiritualist and Anti-spiritualist Readings Tim Ryan's amazing full text library of free e-books.

Report 16th January 2004

'CATHOLICS': I received correspondence that of all religions the Catholics appear to be the nearest to accepting the 'empirical' afterlife evidence. It was argued that their fundamental (not the overall theology) beliefs about the afterlife are consistent with what empirical knowledge there is about the afterlife: 1) that our individual consciousness survives death intact 2) that how we will live on earth will determine where we go in the afterlife 3) That some souls go through a process of 'Purgatory' - but will eventually progress to the higher realm 4) That there can be contact and mutual help between the living and the dead and 5) That there is a hell.

HELL EXISTS: Yes, empirical information states there is are dark, horrible realms BUT that 'hell' is NOT for eternity - and that and that one in hell will one day - even if it takes eons of time, progress to the higher spheres. One day perhaps, the Catholics will modify their teaching about eternal damnation- as they appear to be doing now in advanced countries. Besides, I'm informed Catholics now have their own Psychic Research Department at the Vatican and elsewhere.

FAREWELL MONTAGUE KEEN: We cannot avoid the inevitable - sooner or later we ALL have to cross over! One of the UK's top psychic scientists (see picture) and a high ranking officer from the Society of Psychical Research died this week on the 16th January. Closed minded skeptics opposed him because he was objective and impartial in reporting his psychic research. Some psychics opposed him claiming he was too tough, rejecting some of the claims. Goodbye Monty. With absolute certainty, you now KNOW that the afterlife exists!

ABRAHAM LINCOLN: Perhaps the GREATEST President of the United States at a most critical time in the history of the U.S. He admitted that when he was in office he sought advice from gifted psychics and mediums. It is recorded that President Lincoln WAS given the information that he would be assassinated.

NASA & PSI: the National Aeronautics and Space Administration first became interested in psychic phenomena in the 60's. Two American engineers from Cape Kennedy visited Dr Konstantine Raudive at Bad Krozingen to obtain information about his Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). Recently NASA scientists participated in the now famous SCOLE EXPERIMENTS- psychic experimentation conducted over four years in many countries. Click on BOOK top right, click on chapter 5.

FALLING OFF THE CHAIR LAUGHING: Yes, it nearly happened to me when I saw a closed minded skeptic from the UK, who has ALWAYS denied the existence of psychic phenomena has now put out a book - wait for it: to test to see if you are psychic! A case of if you can't beat them, join them!!!

REMINDER VICTOR is NOT a crusader: Crusading and psychic phenomena do not complement each other. You can keep your beliefs - be they religious or secular or atheistic. But NEVER forget that only empirically elicited information can be tested for validity. Your decisions on this planet earth will determine what will happen to you in the future. All evidence in the afterlife research I presented is empirically derived. Click on BOOK top right.

THE DIALECTICS OF ARGUMENT: I find it unnecessary to use confrontation with those who do not fully agree with the empirical/scientific evidence for the afterlife. Instead of fighting religion it is much better to ask them to join us - and let them keep their beliefs. Empiricists are NOT concerned with beliefs but with SCIENCE and with using SCIENTIFIC METHOD to measure phenomena.

PROFESSOR JESSICA UTTS: is Professor of Statistics University of California. With Nobel Laureate Professor Josephson she wrote THE PARANORMAL: THE EVIDENCE AND ITS IMPLICATIONS FOR CONSCIOUSNESS - really brilliant work. Professor Jessica Utts also co-authored a report for psychic assessment at the request of U.S. Congress and the C.I.A.

JOHN EDWARD SHOW TO BE CANCELLED: There is talk that John Edward's TV show CROSSING OVER is going to be cancelled. I am asking you to assist in this very urgent matter by signing a petition to make sure John Edward's TV show will stay on air. Commun-icating with our loved ones who crossed over is the MOST important discovery in human history. John Edward's contribution on a GLOBAL level in this regard is magnificent. Sign the petition now. To save the show go to:

Report 9th January 2004:

MY TRAVELS: I was in the United States, Los Angles in Santa Monica and Hollywood over Christmas and New Year. Afterlife documentaries for television will become a reality - more about this later on. I am now more convinced than ever that acceptance of the afterlife is permanent in the U.S. and elsewhere around the world. The huge volume of books, journals, spiritual groups, radio and television afterlife programs and Internet coverage are irreversibly increasing. Since the afterlife is inescapable and inevitable and censorship has been removed - AND the evidence for the afterlife is becoming more objective all the time, ALL of us want to know what is going to happen to us when we cross over - click on BOOK top right - click on chapter 27.

AAEVP: American Association for Electronic Voice Phenomena ( a most powerful empirical way of proving the afterlife) will be hosting most important top class speakers in a forthcoming conference 3rd-6th June 04: Tom & Lisa Butler, Mark Macy, Dr Annabella Cordoso, Rev Robert Egly, Dennis Hauck, Rev Barbara Thurman and others. There will be a session to contact afterlife intelligences. Details:

STAGES OF ACCEPTING THE AFTERLIFE EVIDENCE: When an OPEN MINDED skeptic receives objective, empirical information about the afterlife, experience has shown that in STAGE 1: Rejection. Initially, all of the information is rejected - tentatively. This is because of what psychologists call 'rationalization through cognitive dissonance' - people tend to rationalize their cherished beliefs obtained when growing up in a particular environment. Any inconsistent information with their cherished beliefs usually will be perceived as dissonant or disturbing information.
STAGE 2: entertaining 'doubt.' The 'objective, empirical evidence' persists in the mind of the open minded skeptic and inevitably starts to raise doubts that the evidence may be valid.
STAGE 3. Acceptance: the open minded skeptic still remains an open minded skeptic BUT accepts the evidence because the sheer volume of objective, empirical evidence overwhelms and overrides the skeptic's defences.

ANY QUESTIONS: if there is anyone who would like my assistance with any genuine psychic problem - email me at once. Over the years there has been a constant flow of people who needed urgent assistance with a particular psychic problem - EVP, ITC, apparitions, remote viewing, mediumship, hauntings, contacting loved ones and other psi/spiritual. THERE IS NO FEE AT ALL - it's all done by email. But please make your enquiries sharp and short giving just the essential details.

AA-ITC - Australian Association - Instrumental Trans Communication. A new association is being formed to research and disseminate information about ITC in Australia. I believe that ITC provides clear and blatant evidence for the afterlife which no one on earth can refute. ITC's history is rich with powerful afterlife evidence - click on BOOK top right, then click on chapter. If you are into ITC in Australia, contact me to form a correspondence group and share information. My

NOBODY ESCAPES KARMA: There are wonderful, dedicated law enforcement officers who risk their lives so that we live in peace and harmony with all. I have the greatest respect for these gallant officers. But when I worked for a law enforcement agency in years gone by, I noticed there is a class of law officers who are abusing the system, are corrupt, are cheats, liars and indulge in a lot of negative behavior. NOBODY escapes negative karma, NOBODY! That's absolutely guaranteed!

BARBARA ANN BRENNAN A GREAT SCIENTIST who worked for NASA has made a huge contribution towards the understanding of the human AURA and HEALING. Access her best selling book HANDS OF LIGHT and LIGHT EMERGING. Absolutely brilliant! Try

FUNDS TO INVEST! Who says you can't take your money with you when you die? Money is energy. If you use your money to produce positive energy by investing in afterlife television projects educating people around the world about the afterlife, INEVITABLY you will be making a most significant contribution.You WILL be able to take the benefits of the money energy with you when you cross over. $1 to $5 million needed to finance continuing television projects, documentaries. &

BE A SPIRITUAL WARRIOR: There is absolutely nothing wrong by presenting the evidence to its extreme when articulating the evidence for the afterlife. For some 17 centuries our Western history, culture, tradition and beliefs put emphasis on personal, subjective beliefs which could not be proved. We now have SCIENTIFIC METHOD to irrefutably validate the religion-free existence of the afterlife. Blind faith inevitably has to give way to scientific method. The Universities know and the 'Galileo Effect' state that it can never be any other way. Some 21 areas of afterlife evidence was obtained by scientific method - click on BOOK top right.

'GALILEO EFFECT': the acceptance of the afterlife is independent to religious beliefs, gender and race. Keep your religious beliefs - but also accept the above stated Galileo Effect' - that whenever there is an inconsistency between scientific method (the empirical) and personal beliefs, inevitably, science will prevail over personal religious, cultural or traditional beliefs.

DR STEPHEN BRAUDE: brilliant Professor/Chair of the Philosophy Dept. at the University of Marylanad is making a huge impact in the paranormal world with his 328 page book: IMMORTAL REMAINS - the Evidence for Life after Death. Dr Braude deals with more than ten areas of afterlife evidence. 'Lucid and comprehensive.' 'Unique.' Order

SEND GENUINE PSYCHIC EXPERIENCES: I do receive from time to time emails from those who had some psychic experience and want some explanation. I do welcome these genuine experiences - some may be an apparition, sensing a loved one who had crossed over, a dream, out of body/near death experience, haunting and any psychic/spiritual phenomenon. I also would like to get in touch with a materialization medium - send to:

HILARY CLINTON, US SENATOR & wife of ex US President Clinton does psychic research and, like many other gifted psychics, has been able to communicate with entities who are now in the afterlife - specifically Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of former US President Roosevelt.- see a most interesting book by Joel Martin & William J Birnes THE HAUNTING OF THE PRESIDENTS.

OPRAH WINFREY one of the most powerful women in the world to-day supports spiritual work and spiritual healing work. Oprah herself has done a great deal of spiritual work helping thousands in South Africa and elsewhere.

NANCY REAGAN, wife of ex American President Ronald Reagan successfully consulted psychic matters to protect the President from the negativity being directed at him. See Joel Martin & William J Birnes THE HAUNTING OF THE PRESIDENTS.

SHIRLEY MACLEAN, international movie star par excellance - who was one of the first - bravest and fearless world celebrity to state publicly she accepted the evidence for the afterlife and for psychic phenomena. Support her shows.

DR AMIT GOSWAMI quantum physicist. Author of several books` - his best: PHYSICS OF THE SOUL - the quantum book of living, dying, reincarnation and immortality. "One of the most brilliant minds in the world of science.'Deepak Chopra M.D.

CHRISTIANITY, JUDAISM, ISLAM, HINDUISM, BUDDHISM- authority for the afterlife: occasionally I do receive questions about what evidence is there in the religious writings such as, the Bible, the Book of the Law (Judaism). First: one MOST fundamental problem is that we do NOT have the ORIGINAL texts of the Bible or the Book of Law. Secondly, there is really very little, if anything, about what is going to happen to us when we inevitably cross over. Apart from the religion of SPIRITUALISM which was created specifically to inform us about the afterlife, other religions are extremely vague about afterlife matters. Of the major religions including CHRISTIANITY, JUDAISM, ISLAM, HINDUISM, BUDDHISM the writings of Christianity - the New Testment - Catholicism has specific information about the afterlife. Empirically, it is accepted that conduct on earth will determine where one ends up: an unselfish life, one of clean living and selfless service will increase your vibrations and will get you to the highest of the third level (heaven). One of low living on earth, may get you to the upper end of the second realm, lower third realm (purgatory). If one leads a nasty life of selfishness, abuse, of cheating, lying, harassment, abuse of power, etc.. that person is likely to end down in hell - the lowest of the second level. This information has been transmitted by highly credible sources from the afterlife - mentioned elsewhere: Anthony Borgia, Silver Birch, Arthur Findlay works and others. My strong recommendation: ALL religions ought to embrace SPIRITUALISM to give substance to their theology about the most important, critical and vital event in your life - crossing over.

CATHOLICS: will argue that their fundamental beliefs about the afterlife are consistent with what empirical knowledge there is about the afterlife: 1. how you will live on the earth will determine where you go in the afterlife. 2. Purgatory means that you will eventually progress to the higher realm. 3 That for the 'evil' ones there is hell. Yes, empirical information states there is a dark, horrible realm BUT that 'hell' is NOT for eternity - and the one in hell will one day - even if it takes eons of time, will progress to the higher spheres. Empirically elicited information over-rides personal, religious beliefs.

PRE-COGNITION: (telling the future) is one of the most important psychic phenomenon. Very few people in this world really appreciate the enormous value it has. Chris Robinson the 'PSYCHIC DETECTIVE' who was regularly hired by British espionage agency M15 is now conducting validation pre-cognition test. See preliminary tests carried by Dr Keith Hearne BSc MSc PhD

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