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Report February 8th 2008

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COMMENTARY: ‘SENSING MURDER’ – ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! The Tracey Ann Patient episode: Just recently, the New Zealand version of “Sensing Murder” (Ninox TV/TV NZ Production) was shown in Australia. We fully understand that when it was shown in New Zealand some months ago, Sensing Murder raised much controversy. Anything of value inevitably would raise controversy – and so it should. Why? Because it will force us to closely examine the evidence of the controversial issue. In this case the critical issues are the paranormal and afterlife. My professional background is the admissibility of evidence. To resolve the issues therefore we have to closely look at the objective evidence – and to remove all existing prejudices. In the highest courts we get the highest level of professional debate. This is the very special venue where we are informed by experts which argument is correct and valid and admissible, and which argument is not. So, let’s see how the professionals at the highest level would deal with “Sensing Murder”. The obvious questions that arise are: considering that psychics Deb Webber and Sue Nicholson were both highly accurate in their discernment of the circumstances of the death of Tracey Ann Patient, was there fraudulent conduct? Where did they get their accurate information from? Was there a conspiracy between the Production executives, the television station and the psychics? Was someone aiding and abetting the psychics? Was someone trying to mislead the public? Or can it be that these said psychics are genuine? Read more....

I came across a skeptical ‘physicist’ – who is telling everyone that ‘Sensing Murder cannot be right because of the Law of Conservation!’ WRONG! This closed minded skeptic - once a physicist – now working in computers is sticking to orthodoxy – where he makes negative prejudicial decisions before he empirically investigates. Read more …


QUESTION: what’s wrong with orthodox science when it comes to the paranormal?
Victor: As yet, orthodox science does not accept the paranormal or the evidence for the afterlife BUT orthodox science has not been able to rebut the substantive and objective evidence for the afterlife. For example, I have some twenty-two areas of afterlife evidence (click on BOOK top right) which after nearly nine years on the internet, no orthodox skeptical scientist or anybody else has been able to rebut. Critical: in professional debate the onus has shifted onto the orthodox scientists to show where, when, how and why the submitted afterlife evidence cannot be admitted as admissible evidence. This has NOT been done! Consistent with the highest legal rationale of the Supreme Court and the High Court (the highest authority to inform where an argument is valid or invalid AND where all judges would agree that a minimal level a prima facie case has been made out that there is an afterlife), any evidence formally submitted and not rebutted will stay as unrebutted - but it will remain valid, admissible evidence. Translated this means there is an afterlife.

ENGLAND TO ENACT LAWS THAT COULD SEND FRAUDULENT PSYCHICS TO PRISON: Yes, laws are being enacted in England (see item below) that are aimed at the fraudulent psychics. We have to concede there are people who are NOT psychics - claim they are psychic or mediums and are fleecing the public of hard earned cash. As mentioned before - and worth repeating, an American alleged ‘psychic’ fraudulently obtained $300 from one of my emailers guaranteeing a cure for her very sick cat. This alleged psychic, for the $300 sent a piece of green paper to be put over the cat!! Naturally the cat died. More pathetic is when these fraudulent ‘psychics’ heartlessly exploit the most vulnerable – those who are uninformed about the afterlife and who have lost a loved one. I have stated in this column many times that you should never go to a psychic or medium unless you do your research first. Have a couple of independent referees that the psychic/medium is genuine, gifted and accurate – otherwise you could lose your hard earned cash.


The Fraudulent Mediums Act (1951) is to be repealed and replaced by New UK Legislation (CPRs = Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations; and UCPD = Unfair Commercial Practices Directive) on 1st April 2008. There is concern that this change will have wide-reaching legal effects on all mediums, psychics, complementary therapists and teachers in related spiritual and psychic charitable and professional organizations and disciplines, or anyone who interacts with, or supplies services to, the public.

UK CONFERENCE ON THE NEW LEGISLATION An Afternoon Conference on the new laws will be held on Saturday 1st March 2008, 2pm- 4pm at The Academy of Psychic and Spiritual Studies
in "Tranquility House" Natural Therapy Centre, Catherine Street, Swansea. Details...

SOME HUMOR: What did the Zen Master say when she walked into the Pizza Shop?
'Make me one with everything.'
When the Master received the pizza, she gave the pizza-man a $20 bill.
The pizza-man pocketed the bill.
The Master asked "Don't I get change?"
The Zen pizza-man replied, "Change must come from within." Read more humor …

THE BATTLE FOR YOUR MIND! You are being bombarded with all kinds of aggressive and subtle propaganda by those who are trying to capture your mind, your soul, your vote, your dollar, your partiality. Inevitably, your instinct tells you – or ought to tell you, what’s in it for me? Good question. When the materialists try tell you the afterlife does not exist – you know – or ought to know that no materialist scientist or no skeptical debunker or any anyone else has ever shown that the afterlife does not exist – they usually raise the fallacy of “you can’t prove the negative.” Whereas there are thousands and thousands of books about the afterlife many of which were written by scientists. Check out the bibliography in the Book (top right). After nearly nine years on the internet the afterlife evidence has not been rebutted. What’s in it for you? Plenty: when you get to know about the afterlife, you are virtually guaranteeing that you will have a safe, easy, peaceful and a most wonderful transition to the afterlife dimension and immediately thereafter another smooth transition to the most beautiful realm of the light. Be a long term planner!

WHITE EAGLE GROUPS: Those who investigate will tell you that the White Eagle Spiritual teachings are very spiritually advanced. The White Eagle Lodge is a worldwide organization (founded in 1936), based on a profound, yet gentle philosophy. Check out the website. The Sydney White Eagle group will be commencing monthly meetings in the city of Sydney from the end of February. Those who have been in White Eagle Spiritual groups and would like to rejoin or others who read the teachings are are interested please contact dianne.ball@yahoo.com.au.

A CONSCIOUS TRANSITION: A most common but very important question by those who studied afterlife material is what must they do to have a smooth, anxiety-free, relaxed conscious transition. Based on some twenty years of afterlife research I advise: first read my chapter on what happens when you die – go the BOOK top right, click on chapter 29. The information in it came from some fifty different credible sources NOT from just one source. Secondly, I strongly advise you to read relevant material about afterlife matters. I found the works of Silver Birch, Anthony Borgia and Arthur Findlay to be absolutely brilliant. Thirdly, don’t be dogmatic in your beliefs. Keep an open mind. Never be cruel or selfish and help others less advantaged than you are. You do not have to be perfect – the human condition is not perfect. As long as you are a reasonable, decent, good average person keep an open mind and accept that on crossing over you will be met by your loved ones to help proceed to the realm of the light.

IS THERE SEX IN THE AFTERLIFE? This is a serious question by Steve, who receives the weekly report in response to the comment that in The Maury Povich Show it was stated that "right now, there is more interest in the paranormal and mediumship, than there is in sex". In response Steve asked, “Hey, but what about sex IN the afterlife?” Excellent question Steve. Information transmitted from the afterlife tells us that there is primitive lower form of sex in the Astral (darker) level, but one big problem is that at this level, the beings cannot sexually climax. But in the Realm of the Light – where the average good decent honest person will go to - we are informed by a number of sources that
" the delights of 'conjugial love' are exquisite, our spirit forms subject to sensations of which our dull, earthly bodies are ignorant. " Read Swedenborg's Secret....
Judy Laddon, a medium in the U.S. claims that people who have reached a reasonable level of spirituality experience huge orgasms and ecstasy perhaps ten to twenty times more enjoyable that on Earth - from her book Beyond The Veil. But very likely those closed minded skeptical debunkers who refuse to accept the existence of the afterlife are likely to miss out on this one :-) Who wants to be a skeptical debunker?

A SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE SPEAKS: "You are engaged in the great battle against greed, selfishness, cupidity, stupidity and all the horrible results of the materialism that causes trouble, disaster, war, strife and hatred in your world. You have a great work to do. Do it in the realization that the power behind you is mightier than all the forces that the world of matter can muster. You have nothing to fear at all."

" On his 83rd birthday, however, Eddie dies trying to save a little girl. He wakes up in heaven, where a succession of five people are waiting to show him the true meaning and value of his life. One by one, these mostly unexpected characters remind him that we all live in a vast web of interconnection with other lives; that all our stories overlap; that acts of sacrifice seemingly small or fruitless do affect others; and that loyalty and love matter to a degree we can never fathom. Simply told, sentimental and profoundly true, this is a contemporary American fable that will be cherished by a vast readership. Bringing into the spotlight the anonymous Eddies of the world, the men and women who get lost in our cultural obsession with fame and fortune, this slim tale, like Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol, reminds us of what really matters here on earth, of what our lives are given to us for." Read more...

You can do something now to make a difference to human rights even as you sit behind your computer. Right now Amnesty International is running a letter writing campaign to save two sisters from being stoned to death in Iran. Read more...

"Just to know that the 'outside' world had not forgotten me and was continuing to work for my release was an immense source of encouragement during those dark days. I know that Amnesty International played a leading role in these efforts...I owe you my freedom."
Thich Quang Do, Buddhist monk from Viet Nam

SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENT: (left, actual picture after the Japanese killed a mother whale and a calf whale very recently). Why is Japan continuing to indiscriminately slaughter whales – those very beautiful creatures who are not doing harm to anyone, possible wiping them out altogether from this planet’s existence? This issue is not against Japan or the people, but against those hugely greedy Japanese hunters who cynically call it ‘scientific’ studies – a supposedly euphemism for the butchering of whales for profit – to sell the meat as delicacies to rich Japanese. These Japanese hunters must think you are an idiot to believe that the slaughter of these animals is for 'scientific purposes.' The level headed observer knows there is no need for killing to study whales scientifically. Read more...

SECOND NOTICE of CHALLENGE: to Zwinge Randi: do what Victor Zammit did: formally - make out a legal written statement on oath (subject to up to seven years in prison if caught lying - perjury): that you, Zwinge do in fact have the one million dollars in currency cash or it’s confirmed equivalent in equity - you claim you have regarding your alleged challenge. A proviso should be that any applicant will have the automatic right to cite this very important document. Have the courage? Have the dough? Have the stomach for this challenge?

MATERIALIZATION CORNER: I reply to more questions put to me to answer. Read more …

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DRAMATIC SPEAKERS’ CORNER PICTURES - see new pics: the Israelis, Socialists, Lord Soper a great English orator, American Hostage crisis 1980, No Tax Speaker:
(Victor, pictured below in more peaceful times speaking about the afterlife) during the 1970s at the Speakers' Corner in London and the Speakers Corner at the Domain Park in Sydney - was a tremendous time of revolutionary social, religious and political changes. The Vietnam war was at its peak. Youths were conscripted to fight a losing war. Lives were being lost on the killing fields of Vietnam. Anti-war demonstrations were being held regularly. Many anti-war demonstrators were beaten up during the protest marches. People were beginning to feel that church leaders had lost the monopoly on truth. Young people wanted answers to questions theologians had refused or could not answer for nearly 2,000 years. In many countries young people won the right to vote at 18 years instead of 21 years. Enjoy these historical photos – and a time that is not likely to come around again: