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29th August 2008

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COMMENTARY: The battle for the mind is historical - it has been going on from time immemorial. In a high-tech, post-industrialized country, the battle for the mind is even more pronounced. Politicians and priests, commercial mind manipulators and others in leadership positions work hard to capture our hearts, our souls and our political and religious partiality. In our afterlife/ paranormal context we get the hard core materialists who are trying to negatively manipulate your minds to move away from anything to do with the afterlife or the paranormal. This accounts for the ongoing attacks on the brilliant television series 'Psychic Detectives' and the false accusations that psychic detectives are make no contribution at all. This is not fair, not legitimate criticism because the evidence shows with absolute certainty that tough senior police officers - once hard core skeptics - now repeatedly confirmed many times that without the use of gifted psychics certain crimes would not have been solved. Judge for yourself in the next item below.

BRILLIANT PSYCHIC DETECTIVES SERIES We often see Noreen Renier, helping the police to solve some gruesome crime in this series. It is so refreshing to see skeptical, tough senior police officers who concede that the psychic was of critical help to solve some murder – that without the psychic the murder would not have been solved. I highly recommend you to watch PSYCHIC DETECTIVES on cable channel. And read these testimonials by professional criminal investigators about Noreen's ability.

“Our world is composed of people who come from your world. If you did not send us unevolved souls, we would have no trouble from them. You send millions who are unprepared, unfitted and ignorant. It is much more difficult to teach an adult the lessons he should have learnt in school. You are subject to the whole range of spirit influence from the lowest to the highest. But you attract only those at spiritual stage you have reached. Evil can be attracted only by evil. Saintliness will always attract saintliness. That is how the natural law operates. Do not blame us for the existence of millions of souls many of whom are unaware of the fact that they are dead physically and almost dead spiritually. That is the work you have to do in your world, to prepare people for the life that inevitably awaits them when death comes to their physical bodies.” (from MORE PHILOSOPHY FROM SILVER BIRCH). If one keeps an open mind about the afterlife and makes some attempt to understand the very urgent serious afterlife information – there will be no problems at all. That’s the assurance given to us from someone highly credible directly from the afterlife – to-day!

Medium Lisa Williams talks with Nina Boski about whether we should fear death, how she began to see and hear spirit as a 7 year old, a soul's purpose and spirit guides. In Part 2 she talks about the remarkable synchronicites that led to her TV show. Watch Part 1 (6 mins) Watch Part 2 (4 mins)


Miles Edward Allen has a wonderful website containing a list of some of the very best cases demonstrating the survival of the human personality after the demise of the physical body. Cases are listed in order of their ranking by the Evidence Scoring System. Click HERE for more information.

'ETHERICAL BOOKS'– new URL - Art Bosman's site is a real treasure for those who want to read a great deal about the afterlife. The huge amount of relevant afterlife information could save you time and money - and certain to save you very serious problems on crossing over. He emailed me this week that he has re-organized the site making it easier to access the many precious spiritual books – 170 great books and 120 tapes - and information about the afterlife, including the brilliant Anthony Borgia series where former Catholic Mons. Hugh Benson transmitted a number of books from the other side as an eye witness to what is really happening in the afterlife. Note changed URL

Robert Monroe (1915-1995) was the pioneer in the investigation of out-of-body experiences (OBEs) and the author of the ground-breaking book entitled Journeys out of the Body. His record of out of body experiences in places unbound by time or death has comforted millions of people who have encountered paranormal incidents. Unpredictably and without his willing it, Monroe found himself leaving his physical body and traveling via a second body to locales far removed from any physical or spiritual reality he could comprehend. Read his advice on how to trigger an OBE.

For the open-minded skeptic, the evidence collected over a period of six years and with more than five hundred sittings by the Scole experimenters and the afterlife team is absolute, definitive, irrefutable and irretrievably proven. Many regard the Scole experiment as the greatest recent afterlife experiment conducted in the Western world. Now there is an update. Read more...

See for yourselves an interview with two, male and a female who had a life-changing NDE – and NDE researcher Dr Jeff Long confirming that yes, NDE’s are real. The interview was done during The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet Watch video.


WHO IS GOING TO BE THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES? Those who are mediums and/or pre-cognitives: could you let us know if Barack Obama is going to be the next president of the United States? - the more details, the more credible ... victorzammit@optushome.co.au

One of our favourite long-time correspondents is Brother Mark Dohle, a monk who describes himself as a " devout Catholic, whose faith is central to my life." He is also incredibly open-minded about other faiths and loves to read about the paranormal,
in particular NDEs. Mark sent us an interesting email about NDE's. Read "Something to think about".

Have you had an our of body experience or a similar spiritually transformative event? If consider sharing your experience on the OBE Research Foundation homepage run by Dr Jeff and Jody Long. Read more...

'CHURCHILL'S WITCH' by Michael Colmer.
A publisher is needed for a new book about Helen Duncan by Michael Colmer. In the course of his ten years of research writer Michael Colmer, a journalist and author, has discovered far more about Helen Duncan and those who set out to frame her. His proposed book offers details of her fascinating work of reuniting the living dead and the months she spent in prison as well as details of the campaign, now in its 12th year, to secure her posthumous pardon. This author has also uncovered details about one of her most famous clients, Sir Winston Churchill which reveal that this WWII premier was himself a natural psychic who joined two orders of Druids during his political career and predicted the date of his own death. Read more....

Physicists now believe
there may really be a parallel universe - in fact, there may be an infinite number of parallel universes, and we just happen to live in one of them. This is about non-physical energy/physics - which means it's about the paranormal. These other universes contain space, time and strange forms of exotic matter. Some of them may even contain you, in a slightly different form. Astonishingly, scientists believe that these parallel universes exist less than one millimeter away from us. In fact, our gravity is just a weak signal leaking out of another universe into ours. See this fabulous BBC documentary. Watch Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5.

In 1979, a man accused of murdering his best friend was set free because the judge accepted a witness statement from the dead friend which he had communicated telepathically via a medium. The victim, said his friend, was innocent; he went on to reveal the identity of the real murderer. The medium was Chico Xavier of Brazil. Although poorly educated and almost blind he was the author of more than 126 spirit-dictated best selling books on a variety of highly specialized and technical subjects. However he renounced the wealth and influence that he was offered and dedicated his life and his mediumship to proving survival and to providing food, clothing and medical assistance for the poor. Read more...

Have a very close look at these magnificent crop-circle photos. For those skeptics who keep on saying that they are man made, I say, it’s time to wake up and perceive the crop-circle as a mystery we, at the moment, cannot solve. Crop-circles have been found in some 70 countries. No rational intelligent person will deny crop-circles are of paranormal origin. Patience, I believe one day, of course, the mystery will be solved. See for yourselves: sent by Steve K.

On episode two of Lisa Williams second series which aired in Sydney last Saturday night (9.50pm on W) Lisa claimed to be talking to the spirit of a man who had hung himself and afterwards had taken up residence in a basement bar. When she went into an adjoining room and watched the bar on closed circuit television she invited the spirit to show himself as an orb and move across the room. Sure enough the orb moved as requested. Hoax or interesting phenomenon? I'm open to the possibility but like many people concerned that they are so easy to fake. However people I respect are claiming interesting experiences with them. Someone who has done a lot of research on spirit orbs is Uday Mukhopadhyay. Have a look at his photos on Lia Ramses Ghost Radio.

A warm welcome to all of our new subscribers. It is truly wonderful to see the list of new people who are subscribing every day. You are welcome to email us anytime but please keep your messages short. Because I (Victor) do a great deal of urgent voluntary legal work as well as research and other work I only have limited time to answer the large number of emails I receive. Honestly I just never seem to be able to catch up. So much as I would like to, I do not have the time to join in the dialogue on our Facebook site wonderfully run by Caroline Bennett. However there are some very knowledgeable people posting on the site who can help you find answers to your questions.

I received an email about a newspaper report – to do with something very shocking: eight women and a man may to be stoned to death in Iran for adultery. But the objection is that there was no ‘due process’ – those who were convicted were not given the services of a lawyer for their defence, no witnesses were allowed - nor lawyers were allowed during the supposedly confession of their ‘crimes.’ Most came from areas of low literacy and did not understand the cases against them, a human rights campaigner stated. This is a real problem when you have theocracy – the politicians and the judges are also the holy men of the country - the equivalent of priests being also the ruling politicians. And this is happening in Iran to-day. Note: it appears the Iranian government is still dealing with the matter considering whether the punishment should proceed. Read more...

MAGICIAN – D BROWN WILUFLLY MISLEADS THE PUBLIC. WHY? I received an email about this menace negative anti-afterlife, anti-paranormal trickster Derren B who is spreading negativity - he is misleading many people and is spreading darkness everywhere. The regulars know I dealt with this professional ‘cheat’ and trickster before. He tries to destroy mediumship. But he does not have the moral courage to duplicate UNDER CONTROLLED CONDITIONS what brilliant mental medium Lisa Williams does. No magician ever allowed expert empiricists to monitor their tricks. No magician ever duplicated what gifted materializations and gifted mental mediums produce. This D Brown, with his willful negativity on crossing over is likely to get caught in the horrible afterlife dark Astral realm – probably for thousands of years refusing to concede there is an afterlife – from the afterlife! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

There was a variety of feedback this week. "When a child dies" brought emotional relief; the eternal conflict between the scientists who accept the evidence for the afterlife and those who don’t elicited interest. But the most emotive item was reincarnation. Apparently Dr Wickland states that no one who came through his medium mentioned reincarnation. Reincarnation may not be linear – yet highly credible teachers have transmitted information which states "yes there is reincarnation." Silver Birch, a highly credible teacher from the afterlife states, yes of course, there is reincarnation – even when his own medium did not accept reincarnation. What is closely connected with reincarnation is the Law of Cause and Effect. Highly credible information transmitted from the afterlife states that with absolute certainty there is this law – and no one on earth has powers to change it in any way whatsoever. For ‘cosmic justice’ to take place, there has to be the Law of Cause and Effect.


Last week
we asked for
suggestions for a log that can be used universally for psychic phenomena. This is a great suggestion from Chris which we will be using in the future.

It seems that even highly intelligent people can be conned. We have a Dallas psychiatrist, Dr Colin Ross, who claims that he can send a beam of energy from his eyes. With his beam of energy from his eyes, he’s going to apply to the skeptic Zwinge R. for his advertised one million dollars if he can pass the test. What’s the problem with that? The problem is that the flamboyant Florida Zwinge Randi, the closed minded skeptic will not hand over the million dollars. Why not? Because Z R is on record for telling Professor Dennis Rawlings, one of the founders of CSICOP, in relation to handing over any money to an applicant for the farcical, alleged one million dollars challenge, “I will always have a way out" (of paying anything). Further, when I challenged this Z R to match MY condition and put on a SWORN statement that the money is available ZR chickened out. The only conclusion I can come to is that there is NO FUNDING. DR Colin Ross, DON’T WASTE YOUR PRECIOUS TIME, ENERGY and MONEY – you’ve swallowed the skeptic’s trick hook, line and sinker!

The first of our complete foreign language websites featuring the evidence for the afterlife is up and running. Check our our French site at http://www.preuvesdelapresvie.fr.
There is still some fine tuning to be done but we are now looking to create a complete site for Spanish and Italian speakers. French speakers please help to publicize the site by creating links and mentioning it in blogs etc.

Watch this great video on how a real test subject was able to find love in 7 weeks. Free teleclass September 4th 5pm-6pm Pacific time. New course starting September 9th. Read more....

MORE TRANSLATORS wanted on a volunteer basis: we had a number of wonderful translators who translated the book into their own language - these translators made a huge positive contribution to the world. Make a significant contribution by translating the book in the languages that have not been translated -including Japanese, Chinese and other languages. Email 2008@victorzammit.com