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22nd August 2008

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Apologies if I have not replied to your email - inundated with very urgent work. Will reply shortly. Victor

History shows that where there is success, you always get attacks against those who are brilliantly successful - and the more the success, the more the attacks. It's called 'jealousy' - or being 'green with envy'. And for the skeptical materialists the success of psychics creates huge anxiety- the fact that they are getting results makes the skeptics look ridiculous. To offset their anxiety, they attack - but hardly anyone is impressed! Predictably, these materialist skeptics claim that Laura Day, (see item below) an exceptionally successful psychic who has cracked the corporate market, made millions ('ten million in the last fifteen years') only because the 'businesspeople she dealt with were gullible.' Absolute nonsense! Businesspeople are very practical people - they pay on results. So let's test out these hard core materialist skeptics- have them get the same results that Laura Day does.

'CORPORATE INTUITIVE' LAURA DAY EARNED MORE THAN $10 MILLION in the last fifteen years. Laura Day who calls herself a psychic was born on March 22, 1959, is the author of several self-help books, focusing on intuition. Day now lives in New York City. The book Practical Intuition, which was featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, became a New York Times bestseller. In 2001, The Circle: How the Power of a Single Wish Can Change Your Life followed. In 2006, Day came out with Welcome to Your Crisis: How to Use the Power of Crisis to Create the Life You Want. See Newsweek article on Laura.

MICHAEL E. TYMN INTERVIEWS VICTOR "When it comes to weighing evidence, few people are more qualified that Victor Zammit, B.A., M.A., LL.B., Ph.D., a retired attorney of the Supreme Court of New South Wales and the High Court of Australia. Now retired from the practice of law, Zammit calls himself a full-time afterlife researcher. His book, A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife is subtitled Irrefutable Objective evidence. “I am stating that the evidence taken as a whole constitutes overwhelming and irrefutable proof for the existence of the afterlife,” Zammit states with much zeal in the “opening statement” of the book. Full interview

As many of you know Sonia Rinaldi is also one of the leaders in Instrumental transcommunication- the communication with those in spirit via electronic means.
Her website now contains her latest Bulletin 22 which contains a report of the recordings done with Nestor and Amalia who lost their daughter Mariana. The couple live in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Sonia recorded via Skype from her lab in São Paulo, Brazil. The young girl answered more than sixty questions including giving evidence of her identity later recognized by her family. To rule out subjective interpretation of answers a panel of six Spanish speakers all listened to the tapes independently. There was 100% agreement in 65% of cases. To read this fascinating report go to IPATI Bulletins and download Bulletin number 22.

ALLISON DUBOIS TALKS ABOUT THE AFTERLIFE In this interview in Sydney Allison talks about what the living can teach the dead, how personality survives death and the stress of solving crimes.

STUNNING ACCURACY OF TV MEDIUMS REMOVES SKEPTICSM I carefully watched some of the mediums/psychics’ ‘LIVE’ television shows this week. Those who watched these shows would have been absolutely stunned by the accuracy given: First there was Lisa Williams, then James Van Praagh and John Edward. These LIVE shows are absolutely stunning and impress 95% of those people watching them. The 5% materialist will not accept anything no matter what stunning evidence you present to them- just ignore them. Again, I state, that when psychic/mediumship is to be tested in public, it is critical to also include a materialist as a ‘group control’ just to show people the huge gap there is between some materialist who purely guesses what is going on and accuracy of the mediums/psychics. That is critical to show – it will shut the cynics, closed minded skeptics and the materialists once and for all.


An English soldier who was a skeptic gets the shock of his life when he attends a session of The Three Mediums and has a reading by Colin Fry - pictured. He is absolutely stunned by the details that come through. Watch video...

THE FEMININE PRINCIPLE: FREE Teleclass and Webcast. Many in the Spirit world have spoken about the coming re-emergence of the Feminine principle. Claire, who is very well known to Victor and Wendy, is helping to pioneer this re-emergence with her new and groundbreaking workshop, The New Feminine Power. You’re invited to join her for a FREE introductory 1-hour Teleclass and Webcast on Wednesday, August 28th. The class will also be recorded for free online listening at your convenience. In this live, interactive class, you’ll discover how to:
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The feedback on previous sessions has been overwhelming.
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When Dianne Morrissey, PhD, was twenty-eight years old, she was electrocuted and had a very profound near-death experience. Her experience transformed her entire life in a very big way. Today, she is a certified hypnotherapist and has taught 25,000 people to see and feel God's presence during the dream state. Her excellent book, You Can See The Light, will train you to do this very thing yourself. Her practical techniques will not only give you a transformational mystical experience but can actually heal your physical body. Read more...

Physical medium Marion Dampier Jeans wrote this week: "I saw David Thomson in Devon, England and it was a very interesting experimental circle. I spoke to Gordon Higginson who I have known for many years and worked with both in Theaters and Radio. This was his third time he has come through physical mediumship to me. He also came with Lesley Flint who I have worked with on a TV documentary, and knew for many years. This was through another physical circle; it is Interesting as the core of the message has been the same over many years. I have enjoyed the different mediumship and approach in physical mediumship, and enjoyed my own circle I sat in for many years. David Thompson is a very gifted man with a good team behind him and this is really wonderful to see. "
Read Marion's full report on this sitting.

WHO SAYS THERE IS NO ORDER IN THE UNIVERSE? Here is a magnificent example of order in the universe. See planet earth from a kilometer away to light years away. Reversing the visual perception, see a leaf, closer and closer, deep into its atomic structure. Most fascinating experience and shows the evidence for INTELLIGENCE CAUSE/EFFECT - for the existence of the ‘Greatest Power’ some people call God! Watch slideshow.

LOGOS WANTED: ALL PSYCHICS, MEDIUMS AND PARANORMALISTS and INVESTIGATORS into the paranormal - and all those others interested in the paranormal/afterlife - your help is needed. Could we agree on a common, universal logo for 1) the paranormal, 2) for a psychic/medium 3) for the afterlife? Think about it then kindly send any submissions for discussion. victorzammit@optushome.com.au

REMEMBERING THE WATSEKA WONDER! Sent by Mike Tymn: Watseka, Illinois has been swept by a tidal wave of excitement, on account of the presumed insanity of one Lurancy Vennum, a young girl belonging to an unpretentious family in the suburbs of the city. Her insanity, as it was thought to be, dates from July 11th, A.D., 1877, and the remarkable phenomena continued until her perfect restoration through the aid of friendly Spiritualists and spirits on the 21st of May, 1878. So began an article appearing in the September 1879 issue of the Religio-Philosophical Journal, titled "The Case of Lurancy Vennum," written by Dr. E. Winchester Stevens, a physician who treated the afflicted girl. The case would later be referred to as "The Watseka Wonder." Read full report:

WHAT DO WE MEAN BY ‘SPIRITUALLY ADVANCED’? In answer to a recent question some who is spiritually advanced:
• communicates peacefully, without violence,
• is able to remain calm under pressure, always helping, always doing something positive for others. Read more …..

The first of our complete foreign language websites featuring the evidence for the afterlife is up and running. Check our our French site at http://www.preuvesdelapresvie.fr. There is still some fine tuning to be done. French speakers can help by publicizing the site (creating links and mentioning it in forums, social networking sites, blogs etc).

MORE TRANSLATORS wanted on a volunteer basis: we had a number of wonderful translators who translated the book into their own language - these translators made a huge positive contribution to the world. Make a significant contribution by translating the book into the languages that it has not been translated -including Japanese, Chinese, and other languages. Email 2008@victorzammit.com

FUNDING IS VITAL- BECOME A MEMBER: SUPPORT THE WINDBRIDGE INSTITUTE for Applied Research in Human Potential is concerned with asking, "What can we do with the potential that exists within our bodies, minds, and spirits?" Can we heal each other? Ourselves? Can we affect events and physical reality with our thoughts? Can we know things before they happen? Are we connected to each other? To the planet? Can we communicate with our loved ones who have passed? Windbridge is an independent research organization consisting of a community of scientists with varied backgrounds, specialties, and interests. Members of our international Scientific Advisory Board review research questions and protocols and provide feedback and suggestions based on their expertise. In addition, members of our Advisory Committee provide strategic and technical advice regarding the direction, scope, and progress of Windbridge." "Membership support is critical for progress at Windbridge. Members make it possible for us to conduct important independent research as well as to publish our free peer-reviewed journal." Dr. Julie Beischel, Director of Research Read more....

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REIKI VIDEO: Reiki is a technique to heal the mind, body and spirit. Watch this lovely video which elicits serenity, peace and relaxation with evocative musical background:

MATERIALIZATION CORNER: MATERIALIZATIONS FOR PORTUGUESE READERS: Wendel Pontes from Brazil sent me a link to his blog about materializations in the Portuguese language. Read more...