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April 2nd 2010

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Throughout most of the world Easter is celebrated - but many people do not know the real meaning of Easter. Most of the younger ones think it's an old tradition where they buy yummie chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs. Other conservative Christians claim that Easter is celebrating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.
But those who are informed about the afterlife fully accept that we ALL are resurrected instantly when we physically die.

So, yes, enjoy your Easter eggs and Easter bunnies- symbols of new life, fertility and the end of winter in the Northern hemisphere. And enjoy the opportunity to meet up with your family and friends and celebrate the beauty and wonder of being alive.

But at the same time celebrate the fact that we have irrefutable evidence that life is eternal, love is immortal and death is only a horizon...and accordingly Easter is a time to celebrate that ALL humans on this planet earth continue to live on in the realm of the Light - for more learning and spiritual refinement in a world of beauty we can hardly begin to imagine.

CANNOT BE IGNORED! For the record, many years ago, when I was majoring in Psychology at the University of New South Wales (a university which has the same rating as London University), I spent three years learning how to conduct valid scientific experiments - an adjunct to a major in Psychology. What I witnessed with David Thompson are the materializations of spirits into solid human form. I (and many others) have made physical contact - yes, these materialized intelligences are real; we have intelligent conversations with them; and many of these materialized spirits are loved ones who crossed over years ago reuniting with sitters during the session. Read next item:-

Last weekend David Thompson (left) and Chris Hood, the Leader of the Circle of the Silver Cord, were in Auckland, New Zealand where some spectacular sittings took place. A young man who had committed suicide materialized as did several others who were recognized by their loved ones. Well known medium Gordon Higginson came through sounding exactly as he did when he was alive. And there were other well known surprise guests. William (left), David's guide, fully materialized and walked around the room wearing a luminous armband on his cuff- his silhouette could be seen as he passed the luminous trumpet. Famous spiritualist pioneer Emma Hardinge Britten (1823-1899) came through and made the interesting point that it was more difficult for her to materialize through a male medium.

What I have witnessed with David Thompson's materialization experiments can be considered 'objective' and 'repeatable.' For some three years Wendy (a qualified psychologist, expert in Scientific Method) and I (expert in the admissibility of evidence), and members of the Circle of the Silver Cord - a former policeman and another former National Security agent - with expertise in fraud detection- and a former senior Army Officer- and others who are themselves excellent mediums - and many others have been privileged to have first hand evidence and experiences of interacting with 'resurrected' materialized spirits. The time is fast approaching when materialized spirits will be videoed. Guaranteed, we will then have a global afterlife revolution on our hands!

While only a limited number of people are able to have the extreme privilege of experiencing materialization live, anyone with a computer can listen to the audio tapes of the three recent Auckland sittings free of charge thanks to the generosity and sincerity of the Circle of the Silver Cord. The audio tapes are now available in the members section (it costs nothing to join) of the Circle of the Silver Cord website.


In this video tape you can hear medium David Thompson giving a short talk recently in Auckland and then, when the lights are dimmed, see his friend in spirit, William, speaking through David who is in deep trance. William's voice is the same as when he materializes and is very different to David's. In this short trance demonstration William repeats his key message- that there is no death and there are no dead.


WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO SUICIDE BOMBERS IN THE AFTERLIFE? This week two teenage Moslem female suicide bombers dressed in black wrongly believed that by blowing up innocent people in Moscow and causing grief, sorrow and anger world-wide they will get a special place in the afterlife – in this case fifty male ‘virgins’?
ABSOLUELY WRONG! It has been transmitted from highly credible sources from the afterlife that those who willfully, intentionally and deliberately blow up innocent people will go to a vibrational realm that will accommodate their vibrations. Usually this is the ‘darker’ region. We are credibly informed that we raise and lower the vibrations of our duplicate body – the ‘etheric’ body – according to what we do. Good deeds increase vibrations, bad deeds lower vibrations. Suicide bombers AND those who planned the bombings will be lowering their vibrations by killing innocent people. In the afterlife these two female Moslem teenagers and those who planned, aided and abetted in the killings would have to suffer the terror, pain, suffering and agony they caused to ALL those whom they killed in the subway in Moscow. (See for example Suicide- What really Happens in the Afterlife) This is because of the inevitable law of cause and effect no one can ever escape. We send our deepest condolences to the relatives of the victims and all who have been affected by this latest atrocity.

Due to be published on April 20th 2010, Handbook to the Afterlife is by Pamela Heath and Jon Klimo who wrote the excellent book Suicide- What really Happens in the Afterlife. Working from channeled material they
beginning with the moment of death itself, progress through different transitional stages, and end with the return of spirits to the physical plane. They look at the kinds of adjustment problems that occur in each phase, and how spirits can be helped to move forward. Questions of pain and emotional state at the time of death, karma, and reincarnation are sensitively addressed. The book includes practical techniques for opening up communication with those who have passed on to the other side. While of interest to anyone seeking a general overview of the subject, Handbook to the Afterlife is particularly useful for those dealing with spirits who have not moved on, such as ghosts.
Pre-order from Amazon through the Windbrige Institute


It is wonderful to see a number of academics based at the University of Bristol forming The Afterlife Research Centre (ARC), a research network and virtual forum which aims to generate, disseminate and communicate research into the afterlife. Their focus is ethnographic and anthropological, although they also want to explore ways in which these approaches interact with others. They welcome submissions of short research papers, conference proceedings and book reviews. The Members Forum has a network area and live chat facility to encourage an exchange of news and views. You can use this forum to post your own news, comments and links, and to communicate with other members. Sign in at: http://afterliferesearchcentre.ning.com.

THE GROUND OF FAITH: World’s leading and theologically most advanced Christians: see the April issue of the journal The Ground of Faith – the themes: More about the Spiritual Body. The use of 'science and disciplined investigation' to purify theology will be revolutionary in that the theology will NEVER date and will have much needed credibility. Biblical experts, the more intelligent clergy, the scholars, academics and others who showed interest in the Bible all agree that a reformation – removing the insulting parts containing in the Bible is important. “In spite of what has just been said, the Group is trying to use the tools of science, and that of disciplined investigation. We must not prescribe our conclusions, or we will preclude our research. We hope therefore that what is presented here will be of interest to all, regardless of religious beliefs.”

The Risen- 21st Century Reports from the Afterlife Through Contemplative, Intuitive, & Physical Mediumship, speaks directly and factually about the greatest spiritual event of one's earthly life: that of transition, formerly known as "death." It consists of descriptions of after death contacts and dialogues between the authors, psychotherapist/ medium August Goforth, and his partner, Tim Gray, who was a writer and editor on Earth before his transition almost 20 years ago. Read more..

Thanks to Lance, afterlife researcher for posting this:
The Helene Reeder Fund is pleased to announce the availability of grants for small and medium sized scientific research projects concerning the issue of Life after Death. Grants will be awarded in the range of EUR 500 – 5000 maximum. The topic Research into Life after Death should constitute the main objective of the project. Applications in English to be submitted by email to the HRF c/o edgar.muller@comhem.se should include:
- detailed description of the project, including the objectives of the project,
- methodology,
- cost budget,
- timetable,
- plans to publish the results in some scientific journals,
- CV of the applicant,
- how the applicant plans to report back to the HRF about progress and result,
- any other financing than from HRF.
Applications should be received not later than 30th of October 2010.
For further information, please apply to the above email address.

There is also the ALEX TANOUS scholarship of $500-

Wally Johnson, whose experiences inspired the book People who Don't Know they are Dead writes:

" I recently discovered this article by Drunvalo Melchizadek. It was delightful to read what can happen in the dying process that I thought others my enjoy it—and be educated by it. Thanks for all you do."
Read Drunvalo Melchizadek's article "My Mom" and have a look at his website The Spirit of Ma'at

Thanks to B., a Sydney barrister, for alerting us to the fact that this month's Nexus Magazine contains an article on a remarkable near-death experience.

After suffering from a terminal illness, in 1982 Mellen-Thomas Benedict ‘died’ and for an hour and a half he was monitored showing no vital signs. Miraculously he returned to his body with a complete remission of the disease.
Because of his near-death experience, he was able to bring back scientific discoveries. Mr. Benedict has been closely involved in the mechanics of cellular communication and research dealing with the relationship of light to life called Quantum Biology. This research is providing dramatic new perspectives on how biological systems work. Mr. Benedict has found that living cells can respond very quickly to light stimulation resulting in, among other things, high speed healing. He is a researcher, inventor and lecturer who holds six U.S. patents.
Read the article.

THE 'WHOLE PLAN OF EXISTENCE': DIRECTLY FROM THE AFTERLIFE: "It is through shadow and darkness that you come into the light. It is through storm that you come into sunshine. It is through difficulty that you come to attain. It is through conflict that you reach peace. Life can only be achieved through comparisons. Were your paths one even monotone, there would be no unfoldment. The development comes through the clash of varying circumstances which mould and mature the latent spirit." from Guidance from Silver Birch, p30.

QUESTION: Hi Victor, you seem to prefer Silver Birch as a source of afterlife information. How reliable do you think is this source?

It is quite true that Silver Birch is a favorite of mine - for many good reasons. His works have been read by millions over the last fifty years and close content analysis of his writings shows that he is spiritually advanced. He says himself that he consults with the higher beings from time to time so that the information transmitted will be accurate and highly inspirational. Many of us studied his works and we concede, his transmissions from the afterlife are highly credible and most impressive. An added feature is that his transmissions are relatively recent - and he is a direct source from the afterlife where many times we heard his own voice directly from the afterlife. So that his information would be more accurate than information which was written by those writers thousands of years ago - and we do not even know WHO wrote the antique religious writings. I feel certain, I feel sure and I know I feel safe when I quote Silver Birch as a most valuable afterlife source to help thousands of others around the world on their journey to the inevitability of the afterlife. His essential message is: selfless service, unselfishly helping those who really need your help. "That is my religion." he said many times.

Meet Inge Bardor, super psychic girl from Mexico who claims to be able to read blindfolded, not just text but images and minds. Here is her article on what it was like to grow up super psychic.


Rev Michael Cocks, the co-editor of excellent New Zealand based online journal for thinking Christians THE GROUND OF FAITH responded to my comments about the Bible. I promised last week I'd reply to him this week:
Read Michael's response in full... Victor's reply below.

Victor: I totally agree with the Rev Michael Cocks' reply, particularly when he states that one has to 'discriminate' when reading the Bible. I was brought up as a Catholic and was consistently told that 'every word' in the Bible is the word of God. I, and many others like me do NOT accept that. The enormous cruelty, the massacres, the killings of innocent men, the ethnic cleansing, killing of women and children, the hatred for women, the curses - all allegedly directed by God - can NEVER be true. Further, Biblical experts - ALL AGREE - that Moses plagiarized (copied) Genesis, the first of the five books in the Bible, from more ancient writings which PREDATE the Jewish religious writings. I'm researching the Adam and Eve myth for example and found that the Persians, the Hindus, the Etruscan legend, the Chaldaean cosmology has the same Adam and Eve type fable- and the Egyptians and other nations had the same fable. Why would then should the Jewish version - which came later - be called 'original' and the only 'true' version? Many OTHER stories from the Bible were plagiarized from previous writings: see some of the classical sources:
Bible Myths and their Parallels in Other Religions by T.W. Doane; Myth, Magic and Morals - Fred Cornwallis Conybeare;
The Diegesis, by the Rev Robert Taylor;
Christianity before Christ by John G. Jackson
The Bible of Bibles:Twenty Seven 'Divine Revelations' K Graves and THE WORLD'S Sixteen Crucified Saviours.

Further, for those with an open mind who read THE ROCK OF TRUTH by Arthur Findlay and the Curse of Ignorance - the information is quite shocking - essentially the claim that there is NOTHING in Christianity which is original and that the six things that Jesus taught were nothing new.

But be that as it may, I agree with Michael that there is a difference between knowing intellectually that there is an afterlife and living a spiritual life and giving service to others. And there is definitely a need to explore new ways that people can come together in community to further their spiritual growth while serving others.

He was one of the most controversial fighters for freedom and a ‘giant’ in the fight for human rights and the liberation of the mind - where I first encountered his brilliant writing in Rights of Man. In his Age of Reason Paine denied that the Bible was the revealed word of God, claimed that many of the Old Testament stories were immoral and pointed out that the Gospels were marred by discrepancies, things which Biblical scholars themselves now accept. This week Robin wrote asking me to put a link to a video about his life which is now available on Youtube.Part 1; Part 2 ; Part 3; Part 4; Part 5; Part 6; Part 7; Part 8; Part 9

VICTOR'S ASSIGMENT AS A LAWYER: "DEFEND ADAM AND EVE!" There is a sweet little old lady who very seriously feels that Adam and Eve were unfairly represented in the major religions of this world. In Genesis for example Eve is blamed for "original sin" and told that as a result of her behavior women will always be subservient to males. "Nonsense" she said. "As a client, I am asking you to help me in this very important task of liberating closed minds... Even if this is a myth, Eve has a right to be defended against lies and hypocrisy ..." Surely I thought, there must be many who think the same way about the matter of Adam and Eve in paradise. Tune in next week for one of the most interesting cases I have to deal with!

Following the success of Christine Morgan's wonderful workshop on the development of spiritual mediumship in Auckland, New Zealand, last weekend
we are pleased to announce that Christine has agreed to run a similar workshop in Sydney. You can read more about Christine on her website.
We have a date...8th May 2010, a time....10am to 4.30pm
and a venue..... level 1 499 Willoughby Road Willoughby.
To reserve your place or to book a reading with Christine
email indiki1962@gmail.com

RUSSIANS INTERVIEW VICTOR: Yesterday, Thursday, Daria Okuneva of TVC(Moscow) interviewed Victor about the afterlife. The anticipated questions were asked. Questions like: tell us something about how the soul survives death; how certain are you that your afterlife evidence is solid and questions about the million dollar challenge. Just some twenty minutes saying the things you read in these reports.

1. It is a luck, to find your website; keep working in it, it is a great job for humanity, you could be remembered as a great pioneer in the field. Great success in our work, Jorge (Sweden)

FEEDBACK 2." I lost my mom 3 weeks ago and miss her so much. You are an amazing person and have filled my heart with so much hope and love. My only question is will I know when her spirit is with me or near me? If no why? I am thankful for your sight and all your research. Matt Benoit USA Massachusetts."

FEEDBACK 3. : Dear Wendy & Victor,
I teach university courses, many of them online, and often find a synchronicity between your weekly newsletter and my course discussions. I either direct students to your site or am inspired by the material posted there to respond to student queries. You are doing a great service to humanity, for which I am very grateful. Thank you, Daniel K. Ph.D.

FEEDBACK 4.: Dear Victor: “ …your reports are always received with joyful anticipation, they are always are the ones that are opened first, its the quality of the contents that require us to read them first, they never disappoint us ,please keep up the quality of your reports,… kindest regards Terence Hotston.

'PSYCHIC WORLD'. the most reliable, credible and readable monthly newspaper on psychics, mediums, Spiritualism and the paranormal in the United Kingdom- and the world to-day. I have a half a page column in this magnificent British psychic newspaper. To subscribe to PSYCHIC WORLD send just twenty dollars, USD (or thirteen pounds sterling) per year- to: PSYCHIC WORLD Circulation Department, P.O. Box14, Greenford, Middlesex UB6 OUF, England (telephone England 020-8903-1993):

I have a sponsor who has offered to sponsor a free twelve month subscription for ten Spiritualist Church/Centers around Australia. To claim one email:victorzammit@optushome.com.au

Members of this list can now obtain copies of my book A LAWYER PRESENTS THE CASE FOR THE AFTERLIFE for free – all you have to do is to pay for postage only: anywhere in the world send US $12 through Paypal (you can use a credit card). Within Australia send a $3 stamp. Email victorzammit@optushome.com.au or send stamps to P.O. Box 1810 Dee Why 2099 Australia.
Churches and spiritual groups are welcome to apply for multiple copies sent via sea mail (cheaper) to sell as a fund raiser.

Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee what is published is to be the absolute truth. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.