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June 30th 2006

Something quite spectacular occured just recently. Twice I participated in materialization mediumship experiments with David Thompson, highly gifted materialization medium, pictured. Last night seven etherics (spirits) actually materialized from the afterlife dimension. They actually had physical bodies just like us - they walked around the experiment room and touched me and others on the shoulders and hand- in the experimenting room. I had brief conversations with two of the materialized etherics. Two of them are internationally known - and have been in the afterlife for over thirty years. It has taken me days to recover from the shock of conversing with and touching materialized etherics. Fraud has been completely ruled out for reasons I will give in the report.Note carefully: the specific aim was to test to see if paranormal activity did take place – and it did. There was no attempt –at this stage – to validate the identity of the materialized etherics. That will come later on. Even if it found later that the materialized etherics are not who they claimed to be, that does not invalidate the materialization experiment. This is very exciting and most sensational - and will surely bring about a new revolution in the acceptance of the afterlife as the intention is to objectify and empiricise the materializations. Read the draft report and listen to audio tapes....

A number of highly respected scientists have studied materialisation in the past and concluded that it is a scientific fact. Read more...

June 23rd 2006

COMMENTARY: TERRORISM: Islamic ‘Holy’ man Bashir, was found guilty and given a prison sentence for his part in sending a couple of hundred of tourists to the afterlife in Bali Indonesia. Over two hundred Australians were killed in the explosion and Australians are horrified that he was released from jail just recently. Bashir has denied involvement in the bombings and allegations he is the spiritual head of the Jemaah Islamiah extremist group. The 68-year-old told his students to have faith and "don't be gentle with the khaffirs (unbelievers)". "The worst is that we are called Islamic hardliners, hardline fundamentalists, terrorists," he said. "Don't question the orders of God -- even if your mind cannot accept it or even if it's dangerous -- because it's true" WHAT ORDERS FROM GOD? To use terror, slaughter, and to blow up innocent people sending them to the afterlife? Bashir also told his followers not to soften their attitudes -- but warned it did not mean resorting to violence – he said inconsistently with his previous, ‘don’t be gentle …’

BRILLIANT PSYCHIC DETECTIVE CONVERTS HARD CORE SKEPTISCS: We watched on a recent television documentary how brilliant psychic Nancy Weber solved a crime for the New Jersey State Police. A good looking young lady, Amy Hoffman, disappeared without a trace. After police thorough investigations, they came up with nothing, no leads, no clues. In comes psychic Nancy Weber who during the course of her psychic investigation came up with clues the police did NOT have at any time. Remember, homing in on critical events means that the gifted medium can tune in to the frequency and vibrations of afterlife physics. It cannot be explained in any other way. Note very carefully. Nancy Weber stated:
1) the victim was sexually assaulted
2) victim was also stabbed
3) victim knifed multiple times
4) exactly where the victim’s car had been parked
5) how the victim was dragged out of her car
6) suspect’s name was “James” and surname starts with ‘K’, ends ‘ich’
7) suspect was around 5’ 10’
8) suspect had dark hair,
9) he had been in jail before, in Florida,
10) he murdered before
11) he would kill again soon
12) that he was also the killer of another young girl Diedre.
13) that tyre tracks of the murderers car could be found at a certain location,
14) that the murderer had been stopped by a local police officer whose name started with “C”.
15) that evidence of his guilt would be found in suspect’s car
ALL of these clues were 100% CORRECT! Police Officer Constanza was identified as the officer who had stopped the suspect who was soon caught- his name? ‘James Koedatich’ It is no wonder that once hard core skeptics police officers, Sergeant Bill Hughes of New Jersey State Police and his investigators admitted that they now accept that gifted psychics would be vital to police investigations.

QUANTUM PHYSICS and the AFTERLIFE: “What are the implications for science of the fact that psychic functioning appears to be a real effect? These phenomena seem mysterious, but no more mysterious perhaps than strange phenomena of the past which science has now happily incorporated within its scope.” Nobel Prize winner Professor Brian Josephson and Professor Jessica Utts.

NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE FOUNDATION: LIFE AFTER DEATH: TOP CARDIOLOGIST: Dr Pim van Lommel ABOUT THE CONTINUITY OF OUR CONSCIOUSNESS by Dr Pim van Lommell. INTRODUCTION Some people who have survived a life-threatening crisis report an extraordinary experience. Near-death experiences (NDE) occur with increasing frequency because of improved survival rates resulting from modern techniques of resuscitation. The content of NDE and the effects on patients seem similar worldwide, across all cultures and times. Read more …

The core of Judaism is a covenant relationship - which is both a contractual agreement and a "marriage" of love - between Yahweh and his chosen people. Because Judaism is built around a relationship involving agreements and promises in this life, the afterlife is less essential for Judaism than for other world religions. It would, in fact, be relatively easy to imagine Judaism without any afterlife beliefs whatsoever. Because of the non-centrality of the afterlife for Judaism, this tradition has been able to entertain a wide variety of different afterlife notions throughout its history, more so than perhaps any other religion. Read more …

SCIENTIST WRITES TO VICTOR ABOUT QUANTUM PHYSICS/ AFTERLIFE: A Brilliant British scientist is one of the major players connecting quantum physics with the afterlife. His particularly insightful research on quantum physics and survival has never been rebutted by the skeptics and by materialist scientists anywhere in the world – notwithstanding that for over 18 months I challenged the skeptics and the scientists to show why Ron Pearson is wrong. Ironically, the Russians were most positive towards Ron’s quantum physics research. Accordingly, his afterlife research will continue to stand as valid until someone rebuts it. This is also one obstacle an applicant has to deal with in any challenge I have for the skeptics and debunkers for the ONE MILLION DOLLARS – see CHALLENGE top right hand column – below BOOK. Even then, the rebuttal has to be qualitatively acceptable. There is a silent respect for the quantum physics/afterlife presentation of Ron. He wrote to me on Tuesday after he read my new chapter to be included in my updated book QUANUTM PHYSICS and the AFTERLIFE. Among other things, this scientist states: “I have read through your QUANTUM PHYSICS and the AFTERLIFE chapter and have no objections to make as it seems OK to me. You seem to have dug out quite a large group of physicists who are on our side and I can see that I have been a little remiss in this respect in the book I am writing. It looks as though the pressure is building …” Read more …

SCIENTISTS, MEDICAL SPECIALISTS CONFERENCE TO STUDY NDE’S: Scientists, including medical doctors, are meeting in France for the first international conference about near-death experiences. The conference will also include delegates who have themselves had a near-death experience. One of the scientists and medical people who will be attending is intensive care doctor Jean-Jacques Charbonnier, who has interviewed patients who have had NDEs. He says, "People who were brain-dead could see what was going on in a waiting room, or around them, in precise detail. We are not talking about an hallucination here because it was quite real." Once he felt an unconscious communication coming from one of his patients, in which he was being told to look in the patient's wallet. When it did, he found a note asking to be removed from life support if he was ever in such a condition. Read more …

THERE ARE NO MIRACLES! Afterlife physics can explain everything. No matter what the Bible says about Jesus, what Jesus did was consistent with afterlife physics. For example, Jesus reappeared to his friends, the disciples after he died. That’s no big deal. That meant that he materialized – Jesus’ vibrations were lowered so that on earth people would be able to see him. That is no different from materializations which took place with mediums we know of– such as Helen Duncan or Rita Goold and others. Jesus’ resurrection, ascending the physical body to heaven - that could not have been with his physical body. But to say that Jesus resurrection was by way of Jesus’ spirit body resurrected that would be empirically correct. Also when Jesus healed the sick, that is also had to do with spiritual healing - where he was able to receive strong positive energy to heal the sick. Even on earth recently there were some very powerful healers who did exactly what Jesus did when healing. There was a tendency to exaggerate Jesus’ powers to impress. That is totally unnecessary because Jesus himself said words to the effect, “What I can do, you can do too … even more.”

WHERE IS HEAVEN? For those who accept the afterlife: I am often asked where is heaven. That’s easy to answer. Understand first that the afterlife is about realms of vibrations, ascending in the speed of vibrations from the lowest to the highest.
Earth’s vibrations would be regarded as the lowest vibrations. Then there is the next realm – an afterlife dark realm – at the lower end - is vibrating faster than on earth, but the conditions are horrible. The Third Realm is the Realm of the Light: vibrating faster than the second realm. We are told that the Third Realm is the Realm of the Light, where conditions are hugely superior to those on earth. For good average decent folk, on crossing over, are very likely to end up in the Third Realm. There is the Fourth to the Seventh Realm, the higher realms vibrating at higher speeds. All these realms, we are informed by some of the most highly credible sources such as Hugh Benson, Silver Birch, White E. and others are superimposing on each other from the lowest to the highest. Anything from the upper Third Realm would be regarded as ‘heaven.’ So that on crossing over there was no need for Jesus to ascend into heaven when heaven already exists inside the area covered by the vibrations of earth.

ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE: ACUPUNCTURE. For many years I used to suffer from severe hay-fever . Medical doctors prescribed anti-histamines of all kind. Nothing worked. For years in Springtime I was most miserable – with nose blocked and the usual sneezing. But then someone highly recommended I go to an acupuncture specialist. I could not believe the miraculous immediate results. On the way down the steps to go out of the doctor’s building, I started to breathe comfortably again from my nose, the sneezing stopped completely. It was a most spectacular result. After a few sessions, the problem of hay-fever was cured permanently. The lesson? Do not judge by history, tradition and orthodox medicine. JUDGE BY RESULTS however they come about!!! Acupuncture saved my bacon in regard to hay-fever- now it’s more than twenty years ago, it is something I highly recommend.

LONG and SHORT TERM PLANNERS – re afterlife: Long term planners are those who have the capacity to plan ahead, are able think ahead and have the skills to assess the probability of the afterlife. Most have the discipline to read, research, study and examine all afterlife evidence going back hundreds of years ago. Some others - because they had an afterlife experience -KNOW that the afterlife is a matter of time. Long term planners are all smart – even if some of them may not be too intelligent. Long term planners are winners. They are successful. Short term planners usually are losers and defeatists – they tend to negatively rationalize about long term planning. They tend to be cynical and skeptical about the future; so their philosophy is drink, eat and be merry because to-morrow you’re dead, meaning that is the end! The interesting difference I found between long term and short term planners is that short term planners do NOT do their research, do not do the critical analysis of afterlife evidence. They will, inevitably, learn the hard way. Guaranteed!

June 16th 2006

COMMENTARY: DID YOUR BELIEFS COME BY CHANCE? If someone who has a deeply entrenched, most cherished belief has his/her deeply cherished beliefs challenged, we know there will be denial and other an intense negative response. What do (photo 1998) you think the response would be if we told (with a straight face – remember this is an experiment) :

* a Rabbi that Judaism is inferior to Islam and that Israel should be given to the Palestinians
* a Ku Klux Klansman that blacks have vastly superior intelligence to whites.
* a devoted Moslem that Mohammed was misled by the devil and all Moslems have been misled.
* a rabid Republican that the Democrats have vastly superior political philosophy
*a staunch feminist that what the Bible states about women – that they should be subservient to their husbands ought to be enforced.
* a closed minded skeptic that his negative beliefs about the paranormal are absolute rubbish.
Anger? Hostility? Aggression? Violence? Extreme resentment and extreme antagonism? You will find that the person with very strong views - will start to rationalize his/her beliefs. This is because the information they are experiencing will inevitably be dissonant to his/her cherished beliefs. And all cherished beliefs are emotionally hard wired into our nervous system. Now, if you are an American, would your beliefs and how you see the world be the same if you were born to radical Islamic family in Iraq? Or in a small village in Central Africa? Or in China? Or in Russia during the Cold War? One CAN understand that CHANCE alone shaped your entrenched beliefs and values. We need to understand that when someone attacks us with strong information contrary to our own cherished beliefs, we usually use what psychologists call the defence of rationalization through cognitive dissonance:

RATIONALIZATION THROUGH COGNITIVE DISSONANCE: when someone with intense views about personal beliefs, e.g. a devoted Catholic is confronted by information which is fundamentally inconsistent with Catholicism (e.G. Jesus had a child from Mary Magdelene or that Jesus is not God) elicits enormous suppressed hostility in the Catholic. The heart rate will increase; the blood pressure will increase; hands and sometimes even face start to sweat. Hurt, anger and panic start to show. If the ‘victim’ is wired to an EEG the graph will show very strong responses. There will be sharp dissonance between that which is entrenched and cherished and the dissonant information being registered. This could motivate the Catholic to negative action to try to protect the self-esteem. So to offset the anxiety the Catholic starts to rationalize and justify his/her beliefs. This could be anyone with a strongly held belief – in politics, racism and many other beliefs – especially with those hard core skeptics about their deeply cherished beliefs in skepticism. That is why empirically elicited information transcends all personal and religious beliefs, partiality and anything we hold sacred. My presentation of the afterlife evidence is empirical – click on BOOK top right.

QUANTUM PHYSICS- soul survival: In his paper “The Soul and Quantum Physics” Professor Fred Alan Wolf writes: I believe that the findings of quantum physics increasingly support Plato [who taught that there is a more perfect, non-material realm of existence]. There is evidence that suggests the existence of a non-material, non-physical universe that has a reality even though it might not as yet be clearly perceptible to our senses and scientific instrumentation. When we consider out-of-body experiences, shamanic journeys and lucid dream states, though they cannot be replicated in the true scientific sense, they also point to the existence of non-material dimensions of reality. (1998:245).

Read full article, The ‘experimenter effect’ – refers to a situation where the experimenter, willfully or on an unconscious level fundamentally influences the results the experimenter wants to obtain. In context of testing the paranormal (psi) and afterlife evidence, it is critically important to fully understand the very serious implications of the ‘experimenter effect’ as so far it has shown that professional psi experimenters have become victims of their unconscious (perhaps even conscious) of their negative partiality when conducting psi experiments. See for yourselves. Read more …

PUBLIC SURVEY: MILLIONS ACCEPT THE EVIDENCE FOR THE PARANORMAL. A new very interesting survey commissioned by “Readers’ Digest” showed that 60% of Britons accept that psychic gifts are possible reports Tony Ortzen from the Psychic News (UK). Over half of Britons – 52%- have had a dream or premonition of an event before it happened. 62% sometimes know who is ringing before they answer the phone. Four out of ten have read someone’s thoughts or found them to have read ours. 68% can sense when someone is looking at them – even though they cannot see the person concerned. 26% “knew” before being told that someone in their family was ill or in trouble. 13% feel they can affect machines or electronic equipment just through their thoughts or presence in the same room. 19% have seen a ghost.

WAS JESUS HANGED? - RESPONSE FROM LAST WEEK: for those who read the questions about Jesus (see below COMMENTARY) no theologian submitted any answers to those seven critical questions. But in the item WAS JESUS HANGED, Kris Key, a Biblical researcher (who was a soldier in IRAQ just recently) submits his view that Jesus was not ‘hanged’, Jesus was in fact crucified. This is Kris answer: “Jews commonly referred to the practice of crucifixion as " hanging from a tree". Here is why. Often times the cross beam of the cross was nailed to a tree, and then the person was simply nailed to the cross part. So he was hanging from the tree, so to speak. It should be noted not all crucifixions were of this method though, however the expression stuck. The author of acts was the same person as Luke ( there is no scholarly disagreement on this view), and in Luke it clearly describes the traditional type of crucifixion. It should be noted the Book of Acts is very historically accurate, as was demonstrated by Colin Hemer. The author of acts is simply recording, Paul a Jew, using a typical Jewish phrase to describe the crucifixion.”

THE WORLD CUP SOCCER CODE?: Last week I asked if there was a clairvoyant out there who could tell us who is going to win the World Cup, a soccer game that is watched, we are informed, by some 50 BILLIION over four weeks. Not one medium has responded, but someone else has. I received information that Brazil was correctly predicted to win the last world cup using the formula. If you have the time to work out the formula and apply to this world cup soccer, you could come up with an accurate prediction who will be the world soccer champions:
Brazil last won the world cup in 1994.
Before that they won it in 1970.
Add 1970 and 1994, it equals 3964.
Argentina last won the world cup in 1986.
Before that they won it in 1978.
Add 1978 and 1986, it equals 3964.
Germany last won in 1990.
Before that they won in 1974.
Add 1990 and 1974, it equals 3964.
So going by "the numbers", the winner of the 2002 world cup is the same as the 3964 - 2002 = 1962 world cup.
The 1962 world cup was won by Brazil.
So since this year is 2006, the winner should be the team that won in 1958- Brazil ?? Interesting... BUT don't bet on it!!!

THE GROUND OF FAITH June 06’ can now be read. This is a website for those I would consider to be ‘advanced’ Christians. I support them because it is good to have highly credible Christians write about matters that are directly relevant to everyone.

'PSYCHIC TWINS' ACCURATE PREDICTION REGARDING THE DISAPPEARANCE OF OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN’S MISSING BOYFRIEND Patrick McDermott. U.S.”Insider” episode showed on air more last September, after Patrick vanished without trace. He left Olivia and a son behind, disappearing without a trace. Police had no more clues. The case was exhausted. But the psychic twins ( accurately predicted on cemera that: Olivia’s boyfriend Patrick has NOT been murdered, that he went South towards Mexico, he faked his own death. “Fox News, CNN’s Nancy Grace and Court TV’s Catherine Crier Live have reported today that new details reveal: all of The Psychic Twins’ predictions are very close to being confirmed. Four independent eye witnesses have seen him in Baja Peninsula in the towns of Cabo San Lucas and Todas Santos. He is allegedly using a fake name and working on a fishing boat.” More about this later.

9th June 2006

COMMENTARY: Time for a new Christian Reformation? Dan (the Da Vinci Code) Brown has raised the question of unconfirmed information in the Bible. For more than 1500 years nobody knew what (Victor, pictured, photo 1998) was in the Bible except the priests. Then printing was invented and the Bible was published for all to read. For those theologians and others who study the Bible to try to make some sense out of it now, it is most important to ask relevant questions about critical matters of life and death - and to question and test the validity of the contents of the Bible. Just because someone says without proof, “I’m inspired by God to write this” should we accept it without questioning his authority? Should we close our minds when we open the Bible? Especially in Deuteronomy where there is so much ungodly cruelty, brutality, malice, murders, vindictiveness – and we are told to blindly accept it? Last week I stated that according to history and the Church, Jesus became ‘God’ by a vote (see last week’s report, below).

The right to know means the right to ask questions. Although we are told to accept Jesus as God:
1) if Jesus was God, why did Jesus continually refer to himself as a “human being”?
2) Why did Jesus distinctly say he was not God and that there is only one God?
3) Why did Jesus not mention the Trinity – IF he is one of the three Christian Gods?
4) Why did Jesus not explain that what would be translated “Son of God” in the original Aramaic meant nothing more than a servant of God?
5) Why did not Jesus write a book himself to tell the world what his message is – and prevent the slaughter, the butchery and the massacres that went on for centuries – and some of it is still going on to-day?
6) Why did not Jesus tell us what he wanted to be accepted himself instead of leaving it to those highly superstitious and uninformed attendees at the Council of Nicea THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTYFIVE YEARS LATER – where the leadership under Constantine was NOT even Christian?
7) If Jesus was God, was all-knowing – had knowledge of the past and the future, why didn't Jesus reveal ONE fact to the world it did not know before?
(Thanks to Arthur Findlay for these questions – see his The Rock of Truth- chapter 3 The Christian Religion). I’ll be more than happy to publish any responses by theologians.

ALLISON DUBOIS’ NEW BOOK –Allison Dubois, author of the NY Times Bestselling book "Don't Kiss them Good-Bye" – has a new book out. Allison's new book We Are Their Heaven- Why the dead Never Leave Us is on sale in all Barnes & Noble and Borders/Walden Book Stores Walmart, Independent book sellers and Amazon.Com in North America. Spanish, German, Dutch, Mandarin Chinese and an audio version (in Allison's own voice!) are also available. Allison Dubois is back home after a grueling US tour. She will still be conducting radio interviews so check Allison's website .The TV series MEDIUM was inspired by her mediumship skills is doing very well in the U.S., U.K, Australia, Canada, Germany and in other countries. I urge all of you to support Allison primarily because she is doing wonders for promoting the evidence for the afterlife – singularly the most important discovery in human history and something that you yourself will benefit by the critical knowledge.

TERRORISM!: The US military has killed Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq and the country's most wanted terrorist. Reports state he was betrayed by one of his close associates for $33 million. News reports state Al-Zarqawi is alleged to have been responsible for the murdering of thousands of people in Iraq, a few hundred in other countries, and beheading hostages himself on television and other terrorist acts. What is going to happen to him on crossing over to the afterlife? Information transmitted from the afterlife by highly gifted mediums shows that the ‘vibrations’ of a person crossing over will determine which realm he will go. The afterlife has many realms vibrating from the lowest to the highest. Low vibrating people crossing over will automatically go to the low vibrating realm that can accommodate their vibrations. In the case of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, someone responsible for heinous crimes, his vibrations would be lowered by his negative acts of murder and terrorism. On crossing over he will be sucked down to the lowest vibrational darkest realm with its slowest vibrations. No fifty virgins, no heaven, no good times as some think – it is the lair of the most horrible, most vile, most heinous, violent spirits.

WORLD CUP SOCCER- 40 BILLION VIEWERS (over 4 weeks): are there any mediums out there who can predict with accuracy who is going to win the world cup soccer? Last time, four years ago, I received information which accurately predicted the winning country.But one does not have to be a medium to predict that Brazil is a very likely contender to be the world champions this year. The world soccer cup we are informed is the greatest sporting event - bigger than the Olympic games.

POINT OF ORDER! “You can’t prove the negative” is WRONG! Some high profile negatively entrenched ex-magician debunker from Florida has been spreading a great deal of heinous disinformation about rebutting my afterlife evidence. This ex-magician highly skilled at verbal sleight-of-hand is knowingly misleading the public when he says that you cannot rebut Victor Zammit’s evidence because “no one can prove the negative.” WRONG! My comment is that is absolutely wrong and highly misleading, deceptive and misleading. This is because I am adhering to professional debating rule that as the asserter, I have positively expressly stated more than sixteen areas of evidence – go to the ‘contents page’ - click on BOOK top right. The onus then shifts on to the complainant to rebut - to show specifically where, when, how and why the evidence ought not be admitted as admissible evidence. No closed minded skeptic, no debunker, no cynic, no scientist, no lawyer or anybody else has been able to rebut the afterlife evidence. It is utter nonsense for that debunker to state ‘you can’t prove the negative.’ It just shows that either he’s colossally ignorant of the professional debate rules OR he is willfully using ‘verbal sleight of hand’ fooling the uninformed skeptics and others. I had to deal with a couple of skeptics who were misled – but it appears they saw the light now.

JOHN OF GOD: the great healer from Brazil is in New Zealand and may be visit Australia: BUT finance is required to bring him here. ‘Guarantors’ and others prepared to finance this important spiritual for his visit are urgently needed. The initial envisaged sum is $50,000. John of God is reported to have cured many people of serious diseases. Whilst guarantees can never be given, those who read about his miracle cures would want to see him and meet him. Anyone who wants more information about John of God's possible visit to Australia please email me:

REMOTE VIEWING: with absolute certainty, remote viewing is real. How do I know that? I experienced remote viewing myself. There is nothing more powerful than the ‘experiential.’ Patrick Price was someone who was a highly gifted remote viewer who penetrated Russian security system using remote viewing. Price, through remote viewing, accurately described details of a secret Pentagon facility in the hills of West Virginia village of Sugar Grove. Among its secret functions were the interception of intercontinental telephone communications, and the control of U.S. spy satellites. Price was also deadly accurate in his remote viewing in penetrating Russian installation at Mount Narodnaya in the remote northern Ural Mountains. The CIA confirmed the accuracy of Price's remote viewing.” Read more … click on BOOK, click on chapter 17)

BIBLE SAYS JESUS WAS ‘HANGED.’ Dan Brown of the Da Vinci Code stated that one of his objectives in his book is to raise questions about Biblical beliefs we were conditioned to accept for centuries. Implicit in this, Dan Brown would also ask then, whilst Christians believe that Jesus died on the cross, why is it then that in the Bible Acts 13-20 states very clearly that Jesus was hanged on a tree: “… Now I, and those with me, can witness to everything he did throughout the countryside of Judaea and in Jerusalem itself: and also in the fact that they killed him by hanging him (Jesus) on a tree …” Do we have any informed theologians to explain the critical and most fundamental difference between what Christians were taught to be believe about how Jesus died and what the Bible clearly states how Jesus died? I will publish the best explanation next week. Submit all replies to:

DEATHBED VISIONS According to the information provided to Dr Robert Crookall by medical personnel only ten per cent of people are conscious shortly before their death:
a) of this group one half to two thirds have near death visions
b) these visions take the form of apparitional visits of loved ones,
c) glimpses of the next world and medically inexplicable moods of elation. Read more click on BOOK TOP RIGHT, click on 19

HOMOEOPATHY? Doctors are campaigning in England against alternative therapies – such as homeopathy. Professor Michael Baum and others have written a letter to the TIMES – ON - LINE complaining that in hospitals there are alternative health treatment which are not so ‘scientific.’He said, “We are a group of physicians and scientists who are concerned about ways in which unproven or disproved treatments are being encouraged for general use in the NHS. We would ask you to review practices in your own trust, and to join us in representing our concerns to the Department of Health because we want patients to benefit from the best treatments available.” The fact is that patients are more than happy to try anything THAT WORKS. It is healthy to be skeptical but it will be most stupid to accept that ‘organized medicine’ is not the only way for treatment. Is it not unreasonable to use a remedy that WORKS – and it does not matter whether it is homeopathy, organized medicine or just spiritual healing. Why should we not judge by RESULTS? There have been highly credible writers who stated that some 80% of all pharmaceutical products medical doctors prescribe to patients DO NOT WORK! Why should ANYONE try to restrict the patient’s choice of effective remedies? Why should one group say, we have all the answers – you are banned from trying anything else! I have known people who had very serious medical problems and obtained remedies from alternative medicine – homeopathy and spiritual healing. Why, then should we BAN these effective remedies which have cured patients at least some of the time? Perhaps the doctors are finding that people are preferring alternative medicine to orthodox medical treatment. Is it unreasonable to judge effective cures by results? Read more...

June 2nd 2006

THE MOST IMPORTANT INFORMATION TO HAVE ON THIS PLANET EARTH: keep your beliefs if you want to. Accept only that which can be repeated over time and space with the same results – THAT is testing whether information is reliable. My evidence for the afterlife is empirical – which means the same results have been achieved over time and space–click BOOK top right.
But I do get people asking me to recommend books they can read to help them understand why they are on this planet Earth, the meaning of life and about the afterlife. I have said time and again read Arthur Findlay’s On The Edge Of The Etheric, Anthony Borgia’s transmitted information from Mons. Hugh Benson and ALL of Silver Birch’s transmitted information from the afterlife. These books contain information transmitted from those with high credibility directly from the afterlife who are EYE WITNESSES to what is happening there. The information is NOT thousands of years old written by people whom we do NOT know. You will be one hundred per cent safe with this pure gold information. I put my own reputation on it. Guaranteed!

This is another great book for those beginning their journey of exploration.
The author spends a weekend with a wise old man discussing the reliability, meaning, and implications of the best evidence for life after death through a consideration of 23 of the best cases. Allen's approach is insightful, inventive, and carefully reasoned. The information is presented in a flowing dialogue style that is easy to both swallow and digest. Altogether, an enjoyable and memorable read.

BIBLICAL EVIDENCE FOR THE AFTERLIFE: I had an emailer stating that there is nothing in the Bible about survival – implying once you’re dead, you’re dead. My presentation of the evidence for the afterlife has to do with science and empiricism. It has nothing to do with Biblical beliefs but focuses on repeatable experiments, objective, empirical evidence. But for the record there is Biblical support for the afterlife: see: Heb.12:1.’Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits, whether they are of God.’ 1 John 4:1.”The spirits of just men made perfect.’ Heb 12:23.”There is a natural body and there is a spiritual body … First that which is natural, and afterward that which spiritual.’1 Cor.15:44, 46.
'RADIO OUT THERE' - excellent radio by highly professional broadcaster Barry Eaton on matters of the paranormal. More that 50,000 each month accessing his radio show! This week Barry interviews Victor on the Da Vinci Code.

PROFESSOR BOKRIS SUPPORTS AFTERLIFE "Materialism can no longer be the basis of public philosophy," he writes. "Living beings are not simply sophisticated machines. People do not cease to exist at the time of `death'...Clear messages are being sent by "dead" people through sensitives." Read this review of The New Paradigm a sensational new book by Professor Bokris

SKEPTICS WRONG TO APPLY THE ‘IMPOSSIBLE TO PASS TEST’. Leslie Flint, a brilliant ‘direct voice’ medium describes his bitter disappointment with parapsychologists in the following extract: “When first I began to allow myself to be tested I was naive enough to believe that if the tests were successful the scientists and researchers who had carried them out under their own conditions would proclaim to all the world the truth of life after death. All too soon I learned the hard way that many of those who call themselves researchers have immutable values of their own which preclude belief in a meaning or purpose in man's existence or in the possibility of a life after death. Their concern was to disprove the reality of my voices and they would postulate any alternative however far-fetched or absurd sooner than admit the implication of their own successful experiment (Flint 1971: 169). Read more …. Click on BOOK click on chapter 12.

CROSS CORRERSPONDENCE MEDIUSHIP: After he died, psychic investigator Frederick Myers designed a brilliant way to show that mediumship had nothing to do with the medium reading the minds of the sitters. Along with other founding members of the Society for Psychical Research he sent back a series of complex messages to different mediums in different part of the world which on their own would mean nothing but which when put together would make sense. Myers did say it was extremely difficult to transmit his messages from the spirit world across to the mediums. He described as being like:
“ …standing behind a sheet of frosted glass which blurs sight and deadens sound dictating feebly to a reluctant and somewhat obtuse secretary (Wilson 1987: 176).” Click on BOOK top right, click on chapter 14

Cathy Amiss, the daughter of Martha and Don Copeland was killed in an automobile accident on December 23rd, 2001. Since then Cathy’s voice has been captured on various electronic, tape recorders and digital recorders. She has used this media to let her family know that she is still with them and aware of what is taking place in their lives. Martha Copeland has formed a group within the AAEVP called the ‘Recording Circle Bridge to the Afterlife’. Cathy has come through with children who are on the other side to connect with their loved ones who participate in the recording circle. Cathy and her friends in spirit refer to themselves as THE BIG CIRCLE – it includes our loved ones in spirit and along with their loved ones in the physical world.
Listen to the EVP recordings made by Cathy and mke up your own mind.

ON SKEPTICISM – why we should be OPEN minded skeptics and not CLOSED minded skeptical debunkers? Below are examples of how some debunkers made fools of themselves when trying to deal with inventions they thought were impossible:

1) the Scientific American, The New York Times, The New York Herald, the U.S. Army, academics—including Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy Simon Newcomb from John Hopkins University—and many other American scientists all heaped derision, ridicule and denigration onto the Wright brothers claiming that it was: 'scientifically impossible for machines to fly!’

2) Sir William Preece, former chief engineer of Britain's Post Office will be remembered for making one of the most 'idiotic' comments in history about Edison's inventions. Sir William stated that Edison's lamp (parallel circuit) was a 'completely idiotic idea' AND

3) Professors, including Professor Henry Morton who knew Edison, stated immediately before Edison demonstrated the electric light globe: 'On behalf of science ... Edison's experiments are a ... fraud upon the public’

4) John Logie Baird, the inventor of television, was attacked by closed-minded skeptics who stated it was: 'absolute rubbish that television waves could produce a picture’!!!

5) one of the leading scientists from the French Academy of Sciences stated that hypnosis is a fraud and stated after seeing a hypnotized subject with a four inch needle in the top of his arm: 'This subject has been paid for not showing he's in pain’

6) another scientist from the French Academy of Sciences, after listening to a record made by Edison, stated: '... clearly that is a case of ventriloquism’
COMMUNICATING with afterlife entities is the greatest discovery in human history. Science is making huge progress in the afterlife research. I predict within twenty years there will be a revolution in the afterlife science. It is reported there are millions around the world who have made contact with their loved ones from the otherside. People now are coming out and telling the world what they experienced. I am one of them myself. I kept quiet for many years – but as I stated a few weeks back – why should I not share with millions of others what they themselves experienced? I made contact with my crossed over parents. I asked my father many questions to ascertain authenticity. All questions were answered correctly. This is something I found out that many people experienced. They should come out in the open and share with us their most important experience in their life.

1. There are Near-Death Experiences or NDEs.
2. There are out-of-body journeys and the experiences of shamans and remote viewers.
3. There is direct experience through apparitions, clairvoyance, clairaudience and deathbed visions.
4. There are revelations through other than conscious states of awareness such as hypnosis, dreams and holotropic states (The word Holotropic is from the Greek Holos meaning whole and Trepein meaning moving or oriented towards. It relates to a powerful method of self-exploration, personal transformation, and healing created by Christina and Stanislav Grof, MD ).
5. There are revelations through mediums from loved ones who have died.
6. There are revelations through electronic voice phenomena (EVP) and instrumental trans-communication.
7. There are revelations through mediums, channellers and automatic writers from spirit teachers of high degree.
8. All other personal experiences such as clairaudience, intuition, telepathy, spirit sightings.
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