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April 22nd 2011

Last week's report

Apologies if I have not replied to your email.

The northern hemisphere Spring Equinox is a wonderful time to celebrate new life and the existence of the afterlife. But one thing we need to change is the belief that Jesus was the only person to be resurrected from death. WRONG! The 'New Scientists' - those scientists who accept 'afterlife' physics and those afterlife investigators tell us that EVERYONE - every man, woman and child, who dies is IMMEDIATELY resurrected. There is definitive inconvertible proof that we ALL retain our consciousness on crossing over and we continue to live, most of us in the Realm of the Light. We certainly do NOT stay unconscious underground until 'Jesus comes to judge the living and the dead'. We ALL continue to live in the afterlife dimension on physical death here - that's guaranteed!

EASTER BUNNY? Most people can understand eggs as a symbol of new life. Some even know that because eggs were forbidden food during Lent (the 40 day period of fasting before Easter) people were so glad to see and eat eggs again that they made it a tradition to eat them on Easter Sunday. The chocolate Easter bunny is a much less obvious Pagan symbol of fertility (and perhaps not an advisable one given the state of the Earth's resources which can no longer support massive population increase).

Perhaps as a symbol of Easter as a celebration of the afterlife we could begin to use the 'butterfly' -a universal symbol of transformation from a caterpillar through a period in a chrysalis to a glorious freedom. The Egyptians and the Greeks placed golden butterflies in their tombs, a symbol of resurrection, new life, and immortality and Christians also used the butterfly as an important symbol.

But whatever and however you choose to celebrate at this time of the year we hope that you enjoy old traditions and create new ones to celebrate both life and the afterlife. Happy Easter to all.


DO WE ALL HAVE PSYCHIC/ MEDIUMISTIC ABILITITES? Dr Russell Targ who trained remote viewers for 10 years at Stanford says we do. He has developed an application or game that you can buy for an i-phone to develop your psychic abilities. The player is presented with four colored squares. For each trial, one has been selected at random by the ESP Trainer. Your task is to choose the correct square. If you succeed, you will hear a chime, feel a vibration, and see a large color picture. In a year long NASA program with 145 subjects many were able to significantly improve their scores. Four of the subjects improved their scores at the hundred-to-one level or better. This approach has been used with surprising success on Wall Street. Read more....

" Here are just a few (now declassified) examples of the astonishing psi ability that remote viewers at SRI demonstrated in the government program. Most of the information from the program is still classified, but these are a few good indications of the results possible. Shown on each page is the sketch made by the psychic, and then below that, a photograph of the actual target." See examples...
The real question is what are the implications of this ability for who we are.

Dr Kenneth Ring talks with Jeffrey Mishlove about the implications of the NDE.


. My very special concern at this time of the year is to acknowledge the huge debt owed by all of us in the West - and especially Australia- to some million American soldiers, sailors and airmen - and civilians - who gave their lives so that we can enjoy our precious freedom to-day. The Japanese were very dangerously close to invading Australia in 1942 for its very rich abundance of mineral resources which Japan did not have and urgently needed very badly. They were stopped by the powerful American forces- always at a huge price of American lives. We fully acknowledge the huge sacrifices made by the British, Russians, French and other countries but history shows that if it was not for the Americans, Australia would have certainly been invaded by the Japanese and would have become a 'slave-colony' for a long, long time. So, let's for just a few moments give thanks to the United States for its role in securing our very precious freedom we have to-day. LEST WE FORGET!

British actress Ellen Terry who died in 1928 speaking in 1955 through direct voice medium Leslie Flint.

FROM THE WAY OF LIFE- A book by that brilliant Scottish author, Arthur Findlay based on direct voice conversations with people living in the afterlife.

" Yes I am trying to explain how we build our home by deeds done in the body. Any little good I had done in earth life which had been a bit of a sacrifice to me, made my home, my beautiful home, more beautiful and any kind thought I had, any kind action I did, all went to the beautification of my Paradise of Peace, my home, my garden, in all its beauty, and the flowers I love tending as I used to in earth life."
p. 159. Read THE WAY OF LIFE online or download a pdf copy here.


S.Birch, directly from the afterlife: "In spiritual relationships, you have in the supreme case affinities or in the lesser instances kinship. Physical relationships are conditions NOT based on eternal principles, the only ones that will endure. Group souls, when referring to their human aspects, are composed of individuals who have a spiritual kinship. Automatically they are drawn to one another because they are 'facets of the same diamond.' It can be, and it does happen, that for the purposes of work to be done fragments of the diamond incarnate into you world to have the kind of experiences which will help the larger self.

by Galen Stoller confronts timeless questions concerning what happens to our loved ones and ourselves after death. The journey began for Dr. K. Paul Stoller one evening in 2007 when he received a phone call from the state police that his 16-year-old son Galen had been killed. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Stoller's son appeared and eventually began to communicate with him in dream states. Eventually convinced that it was his son, Dr. Stoller began journaling hundreds of pages of communication from Galen about his new circumstances, which led eventually to this book. Read more...

LATEST INSTRUMENTAL TRANSCOMMUNICATION (ITC) JOURNAL The late Dr David Fontana was very involved in research in Instrumental Transcommunication. He wrote Some Thoughts of the First Issue of the publication of the first issue of Dr Anabela Cardoso's ITC Journal which has now reached issue 39. The current issue (available as an electronic download for 5 euros) contains the following excellent articles as well as the usual excellent features:

  • Like a swift by Anabela Cardoso
  • Still spreading the Truth of Survival by Ann Harrison
  • Prof. Ernst Senkowski talks with Anabela Cardoso
  • Interview with Mario Varvoglis, director of Institut Métapsychique International in Paris* Anabela Cardoso and Carlos Fernández
  • Announcing the Electronic Voices CD
  • Can the Belief in Survival of Physical Death be Scientific? by Dr. David Fontana
  • The Great Work: Healing the World by Collective Meditation (concluding part) by Roger Taylor


Tom and Lisa Butler of
ATransC write how during their last sitting with the Circle of the Silver Cord, David Thompson once again brought through Konstantin Raudive. He told them that he continues to try to communicate in every way possible. “I will never give up,” he said about his efforts to prove survival via transcommunication. He asked them to tell everyone that he was going to try to pass on a "code phrase" and wanted everyone who could to record on October 27, 2010 at 10 pm. He was not specific as to time zone.

Tom and Lisa were on a plane traveling to England at the set time but
many members reported that they recorded Konstantin’s name. Jutta Lebmann of the German VTF reported "...just in the beginning of the recording a high female singing voice announces ‘Kommt Raudive’ and then a male voice similar to Raudive’s lifetime voice says ‘Raudive ... kommt Raudive....’, the messages are in German language." "Kommt" translates to English as "come."

" The promised code phrase was "Light 22" and we are happy to report that ATransC member Jayne Thompson succeeded using EVPmaker and crowd babble. The "light" is clearly discernable, but the "22" is a little more difficult to hear. " Read more...


Part 4 of 7 parts with Spanish subtitles.

Part 5- the danger of addiction to being human!!
Part 6.
Part 7.

Christian theology tells us Easter originated when Jesus died and after three days "rose from the dead" and "ascended into heaven".

But history shows that the belief in a savior who was put to death and then resurrected was around long before Jesus was born. All the following world saviors existed before the Christian era and all were 'resurrected and went to heaven':

1)Krishna’ world savior rose from the dead;
2) Buddha also ascended bodily to heaven;
3) Lao-Kiun savior, virgin born deity ascended bodily into paradise;
4) Zoroaster world savior the ancient Persian God ascended to heaven;
5) Aesculapius, the Son of God, the Savior after being put to death rose from the dead;
6) Savior Adonis world savior rose from the dead;
7) Osiris, the Egyptian Savior, after being put to death rose from the dead;
8) Frey: the ancient Scandinavians also had their world savior Frey – who was put to death and rose from the dead;
9) Quetzalcoatle, the Mexican crucified savior was put to death and rose again from the dead.

(source for all the above: the highly documented: 'BIBLE MYTHS and their PARALLEL RELIGIONS' by T.W. Doane in the chapter THE RESURRECTION - all sources substantiated).

Afterlife investigators - including myself - say on crossing over, the spirit body is immediately resurrected - AND will IMMEDIATELY go to the afterlife dimension where it continues to live. Heaven, the 'afterlife dimension' is NOT 'up in the sky', it occupies the same space as ours but at a hugely faster vibration- so 'ascending into heaven' is NOT correct.

A NEW REFORMATION? IS it not time for orthodox Christians to conduct a review of the information contained in the Bible to remove all that has been plagiarized from previous religious writings.
(I'm more than happy for a Christian theologian to tell us all or any of the above is not correct - giving reasons.)


SIGNS OF LIFE THIS WEEK APRIL 21st 2011 7 PM Eastern USA time / 4PM Pacific Thursday Nights
Host Medium Angelina Diana is joined by Forever Family Foundation Certified Mediums for an evening of Spirit Communication and Afterlife Discussion. Listeners participate by calling in with questions, comments, or to request a link to their loved ones on the other side. All mediums appearing on this show have been certified by Forever Family Foundation.
Listen online.

TOM AND LISA BUTLER ON SIGNS OF LIFE NEXT WEEK APRIL 28th 2011- 7 PM Eastern USA time / 4PM Pacific- Friday 9am Sydney time Tom & Lisa Butler, Directors of The Association TransCommunication, have been researching the afterlife for years. They will be discussing voice recordings from the deceased and other empirical evidence of afterlife communication from intelligent entities. In addition to discussing specific techniques that we can all use in the pursuit of our own spirit communication, the Butlers will also now speak of firsthand experiences with physical mediums. Read more...

AECES (rhymes with "basis") is a non-profit organization dedicated to discerning and disseminating the most convincing evidence for the Survival of the human personality after the demise of the physical body. Read more...

CAN YOU HELP? Hi Victor, there is a documentary I really want to watch that has Coral Polge and Gordon Higginson in it, it's called Your Life Will Never End, it was made in 1982. Have you ever seen or heard of this?...or know where I could get this from?


1) Hi Victor, I am glad to say that I have again received the afterlife report, thank you for sorting that out for me. Leo.

2) Hello Victor, great thanks for your great work, it is incredible how you manage to send "us" so many interesting information every week, never miss a week! Best Regards, Helmut S.

3) Hi Victor and Wendy Just to say hi and to tell you how I look forward to each Fridays update. Have added you to my Website links page, if that is not okay, just let me know. My Website is www.bodymechanics.net.au Kind Regards
Carole C

THANK YOU! We were deeply moved by the many wonderful responses to the item in last week's Afterlife Friday Report calling for a medium to volunteer her/his services to someone in Zimbabwe with tragic circumstances who has no money to consult with a medium. It was very decent of so many mediums to volunteer their services to help - We do thank you all personally - and they come from many countries including the U.S. U.K., Australia, and from Europe. More about his later on.

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