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March 25th 2011

COMMENTARY: ON ADMISSIBLE EVIDENCE: ARE YOU READY TO DEAL WITH OBJECTIVE EVIDENCE – AS DISTINCT FROM ACCEPTING ‘BLIND FAITH’ BELIEFS? In the afterlife context, some of your information may be valid, other information you have may NOT be valid. We all need to test our beliefs when we deal with the afterlife because it has such huge consequences.

Consider the following very brief influences of our world view: You would be 100% on 'solid ground' with number 6.

1. SUPERSTITION: accepting anything even if it sounds absurd e.g. that bad luck will come to you if you walk under a ladder- or in the afterlife context that you go to hell for eternity - for billions of years in pain - if you eat meat on Fridays or if you remarry after divorce.

2. 'BELIEFS', 'BLIND FAITH': - completely accepting beliefs without evidence or without testing them. One needs ‘blind faith’ in most religious writings which are usually thousands of years old. Extreme religious blind faith includes the religious suicide bomber who believes he/she will meet fifty virgins in paradise after he (or she) blows himself up and other innocent people.

3. 'HEARSAY' EVIDENCE: what somebody else told you about something which is not or cannot be independently substantiated. For example, a person who claims that his skepticism 'is valid' because of what a friend told him. This is not admitted as evidence in formal debates.

4. SUBJECTIVE EVIDENCE: Information and experiences which can never be independently confirmed. Religious writings are usually 'subjective' evidence which means they all could be wrong.

5. SUBJECTIVE AUTHORITY: relates to all authority dealing with subjective beliefs. For example, religious leaders have 'subjective' authority based on a claim that their authority derives from writings which are thousands of years old. This also relates to statements by religious leaders about religious beliefs- for example, declarations by archbishops, popes, mullahs, rabbis and other religious leaders - all would be regarded as subjective authority.

6. OBJECTIVE EVIDENCE: that which can be repeated over time and space, keeping variables constant and which yields the same results. There is formidable hard core objective and repeatable evidence for the existence of the afterlife and the paranormal. It is the best evidence. For this reason hard-core skeptics have been unable to rebut the existing objective evidence for the afterlife and the paranormal.

7. OBJECTIVE AUTHORITY: in context of the afterlife, it is when a body of knowledge has been proved to be 'objective and repeatable'.

8. WHEN OBJECTIVE AND SUBJECTIVE CLAIMS CONFLICT: in any inconsistency between the objective (e.g. science) and beliefs or theology, objective science prevails and will ALWAYS prevail to the extent of the inconsistency. Galileo’s scientific heliocentric view of our solar system prevailed over the mistaken subjective Biblical belief that it was the sun which revolves around the earth.

"We have to be responsible for our thoughts in the same way we are responsible for our actions."


Dr. Thomas Glen Hamilton was a respected Canadian physician and member of the Manitoba legislature who spent the last quarter of his life investigating psychic phenomena, together with his co-researchers wife Lilian and daughter Margaret. Their incredible full collection of notes and photographs have now been made available online thanks to the work of Walter Falk.
www.thehamiltonfiles.info For more details of Walter Falk's six-year pilgrimage through the notes, please see the ‘Introduction’ page of the webpage.

In part 5 of this fascinating video we learn about the spirit team of afterlife pioneers who claimed to be behind the work of the Hamilton Physical Circle.


The journey from religion to spirituality is one shared by many of us in the later 20th Century. From Protestant Christianity (Christian Science) she married a Catholic at age 18, then converted to Judaism. As she got older she moved into New Age, Kabala and perhaps most importantly embraced the AA doctrine of selfless service, raising millions of dollars for people suffering from AIDS. "Finally, give of yourself," Elizabeth wrote. "There are many organizations that need help . . . Nothing will raise your self-esteem as much as helping others. It will make you like yourself more and make you more likeable . . . BFC [Betty Ford Clinic] changed my life." This great movie star was most spiritually exemplary using her giant celebrity status to help others. She should do well on crossing over.


"Witnessing the Impossible" traces every session of the 'Scole Experimental Group' over the years, from its foundation and the beginning of The Scole Experiment in 1993 to its very sudden and unexpected ending in November 1998. In all, it follows over 1,000 continuous hours of mediumship and objective Physical Phenomena. The book represents the only true and complete eyewitness account of this unique and pioneering experiment. An absolute must for all serious students of Psychic Research.

Robin Foy has a special offer on the book for the month of March only. There are to be just two prices which include postage:
UK and Europe ... £20 -
a saving either of £7 (UK postage), or £9 (Europe postage)
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Purchase your book here.


A number of victims of the 9/11 disaster apparently knew a week or more before their deaths that they that they would soon die. There are indications that we all get warnings of our deaths beforehand, at least at the subconscious level. Read Michael Tymn's well researched article.

"Some very strange things are happening with this book already. ...In two radio interviews I have had, the hosts started to cry when discussing my book, then they described how powerfully affected they were by it. And the book has only been out two weeks! ...Folks, nothing like this has ever happened to me before. We’re talking general public here, not IANDS or near-death groups. Yet, at the same time, I’m getting additional book reviews that speak solely of near-death and that my book is a must read on the subject.... Well, thanks, thanks to all of you. But. . . NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES: THE REST OF THE STORY is not another near-death book! In the book, I establish that the near-death phenomenon is not some kind of anomaly, but is rather part of the larger genre of transformations of consciousness. Order directly from the author...



Many of the books we recommend are usually available free of charge in your local public library- or could be if you ask the librarian in charge of acquisitions to buy it in. This is an easy and cost-free way to share the knowledge that you have with others.

Leslie Flint was a "direct-voice medium." This is a kind of physical mediumship in which spirit people speak directly with their loved ones using an artificial voicebox made of ectoplasm, a substance taken from the medium. In this recording
Rev. Charles Drayton Thomas (1867-1953) who was a Methodist minister in England speaks about the work he is doing in the afterlife. Listen to the recording on Craig Hogan's Afterlife Communication website.

QUESTION: What will happen to a person who passes on, not believing in Survival?
Directly from the afterlife (Teachings of S.Birch.): "As you cannot die, because it is contrary to the natural law, that person will have to wake up and face the fact. How long it will take for the realization of spirit life to come to him will depend upon the evolution of his soul - how far it is advanced and how it can attune itself to the new conditions (it could be fairly quickly or it may take eons of time as we know time - VZ).

SPIRITUAL FALLACIES: (1) "... you will sleep in your grave until Resurrection." On crossing over we retain our consciousness, we are met by someone we truly trust to help us proceed to the Sphere of the Light, usually called the Third Level. That will happen to most people. But there are exceptions. There will be those whose state of mind at the time of crossing is encumbered (burdened, negatively affected, has problems) - by a powerful belief that 'there is no afterlife'. These types will wander around in the afterlife dimension for eons of time until eventually they realize they are in the afterlife. The second class of people are those religious people who have a powerful belief that they have to stay near their grave until the "Resurrection".. Rescue teams reported that they try to talk with these people- but their minds are made up to stay in darkness for up to eons of time waiting. Of course, one day they will accept they are wasting their time and be helped.

You have always said that if we want to increase our vibrations - becoming more spiritual - making our aura brighter - we have to help others. What do you mean by that?

Victor: You are constantly being presented with opportunities to be sensitive to the needs of others - on a bus, a city street, at work, with friends. You have the opportunity to be courteous to strangers and to fellow motorists while driving. These small interactions are important to you for they set the tone of ALL your relationships: Ask yourself: am I kind to strangers? Do I respond courteously to others? Am I sensitive to the emotions of passing people generally and specifically? Do I offer polite help where it is needed anywhere? Your answers to these questions will give you a clue about all your relationships- with family, business acquaintances and friends and with people generally. The critical thing if you want to increase your level of vibrations (spirituality) is to eliminate selfishness, ego and cruelty. Guaranteed, the help - the positive energies you create with and for others will be reflected in your own etheric vibrations and in your aura..

JOKE OF THE DECADE CONCERNING SKEPTICS: Sharp and short - describing exactly closed-minded skeptics’ conduct:
A closed minded skeptic is like an aggressive flea from Florida sitting behind a dog’s left ear arguing with other fleas that there are no such things as dogs!



Some uninformed people seem to think that we are seeking converts, that we are here 'on a crusade' like the fundamentalist religions' who go door to door evangelizing - to convert people around the world. WRONG! Anything to do with the afterlife and the paranormal CANNOT be a crusade. Our job - which we consider a mission - is to make accessible the evidence amounting to proof which exists about the afterlife and the paranormal to those who are actively searching for it. If someone refuses to accept the information, it does not worry us one bit. It's a matter of timing and a matter of vibrations. Our experience shows that once people are ready they will accept the evidence with much grace. One sure thing: those who read more about the afterlife are guaranteed to have the smoothest, most enjoyable and most wonderful transition to the afterlife dimension.

Dr Stephen J. Iacoboni, MD has spent his entire medical career in the treatment of those stricken with cancer. Frustrated by science's inability to conquer the disease, and suffering with his patients as they faced the fear and physical pain of dying, he needed to discover another way of helping his patients.
Fortified by lessons taught to him by some of his patients, and after deep personal exploration, he ultimately discovered that we all have an undying soul. Dr. Iacoboni will be discussing his new book, The Undying Soul - A Cancer Doctor's Discovery. The good doctor will recount some of these experiences as he shows the alternatives to loneliness and fear.
BBS RADIO 7 PM Eastern/ 4PM Pacific Every Thursday

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Simon Turnbull, President of the Australian Psychics Association tells us that today (Friday 25th) is the last day for psychics to get their application in to Channel 7 casting@seven.com.au for Series 2 of its psychic talent quest- The One. (see previous series on Youtube)

HAVE A DATE WITH THAT GREAT MEDIUM LOUISE HERMANN $10 Louise was absolutely great and most impressive when she appeared with British medium Tony Stockwell. You can see and meet Louise: Date:Friday 1st April 2011 Time:Arrive 7pm for a 7:15pm start (please arrive on time as the front doors will be closed at 7:15pm sharp). Location: Drummoyne Community Centre-10 Cometrowe St, Drummoyne. Cost: A $10 Door Entry Fee payable on the evening. 10% of proceeds will go towards the Cancer Council, Lifeline Australia and the RSPCA (see website for details). If you or anyone else would like to attend, please register online at www.louisehermann.com or provide just a first name, date/location of event, contact mobile (in case of event changes) and the number of people attending by emailing info@louisehermann.com or phone and leave a message (or text) on 0415 183 950


1) Hey Victor, I can't wait till Friday to get the afterlife report! Ch.

2) Victor and Wendy, First of all can I congratulate you on a wonderful site. I have known for some time about the truth of the afterlife and it is refreshing to view your sight and read and hear so many varied accounts of the evidence Maggie

3) Dear Victor and Wendy, I really enjoy all your different articles that promote the concept of “afterlife”. Lynette

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one of the most inspirational songs ever written - sung by Elton John for the movie THE LION KING. There is pure magic in this music. Do NOT be in a hurry, just relax, listen and watch - and guaranteed most of you will feel its power, its inspiration by getting goose-bumps.


Here are the beautiful lyrics of this song - that reveal much about life:

From the day we arrive on the planet
And blinking, step into the sun
There's more to see than can ever be seen
More to do than can ever be done
There's far too much to take in here
More to find than can ever be found
But the sun rolling high
Through the sapphire sky
Keeps great and small on the endless round

It's the Circle of Life
And it moves us all
Through despair and hope
Through faith and love
Till we find our place
On the path unwinding
In the Circle
The Circle of Life

Disclaimer: Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.