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APOLOGIES: I am still working through a huge number of emails received during the holiday season.

January 15th 2010

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COMMENTARY: ‘Proving the negative' This is one of the interesting points I present in my latest video on Youtube (see next item).

For years that flamboyant guy king of the skeptics from Florida, who stated that no one can take up Victor Zammit’s afterlife challenge because ‘no one can prove the negative.’ This, he said, is like "trying to prove that green cheese does not exist on the moon."

However this objection to the case for the Afterlife is totally irrelevant, immaterial and invalid. Why? Because the closed minded skeptics are NOT being asked to prove that the afterlife does not exist. These hardliners are being challenged to REBUT 23 areas of EVIDENCE for the existence of the afterlife.

The skeptic does NOT have to disprove anything – all he/she has to do is to rebut the evidence- to show WHERE, WHEN, HOW and WHY the evidence I, and thousands of afterlife investigators have presented is not right.

Some of the most intelligent scientists and professionals who ever walked on this planet Earth investigated the afterlife. Almost every one of them began as a skeptic. Many of them deliberately set out to prove that it was all fraud. But AFTER they empirically investigated they conceded the afterlife evidence is absolutely irrefutable (This is a partial list of some of those who investigated).

Information reached me that the king of the skeptics has dropped the argument ‘you can’t prove the negative’ in relation to the existence of the afterlife however a few skeptics in Europe have not woken up to the rules of professional debate to drop the absolute nonsense ‘you can’t prove the negative.’




GREAT FEEDBACK ON NEW VIDEO 'SKEPTICS DEMOLISHED': I felt I just had to share this with all of you. This I concede, is the best testimonial I received from anywhere, anytime. John Benneth, homeopath, responded to my very latest video on youtube 'Skeptics Demolished'.

"Dear Victor,

Fantastic! I love it! I love your video. It is superb. Congratulations. It is so good to see you in the flesh. I've read some of your work, I've had a little correspondence with you, but I feel I never really connected with you until I had a chance to see you on this video just now. Bravo! You are brilliant. Having had extensive correspondence with Randi and even more with other "skeptics," having had applied for his challenge for homeopathy, I agree with you 100% on what you have to say about him and I agree with you 100% on all your other points as well. You have done us all a great service by making this video, may you and your video live long and prosper..

Of course you may use my testimonial, and with all the blessings in the world. The strength of the video is that it shows who you are, and you make a wonderful impression. All I knew of you in the past was your written material, which while it was very good, couldn't convey your wonderful personality like the video does. And you're very cogent!

It's the best thing you've done that I've seen, it makes me want to read your book. You make a powerful statement that speaks to every human being's condition on this planet. It's a message of real hope, that we have conscious minds that extend beyond the mortal grave, that life is eternal, that we are spiritually connected and immortal. The video is like the left jab, the book is the right hook. They work in concert together and lay the opposition flat!

Victor, God bless you, DO MORE VIDEOS.

John Benneth,
West Linn, Oregon USA."

Forces of the Light and the Forces of Darkness):

How do I see the present afterlife/materialism conflict on planet earth? I stated recently that it is most critical to obtain more evidence from the afterlife. We are being inundated and deluged with aggressive and gross anti-afterlife materialism propaganda 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is not even 0.001% of 'spiritual' airtime in the media to offset the deluge. The materialists know the human condition favors them greatly so by offering all kinds of material goods, entertainment, and sensual experiences, people get the underlying message that the meaning of life is consumption and hedonism. The situation is VERY URGENT. We need more mediums- and we need those respected internationally recognized personalities from politics, science and religion, those world charismatics who crossed over - to come through materialization mediums with very CLEAR, RESONANT voices which can be forensically audio tested to obtain a correlation of '1' - so that the testing would have to be totally repeatable and objective. It is VERY CRITICAL to obtain clear, resonant voices - to have their identification accepted without question - otherwise a great deal of time and energy would be wasted. We need personalities like Prof Carl Sagan, President John F Kennedy, Prof Einstein, Rev Dr Martin Luther King and others of the same caliber to tell us, "Yes, the afterlife exists ..." and to tell us briefly more about the afterlife. We would also like to have these personalities leave fingerprints for testing their identification. More urgent assistance would be required to spread this information globally. The fierce urgency is now.

After his 18 year old son, Brandon, died tragically Mark Ireland was able to obtain fantastically detailed survival evidence from four top mediums including Alison Dubois and Laurie Campbell. As well he and his family had a number of direct after death communications. The full story is contained in his highly recommended book Soul Shift.

100,000 victims. Once again people all over the world are being jolted out of their indifference and coming together with compassion to help in a crisis. We salute the heroism of the rescue workers, the medical teams, the humanitarian organizations and the spontaneous goodwill being exhibited by sensitive folk around the world. You can help materially by donating to one of these aid organizations.

We are pleased to report that there are at least five physical mediumship circles we know of which are developing very quickly. One of the exciting things about this development is that several circles are working collaboratively and getting cross validation.
Tom Morris and Kevin Lawrenson, the mediums of the Yellow Cloud Circle based in Mont Cabirol near Toulouse, France, are offering afterlife researchers and genuine seekers the opportunity to correspond, visit individually or to organize a group to stay in a dedicated healing sanctuary and experience physical mediumship for themselves. You can read about Tom and Kevin on their home page.


Kenneth Ring and Sharon Cooper (1997) conducted a study of 31 blind people, many of who reported vision during their NDEs. 21 of these people had had an NDE while the remaining 10 had had an out-of-body experience (OBE), but no NDE. It was found that in the NDE sample, about half had been blind from birth.

Directly from an afterlife intelligence, “… one of the most heartening, reassuring of feelings that we in the spirit world can harbor is the feeling of permanence. Firstly, as to ourselves, we are incorruptible. We do not age. On the contrary, we grow younger if we should happen to have passed our prime of life when we left earth. That in itself is something in which to make one rejoice, but most of all, to make one feel secure and permanent. Our clothes do not wear out or deteriorate in any way. Our homes are governed by the same law of incorruptibility.” Former Catholic priest Mons Hugh Benson now in the afterlife dimension - through medium Anthony Borgia (HERE AND HEREAFTER, P 52).


Raymond Moody claims that some bystanders at the beside of dying loved ones find themselves leaving this earth and following them "into the light" where they see dead relatives and beings of Light. He argues that these experiences conclusively refute the argument that near death experiences are simply biochemical.
Download free the first Chapter of Dr Moody's new book on the subject.

, author on spiritual matters:, "You’ve been provided with a perfect body to house your soul for a few brief moments in eternity. So regardless of its size, shape, color, or any imagined infirmities, you can honor the temple that houses you by eating healthfully, exercising, listening to your body’s needs, and treating it with dignity and love”. Thanks Lego

we are NOT born with a ‘blank sheet’- the concept that we are all more or less equal – as behaviorists want us to believe. Nor are we born spiritually equal – that is why we see issues differently– and that is why there is a class of stubborn people who are not willing to change their beliefs. Those less spiritually advanced will tend to be emotionally influenced by the beliefs they get from their early environment. And once the beliefs are entrenched it is almost impossible to shift them – and most of these people die with the beliefs of their original environment– be that Christian, Hindu, Moslem, Jewish. There are however a small percentage of people who come to this planet with an ‘open mind.’ These are the people who are likely to spiritually evolve. People – from anywhere in the world, irrespective of their environment, who have an open mind and who have ‘insights’ – highly tuned intuitive powers - are the ones very likely to keep on making progress spiritually.

Skeptics who do not accept the afterlife do not accept homeopathy: we occasionally come across information that closed minded skeptics try to criticize homeopathy in spite of the fact that in many parts of the world it has been getting staggering results for many years. But as I said many times before, judge by the results. I recently went to a physician about a painful, fairly large cyst in the vicinity of the upper spine. My doctor wanted to use the knife to open it up. No said my homeopath. He gave me drops to take four drops twice a day - and a miracle! The cyst disappeared completely - no knives, no scars, no pain, no misery at all! Judge by the results you get. In this instance homeopathy worked brilliantly. Read more about homeopathy.

Join 18 of today's most inspired visionary teachers to explore what it means to consciously participate in the evolution of ourselves, our culture, and our world. Scheduled presenters include - Brian Swimme, Ken Wilber, Jean Houston, Andrew Cohen, Deepak Chopra, Peter Russell, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Michael Dowd, Duane Elgin, Terry Patten, Connie Barlow, Marc Gafni, Elisabet Sahtouris, John Stewart and others. Read more...


Keep up the good work you do !! It helps all of us all that ARE doing valid and objective research in the field to keep going working hard at what we do. Many Thanks,
Ingrid Irwin Msc.D, M.A. CPI
EVP Research Director

Hi Victor and Wendy,
I wanted to write this letter to bring to your attention about people who have lost pets and are grieving their loss .There is a book called Animals and the Afterlife and it is written by an outstanding author named Kim Sheridan .After reviewing this author I purchased this book and can only tell you that is more than everything the reviews on Amazon.com are saying which is 5 star. It took 5yrs to write it and is very well done. I am telling you this because I hope you will put it in your weekly newsletter so other people can get the benefit out of reading it. She also has afterlife books she has wrote about humans and the afterlife. She also has another book coming out later this year called Animals and the afterlife part 2
Thank you
Gwyn and Sylvia Hughes

Victor: Thanks Gwyn and Sylvia, We well know the pain of losing beloved animals and are happy to recommend Kim's book and also Pet Loss Grief Support.

Special sponsorship - by someone who wants the world to know all about the afterlife. Thanks G.
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