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October 1st

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Last week's report

COMMENTARY WHAT'S WRONG WITH 'CLOSED-MINDED ORTHODOX SCIENTISTS?: We are still having problems with conservative scientists these days. We must never forget the huge blunders made by 'closed minded' scientists who stubbornly refused to investigate the evidence of a new discovery or invention which was contrary to their own cherised beliefs. We remember that these stubborn negative scientists got together, in the name of orthodox American science, to heap ridicule, derision and denigration onto the Wright Bros for their discovery of aviation! WHO were these stubborn closed minded reductionist scientists and leaders of orthodoxy in America who attempted to hinder scientific progress? The first example below - (more next week:)

1) The Scientific American and the New York Herald called the Wright Bros 'hoaxers' for their claim to have flown an aircraft!

2) Professor Simon Newcomb on behalf of American intellectual closed minded orthodox science stated, "it is scientifically impossible for machines to fly" - weeks AFTER the Wright Bros flight had been observed by hundreds of people!

3) The top United States Army scientists at the time completely rubbished the Wright Bros aviation claim - stating that since it took birds millions of years to learn how to fly - it will take us millions more years...ha ha.... That is the voice of closed minded orthodox American Army scientists!

There are many more examples of how stubborn orthdox scientists made fools of themsleves by NOT opening their minds to objective and repeatable evidence which was fundamentally inconsistent with their own cherised orthodox beliefs. They said, "We did not see it so we do not believe it."

That is exactly what is happening to-day with this minority of closed-minded, orthodox, reductionist scientists who refuse to open their eyes to the evidence and who are attacking the Quantum Physics scientists - those who are producing brilliant paranormal results - stating that the paranormal and the afterlife are consistent with the laws of physics. See QUANTUM PHYSICS AND THE AFTERLIFE
(more on the problem of orthodox science next week).


For more than a hundred years materialist science has applied a "taboo" or prohibition on publicly investigating or even talking about psychic phenomena (psi) or the afterlife- yet some of the scientists most admired by traditional science- Sir Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison and Marie Curie and her nobel prize winning husband Pierre were involved in investigating the afterlife and the paranomal.

A fuller version of his talk can be found at

WHAT REALLY HAPPENS WHEN WE DIE?: 'When a person dies, what likeness do they retain? Could a partner be unrecognizable to the other partner who passed on thirty years after? Could the partner progress so much that he/she was out of the orbit of the other partner?

"You do not change your identiy. You do not change your individuality; you do not change your consciousness. You grow in spiritual grace and stature, but you are the same individual that you were before - with your perceptions heightened, your faculties deepened. But, except for the disappearance of blemishes, defects and injuries, you are recognisable as you were on earth. You do not change your form, for all that is spiritual still requires a mode of manifestation, a body, a vehicle, an instrument through which the spirit must register itself. And that has always existed, that finer, more rarefied, more delicate body, while you were on earth." (S.B)

In 1930 Britain's R101Airship was the largest and most luxurious in the world. When she left England for India on the 4th Ocotber 1930
she carried 42 crew, 6 officials and 6 passengers. A crowd of over 3,000 came to watch the departure at 6.24pm.

At approximately 2 am the R101 passed over Beauvais, a French city to the north-west of Paris. Already flying at very low altitude she went into a dive and despite all the efforts of the crew she crashed just south of the city. The airship ran along the ground for some distance before being engulfed by flames. Forty eight people died in the tragedy. National feeling surrounding the disaster was huge; the funeral procession through London was watched by thousands. The bodies were then taken by special train to Bedford to be laid to rest in a communal grave in Cardington cemetery.


On October 6th Mrs Eileen Garret was being tested as a medium at the National Laboratory of Psychical Research when she suddenly fell into deep trance. Flight Lieutenant H. C. Irwin, Captain of the airship, suddenly spoke through her and gave the listeners a highly technical account of how the airship crashed. These were things that no-one else could have known. The narrative was taken down in shorthand and a copy was submitted to the Air Ministry. According to the experts the information that came through Mrs Garrett was 100% accurate in every detail. The case is considered one of the most evidential in proving survival after death. http://www.survivaltop40.com/case14_R101.pdf

Two recent testimonials from David Thompson's materialization mediumship sessions in Florida last June. This clip features a US Attorney and a member of the Shrine of the Master church board with the apport he was given by a deceased doctor. An apport is an object which mysteriously appears in a closed room during physical mediumship.

those who are uninformed have no idea at all how dangerous it is for a materialization medium to do his/her work. This is because the type of energy being exuded by the medium - we call ectoplasm - cannot cope with light - and under some circumstances will shoot back inside the medium's body if a light is introduced to the room or if the ectoplasm is touched. In some exceptional cases this could even kill the medium. That is why materialization mediums who are extremely sensitive to light put their lives on the line each time they perform materialization mediumship.

NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCER PAINTS POSITIVE PICTURE OF 2012 AND LIFE There are many accounts of people having Near Death Experiences returning with factual information of which they had no prior knowledge. These include being able to identify ancestors from pictures, learning about siblings who had died before their own birth, learning about family secrets etc. Mellen-Thomas Benedict brought back from knowledge of a great deal of scientific information concerning biophotonics, cellular communication, quantum biology, and DNA research. Mellen-Thomas Benedict currently holds six U.S. patents.

this is hugely important for all of us to fully understand because it is the way to increase our vibrations of the 'etheric' body. Highly reliable transmitted information from the afterlife tells us that we have to forgive others and let go of any resentment. We also have to ask for forgiveness from those we betrayed, those we were cruel against, those we adversely affected in any way whatsoever. We cannot make progress without forgiving and being forgiven. Afterlife information tells us, and something which was confirmed by a former senior Catholic priest Mons. Hugh Benson - God does NOT forgive sins - only those we hurt can forgive us.

I had another complaint this week from a lady who is having a bad time with her partner - because he ridicules her interest in the afterlife. "What can I tell him?" she asks. Over the years I received a number of emails where a reference is made to someone who accepts the afterlife but the partner does not. Here is an article I wrote sometime ago about the subject. I hope it will help those who are in this position. Read more ...

Mavis has been a medium for over thirty years in the UK. She was introduced to the Arthur Findlay College by Gordon Higginson in the late sixties and she became a tutor and eventually senior tutor. Her great passion is teaching whether it be the fundamentals or advanced mediumship.

QUESTION: How is time measured on the planes that make up the spirit worlds? "It isn't measured. There is no serial times as we know it. Locked as we are into our present space-time system, it is almost impossible for us to comprehend living in a 'timeless world'. Since our earliest childhood we have each been locked into a life that is rigidly bound into a system of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, years, centuries, eons and light years. There are no trans to catch at an apppointed time. There is no growing old, wrinkled and senile with passing years." (George Meek, American afterlife investigator who made contact with afterlife intelligences).

SECOND WEEK: YOUTUBE VIDEO: GHOSTS - WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO CLOSED MINDED SKEPTICS - Randi, Shermer, Wiseman and others like them on crossing over? Read about how highly credible information transmitted from the afterlife dimension tells us that those who refuse to accept there is an afterlife are very likely to have problems on crossing over. What are these problems? Watch video.

FEEDBACK ON LAST WEEK’S 'NOBODY DIES IN LILYDALE' ITEM: there were a number of people who emailed giving us information about Lily Dale this week. Here is one:

"Victor, we were there during the filming in summer of 2009 and they shot three weeks worth of footage. We were rather shocked to see what actually went on air. In the many summers we visited Lily Dale, we've never once seen picketers outside the gate. We found for the first time ever in Lily Dale that it (the documentary) attracted a great number of people with serious mental problems. A couple of people told us that for the first time they saw police and ambulance carting off "possessed" people who had taken to smashing windows, screaming in the streets, and blabbering in some foreign tongue—all very sad to see. S.J.M. - see item below:

I do NOT think the makers of 'NOBODY DIES IN LILY DALE' -S Cantor, B Levine, P Wassermann, Laikind, Pilzer, Woloshin, Laine, Metzgan, Popkin, Demer, Drusin, Bonmann, Steiber, Kludt, Goldblatt, Zeiden and others...
honored the ethics in documentary making. The subtlety of rubbishing and insulting the religion of Spiritualism can clearly be perceived.
Take care in any future dealings with them.

Denise Blazek, a tv producer friend, has kindly written an article advising psychics and mediums and all in the alternative knowledge area of some of the tricks and traps of the documentary makers. She writes: "TV is a very powerful medium, and the beast needs to be fed. The more ‘talent’ out there who get to know the nature of the beast and how best to tame it to their greatest advantage, the better the result on screen with TV series and documentaries for proof positive, in all fields of alternative knowledge." Read her article.


1) Dearest Victor, thank you for all the amazing, inspiring work that you are doing. You are helping so many people. Sometimes I lose the will to live when I hear people like James Randi, Richard Dawkins and other Atheists insist that there is no Life After Death and that we are all just biological accidents, they make m...e feel tremendously depressed, but visiting your website always raises my Spirit. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, for everything that you are doing Victor. Namaste, Kevin (on Facebook)

2) Just saying a quick hello Mr. Zammit! I've been following your website quite often since around 2002. Its one of the best sites on the internet. Thank you for creating it! Matthew (on Facebook)

3) Hello Victor, thank you for your afterlife work. I don’t know what to do without it every week. J.

'2012 -A POSITIVE OUTCOME' International Conference at 5*Grand Hotel Excelsior, 8,9 & 10th October.2010. "Dear Friends, We're almost there!! After months of preparations, expectations, disappointments, exhilaration and a number of other emotions, the time is almost with us to experience the full impact of this very unique conference. We can’t wait to welcome you on this incredible journey that is taking us towards the much debated year 2012 As you already know, the conference’s aim is to help counteract and reverse negative interpretations on 2012 thus making this precious planet the better place it so deserves to be. We are doing our utmost as a team to give everybody the best possible information from some of the best speakers in the world – to make this 3-day Conference an experience that will touch your hearts and your minds – so that you will go away speaking about this positive and life-changing experience for years to come. So... don't miss this important opportunity... the time is NOW – the Change is already happening."

Download the fabulous poster...(1.3mg)

Forever Family Foundation (FFF) Annual Conference:
Is There An Afterlife? An Exploration of The Unseen World
November 12-14, 2010
Fort Myers, Florida, USA
Windbridge researchers Julie Beischel and Mark Boccuzzi as well as Windbridge Certified Research Mediums Joanne Gerber, Doreen Molloy, and Debra Martin will be participating in Forever Family Foundation's fourth annual conference specifically designed for the general public.
Other presenters include physicist Claude Swanson; Monroe Institute Director Paul Rademacher; and mediums Janet Mayer and Suzane Northrop. To register or for more information about conference schedules, presenters, pricing, hotel, etc., call (631) 425-7707 (US).....or click here.

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Disclaimer: Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.