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October 7th 2016

Last week's item, on the Douglas Conacher Tapes, aroused a huge amount of response, especially among people who had never heard of direct voice mediumship or of Leslie Flint. Several people told us that the recordings were "jaw dropping" and they felt "forced" to listen to them all day.

We totally agree. We have always said that extended, personal reunions between intimate partners, through direct voice or materialisations, are incontrovertible evidence of the afterlife. If you listen to the tapes, you will see that fraud on the part of the medium would be impossible. Apart from the fact that the loved one in spirit is speaking in their own voice, there is just too much specific, personal detail.

The only other explanation academic skeptics can come up with is "super ESP"- the totally unprovable claim that mediums are accessing some impersonal, universal memory bank. Listen to today's featured tape and you will see that this is absolute nonsense.


Today we feature another set of reunion tapes, of sessions made with direct voice medium Leslie FLint. Between 1970 and 1983, Dr. Dinshaw R. Nanji, a retired Indian doctor of chemistry and lecturer at Birmingham University, visited Leslie Flint twice a year for private sittings. Each time, he was fortunate to be able to communicate directly with his Swedish wife, Annie Ottilia Nanji, who had "died" in 1966. Here are just some of the recordings of their remarkable reunions.

DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR AND LISTEN TO THIS STUNNING REUNION In this tape of a session, dated 3rd March 1971, Dr. Nanji talks with his wife about some business dealings and confirms that he hears her tapping at home to get his attention. She suggests they set up a code and then suggests they try for EVP communication. She describes her home and friends in the spirit world, her dog and her parrot. She confirms that Dr. Nanji comes to visit her when he is asleep. She says she is young again and "more alive than ever."


"Two men looked out through prison window bars - one saw mud, the other stars."

Clint Walker, now aged 89, was one of the giants of the screen with a very large following. What he says about a "guiding spiritual force" is something that many people have experienced and will relate to.

SIR OLIVER LODGE, one of the greatest physicists the world has seen, investigated the afterlife for 30 years. He says, among other things: "The hypothesis of surviving intelligence and personality - not only surviving but anxious and able with difficulty to communicate - is the simplest and most straightforward and the only one that fits all the facts."


After a devastating auto accident claimed half his family, and left him crippled, Jeff Olsen had some remarkable spiritual experiences that eventually led him to choose joy and rebuild a deeply meaningful life.

SHORT INTERVIEW WITH DEEPAK CHOPRA What is the biggest challenge to wellbeing in Australia and how can we overcome it?
It’s the same globally: lack of sleep, too much stress, and unhealthy emotions such as resentment, guilt, shame, mistrust and depression. It’s unhealthy nutrition and it’s lack of mind and body co-ordination. So, I say the six pillars of wellbeing are: sleep; meditation and stress management; exercise (but also mind/body co-ordination with yoga and breathing); healthy emotions like love, compassion and joy; peace of mind; and good nutrition and hydration. If you can begin to access your higher consciousness, you’re physically healthy as well. Read more...


VERIFIABLE EVIDENCE OF THE AFTERLIFE William Guy Ph.D. M.D. talks about his experiences with patients who accurately reported seeing specific things while out of their bodies.

WHAT HAPPENS TO THOSE WITH TRADITIONAL RELIGIOUS BELIEFS WHEN THEY CROSS OVER? Directly from the afterlife by highly credible teacher, " ... You can imagine for yourself something of the shock that awaits such souls when they arrive here in the spirit world, to find that they are totally mistaken in the true state of things. At first they will gravitate to others of their own kind - if we find it impossible, for the moment, to convince them of their errors. At length, their home-made 'heaven' will begin to bore them, until they become thoroughly dissatisfied with their life and surroundings. Then we can step in and introduce them to a normal, natural way of living in the spirit world." (Hugh Benson through medium Anthony Borgia, Here and Hereafter.pdf).

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Advisory Editor: Michael Tymn
"Challenging people of all faiths to recognise every gift of the Spirit"
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Most spirit artists work with another medium who gives the clairaudience or messages while the artist concentrates on the drawing. The resulting portrait is then recognised as a friend or relative in the Spirit world.

Victor, we all see around us a lot of injustice. People are being treated very badly, for no reason at all, with no hope of ever getting justice for the wrongs done to them. Are you sure that in the spirit world true justice is guaranteed? Paul S.

Victor: I agree with you, Paul, that there is very rough justice in the world to-day - and, for many, there is no justice at all. However we are told that it is all about learning and experience - the reasons why we are on earth.
Hugh Benson sums it up nicely: "As soon as we pass into the spirit world, injustice ceases. Justice takes its place, and justice is the operation of the law of cause and effect. It is a justice which is incorruptible, infallible, impartial and unfailing. There is no evading it; it must exert itself upon all persons alike, of whatever nation, creed, colour, age or gender."

Dr. Carol Bowman talks about her son's memories of being a black soldier in the American Civil War and of how his eczema was cured after working through them.

claims to be a coalition of researchers, investigators, writers, truth seekers, freethinkers and Intellectuals united to counter and expose the PseudoSkepticism movement. They claim to oppose organised skeptics
"for their fallacies, religious fanaticism, unscientific behavior, misinformation, denial, suppression, bigotry and ridicule toward all data, experience or science that challenges orthodoxy or does not fit into a materialistic paradigm." Their site provides resources, articles, books, videos and an online community. Read more...

Dr. John Lerma is a hospice director from Texas who claims that 30,000 people have told him the same, positive things about their approaching deaths. Listen to podcast.

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FEEDBACK: Just ONE. Too good not to share.

"Just about all my family are 'over there'. What I can say, is, that I have learnt enough in my lifetime, so far, to allow me to speak about the subject that many are even afraid to face, and am no longer shy about talking about these things but without 'pushing it'. I am not an evangelist. It is not my 'mission'. Nevertheless, when I am in a discussion with normal, intelligent people, who ask me questions about the 'reality' of the 'paranormal', I answer them as best I can, on the basis of my limited experience and what I have learned from my own studies.

After all, I am not a 'believer' any more than I am a 'believer' in double-decker busses. (My personal insistence here on the double 'S'). I know they exist. Who would ask a question such as 'Do you believe in double-decker busses?'

I am uncomfortable with terms such as 'paranormal'. All is normal merely because of its existence. Not all people can be sensitive to all 'normality' and why SHOULD THEY BE? In this wonderful cosmos, we should expect to be surprised by new knowledge, and, for this reason, I prefer to think in terms, not of the 'mysterious' paranormal, but rather of 'fringe normality'.

I love science! Some scientists, even today, behave like the Spanish Inquisition and nurse the idea of 'heresy' against 'modern' scientific principles. Science will prevail some day, and come to embrace ideas that they never thought conceivable. We are surrounded by 'evidence' of things that we choose not to accept. Choosing not to accept evidence that stares us in the face is not 'cold, rational science!'

I wish you all well!"




Funny how a lonely day, can make a person say
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