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COMMENTARY: ANNOUNCING THE FORMATION OF A WONDERFUL NEW AFTERLIFE ORGANISATION Wendy and I are proud to be a part of The Afterlife Research and Education Institute, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded by Craig Hogan and Roberta Grimes to support afterlife research, development of afterlife communication methods, and activities that teach people about the afterlife and afterlife communication.

The Institute's goals are to help humankind understand our true nature as spiritual beings having a physical experience so people live together in brotherhood and harmony, and to make it possible for anyone to have healing, uplifting communication with loved ones on the next plane of life.

For researchers, developers, and educators in afterlife studies and afterlife communication, the Institute will locate and make available needed resources for their work, especially funding for research, development, and education projects. We invite all our subscribers who are in a position to do so to become foundation members and to plan to join us in Scottsdale Arizona for the next annual conference from September 15-18 at the Embassy Suites Hotel. Read more...


Our very best wishes to all our friends throughout the world who are celebrating Halloween this weekend. While it is a fun festival which brings people together, it can also be an opportunity for those who are informed about the afterlife to quietly educate others. Clearly there are still many people who are frightened of any spirit contact, which denies them and their loved ones of a very important channel of communication and comfort.

The common definition of a ghost is "an apparition of a dead person that is believed to appear or become manifest to the living, typically as a nebulous image". Such "apparitions" have been reported in every culture on earth and have been studied scientifically since 1882 when a study was begun in England. Altogether 32,000 cases were recorded, 17,000 in English. It was published in Volume X of the Society for Psychical Research Proceedings (1894). Further studies were carried out by the American Society for Psychical Research and by the French researcher Camille Flammarion.

BUT ARE THEY SPIRITS OF THE DEAD? In residual haunting cases, people report seeing, hearing, feeling or even smelling the presence of people engaged in some sort of activity. Apparently battlefields are well known for this. People often report seeing soldiers run past them and hear gunshots and the sound of drums and horses. See video 10 most haunted battlefields. One theory is that, in some way currently unknown, the buildings and ground have recorded aspects of their history which sensitive people can decode. Another theory is that what is being witnessed are projections memories from spirit people or even thoughtforms created by people who have conjured up images of the battle in their own minds.


Parapsychologists would say that Harry Martindale's 'ghosts' fit the category of a residual haunting and are not real spirit people.The soldiers don't interact with the observers and just continue marching as though no-one is there, just like a holographic video recording.



THE MOST IMPORTANT MODERN STUDY OF APPARTIONS Scientist, Dr Erlendur Haraldsson from Iceland, sought an answer to his question, “Have you ever been aware of the presence of a deceased person?” He conducted an extensive survey with the 450 people who said yes. The great majority (67%) said that they had visual contact. The cause of death was known and verified by checking official records for about 80 percent of the cases; in 30 percent of these cases the person had died violently. The percentage of violent deaths in the study was almost four times higher than the percentage of death by violence in Iceland during the relevant time period. Read examples from The Departed Among the Living.

Charmaine Wilson is a wonderful down to earth Australian medium. Here she lists some of the most frequent ways those who have crossed over try to let us know that they are around us. She claims that it is quite normal for young children to see crossed over loved ones.

GUIDED AFTERLIFE CONNECTIONS Many people are able to have direct communication with loved ones in the afterlife. Guided Afterlife Connections can be facilitated by psychotherapists in their offices. They are over 95% successful, and they reduce grief from an average of 9.42 on a 10-point scale to an average of 1.41 in one session. Self-guided Afterlife Connections use a procedure available free on the Internet. Anyone can go through it in their home, at any time. It is 86% successful in helping people have connections. Read more...


Sometimes our loved ones come to us in times of crisis with a warning. This is what happened to Bill Guggenheim when he heard his deceased father's voice say "go check the swimming pool". Here Judy Guggenheim explains to John Edward.

Mental mediumship is the most well-known form of mediumship in the modern Western world. A mental medium is someone who is able to see, hear, smell or sense people in the spirit world as well as being psychic. Many of the best mental mediums are able to give public demonstrations of evidence of survival of their loved ones to large numbers of people as well giving private readings. Read more..

HARRY HOUDINI CAME BACK THROUGH A PHYSICAL MEDIUM A favourite Halloween newspaper item is the annual attempt by ghosthunters to contact magician and escape artist, Harry Houdini, who died on Halloween night in 1926. Every October 31, from 1927 up to the present day, a séance has been conducted on the anniversary of his death. Results are always reported in the mainstream media as being unsuccessful. However, clearly the magicians conducting their "seance" have been going about it in the wrong way. Harry Houdini has been communicating very effectively in seances through materialisation medium David Thompson in New Zealand, Australia and in England. Listen.



Emanuel Swedenborg was one of the leading scientists of his day. He was also a very highly gifted clairvoyant and out of body traveller who spent more than twenty years investigating other dimensions. He wrote volumes about what today would be called his experiences in other dimensions, including very detailed descriptions of the afterlife. Here two Swedenborg scholars discuss his discovery that many spirits don't realise that they are dead.


All traditional cultures claim that some spirits do not cross over to the light when they die. Instead, they say, these spirits try to 'take over' the bodies of the living by influencing their minds. Today this idea accepted in Spiritism, highly controversial among Spiritualists and is rejected by mainstream Western psychiatry. However Dr. Edith Fiore and a small number of other psychiatrists support the idea. They claim that some spirits become confused after they die and do not cross over to the light. They further claim that some of them become 'ghosts' and stay close to the earth because of addictions. Perhaps it was similar ideas that led to the belief in "hungry ghosts" which is widespread in Asia and to fear of spirit contact.

"A group that meets in harmony and with pure and selfless motives, will, by The Law of Attraction, draw spirit people of like nature and thought; and they will, if needed, enlist the aid of others in establishing a circle of light that uninvited or undesirable entities would find most difficult to penetrate. This also applies to individuals who "sit" alone for communication with spirit people. In both cases, the latter especially, the right mental attitude is of utmost importance in helping to prevent obsession." Spiritual Light- p.467.

6 DAY COURSE IN TRANCE AND PHYSICAL MEDIUMSHIP IN HOLLAND 6-11 DECEMBER 2015 at the De Zwanenhof Spiritual College. The Zwanenhof is a beautiful house with a soul. A place where people from all over the world join together to experience and practice mediumship, spirituality and personal development. If you are in Europe, or thinking of taking a holiday there, consider doing this course. The dominant focus is on trance healing and trance speaking, all levels. Groups of 12. Teachers: Nicole de Haas, David Thompson & Jackie Wright. Read more...

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Every now and then we receive some feedback that stops us in our tracks.

" I was a police officer for over 20 years and I suffered from nightmares for years. I never tried to get help due to the social stigma attached to it. I have only regained any semblance of rest because of a past life regression that I did about two years ago. It absolutely changed my life, for the better. The nightmares are gone and I am a more compassionate man. My wife has even remarked that the change in me is profound. Gone, is the anger and mistrust I held in my heart for so many years. Victor, your Friday reports have opened something inside of me that I thought had died. I have forwarded your Friday reports to many of my police officer friends hoping that it will change their lives like it has changed mine. You will never know how much I appreciate your tireless work. Thank you from the bottom of this old cop's heart. "

Thank you Mark, you made our day, our week and our year. It is hearing feedback like this that makes our research all worthwhile.



Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith. ALL WORK IS COPYRIGHT BY THE CONDITIONS SET AT THE GENEVA CONFERENCE ON COPYRIGHT.