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May 2004

28th May 2004

THE EMPIRICAL AFTERLIFE EVIDENCE which no scientist, no closed minded skeptic or theologian or anybody else has been rebutted by anyone around the world for the last ten years.
Chapters contained in THE BOOK - (click on to the BOOK right column)
Opening statement
2. Respected scientists who investigated.
3. Electronic voice phenomena (EVP)
4, Instrumental transcommunication
5. Scole experiments prove the afterlife
6. Einstein's E=mc^2 & materialization
7.Other psychic laboratory experiments
8. Scientific observation of mediums
9. Leonore Piper, a most powerful American medium
10. Materialization mediumship
11. Helen Duncan
12. Direct voice mediumship
13. Modern mediums who confound the skeptics
14. The Cross Correspondences
15. Proxy sittings
16. Out of Body Experiences
17. Remote Viewing
18. Science and the Near Death Experience
19. Science and apparitions
20. Deathbed Visions
21. The Ouija Board
22. Xenoglossy
23. Poltergeists
24. Reincarnation
25. Answering the closed minded skeptics
26. Closing statement: summing up the objective evidence
27. What happens when we die?

A LAWYER'S OPEN LETTER TO THE REV DR BILLY GRAHAM - It may come as a shock to the Reverend Billy Graham to realize that after preaching the Bible for some sixty years, his Bible and he himself never had 'universal authority' at all. The Bible has personal or 'subjective' authority only for those Christians who want to accept its teachings. Subjective authority is personal, is inevitably always tentative, is subject to complete invalidation. And just because the Bible has been around for centuries, that does NOT constitute nor will it ever amount to 'objective' authority. I have articulated FIVE areas of evidence that show why the Reverend and the Fundamental Christians do NOT have and NEVER had objective authority when preaching the Bible. All accredited world university intellectuals would inevitably agree with the distinction between subjective/objective authority just as all courts around the world accept the distinction between objective and subjective evidence. This means that - except for statements about unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness - what the Reverend Billy Graham has been saying for these last six decades about the afterlife could very well be absolutely wrong. Read more…
WORLD AUTHORITIES ON THEOLOGY: You are invited to forward a reply to my article on why the Rev Dr Billy Graham's Biblical message is essentially subjective - which is subject to complete invalidation:

REMOTE VIEWING: empirical studies in remote viewing continue to substantiate the afterlife argument. A book I highly recommend is REMOTE VIEWING SECRETS by Joseph McMongeagle an expert in remote viewing. He was awarded the Legion of Merit by the U.S. military for his contribution to various highly successful psychic intelligence operations. Empiricism is systematically classifying this spectacular psychic knowledge which is helping to understand non-physical energy and other 'miracles' psychics and spiritualists experience. Click on to BOOK top right click chapter 17.

ELECTRONIC VOICE PHENOMENA (EVP): even the Catholic Church now concedes after testing spirit voices on tape that those who cross over do have the consciousness, memory and the intelligence to transmit messages on tape recorders. The afterlife research now is being taken over by empiricists (empiricism: measuring any phenomenon using scientific method) and others so that we get to know ACCURATELY what is going to happen to us when we cross over. (Click on BOOk chapter 3)

PSYCHIC WARRIOR: a most brilliant book by David Morehouse. This is a most exciting story of how a gifted psychic has been able to make a tremendous contribution to his country in the military. This is the true story of the CIA's paranormal espionage program. David Morehouse was a highly decorated army officer. When he was hit by a stray bullet, he began to have out-of-body experiences and, as a consequence, was recruited as a psychic spy for Stargate, one of the most successful secret programs of espionage ever instigated by the CIA.- more information click on BOOK top right click on chapter 17

CHINA'S SUPER PSYCHICS: It terrified many people in the West when this book was released by Paul Dong & Thomas E Raffill. Notwithstanding it took a long time to research the book, the contents show that China is using psychic skills for military purposes and the government of China takes psychic skills very seriously. Some informed psychics in the West argue that the Chinese Secret Service is doing what the CIA has been doing for years - using psychic skills for espionage and intelligence. The Chinese may be ahead of the U.S in military psychic espionage. My experience shows that the country which controls high psychic skills -such as remote viewing, pre-cognitive psychicism, materialization, military mediumship, telepathy, afterlife psychic-physics, teleportation - will control anything in the world. Just one example some years ago which would have terrified security anywhere in the world: eye witnesses watched a psychic demonstrating putting an electric light switch on and off several times using only his mind to direct his energy to shift the switch. That would also be the equivalent of starting a motor car, switching on any motor controlling electricity and other military machines by non-physical, psychic energy.

CROSSING OVER: Empirically transmitted information tells us that we do NOT stay indefinitely in an unconscious state when we cross over 'until Jesus comes again to judge the living and the dead.' The new science now says that what happens is that when we cross over we take our etheric (spiritual body), our memories intact, our consciousness and our character. We are met by loved ones (where there is truly heart to heart connection) and then proceed to a realm where it can accommodate our level of vibrations accumulated during our lifetime - usually the third realm. Many of those who have the information will be in a position to transmit information almost immediately after they cross over!

21st May 2004

WHY CAN'T THE REV BILLY GRAHAM BE RIGHT ON REINCARNATION? This American Bible fundamentalist says Christians do not accept reincarnation because the Bible does not teach it and secondly, (he claims) when we die, we do not return to earth again but enter eternity!
As a professional lawyer I can tell Dr Graham he is technically wrong. First of all many Christians do believe in reincarnation- the Catholic Church has no dogma against it and people are free to make up their own mind. Graham bases his opinion on one verse in the Bible "Man is destined to die once and after that face judgment" (Hebrews 9:27) But whenever there is an inconsistency between the Bible and science - empirically elicited results, inevitably empiricism prevails and will ALWAYS prevail. It can never ever be any other way. Dr Graham is citing what is technically known as 'subjective' authority. There is NO SUCH THING as universally acceptable subjective authority. Only 'OBJECTIVE' empirically produced authority is universally accepted. More about this next week -in an OPEN LETTER TO THE REV BILLY GRAHAM. I invite Dr Graham and other Biblical specialists to respond to my open letter next week.

WORLD BIBLE SPECIALISTS KINDLY EXPLAIN: Was this writing really inspired by 'God'? Or was it some hermit projecting his own erroneous misguided aspirations when writing these offensive, low grade statements in the Bible: "The Lord is a man of war."(Ex 15:3). "I the Lord am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sins of the fathers to the third or fourth generation …(Deut. 5:9). It is insulting to our intelligence to read in the Bible the following:
Once a man was found collecting firewood on Sunday and God said to Moses and the people who caught him, "The man must die. The whole assembly must stone him outside the camp." So the assembly took him outside and stoned him to death as 'God' allegedly instructed them to do!!! (Num. 15:32-36).
"And you shall destroy all the peoples that the Lord your God gives over to you, your eye shall not pity them." (Deut 7:16). "When the Lord your god gives them over to you and you defeat them you must utterly destroy them and show no mercy to them (Deut 7:2).

There are many, many more, horrifically insulting, silly and stupid statements being attributed to a 'just God ... a loving God … a merciful God.' And many of us hope that President Bush is not being advised on foreign affairs by some Christian fundamentalist who believes every word in the Bible is God's own word.

WHY ARE CHURCHES HOSTILE TO PSYCHICS? In the early days of Christianity - and before - especially in the Temples, the mediums enjoyed a high status position with the senior priests. Rivalry developed and after some years of bitter feuding the priests won and the psychic mediums were expelled from the Christian churches. I believe it is for this reason one finds a number of anti-psychic statements in the Bible.

WARNING ON GURUS!: In 1973 Mary Garden abandoned a promising academic career to spend seven years in India at the felt of such gurus as Rajneesh, Satya Sai Baba and an enigmatic yogi in the Himalayan jungle - Swami Balyogi Premvarni. The Serpent Rising - a journey of spiritual seduction is her own story of the heaven and hell she experienced. Because of its demands for total surrender and obed-ience, the guru-disciple relationship is probably the most authoritarian of all relationships and potentially the most destructive. A courageous memoir and a salutary warning to all shoppers in the spiritual marketplace.
R.R.P. $19.95 Available at most bookshops or direct from the author.

GURUS and POPE JOHN PAUL II: Someone mentioned to me this week in response to my item on Gurus: is not the Pope the Guru of the Catholics? Does he not tell them what to do, what to pray, what they are suppose to think about their theology, beliefs? Isn't the Pope the same as a Guru? The critical issue for me is beliefs are unimportant but selfless, good works are - whether in the Christian context or a Guru context. As long as what we do exudes peace, light, love, harmony and selfless service - you can follow your own guru. My advice is for you to become your own guru. Why? It's called self responsibility.

DANISH MEDIUM Marion Dampier-Jeans: now has her own website. Read for yourself and understand that she is disseminating the Light on a global level. Go to:

14th May 2004

AN OPEN LETTER TO POPE JOHN-PAUL. Critical objective evidence shows that some fundamental Catholic Church's theology about the afterlife is FUNDAMENTALLY WRONG. Critical life-changing empirical afterlife evidence now shows Christian theology - some of which was drafted in the year 325AD - is heinously wrong, hopelessly out of date, grossly misleading and has horrific, devastating negative consequences for each human on earth. Read more

CHALLENGING TOP WORLD'S THEOLOGIANS, CATHOLIC PROFESSORS AND SCHOLARS TO SHOW IF I am not right- REPLIES published on my site guaranteed. Why does NOT the Bible stand to intellectual scrutiny? Why should Christians continue to allow so much inconsistent information in the Bible - and some of it inconsistent with empirical afterlife knowledge? LIFE AFTER DEATH: the Old Testament, says plenty against the idea of life after death: Psalm 39:13, Psalm 146:3-4; Ecclesiastes 9:4-6. Ecclesiastes 9:10. On other matters: DIVORCE ALLOWED: Deuteronomy allows man to divorce his wife (24:1-4). and: Deut: 22:28-29, 22:13-19. Isaiah 50:1, Jeremiah 3:1, Hosea 1:1-2:13, DIVORCE NOT ALLOWED: Mk 10: 2-12 - 'a divorced who remarries will be committing adultery' and will go to hell for eternity- according to the R.C. Church. JESUS was NOT crucified on a cross; he was HANGED on a tree Acts 5:30, 10:39; 13:29. "It was lawful for the Jews to put Jesus to death." John 19-17; "It was NOT lawful for the Jews to put Jesus to death." John 18:31. More later.

WARNING THOSE FOLLOW-ING GURUS OR GOINGTO INDIA THINKING THEY ARE GOING TO FIND HEAVEN: this is a brilliant article by Mary Gaden - herself was caught up with the idea of finding, heaven, ecstasy and gurus who claimed they were God etc - and finding out there that although there is something beautiful in spirituality there is also some mind manipulating false gurus - deluding Westerners - who do have strong sexual proclivities same as everybody else: read more

CONDITIONS IN THE AFTER-LIFE: over the years the most popular question I am often asked is about what is likely to happen when they cross over - go to BOOK top right- click on chapter 27.

CORRECT TERMINOLOGY: do NOT let anyone confuse you by calling afterlife empiricists and the new scientists as 'believers.' We are empiricists. Are you a 'believer' in arithmetic if you accept that 12+8= 20? Of course not! Believers are those who believe in things which are NOT supported by science or empiricism - as religion is and modern closed minded skepticism is.

ABOUT THE 'INEVITABLE' PRADIGM SHIFT: there will NEVER ever be sufficient empirically produced evidence for the existence of the afterlife for those closed minded skeptics who do NOT want to accept or refuse to examine the evidence for the afterlife.

THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND ACCEPTS THE EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE FOR THE AFTERLIFE. The text of the Majority Report of the Church of England committee (included Dr F Underhill, Dr W R Matthews, senior lawyer P Sandlands Q.C., Professor (Canon) L W Grenstedappointed )by Archbishop Lang and Archbishop Temple to investigate the afterlife concluded there IS evidence that those who passed on are in a position to communicate with us. The result of the investigation was kept secret for some FORTY YEARS because the results completely embarrassed Christondom!!!!

RE-CONFIRMED: afterlife transmitted information from the highest credible sources repeatedly stated that there are those who crossed over with rigid beliefs -that the afterlife does not exist or holding some other extraneous rigid belief -end up staying in a state of confusion in the afterlife for centuries by earth's time. I am NOT a crusader. I relate empirically produced results about the afterlife. What you do is your business. But always remember: the afterlife has huge consequences. Read widely about the afterlife and always keep your mind open to new ideas.

7th May 2004

GENERAL GEORGE S PATTON, perhaps the greatest American field general in American modern history stated he 'had experiences of reincarn-ation' memories- that he accepted with absolute certainty that reincarnation was real. This was NOT a 'belief' but was 'experiential' - which most empiricists state is more powerful than any scientific argument for the existence of the afterlife.
ERNEST HEMINGWAY - one of the greatest American writers described his own NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE in his 1929 novel, A Farwell to Arms. In the episode in which the fictional Frederic Henry is wounded he writes: "I tried to breathe, but my breath would not come. I felt myself rush bodily out of myself and out and out and out and all the time bodily in the wind. I went out swiftly, all of myself, and I knew I was dead and that it had all been a mistake to think you just died. Then I floated, and instead of going on I felt myself slide back. I breathed and I was back."

POINT OF ORDER. My research into the teachings of the Catholic Church on the afterlife and on reincarnation reveals: yes, the Catholic Church accepts there is an afterlife but the Church has no argument for or against reincarnation. In other words, there is NO existing dogma for or against reincarnation by the Catholic Church.

NEW CHRISTIAN REFORM-ATION. Why is a new Christian REFORMATION urgently needed? The Bible still contains dozens of claims which are clearly NOT accepted by science to-day. For example, see the Joshua episode where it is stated that he was able to convince God to temporarily stop the 'sun' from revolving around the earth. There are too many other serious irreconcilable anomalies in the Bible which have to be REMOVED. They insult our intelligence and do NOT stand up to empirical scrutiny - for example the claim that the earth if flat!!!!!

DO NOT FALL OFF YOUR CHAIR LAUGHING! Christian Bishop Usher once stated that from studying the Bible, the earth was created at 9am in the year 4004 BC. This is the kind of idiocy which has to be permanently removed from Christian records. Further, the New Testament urges honor and respect for human life but in the very cruel Leviticus there is the insane command to hound and kill psychics everywhere.

LIES, LIES, LIES!!! Further still, we are told that when we die we remain, WITHOUT consciousness until Jesus comes to raise the dead- even for thousands of years by earth's time. That is NOT true. I repeat: whenever there is an inconsistency between science and theology, science inevitably prevails. Empirically validated information transmitted from the otherside and from around the world over the centuries states that on passing over we retain our consciousness, our memory and our character and we move on to the next stage of our spiritual development - see WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE - click on BOOK top right, click on chapter 27

TORTURE IN IRAQ. E-mailers enquired what will happen to those American GI's who are torturing Iraqis when they cross over. Whether it is American soldiers or ANY other soldier, terrorist or anybody else - the strict and un-erasable law Cause and Effect operates. This means that those who inflict pain onto others will one day have pain inflicted upon themselves-not as punishment but for spiritual learning - to understand the what it is like to experience what you caused others to experience.

The uninformed closed minded debunking skeptics keep saying that it is not possible to 'prove the negative' something they picked up from another uninformed closed minded skeptic. Once results have been achieved through scientific method and become expressly stated evidence, the onus is on anyone who disputes the evidence - to show why the empirically elicited results ought not be accepted. The final arbiter of evidence is the authorized objectivity of the courts NOT the skeptics because all they are doing is being a judge in their own cause, creating their own rules and disobeying the rules of scientific

ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONING. Why is it that some people's religious beliefs make them commit murder and suicide? Terrorists these days are told they will go to heaven and meet 50 virgins on blowing up themselves and innocent people …If anything you believe tells you to do harm to others IT IS A WRONG BELIEF! Legitimate wars are a little more complicated. But if you must resist evil by force, there is the Natural Law, ethics and rules to strictly adhere to.

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