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March 16th 2012

Apologies if I have not replied to your email.

REPORT in 50 languages including - French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese and Hungarian - and many others. Be very patient with the grammar of these automatic translations.


'CRITICAL THINKING' SKEPTICS PROTECTING MEDICAL FRAUDS IN AMERICA - and in other countries? Why are the so-called "critical thinking" skeptics protecting fraudulent medical research? Exposure and subsequent concern over medical research fraud is on the rise. It's now reached the point where blogs exist solely to cover retractions of published research. According to one recent poll for the British Medical Journal, one in ten scientists and doctors claim to have witnessed colleagues deliberately fabricating data in order to get their research published. Thousands of sick people are being killed around the world through medical fraud- and the closed minded skeptics keep conspicuously silent. Recently Sixty Minutes in the US exposed one of the greatest frauds in medical history- Dr Patti. And then there's Scott S Reuben, a prominent Massachusetts anesthesiologist who allegedly fabricated 21 medical studies of painkillers Vivo, Celebes, Extra and Lyrical. Read about ‘autism researcher’ Paul Hoarsen who was charged with 13 counts of wire fraud and nine counts of money laundering – and allegedly stole over a $1million from autism research funding; read about Boston University cancer scientist, Sheng Wang, who fabricated his research findings. His work was published in two journals in 2009, and he's been ordered to retract them; read about: Dr. Diederik Stapel who falsified entire experiments, and several dozen papers which were published in respected psychology journals and promoted in the mediaiii. And finally read how in January, resveratrol researcher with the University of Connecticut, Dipak Das, was found guilty of 145 counts of fabrication and falsification of data published in 11 different journals.

SO WHERE ARE THE CLOSED-MINDED SKEPTICS- WHEN YOU NEED THEM? Why were PAUL KURTZ, RANDI, HYMAN, BLACKMORE, WISEMAN and their other clones as quiet as 'worms'? Why do these skeptics who for decades have been so loud mouthed in their attacks on mediums KEEP QUIET about the brutal killings of innocent sick people? Is it not HYPOCRISY and the greatest BETRAYAL when these skeptics say NOTHING about medical fraud which is killing people? Are these skeptics part of fraudulent medical business? Or too cowardly and too hypocritical to take on the powerful pharmaceutical lobby. These skeptics pick on mediums and homoeopaths- who never hurt anyone - because they are an easy target. Skeptics remaining silent shows how their claim to be 'promoting critical thinking' is absolute RUBBISH in practice. It's nothing but the old magician's trick - 'verbal sleight of hand' to make idiots out of innocent people - fooling you by lying and misleading you about the afterlife and the paranormal. And those other supporters of these closed minded skeptics swallow the hollow skeptical propaganda hook, line and sinker! A skeptical 'sucker' is born every day! Read article" Is This Fraud Too Big Even For 60 Minutes?"


QUESTION: How can one demonstrate that the brain is different from the mind? Victor: At physical death, the brain dies and can be destroyed. It no longer can function. But the MIND continues to live. When we cross over we take our 'etheric'- spirit - body, our character at the time of death and we take our MIND, with all memories intact. Now every time a medium makes contact with those from the other side, the medium is making contact with the MIND of those from the other side. When someone has a Near Death Experience, what comes out of the body, is the etheric-spirit with its MIND - not the brain, because sometimes the brain is dead - as happened with the the Pam Reynolds case. See article on MIND-BRAIN

RUSSELL TARG, PHYSICIST, THE FATHER OF REMOTE VIEWING In this fascinating talk Targ recommends that everyone get in touch with their psychic abilities. In Part 2 he tells how remote viewer Pat Price was able to identify the kidnapper of Patty Hearst and how Ingo Swann was able to tell in advance the results of a Chinese atomic bomb test. Essential viewing.

Part 2

QUESTION on Instrumental Trans- Communication (ITC) Victor, you mentioned recently that ITC is going to bring about revolutionary afterlife evidence. Can you give me more information about ITC? Someone told me about the important Instrumental Transcommunication held in Italy by Bacci - do you have any record of that? Kristen, Denmark.

Victor: Yes, you can read about ITC here. I found the report on Marcello Bacci; he is a medium who produces spirit voices with the aid of white noise from an old fashioned valve radio. Skeptics said that the voices were stray radio signals. Four of the world's top investigators conducted experiments to prove that they were not. First they removed the valves from the radio. The voices still came- five or six different voices speaking in English Spanish and Italian "some of them with a clarity resembling that of normal voices". Then Bacci turned the radio off. The voices still came. The experiment " conclusively discounts any possibility either of fraud or of the reception of stray radio transmissions." Read report...

WATCH MARCELLO BACCI AT HIS WEEKLY SESSION in Grosseto Italy. You can also see a brief segment on Bacci's voices coming through in English as part of the Scole experiment video.

Ray was a nine year old boy who was thrown over the shoulder of one of his schoolmates just outside his school. Ray landed on his head - died for a short time and had a vivid Near Death Experience. He explains himself how it happened and said that he met God during this time. Later his priest said if he did not see Jesus, this NDE would be a trick of the devil- and the usual nonsense uninformed priests come up with. But in adult life, Ray realized he did have a genuine Near Death Experience- now he says "When I die I'll have a big smile on my face 'cause I'll know what's coming".

- is a non-profit organization dedicated to discerning and disseminating the most convincing evidence for the Survival of the human personality after the demise of the physical body. It is a treasury of evidence for the afterlife. A new resource section has been added to the AECES Library (aisle 10). A new Survival Top 40 case titled "Having A Friend" has been posted. This is a case of 2-year-old child claiming to be the reincarnation of a previous friend of his mother. It is based on the work of H.G. Andrade in Brazil. The case rated an ESS score of 257, currently placing it at number 35 on the Top-40 list. Read case. AECES always seeks your suggestions on inclusions

This month's issue of the Guided Afterlife Connections newsletter is devoted to comparing medium readings with Guided Afterlife Connections sessions. The two are important means by which people can be assured that their loved one is alive, well, and available to communicate. Medium readings and Guided Afterlife Connections each have valuable functions in helping people overcome grief. The comparisons in this newsletter are not suggesting that one is better than the other--only that they are different. Read more...

at the International Conference on Science and Consciousness


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"You send millions who are unprepared, unfitted and ignorant. It is much more difficult to teach an adult the lessons he should have learnt in school. Do not blame us for the existence of millions of souls (here in the afterlife dimension) many of whom are unaware of the fact that they are dead physically and almost dead spiritually. That is the work you have to do in your world, to prepare people for the life that inevitably awaits them when death comes to their physical bodies."

QUESTION: Is there some organization that notified your loved ones when you are about to cross over into the spirit world?
(Directly from the afterlife by a highly credible source saying there will always be a loved one to meet you on crossing over), "No organization is necessary because those who love you are with you. They are aware of your passing long before you are. They stand there waiting to help in the transition. Love is the greatest attracting force in the universe. Those who love you cannot be separated from you."

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross writes:
There are three reasons why no one can die alone. Besides an absence of pain and the experience of physical wholeness in a simulated, perfect body, which we may call the ethereal body, people will also be aware that it is impossible to die alone. This also includes someone who dies of thirst in a desert hundreds of miles from the next human being, or an astronaut missing the target and circling around in the universe until he dies of lack of oxygen."

ENTERTAINMENT - PART 2: CROSS-EXAMINATION OF CLOSED MINDED SCIENTIST (NEW) - : last week Prof Hawking again stated ' .. there is no afterlife, there is no God ... science explains the universe. ' :
here is an addition to the original cross-examination of a closed minded skeptic Prof. Stephen Hawking. Here courtroom science demonstrates that when a closed minded scientist is scientifically cross-examined, he will 'break to pieces.' Contrary to many other highly intelligent scientists just as intelligent, just as professional - Prof. Hawking says there is no afterlife and the universe and everything we see and exists came by CHANCE!. The cross-examination is witty, it's humorous, it's fun - and at the same time the cross-examination shows WHY skeptical materialists are WRONG in their skeptical beliefs. Read new cross examination of Prof Hawking on his claims that there is no afterlife.

7:30pm - 9:00pm 23rd March 2012
Address: Henry Lawson Community Centre in Abbotsford Public School 350 Great North Road Abbotsford NSW 2046 Read more..
Investment: $20 per person
ABOUT MARILYN: "Marilyn is an incredibly gifted and highly empathic medium, is renowned world wide for her compassion and insight. Her messages are both provable, authentic and delivered in a loving and caring way. Relying on survival evidence to authenticate messages from the Spirit World, Marilyn will validate the connection, bringing you ever closer to your friends, family, animals and loved ones and so proving that life is eternal".

Leo and others: There were those who knew I was not well and sent absent healing. Thanks again. I was going to do the organiser of Paracon Australia conference at Oran Park a favour but now am not able to participate. Victor.

FEEDBACK (3 only selected )

1. Dear Victor and Wendy. Just a few lines to thank you for your emails that I receive every Friday, they have always been so inspiring, helpful and uplifting.... Thank you so much all the best for you and Wendy. May God always bless you ... Sincerely, Lucy M.

2. Dear Victor and Wendy.. Thank You Again.. haha.. it really does appear that you source many of the answers to my queries.. lol.. Enjoy your week Blessings and Cheers Sharon xx

3. Dear Victor, I know that we have not met in person, but I just looked through your website, listened to videos, and read through the information that you have posted. I am elated to be in contact with you and also immensely appreciative that you have shared my research information on your site--thank you. I heard about you through a dear friend of mine just the other day and wanted to be sure and send you a personal message. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and heartfelt contributions to our Universe. Many Blessings, Kimberly J.

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Victor Zammit speaking at Speakers Corner

Endre writes:
" I know how many people love "Danny Boy" and associate it with a passed loved one. It has similar meaning for me in that the arrangement I do had it's genesis with a guitarist colleague of mine just after our precious son, Antal, passed. Jim (also my best friend) and I performed it as a violin/guitar duo at every concert we gave after that. Sadly, for me, he passed away last year from a brain tumor. Someday he and I will get to play it together again but for now, that duo arrangement has gone into the ethers. This solo version was the very last thing I played for him in his hospice bed on the final occasion I saw him. If you like it, perhaps you might consider attaching it to your weekly update at the end where you always put your lovely meditation videos? I'm sure many people would enjoy seeing it."

Disclaimer: Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.