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24th February 2012

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If a witness is sworn to tell the truth in a courtroom situation, but does not tell the truth, the witness could go to prison for years for ‘perjury’ – for lying while under oath. Not only that, when asked a question, the skeptic-witness MUST answer the question. As I stated in my cross-examinations of those couple of closed minded skeptics– see cross-examinations – you will see that the witness MUST answer the question put to him. Read full article ..

THE SCIENTIFIC AND MEDICAL NETWORK was started in Britain by scientists who felt the materialist view was limiting science. Brilliant. See website.


When a child or a young person with their whole life ahead of them dies for many people it is great tragedy. For a parent to lose a child seems to go against the law of nature and there is naturally a huge sense of loss and grief.
While some parents never recover, others with much help and support are able to pick up the pieces of their lives. Medium Alison Dubois in the video below talks about the way many people are inspired by the death of a child or young person to want to make a contribution and live fuller and richer lives. In this way, she says, that child or young person has been able to multiply the value of his/her life perhaps a hundred times. And she says, children who have crossed over almost always want to stay close to their parents. Read more about after death contacts.

Dr PMH Atwater, a leading authority on the aftereffects of NDEs, writes: "When you study the full pattern of psychological and physiological aftereffects, I think you will recognize what I have, and that is: near-death states appear to cause a structural and functionary change in the brain (perhaps also chemical). It is as if experiencers are somehow rewired and reconfigured – some, of course, more than others. And this is especially evident with children. Read her fascinating paper NEAR-DEATH STATES: THE PATTERN OF AFTEREFFECTS (PDF file)

CIA remote viewers were asked to predict headlines. Lyn Buchanan claims that in his documented report he picked up on the Chernobyl disaster three days before it happened.

Every day, think as you wake up:
" To-day I am fortunate to have woken up. I am alive, I have a precious human life. I am not going to waste it. I am going to use all my energies to develop myself, to expand my heart out to others, to achieve enlightenment for the benefit of all beings. I am going to have kind thoughts toward others. I am not going to get angry, or think badly about others. I am going to benefit others as much as I can".
- the XIVth Dalai Lama - item posted by R. Parks.

When John Edward was invited to do a reading for Anderson Cooper and his mother Gloria Vanderbilt he had unexpected messages for two members of the camera crew which left them stunned with the accuracy.

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About 3 weeks after the death of Francis Banks, her close friend and fellow meditation partner, Helen Greaves, began getting messages from Francis describing her experiences from the other side. She transcribed these messages into the book Testimony of Light. The two women had spent countless hours together in meditation and discussion about Christian concepts. Even though Sister Francis was an Anglican nun, her experiences after death move far beyond the pictures of any religion and embrace the universal. She shares story after story as she works in the half-way house to assist many newly arrived souls to make the adjustment to life without a physical body. Given a 5 star rating on Amazon by 31 readers.

QUESTION: 'SOUL GROUPS': Victor, I came across information which says that there are some kind of family soul-groups in the afterlife. What are they? G. Denmark.

Victor: Yes, there are 'group-souls'. These are affinities drawn together, to work together to continue to spiritually refine together. The group soul has affinities who have lower spiritually - to more highly spiritually advanced. "They are facets of the same diamond ... It can be, and it does happen, that for the purpose of work to be done fragments of the diamond incarnate into your world to have the kind of experiences which will help the larger self." (Silver Birch). The more advanced have a duty to help those in those who are much less spiritually advanced of the soul group. The lesser advanced of the soul group may stay with you for a time to learn about how to be more spiritual. But before the members of the soul group graduate to the next realm up, ALL members have to become spiritually advanced to the same level.


In this fascinating video interview psychologist and author Dr Michael Newton describes how for years he rejected the very idea of past life regression, came upon it by accident and was convinced by the evidence. He says that he was convinced by the consistency of the reports he got about what happens when we die.
Part 1. (10 minutes) He talks about how "beginner"souls want to attend their funerals to see how many people turn up.

Part 2. (10 minutes) How all souls reach out to their loved ones but how grief stops them getting through.
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

ON CLOSED-MINDED SKEPTICS: "And former Naval Scientist Eldon Byrd, who tested spoon bender Uri Geller, rightly states: "What major contribution has any skeptic made to the betterment of humankind? How many Mother Teresa’s have they produced? How many great scientific discoveries have they made? Many of them are like movie critics--useless and usually wrong." He was right of course. As someone pointed out, skeptics have contributed nothing for science, just like music critics have contributed nothing to the music genre. After all, no one ever erects a monument to a critic." - from a forthcoming book by a brilliant writer Winston Wu's: 'Debunking Pseudo-Skeptical Arguments of Paranormal Debunkers." (currently available in kindle format)

PSYCHIC ESPIONAGE: U.S. spies try to make contact with a spy who crossed over.
Victor Marchetti, a former CIA spy states in his book Inside The CIA that CIA's medium tried to get in touch with the spirit of that famous KGB Russian spy Colonel Oleg Penkowsky (executed by the KGB for spying for the U.S.) - for some critical information. Colonel Penkoswky also spied for the U.S. Victor Marchetti claims the communication with the spirit Penkowsky was 'successful'. Theoretically, it is possible to contact those who crossed over for information. Especially, if the crossed over person feels he was betrayed or gross injustice was done to him. He would be highly motivated to communicate with someone on earth to try to finish some un-finished business.

QUESTION - Please Victor, can you clarify what is meant by the 'AURA'. I get so many different versions. Thanks. Sue

A correct description of the aura comes directly from someone with high credibility from the afterlife:
"The aura consists of the vibrations set up by the body ... which surrounds your body ... Those experts who can see the auras and interpret them know all the secrets of the individual ... These experts can diagnose the health of the individual. They know the state of his soul and his mind's unfoldment. They can tell the evolution of that soul, for it is the aura that enables you all to be read as an open book. Your aura registers all that you have said, all that you have thought and all that you have done. Your aura is your eternal judgment, for there you are showing to those who can see exactly what you are within and not as you show yourselves without." S.B.


’Scientific UFO in Norway’ – For the open-minded skeptic, there is enough evidence that UFO’s do exist. I included some sensational evidence in the past – astronauts, fighter and commercial pilots were eye-witnesses and reported seeing UFO’s. Do NOT have unnecessary fear of UFO’s. If they wanted to hurt us, they could have done it many times, many years ago. Aliens from parts of the universe have mastered materialization – the increasing and decreasing of vibrations to travel huge distances away without using fuel of any kind. It is far better to welcome the UFO’s – enter into a dialogue with them to learn from them many things – including the materialization process. I repeat what I said last time on UFO's: a good friend of mine with high credibility made contact with aliens - yes, they do exist! Guaranteed, that being hugely technically advanced, they will confirm the existence of the paranormal and the afterlife. Watch this youtube video carefully.


CAN PSYCHIC AND MEDIUMSHIP SKILLS BE ATTAINED BY ANYONE WITH PRACTICE? My personal opinion is that while everyone has some psychic abilities, not everyone can be a gifted psychic. If one has some evidence that he/she has psychic or mediumship skills, of course, one can DEVELOP those skills. But clearly some people are more psychic than others right from childhood- just as some have an aptitude for music or mathematics. Remember too that being psychic or a medium does not mean one is being spiritual. The critically most important thing to keep in mind is that on crossing over it is how spiritual you have become, not how skilful you were in mediumship or psychic skills. It is far better to spend time and energy becoming more spiritual - doing selfless service.

... is an educational program about spirit which teaches us that spirit is always with us.Join us in this special event with two of Sydney’s leading mediums,
Kerrie Erwin and Marcia Quinton will connect to the other side and deliver both messages from your loved ones as well as psychic messages from your guides. You can also ask psychic questions on the night. Every show is a unique, special experience, so come along & bring all your friends. The show will finish with a beautiful, harmonic healing from Kerrie with crystal bowls, to help retune you to your natural healing vibration. Show includes stand up Mediumship, Psychic questions, Crystal Bowl Healing & so much more. FRIDAY 16th MARCH, 7.30pm- 9pm. HEAVENLY ENERGIES 499 Willoughby Rd, Willoughby.
COST:is $40 and all bookings through Robyn 99679415
or book & pay online.
All Kerrie’s proceeds from this event will be donated to The Children’s Hospital Randwick

Kerrie Wearing will be hosting Australia’s newest paranormal conference on Saturday March 24th 2012 at Oran Park House, Oran Park NSW (near Camden). This event is gathering together some of the most noted professionals in the Paranormal genre from here and overseas. Victor will be a speaker: book now -
SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER: UK Medium, David Wells from the TV series Most Haunted- astrologer, Past Life Therapist, Qabalist and author.
WHERE? Main Conference Sydney, Australia – 24th March, 2012 - 931 Oran Park Rd., Oran House, Oran Park NSW (near Camden).
Email kerrie@psychicmedium.com.au
Post: 28 Hickson Circuit, Harrington Park NSW 2567
Phone: 0430 175 352 should you have any questions.

SIGNS OF LIFE: FOREVER FAMILY FOUNDATION RADIO PROGRAM Janet Nohavec is an accomplished evidential medium who is an approved overseas tutor for the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in England. Janet is the author of two books, Where Two Worlds Meet: How to Develop Evidential Mediumship, and Through the Darkness: My Tumultuous Journey from Roman Catholic Nun to Psychic Medium. Tonight Janet will discuss topics such as specific techniques for developing mediumship skills, the role of a medium, meditation, the chakra system........and much more! Listen Live (2 hours after this report comes out)
8 PM Eastern/ 5 PM Pacific Every Thursday Night
12 noon Friday Sydney time. London Fri 1am.

OF NEW ZEALAND - for sending a donation towards spreading the 'Light' on a global level. The first way of using the donated money is to offer a free book and free postage to subscribers who have not yet purchased a copy of the book A LAWYER PRESENTS THE CASE FOR THE AFTERLIFE because they cannot really afford it. (I donate the book $15, C.P. LOWSON pays for the air postage - to U.S., U.K., Europe, S America $14, ASIA $9). So, if you are truly low in your finances and want to acquire a free hard copy of the great afterlife book, just email me and a book will be posted to you immediately. vz@victorzammit.com

FEEDBACK (3 responses selected)

1. Thank you Victor again for you amazing reports. I love to get them every week. Your work is really important. I go on informing friends about your reports. Your last good bye to Whitney Houston was really wonderful. Pia Hellertz, Sweden

2)Hello Victor and Wendy, .....
thank you for what you are doing in our world...that is so badly needed. Also ...my father was Australian ...Light and Peace. Warmly, Rochelle W.

3) Hello Victor, Ever since reading your book I have subscribed to your weekly reports and have been a faithful follower for over a year now. The information provided with your weekly reports has led me down the many paths of exploring Spirituality. You and your wife are providing people all over the world with the knowledge they need to expand their "Spiritual Growth". People are beginning to understand that we are all spirits having a human experience in this dimension. We are all connected and and it is through our actions here on earth that we either expand or contract our spiritual growth. Please continue with your chosen path.
CLIVE S Tavistock, Ontario Canada


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