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February 2004

Report 27th February 2004

JOHN EDWARD TO BE CRIMINALLY PROSECUTED? Or will John Edward sue for defamation? Some uninformed closed minded skeptic ignoramus debunker, a fifth rate 'mind reading' performer from Melbourne, Australia is trying to use Section 106A of the Victorian FAIR TRADING ACT to make John Edward 'prove' he is communicating with the afterlife.

KEEP JOHN EDWARD SHOW ALIVE! It is critically important to keep John Edward on television with his masterful demonstration of afterlife communication. Accordingly, I suggest you go to:

THE RUSSIAN PSYCHIC WONDER A SENSATION! As I stated last week, Natalia with extra sensory X-Ray perception sent the debunkers underground!!! ALL scientists and doctors who investigated her say she's a genuine psychic! Too timid to take her on, too cowardly for that Florida debunker to investigate - he's disappeared from the scene naturally enough and she's too overwhelming for any debunker from anywhere around the world - see this most important psychic below.

WHICH TEST OF EVIDENCE? At a recent (January 2004) study day held by the British Society for Psychical Research the eminent Scottish Psychical researcher Professor Archie Roy argued strongly against the "impossible to pass test" which closed-minded skeptics throw up in any discussion of evidence for the afterlife. Like me, Professor Roy argues that we should look towards the judicial system, and decide which evidence is beyond any shadow of reasonable doubt, as opposed to the shadow of any possible doubt.
Roy emphasised this point in his conclusion by arguing that we should not dismiss the wealth of paranormal evidence already accumulated, even though some of it may not have been produced under the strictest scientific conditions.

SCIENTIFIC STUDY OF MEDIUMS: Archie Roy, Emeritus Professor of Astronomy at Glasgow University and Tricia Robertson of the Scottish Society for Psychical have been undertaking very significant experimental work with mediums in Scotland and have been obtaining excellent results under controlled conditions for the last five years.They set out to statistically test the skeptical hypothesis that "All mediums' statements are so general that they could apply to anyone" and found that this just is not the case. A summary of their research findings can be found on the home page of the Scottish Society for Psychical Research founded by Archie Roy in 1987

NOTHING BETTER THAN DEATH: A new book by Kevin Williams (292 pages) which analyzes 62 Near Death Experiences. This book provides profound insights, answers to skeptical questions, religious correlations, a useful resource section, and life-changing reasons why there is nothing better on earth than being dead. For purchase details go to

20th February 2004

GIRL WITH X-RAY VISION: Natalya Demkina, a 17 year old Russian girl caused a sensation with she appeared on British TV last week. Faced with four total strangers she correctly described their medical conditions including the fact that one of the test patients had only one kidney. The show's resident doctor Chris Steele admitted "My skepticism has waned. I have been very impressed. I've talked to a couple of the patients. Natalia has been spot on".

CONSERVATIVE SCIENTISTS AND DOCTORS ADMIT PARANORMAL TO BE VALID: Because this Russian girl with X-Ray vision is performing 'extra-natural', paranormal phenomenon has stunned the most hardened conservative scientists! Natalya Demkina has been very closely studied by Russian, English, American and other doctors and scientists and ALL stated that her paranormal is genuine!!!!!

SKEPTIC MEETS MATERIALIZATION MEDIUM: In my book I talk about a Nobel Prize winning scientists who verify that some mediums are able to enable dead people to materialize. (See Book, Chapter 10). Alec Harris was a superb Welsh materialization medium who died in 1974. During the production of materialized spirit forms, Alec's spirit guides usually took him into a deep-trance, and the sitters were able to clearly see him sitting on his chair (bound hand and foot) inside the 'cabinet' - and the whole room was bathed in good red light while the materialized people walked around the room and spoke with their loved ones.

SPIRITS CONVERSE IN LANGUAGES UNKNOWN TO MEDIUM: Maurice Barbanell the then editor of Psychic News, wrote of Alec's mediumship that "the spirit forms not only show themselves in good red light, but they also hold sustained conversations, after having walked about ten feet from the cabinet! At a sitting I attended, I saw 30 forms materialize during two and a half hours". At one memorable sitting which was attended by Sir Alexander Cannon, Sir Alex spoke to two spirit forms who were Tibetans, and these conversations were held in their native tongue, which was unknown to Alec Harris or any of the other persons present. And a certain Prof. T J Haarhoff, who was a professor of classics, conversed with a materialized spirit who spoke to him in ancient Greek.

SKEPTIC MAGICIAN CONVINCED: On one notable occasion Mr A.G. Fletcher-Desborough, an expert magician who was an arch skeptic attended a sitting. As he reported later in the Liverpool Evening Express "as an illusionist and magician, I knew exactly where to look for such things as panel and floor escapes, ceiling and wall slides. I was satisfied that nothing could make an exit or entrance in any way. There was no chance of deception". What followed was nothing short of miraculous. The skeptic's dead father materialized and used a pet name known to nobody but his family. His brother materialized giving his name and walking with a limp as he did in life. Finally his third son, Ronnie, who had been beheaded by the Japanese after the fall of Singapore materialized.

GEORGE CRANLEY A LIVING WITNESS: Editor of the Noah's Ark Journal, George Cranley is a living witness to Harris' materializations. He claims (Psychic News 7/2/04) that he saw a man materialize with only half a face which was immediately recognized by his relatives. He had died as a result of cancer which ate half his face away leaving him unable to speak. He also saw the dead husband of his friend materialize in his Royal Marine's uniform, walk over to her and call her by a pet name not even known to their children. Read more about Alec's remarkable gift in They Walked Among Us by Louie Harris: (Psychic Press Ltd. 1980) ISBN: 0-85384-055-5

NOTHING BETTER THAN DEATH: Anyone interested in the afterlife should visit Kevin Williams' site Alarmed at the difficulty NDE experiencers are having getting their work published by the big companies and by the number of great books on NDE's which are going out of print Kevin is doing a huge service by featuring NDE books prominently on his website together with purchase facilities. Kevin is very dedicated to promoting near-death research, researchers, experiencers, and the message they want to bring the world. His own book Nothing Better than Death is a great read and highly recommended.

Report 13th February 2004

WORLD AFTERLIFE LEGEND: Dr Ray Moody is to participate in the IARRT (International Association for Regression Research and Therapy) convention in Colorado Springs this July 1-4. IARRT, in my opinion, is a vanguard of the movement to bring information about reincarnation, and survival of the soul to the public in an enlightened and responsible way. This seminar includes at least two very notable pioneers--Dr. Raymond Moody, and Dr. Roger Woolger. For more information:,

SONIA RINALDI: Electronic Voice Phenomena and Instrumental Trans-communication expert from Brazil. Sonia is getting most wonderful results using electronic equipment to communicate with those who crossed over. Witnesses have attested to the miracles they see with their own eyes. Sonia is a highly credible experimenter who has made a wonderful contribution towards communicating with those who crossed over using electronics.

'SCIENTIFIC INVESTIGATION' by the SKEPTICS? Absolute rubbish! What a joke! CSICOP's (skeptics and debunkers) article on Crookes. Why the deceit? Why the lies? Why the fraud? Why the trash? Why the dishonesty? Why the journalistic QUACKERY?- Low level of journalistic trash: one of the dirtiest academically unacceptable attacks in the January issue of their journal on Sir William Crookes - the greatest scientist who ever walked this planet earth. Just because some debunker (closed minded skeptic) is writing UNSIENTIFICALLY, obsequiously and sycophantically (bootlicking) pandering to the negative prejudices of CSICOP does not mean CSICOP ought to allow the disgusting trash journal. It's no wonder some of Csicop's founding scientists and others like Prof Truzzi abandoned CSICOP. There are so many lies in the article - too many to mention. E.g when and where did Florence Cooke ever confess she was ever 'fraudulent'? To get to know what REALLY happened, the REAL story, the FACTS click on: LAWYER DEFENDS SIR WILLIAM CROOKES.

INEQUALITY AT BIRTH. There is NO such thing as being born, as behaviorists claim, with a 'blank sheet.'- we humans are NOT born intellectually and spiritually equal. We are all born at various advanced stages in vibrations of the soul with different historical, emotional and intellectual experiences.. Those who are behind, in the lower vibrational stage, are least likely to accept the evidence for psychic phenomena and the afterlife. This explains the existence of the debunkers. Many regard debunkers as defeatists and losers - especially when no one on earth can explain rationally that nothing exists after crossing over.

NO ONE WILL GET AWAY WITH IT! I told (and tell) my former colleagues in a law enforcement agency - at a higher level - that whilst many are honest and decent, there are others who are dishonest, who are cheating, lying and harassing others - and there may be even traitors. No one can erase negative karma, no one! Every negative emotion caused to others HAS to be experienced by those who initiated the negative experiences. You just cannot blabber anything to a priest before you cross over thinking that all will be well. A rude awakening will be experienced - that is GUARANTEED! See WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE -

INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES: remote viewing tells me that there are many intelligence agencies from around the world which access my homepage. At least five intelligence agencies have covertly contacted me seeking information about a number of things. One of the emails sent by a Western intelligence agency -rather facetiously was signed by someone with a Spanish sounding name using the title 'captain.' But I am more than happy - anytime, anywhere to any place to send empirically based information to any one.

TEXAS POLICE ARREST PSYCHIC : I came across some information sometime ago that a gifted psychic informed police where a the body of a murder victim was to be found. The highly skeptical police eventually arrested the psychic - because, the police stated, no one could give so much accurate information about where the body was found, how the person was murdered unless there was direct involvement. It took a considerable amount of time persuading TEXAS POLICE that some psychics are highly gifted - sometimes too gifted. These experiences motivate highly gifted psychics to keep away from police. Then the mediocre or the weak psychic who is trying to attain a reputation takes a gamble about police involvement. Of course, there are other POLICE in the US and in other parts of the world who welcome information from proven gifted psychics.

DR BRIAN COCKSEY of Auckland, has a web site which deals amongst other things with prophetic Meaningful Coincidence, and it is indeed interesting. He has also found that meaningful coincidence can authenticate communication from the dead and so provide valuable evidence for life after death.

THE GROUND OF FAITH - Exploring Science & Mysticism - advanced Christian thinkers and scientists review my evidence for the afterlife:

6th February 2004:

SADDAM HUSSEIN: shoot him against a wall, hang him or kill him in some electric chair? None of these. Why? If we send a brutal and horrific murderer to the afterlife he will almost certainly continue his mischief from there. He would be in a position to influence terrorists anti-West world leaders manipulating their minds to exercise power vicariously. Far better to make life on earth hell for him (as he did for thousands of others) - to give him time to realize what he's done, to amend his ways and to see how he can come back to the LIGHT.

EX-US PRESIDENT NIXON: A 'detachment' problem. Research shows that those who cross over with immense attachment to a place and/or with huge unresolved issues are likely to be sucked back to that place or to try to resolve those huge problems. Read more…

INSIGHTS INTO SKEPTICISM: This is critical information. Psychics and others must be informed at ALL times about this information. Sensitives should not try to debate the debunkers - the historical record shows them to be irrational, illogical and unreasonable.

SOLVED! I had a big debate this week about skeptics v debunkers. A 'skeptic' is one who DOUBTS. This means that a genuine skeptic allows for the possibility that a phenomenon MAY be empirically proved. But debunkers - some of them for career promotion- try to cowardly disguise themselves as 'skeptics'. They have ALREADY made their mind up that NOTHING can exist unless you can reduce it in a laboratory for testing. Now try to reduce the phenomenon of LOVE in a laboratory! According to the debunkers LOVE cannot exist!!

DEBUNKERS - ASSERTERS: "Trust me," the debunker says, "even though I do not have the substance of science or empiricism to prove anything, but you believe me, there is nothing after death!" Technically, the informed professional debater will tell you they are - 'negative assertors'! When this is thrown at them they say "But we are not the asserter. We cannot prove the moon is NOT made of green cheese" - as stated by a national debunker. That is a poor analogy because there is no EVIDENCE that the moon is made of green cheese. By contrast we are saying that some of the greatest brains in science have articulated 23 areas of evidence for the afterlife. NOBODY in the history of empiricism has ever rebutted this evidence.

THE STANFORD UNIVERSITY PSI TESTS: This was the genesis of formal scientific psi research by scientists Drs. Harold Puthoff and Russell Targ at the highest level which was going to make those rigid flamboyant debunkers from Buffalo to Florida look absolutely stupid, ridiculous and utterly irrelevant. What happened? The debunkers sent a few imposters to participate in the psi experiments to make false statements, to confuse, to destabilize and to sabotage legitimate valuable psi results. This is debunkers' style of 'debate' - be Machiavellian and cheat, lie and kick below the belt! But the eventual onslaught of empirically validated research from the U.S, UK, Brazil, Germany, Italy, France, Canada and other countries just flowed on irreversibly and irrespective of those desperados who tried to cheat, lie and misrepresent to the American and other people around the world.

IS ALL MEDIUMSHIP GENUINE? Be discriminating! There are genuine mediums but KNOW that there are also charlatans, cheats, conmen and con-women who PRETEND to be psychic. Do NOT throw away your hard-earned income to quacks be they debunkers or alleged psychics. The best way to find a genuine gifted medium is to obtain at least three references from independent people who had readings with the medium.

WONDERFUL NEWS: for all decent and genuinely open-minded folk. You have nothing to fear when you INEVITABLY cross over. With absolute certainty, the more you know about the afterlife, the more you research and read the easier will be your transition - absolutely guaranteed! Go to BOOK click on chapter 27 to get to know what will happen to you when you will inevitably cross over.

WHO IS A DEBUNKER? Anyone who has been 'researching' psychic phenomena and has not had ONE successful result in some 10-30 years is guaranteed to be a negatively entrenched dogmatic debunker - perhaps even a fraudulent one. Debunkers are on record for talking about 'critical thinking' - which in practice they showed as meaning being absolutely negatively prejudiced and closed minded. There is a vast amount of empirical data supporting psychic evidence. Inevitably, those with an open, analytical mind are the winners: go to BOOK - see index.

MEDITATION: Science has confirmed the power of meditation to reduce blood pressure - with NO side effects. See Larry Dossey in the Journal of Scientific Exploration, Summer 1993 p119. Many later studies confirm that regular meditation now practiced by hundreds of millions around the world produces enormous benefits: calmness, serenity, inner peace and higher efficiency on all levels.

NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT in this world, nothing is as critical or as vital as KNOWING what is going to happen to you when you die!

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