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January 2005

28th January, 05

THE ‘KING’ IS DEAD! And so will every human on earth will be dead sooner or later. Johnny Carson had his television show entertaining people for some 30 years. When he crossed over this week on his 80th birthday many people said, ‘Gee he was a good entertainer’. But I did NOT hear one comment about his situation on crossing over. Given his conduct and what he said, I am not sure what he did and what he believed in or what he accepted. There are those who state he was a secular materialist. But even if he was, if he genuinely helped other people during his lifetime on earth he’ll make it to a really wonderful place. If he lied, covertly cheated, lusted for power, was covertly nasty and cruel – he’ll have serious problems for a long, long time – for eons of time in a dimension from which he cannot escape or buy his way out.

TERRORISTS – in context of what is happening in Iraq to-day will they go to heaven because they believed they would go to heaven?
VICTOR: This is one of the most popular questions about terrorists I’ve had in some 10 years – I received a few questions about this fiery terrorist subject just this morning. I reiterate that BELIEFS are irrelevant unless they make you a ‘better’ person. What would be critical on crossing over is what you DID in your lifetime. Now if a terrorist killed, maimed, tortured innocent people, afterlife physics become operational: the terrorist will immediately reduce his level of ‘vibrations’. At the end of his life he/she will go to an afterlife realm which can accommodate his level of vibrations. Good works, selfless service will increase vibrations. Bad deeds lower vibrations. Terrorists inevitably will find themselves in the lowest, darkest afterlife realm.

TELEPORTATION/MATERIALIZATION: it will happen more often on earth in the future. Forget conventional beliefs for a moment, forget about the defeatists of this world – and enter a world, where the ability to physically disappear - in one place and rematerialize somewhere else will be very common. Mind has the potential to do things that seem strange to some of us here. There have been incidents in history concerning teleportation and materialization. Physics tells us that theoretically it is possible to do raise and lower our ‘vibrations’ at will– it will be only a matter of time before it is demonstrated empirically and it has a connection with afterlife activity. At the moment our molecules rotate at the speed of light Einstein’s E=mc2. More about this most interesting phenomena of materialization and teleportation go to BOOK top right and click on chapter 6

WHAT THE BLEEP DO WE KNOW? – the movie – quantum physics and the afterlife made easy-
Pre-order DVD with 60 hours of interviews....also coming soon to the Spiritual Cinema Circle. One reviewer writes: "The movie is a departure from any film I have ever seen. There is a story line, some incredible animation, and interviews with a variety of people who talk about what they think. The movie presents a lot of the information and theories of quantum physics in ways that lay people may understand. It is the most intelligent movie I have ever seen. Many people here went to see the movie 2 or 3 times." Read review...

DISCOVERY SCIENCE CHANNEL on cable. From time to time it broadcasts programs made by anti-psi, anti-afterlife materialists. Whenever you watch these shows, be discriminating. Why? Anti-psi materialists are PREDICTABLE – nothing exists unless it can be reduced in the laboratory. I usually respond to these reductionists/ materialists: the phenomenon of love CANNOT be reduced in the lab. Does it mean that love does NOT exist? The materialist scientists do not have the capacity to look at the world holistically; they unnecessarily restrict their perception of the world, of the critical phenomena which EVERYBODY knows exist but orthodox science cannot cope with.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: (believe me this is a serious question and has been asked a few times). Is there sex in heaven? First we have to agree that information transmitted from the afterlife has been empirically demonstrated. Secondly, the quality of the information –from SOME afterlife entities is exceptionally credible. Thirdly, the information is given to you in good faith – it is not really relevant whether you accept it or reject it – ‘what is’ will be operative in any event. The repeated information transmitted from qualitative sources including scientists e.g. Emmanuel Swedenborg is that absolutely, the answer is YES there will be LOVE and with it there will be sex in the afterlife! Remember, on crossing over you will take with you the duplicate of your physical body the etheric body, which will be just as solid and as real as your physical body is today, your character as you were on earth with all the positive and negative attributes and your memories of everything you’ve done on earth. Of course, you will also take with you your LOVE you had while on earth. Physical death does not sever love. Love is regarded as the most powerful force in the universe.

WARNING TO ALL- especially to materialists. What you accept and reject is determined by the programming you had when growing up. Pure chance made you perceive the world as you do. If you were born in India or in Africa or in China or in Japan your world view would be fundamentally different in EACH case. So by pure CHANCE being born in the West has given you your beliefs. What many objective psi empiricists are doing now is to rise above the early conditioning and the programming and completely detach from the environmental programming in order to be more OBJECTIVE – in the interest of empiricism and science. See scientists who investigated and accepted the paranormal and the afterlife- click on BOOK top right and click on chapter 2.

REMOTE VIEWING: materialists in the media tested former CIA remote viewer Joseph McMoneagle on for a program called Science And The Impossible( Discovery Science). He was told to identify a person in London –(remember, John McMoneagle was in the United States). We see this American remote viewer identifying some fifteen correct variables, overhead bridge, lots of glass, near a tube station, … all were correct. But he drew something which looked like a jet engine but could not see what it meant – actually it was a jet engine. It was conceded McMoneagle attained ‘80%’ correct variables. The other 20% could not be confirmed but it did not mean they were not correct. As predicted, materialists said, oh well, science does not accept these things therefore what McMoneagle did was not scientific!!!! Maybe orthodox science itself needs to be re-appraised to accommodate the empirically validated phenomenon of remote viewing. Read more about Joe’s most recent experiments for Japanese television.

21st January 2005

'OUT THERE' is presented by one of Australia's most professional broadcasters -Barry Eaton. He's a writer and producer.It is an exciting and innovative radio available on demand on the web. Hear guests (surprise yourselves- Michael Roll, yours truly etc) ) talk on the latest developments in: The Paranormal, the Unexplained, the Mysterious, Mind Body Spirit topics, Personal Growth & Development; Natural Health and Healing; Conspiracies, Cover-ups & more. Program 6 - week commencing 19TH January is about the evidence for the Afterlife.

ENTITIES MAKE CONTACT FROM THE AFTERLIFE: The ‘New Science’ is now leading the way. The following has NOTHING to do with beliefs, NOTHING to do with superstition or wishful thinking. It has to do with hard core science (an objective formula, repeated over time and space which yields the same results). Some of the world’s most intelligent scientists and psi experimenters attended a scientific experiment in Italy in early December 2004 in INSTRUMENTAL TRANS- COMMUNICATION. This resulted in clear responsive voices being received from the afterlife dimension. Read for yourselves the report on this modern MIRACLE . Read more...

BRILLIANT RESULTS FROM MEDIUM ALLISON DUBOIS: Read for yourself the front page headlines in a mainstream ARIZONA DAILY STAR newspaper about the positive results attained by highly gifted medium ALLISON DUBOIS. Strict scientific methodology was applied and each time Allison came up stunning information. Some of the world’s most notorious closed minded skeptic/debunkers stated Allison could not be right – otherwise, she would make them look absolutely stupid. Read more …

'WHITE NOISE' - THE MOVIE - TREMENDOUS SUCCESS!. Hollywood has released one of the most important movies ever about the afterlife (OUT NOW).Reports state the movie took some $50 million in the first weekend. It features the internationally well known Hollywood actor Michael Keaton (Batman).

SAMPLE EVP voice featured in WHITE NOISE trailer

TSUNAMI TRAGEDY/POL POT COMPARISON: Some 225,000 (latest figure) thousand died without warning in this unforeseen tragedy. Many in the Western world are giving generously. The whole world is showing sympathy and it has stayed on the front pages for many weeks. Ever wondered why when over ONE MILLION people– four times the amount of the Tsunami victims - were butchered and slaughtered by the communist Pol Pot/Khmer Rouge regime, trying to convert Cambodia into a communist state, there were very few reports of the million people who were cruelly murdered for a stupid idea which was absolutely outdated. The mind boggles how masses of people, either through natural disasters or through willful slaughter or through sudden illness, find themselves in the afterlife without any preparation whatsoever.

UFO’S/AFTERLIFE CONNECTION! DO THEY EXIST? I am often asked whether I think UFO’s exist and they relate to afterlife matters. First, why should we, as humans, be so arrogant to think that we are the only intelligent beings in this vast, vast universe? Secondly, some highly credible people- senior pilots, police officers and others have stated they witnessed UFOs in many parts of the world. If UFOs do exist, the intelligent beings who command them would probably be more spiritually advanced than anyone on earth. Why? Because the more scientifically advanced, the closer one gets to the laws of the universe and to phenomena we on earth have just started to uncover: telepathy, teleportation, materialization, laws of energy and so on. Advanced terrestrial beings would be aware of the spiritual nature of the universe and theoretically, would have more understanding of what controls the energy in the universe.

SHOULD MEDIUMS CHARGE FOR THEIR SERVICES? This has always been a popular question – but also a difficult one to answer. Complaints to me show that some mediums are charging huge amounts of money for their services. Is that right? I have known gifted mediums who worked from home and charged nothing; others charged just very little for out of pocket expenses. Now I’m told that some mediums charge between $100 and $1,000 for a reading. If an accurate developed medium can only do a limited number of readings a week and has to undergo enormous emotional trauma in helping people some people would not find it hard to pay some $300 for a reading. Some mediums pay large amounts for advertising. Others don’t. CRITICAL POINT: ‘reasonableness’ ought to be the criterion.

HOW DO YOU FIND A GOOD MEDIUM? I usually advise people to obtain three references about a medium’s accuracy and find out the asking price. It’s not always easy to do that – but that is a safe way of making sure you’re not throwing your money away. While there are some very gifted mediums you must be aware that there are many quacks and self-deluded posing as psychics. Of course, some people do not use mediums at all – they prefer to develop their own natural mediumship. If you are curious, if you are interested to visit a gifted medium – you will have to do some research. You could try your local spiritualist centre as a starting point. But discrimination is the key.

JENNY SMEDLEY, author, hails from England. She has a special talent with domestic pets. Her works deserves to be studied as she, like most gifted mediums, is transcending the ‘boggle threshold’ – the point at which information not being part of our program gives us much anxiety and elicits opposition when we hear it. Check out her site and make your own conclusions about her research and if necessary make contact:

14th January 2005

THE EVIDENCE FOR THE SIXTH SENSE by Hazel Courteney – In 1998 she survived a near-death experience. Then, in Arizona, she took part in Professor Gary Schwartz’s brilliant Afterlife Experiments, during which she received verification that consciousness really does survive death. Next she met psychiatrist Professor Stanislav Grof, and Dr Serena Roney-Dougal and Dr Rupert Sheldrake and biologist Harry Oldfield. Her highly recommended book is out next week. Read more...

REV MICHAEL BECK-WORTH D.D. is founder and spiritual director of the AGAPE INTERNATIONAL SPIRITUAL CENTER for all faiths and religions in Los Angeles. The Christmas service I attended there twelve months ago has left a most indelible impression. I heard the most fantastic ‘spiritual’ jazz music I have ever heard in my whole life. It was not just a Christmas service it was an out of this world experience. If you’re in LA drop into the Centre and experience it yourself. Read More…

ANTHONY ROBBINS: one of the greatest American leadership presenters of to-day. He is dynamic, most charismatic in demand; he woos thousands not only in the U.S. but around the world. He was an administrative advisor to President Clinton for efficiency and productivity. What I particularly like about him is that he teaches that the best way of getting our psychological needs as humans met is through service to others. Anyone who teaches service is worth supporting!

REMOTE VIEWING: more secrets revealed. Twenty five years ago this month and attempt was made by the KGB to fool the U.S., UK, Australian espionage agencies. Disinformation ex KGB Russian officer spills the beans after perestroika.(read more: to be installed).

WARNING TO PSYCHICS, PSI EMPIRICISTS, WRITERS & OTHERS CONFRONTING CLOSED MINDED SKEPTICS. Content analysis of what has been happening in the media shows that the materialists/closed minded skeptics/debunkers - choose any label you like - have been playing extremely dirty in the media when debating gifted genuine psychics and other honest empiricists who obtained positive psi results. Read more ...

A WITNESS THROUGH THE CENTURIES (Psychic Press Ltd) by Dr Reginald Hegy. I picked this one up from a second hand book dealer. Here a Jewish South African MEDICAL doctor shows that after investigating the evidence for the afterlife, he came to the irretrievable conclusion that the afterlife EXISTS! Some of the chapters: My voyage of discovery; Is death the end?; Seeing the unseen; The enemies of truth. (it’s probably out of print but try the libraries first. The book is a real gem!)

1.FEAR: materialists who have been active against the afterlife, mediums and psi must FEAR repercussion for their long term negative activity, for spreading darkness. I suggest that these are the ones who exploit their position to oppress, harm, injure, subjugate others. This also called:

2. DISSONANCE- the dissonant information (inconsistent with their own cherished beliefs) that one day they will pay a price for their negative activity prompts them to DENY anything that could catch up with their activities. Psychic information elicits anxiety in them, increases their blood pressure and their heart beat, makes them sweat. “No” they say in despair, “these mediums cannot be right. I will never admit one day I have to pay the price for my abuse of power, for my greed, for my selfishness.” So they strongly oppose anything spiritual/psychic because they try to kid themselves that there is no ‘self responsibility.’

3. SELFISHNESS: the opposite to being materialist is being ‘spiritual.’ Being spiritual means you have to be consistently UNSELFISH; you are ready to help those who genuinely need help – and doing it for no selfish or monitory motive. Whereas being MATERIALIST one will be extremely selfish, a short term thinker – if any thinking goes on at all; there will be tendency to corrupt, to be dishonest, to cheat and lie because a real materialist believes that the end justifies the means. Especially the aggression will be aimed at those mediums and psychics who are making them look silly and who are showing that the materialists are defeatists, losers and they are not only wasting their time, they are heading for inevitable, horrific problems now and when they INEVITABLY cross over.

FOR THOSE WHO LOST A LOVED ONE: Many people contact me asking whether I can recommend a good medium. Usually I say that it is far better to develop your own ability to receive contacts from your loved ones directly. The research shows that as long as you are open and receptive (not overwhelmed with grief) you will hear from them- in one of a number of ways (see
for a comprehensive list of common contact methods).

SCIENCE AND APPARITIONS In my chapter Science and Apparitions I quote Dr Melvin Morse, a pediatrician who has done extensive studies of death and dying, who claims that it is rare for someone to lose a parent or child and not see them again in a death-related vision (Morse 1994:135). In the mean time, talk to your loved ones as if they are still around you, send them your love and let them see that you are getting on with your life.

SECOND CHANCE. Recently I came upon a book that could be very helpful in developing your ability to achieve personal confirmation that your loved ones are OK and still around you. The book is called Second Chance, by Suzanne Northrop a trance medium who was one of the five mediums who worked with Dr Gary Schwarz in The Afterlife Experiments. You can see a list of the chapter headings on

AFTER YOU DIE WHAT THEN Still one of the best books around for the serious researcher in George Meeks's 1987 classict. George was a very successful scientist who devoted the last 16 years of his life to investigating the higher realms with the best mediums in the world. Anyone who has any intelligence at all will see that the evidence presented just cannot be dismissed. No one has ever explained why Meeks’s evidence for the afterlife in this book cannot be accepted. And no one ever will!

7th January 2005

NATIONAL SECURITY- ESPIONAGE: give all primary schoolchildren in the Western English speaking countries a psychic test. Stunning information coming out from China. China maximizes the potential skills of their people for national and military security objectives by giving every primary school child a psychic test. (see remote viewing : click on BOOK top right, Chapter 17). Understandably, with so many hundreds of millions of people in China, there will be a relatively greater number of psychically gifted children. Of course, the immediate objective would be to select the most gifted and train them in military espionage and other activities for the benefit of the State. I repeat my past warning: the country which can harness the non-physical (psychic) energy will inevitably control the world. It will take countries which neglect this area some fifty to a hundred years to catch up – if they ever do. Naturally, psi testing will be done by those who are NOT hostile to psi.

REMEDY for the above? I suggest that as a standard procedure ALL primary school children in the United States, U.K., Canada, Australia and in other English speaking countries be given a psychic test as an adjunct to their other tests. It would be important to have highly qualified testers for any accurate psychic testing.

NOTE TO PSYCHIC CRITICS: just because the materialist PSI (psychic phenomena) critics do not have the capacity, competence, skills, sensitivity and the impartiality to find in favor of psychic phenomena, it does not mean that psychic phenomena do not exist. It only shows that these said materialist critics – usually academics in psychology - do not have what it takes to find what other more intelligent, better informed are finding. Chinese military psychologists appear to be way ahead of the West in this regard. The West needs to do a great deal more in allocating funds ON URGENT BASIS to the genuine psi professional researchers who attained positive psi results – not to those who have done research in psi and NEVER found anything in favor of psi. One would think they’d have the intelligence to move on to do something else if they do not have the talents, gifts and empirical impartiality to conduct psi testing. Materialist critics ought NOT be put in a position to test psychic skills ever.

"THE OTHERS"- An excellent movie. This movie has accelerated interest in reincarnation and the afterlife. USA 2001, with the fabulous Nicole Kidman, Fionnula Flanagan, Christopher Ecclestone. The film describes the story of a mother and her three children living in a house haunted by ghosts.

SURVEYS SHOW MATERIAL-ISTS ARE SOME 5% of the population. It was related to me that according to Andrew Greely (a sociologist, U.S.) surveys taken in the U. S. show that hard core materialists (those who do COMPLETELY deny the existence of the afterlife) are not more than 5% of the population of the U.S.

AUSTRALIAN ABORIGINES have a belief in the afterlife. Like every culture around the world which has very close connection with mother earth, indigenous Australians now living in remote desert areas in the Northern, Western and Central parts of Australia do accept the existence of the afterlife. Like the indigenous Americans they have a very rich spiritual and psychic life.

THE DANISH CONNECTION: if there is anyone who wants to know about psychic activities in Denmark, internationally known Marion Dampier-Jeans is the medium to contact. She also works in England. She has intimate knowledge about the very successful SENSING MURDER television psychic shows which originated from Denmark. Look up her webpage.

SUSY SMITH was an extraordinary medium and psychic researcher who wrote 30 books on the Afterlife. She also worked with Professor Gary Schwartz before she died in February 2001. Shortly afterwards Gary undertook experiments with two mediums to see whether they could produce evidence of Susy’s survival. Read Gary’s paper Celebrating Susy Smith’s Soul: preliminary Evidence for the Continuance of Smith’s Consciousness After her Physical Death.

ALISON DUBOIS is an extraordinary American medium. She has worked extensively with university researchers and Gary Schwartz calls her “The Beckham of Mediums”. NBC is producing a television series called Medium based on her life. It goes to air this January so look out for it.

"DON'T KISS THEM GOOD-BYE" is Alison Dubois’ first book. It details her initial interactions with the otherside as a child as well as the years leading up until now. The book includes accounts of missing persons' cases that she worked on with law enforcement It also chronicles some of her experiences in the lab being studied by scientists as a research medium. Also, included are chapters on how to recognize mediumship abilities in yourself and children. Highly recommended. Read more …

IRISH READERS If you are in Tara,
County Meath, Ireland you can attend a one day workshop on the evidence for the Afterlife conducted by a fellow researcher Mike Pettigrew who runs the Institute for Afterlife Research. Read More…

UFO?- alien captured on camera? (Caution: this is information, sent to me in good faith, is beyond the ‘boggle threshold.’- make allowances for possible/probable future confirmation). A report from Holland appears to be genuine – see below for yourself. There appears to be a highly gifted psychic –a young 24 year old guy Robbert van den Broeke. We’ll proceed with a lot of caution – but so far, much of what he has demonstrated in psi appears to be genuine. We need more time to investigate this most shattering world phenomenon. Once investigations are completed I will be reporting on it. Read more...

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