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June 6th, 2014
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Not too many people know the huge potential they have to continue to develop spiritually. Not many people really understand who we are, why we are on planet earth and more seriously, not too many people know that every human being has the spark of the divine within. That information has been transmitted by very highly credible afterlife sources. That is a fundamental difference between those professionals doing afterlife research and religious theology. Religion does not accept that we have part of the divine in us. If you said that in the middle ages you would have been burnt at the stake for heresy. But understanding that all humans are a spark of the divine will mean that we can achieve a huge amount because our potential to do great things spiritually and in other things is unlimited.


CANADIAN NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCER PAUL ELDER Paul's presentation and interactive discussion is based on the revelations of his book - Eyes of an Angel. He had near death experiences three times and is aware of the extraordinary levels of consciousness and human abilities through training and instructing Remote Viewing at the Monroe Institute.



SCIENCE AND THE AFTERLIFE: Quantum physics is the study of the characteristics of and relationship between subatomic particles and energies. Innovate, unorthodox physicists tell us this important research has a strong bearing on the understanding of the paranormal and the afterlife. These physicists are discovering no conflict at all between physics and belief in the paranormal and the afterlife. Indeed, they are showing that the phenomena we now call 'paranormal' are normal and consistent with the laws of science. Read more.

Harry Oldfield is a scientist and inventor who began working with kirlian photography. He has since developed a number of camera filters which he claims allows people to see the wider spectrum of energies sometimes seen by clairvoyants and photograph energy fields, chakras and even spirits. If you start at the 27 minute mark you can see some fascinating energy pictures of the effects of crack cocaine on the chakras. His filters can be purchased online.



ROBERTA GRIMES INTERVIEWS MARIA PE, a mother who claims to visit her sons in the afterlife Maria Pe's two sons were murdered by their father in 2011. Since then she has discovered a way to visit them in the afterlife. Listen to this wonderful interview with Maria Pe talking with Roberta Grimes in her wonderful online radio program Seek Reality.

- (1688-1772) perhaps the first scientist to accepted the evidence (NOT beliefs) for the afterlife. He was a Swedish scientist and scholar who began having out of body experiences in his later years, communicating with spirits to develop a highly detailed description of the structure of the afterlife and universal laws. Swedenborg's views were far ahead of his time. His works endured, creating a profound impact
on Western spiritual beliefs outside the context of religion, the effects of which have lasted to the present. Swedenborg was a major influence upon the secret societies of his time, and on the development of Spiritualism in the nineteenth century. Today's New Age spiritual concepts and philosophies borrow heavily from Swedenborg's works.


Apparently Larry Sanger, co-founder of Wikipedia, left the organization due to concerns about its integrity. He stated: "In some fields and some topics, there are groups who 'squat' on articles and insist on making them reflect their own specific biases. There is no credible mechanism to approve versions of articles.” Now it seems that the holistic healers are up in arms and have launched a petition on change.org. Read more...

IN AMERICA brilliant documentary by Stephen Sakellarios containing many ground-breaking interviews. Check out his webpage.

SKEPTICS ACCEPTS THE WORK OF IAN STEVENSON (children who remember past lives)
We know that Carl Sagan was impressed by the work of Ian Stevenson and now Cyrus Kirkpatrick writes: " I am fairly certain this Scientific American article from last November is the most important article to breach the skeptical schism in at least the last 50 years. A major, mainstream reductionist materialist goes crazy and writes a piece about how 'skeptics' are probably just cynics; and lays out how Ian Stevenson may have proven the afterlife. The article exposes the unfair culture war in plain daylight, and at the end he actually redacts a statement he wrote in an atheist text about how the mind is "simply" the brain, and that the truth may not be so simple after-all." Read article..




The Circle of The Silver Cord
In Conjunction
With The Banyan Retreat Centre- DVD“The Unfolding Truth” William speaking through medium David Thompson in deep trance responds to questions on healing:
1) Welcome from William.
2) Mechanics of Healing.
3) Spirit Help with Healing.
4) Healing Prior to Transition.
5) The Soul's View of Impairment of the Physical Body.
6) Our Pets in the Spirit World.
Duration of this DVD: 60 minutes Order a copy


POSTCARDS FROM THE OTHER SIDE- True stories of afterlife connections by Ezio and Michelle De Angelis.
What happens when someone dies? Does the way they die impact their experience of life after death? Do they continue to take an interest in our lives? Celebrated psychic mediums Ezio and Michelle De Angelis answer many of the unanswered questions we have about the afterlife.
Meet T.J., tragically murdered at sixteen who describes his death and journey into the spirit world. Read about Renee whose yet to be born nephew shows up in a reading to choose his own name, and Janet's reconciliation with Tony, her brother, who died in a car accident. Watch book trailer..

You want to start a meditation practice … but …
You have to be at the office early
Your kids need to get to day-care
You need to make breakfast—and dinner
You are always running late
You like to work out in the morning
These excuses are all valid because you have a busy life. You probably have a suitcase full of other excuses that are also valid. But guess what? You still have time to meditate. Read more...

. Those who believe in religious absurdities commit verbal atrocities. Very rarely some fundamentalist emails me with something ridiculous. Have a look at this recent effort: "Exalted you are not in the book of life 2. Thessalonians 2- I really believe you are demonic. You are making people believe lies, your perception is so strong, Why? You are messing with people's salvation. Crowley"

Mr. Crowly or any Fundamentalist - where is your EVIDENCE for making that stupid comment? Why are you so ignorant to be pinning your blind-faith hopes on writings that are thousands of years which no-one knows who wrote? You are deluding and making yourself look like a fool believing in BLIND FAITH all the unsupported rubbish the extreme religionists tell you. Wake up to the twenty-first century and be intelligent enough to understand that these days people everywhere are demanding scientific EVIDENCE - they want proof. People like you who in blind faith believe in absurdities commit verbal atrocities.

VICTOR: Those scientists, materialists and atheists who did not investigate the afterlife have no authority to come to any conclusions about the afterlife. But be very careful: many scientists and atheists have investigated the afterlife evidence and have ACCEPTED the afterlife evidence. Some of my colleagues are atheists and have become crusaders for the afterlife themselves: see Michael Roll's website (pictured above).

JIM SMITH writes: " I just learned of a free on-line archive of old Spiritualist periodicals: The International Association for the Preservation of Spiritualist and Occult Periodicals http://www.iapsop.com/


The Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies 38th Annual Conference -
organized by Dr Craig Hogan (left), July 10-13, 2014, Scottsdale, Arizona. Read more...

Some of the people you will meet: Prof. Gary E. Schwartz(pictured) , (pictured, Sonia Rinaldi) Suzanne Giesemann, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Karen Herrick, Joe Higgins, R. Craig Hogan, Mark Ireland, Lee Lawrence, Bruce Moen (pictured, below), Carol Morgan, Maria Pe, Herb Puryear and Anne Puryear, Irma Slage, Rochelle Wright, Jonathan Yorks, Jamie Clark, Susanne Wilson of course Victor Zammit will be talking about the sensational evidence for the afterlife he has received through materializations with David Thompson of in the Circle of the Silver Cord..

I f you are a
researcher, writer, or someone with a passionate interest in afterlife communication Register now.


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A huge thank you to the wonderful people who have listed the book on Goodreads.com


Christine Morgan, CSNU, who is the only Australian teacher of mediumship to be accredited as a tutor at the Arthur Findlay College, is back in Sydney. Christine will be conducting a progressive series of workshops for the development of Spiritual Mediumship: Saturday 7th June – 6th July – 9th August – 6th September – 4th October. Those wanting a reading from Christine, someone we can highly recommend as a medium, can contact her for a face to face reading in Sydney or via Skype or phone. Read more...

1) Thank you for a wonderful report as always. The song/video 'You'll Never Walk Alone' took my breath away. It brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing it. May your weekend be blessed with Inner Sunshine, Maria,

2) As far as evidence for the afterlife goes I like to think of it like a giant puzzle with lots of pieces. The outer pieces are made up of such things as quantum physics and the holographic universe theory and the inside pieces are things like NDEs, death bed visions, EVP, mystical and transcendental experiences, a few gifted Mediums, etc. and then when you stand back and look at the whole thing together it paints a beautiful picture and tells us that life has meaning and purpose and that this life is not all there is. Art.

3) Wonderful as always... Thank you so much dear Victor ! Kaat

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That genius Michael Jackson left really brilliant music that will live in our hearts forever. Listen to one of his most magnificent, 'THE EARTH SONG' - and hear for yourself this most powerful song handled by a true professional female singer Carmen Monarcha.



THE EARTH SONG by Jackson, Michael.

What about sunrise
What about rain
What about all the things
That you said we were to gain...
What about killing fields
Is there a time
What about all the things
That you said was yours and mine...
Did you ever stop to notice
All the blood we've shed before
Did you ever stop to notice
This crying Earth this weeping shores?

Aaaaaaaaah Oooooooooh
Aaaaaaaaah Oooooooooh

What have we done to the world
Look what we've done
What about all the peace
That you pledge your only son...
What about flowering fields
Is there a time
What about all the dreams
That you said was yours and mine...
Did you ever stop to notice
All the children dead from war
Did you ever stop to notice
This crying Earth this weeping shores?

Aaaaaaaaah Oooooooooh
Aaaaaaaaah Oooooooooh

I used to dream
I used to glance beyond the stars
Now I don't know where we are
Although I know we've drifted far

Aaaaaaaaah Oooooooooh
Aaaaaaaaah Oooooooooh
Aaaaaaaaah Oooooooooh
Aaaaaaaaah Oooooooooh

Hey, what about yesterday
(What about us)
What about the seas
(What about us)
The heavens are falling down
(What about us)
I can't even breathe
(What about us)
What about apathy
(What about us)
I need you
(What about us)
What about nature's worth
(ooo, ooo)
It's our planet's womb
(What about us)
What about animals
(What about it)
Turned kingdoms to dust
(What about us)
What about elephants
(What about us)
Have we lost their trust
(What about us)
What about crying whales
(What about us)
Ravaging the seas
(What about us)
What about forest trails
(ooo, ooo)
Burnt despite our pleas
(What about us)
What about the holy land
(What about it)
Torn apart by creed
(What about us)
What about the common man
(What about us)
Can't we set him free
(What about us)
What about children dying
(What about us)
Can't you hear them cry
(What about us)
Where did we go wrong
(ooo, ooo)
Someone tell me why
(What about us)
What about baby boy
(What about it)
What about the days
(What about us)
What about all their joy
(What about us)
What about the man
(What about us)
What about the crying man
(What about us)
What about Abraham
(What about us)
What about death again
(ooo, ooo)
Do we give a damn

Aaaaaaaaah Oooooooooh
Aaaaaaaaah Oooooooooh




Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith. ALL WORK IS COPYRIGHT BY THE CONDITIONS SET AT THE GENEVA CONFERENCE ON COPYRIGHT.