A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife


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December 14th 2007

Apologies if I have not answered your emails yet – I’m dealing with some very urgent work. I will reply shortly.

Absolutely! Some twenty years ago, the materialists were virtually running the show concerning matters related to the paranormal. But not to-day. We, who empirically confirm the validity of the paranormal have come a very long way. While there is still a long way to go before the whole world eventually accepts the validity of the paranormal we have made huge gains. We regularly have television shows about the paranormal – excellent shows such as Medium, John Edward’s Crossing Over, Psychic Detectives, Ghost Whisperer, Ghost Hunters and so many other shows of all kind depicting afterlife and paranormal matters. There are so many TV chat and radio shows and magazines where the paranormal has become weekly/daily routine. During the last ten years, there has not been one day or week where we did not watch or listen or read about the paranormal. Further study of the paranormal is being objectively validated. Gifted psychics, gifted mediums, gifted researchers are making a huge contribution towards objectifying the paranormal. To mention my million dollar challenge – if the hard core skeptical debunkers were 100% confident they could beat it, they would have taken me on – and created an international precedent that there is no validity in the paranormal. BUT, the opposite will is inevitably true: since the secular scientists have failed to rebut the existing evidence for the afterlife that in itself is creating am international precedent. Great, encouraging, positive progress!

: for the purpose of the record, I remind those who read my weekly report that we have been doing this weekly report now for over six years and do not remember ever missing one week. We seem to be the only ones in the world doing a weekly afterlife report and I certainly would encourage others to do the same. Contrary to some claims made in the past, I again state that we do NOT make money from my afterlife research- in fact, it costs us money and so much time. But to Wendy and me it is a labor of love – and there would not be any material incentive in the world to-day for us to do otherwise.

MATERIALIZATION CORNER: materializations are the extreme evidence for the existence of the afterlife. It’s worth remembering that the early pioneers of psychic research in Europe and America were all convinced of the afterlife through physical mediumship. And it’s worth discussing this hugely important topic. If you are an open minded skeptic – as I am – do raise any issue you like. You are expected to be honest, reasonable, cautious and non-judgmental about what you ask. You do NOT have to be a lawyer, or a professional empiricist or scientist. All I ask is for you to honest. I had four Spiritualists email me directly relatively recently with some questions. Remember our authority about what we state comes from our significant professional expertise in the admissibility of evidence and in Scientific Method - with years of professional experience in empirical afterlife matters including weekly materializations. If you are honest, genuine, seeker of truth, don’t hesitate to ask any question. Email me victor@victorzammit.com I’ll put all questions on this section of the site up for public scrutiny. We have absolutely nothing to hide. Click here for the ‘MATERIALIZATION CORNER’ – the first question.

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A reminder of your own mortality.
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English Spiritualist Seeks UK residents to sign petition.
This petition is a UK based one..... but we need as many signatures as possible so I am contacting overseas sites which may have a little UK traffic to sign this, as non-UK residents are not eligible.
If you can help us..... or even make a suggestion of how to maximise exposure, then I would be grateful- Daniel Wishbourne. (Spiritualist Campaigner) danielwishbourne@googlemail.com

The book and newspaper tests
Of all the evidence gathered supporting communication with spirits, the book and newspapers tests conducted by a distinguished professor of physics and a Christian minister with the greatest medium of the twentieth century rank near the very top.
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Journey Between Lives
Michael Newton-Past Life Therapy-Journey Between Lives
Part 1 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QDT58Q6Zxo
Part 2 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDJU49Hk0ZY
Part 3 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTMin_UHL58
Part 4 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiY5zheR-I0
Part 5 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdgNaBy7C-w

JAPAN ABOUT TO SLAUGHTER 1,000 WHALES – including the humpback whale which is in danger of extinction. This website is about the afterlife but it is also about spirituality and responsibility. We are responsible for everything we do to planet Earth and its species. The slaughtering of the whales by the Japanese is not because the Japanese are starving. They’ve got plenty of food. But the slaughtering of the whales is aimed at satisfying that class of people who prefer the whalemeat as a delicacy. Japan companies are trying to deceive the rest of the world claiming that they are killing whales for scientific studies!!! But I do not believe the average intelligent person would swallow that one. We have a responsibility to look after our planet – to avoid the killings and cruelty - and protect the whales and other species from extinction.

SOAPBOX ORATORY AT SPEAKERS’ CORNER: for those who asked about my times as a soapbox orator primarily when I was a student and a hard core skeptic (when they read ABOUT VICTOR on my website) here is a link to some of the interesting pictures of me at Speakers’ Corner – which tell a story! I was fortunate to have been a part of many social changes in my time – including the Vietnam war protests – during a time of huge change in our Western society. There were fundamental shifts – in politics and in other social matters – such as women attaining higher social status and equality with males; the race issue in the U.S. became critical and a paradigm shift was also affected. My platform at Speaker’s Corner was about promoting human rights. My thoughts then were that no matter who you vote for, a politician is elected and he/she is subject to the expert advice of the permanent Secretary who is not elected. But it was a great time for me at Speakers’ Corner where at times I addressed thousands of people from all walks of life. I used humor a great deal and overall my meetings were highly entertaining, interesting and educational. Times have changed- you are not likely to see these huge crowds of thousands at Speakers’ Corner again. I will be installing other Speakers’ Corner pictures later on and will include some interesting transcripts from these most memorable meetings. See pictures ...


Hi Victor,

You have mentioned Pre-birth experience in your great newsletter. I thought you might be interested to know that I researched this phenomenon several years ago and had an article published on this in Prediction magazine here in the UK – they still have my article on their website: http://www.predictionmagazine.com/content/archive/rep_2.htm

Strangely enough I have also covered a case of pre-birth memories (a young boy remembers choosing his parents etc) for my next book (out next September)…fascinating isn’t it?!

Jacky x

THE LITTLE SOUL AND THE SUN- a delightful parable.
As we encounter lots of people during the festive season who may have behaved unlovingly toward us in the past it may be helpful to remember this lovely story that first appeared in Neale Donald Walshe's Conversations with God.

Enjoy the week in the lead up to Christmas !!!