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April 15th 2016

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COMMENTARY: WHAT ARE THE THREE MOST IMPORTANT SPIRITUAL LESSONS TO LEARN WHILE ON EARTH? I regard this topic to be extremely important. After 26 years of researching the afterlife I can say that the three lessons to learn are:

1. Unconditional forgiveness: There are those who do not find it difficult at all to forgive others unconditionally. True, one has to be fairly spiritually advanced to forgive a bitter enemy. But it is easier when you understand that person is acting from their own pain and ignorance and any harm done to you will have to be paid for as karma.

2. Unconditional love: All humans possess a 'higher self', what Spiritualists call the 'spark of the divine'. Unconditional love means loving others (and oneself) in their essence no matter what they do or fail to do.

3. Unconditional selfless-service: This is crucial in raising one's spirituality, the level of one's spiritual vibrations. It is about giving, about love. Every time you help someone in real need you are expanding your own consciousness as well as making the world a better place. But doing something for others who need help immediately raises the vibrations of one's soul.


The Afterlife Research and Education Institute, led by Dr. Craig Hogan, is set to take support for afterlife research to a new level. Dr. Hogan's team is working on a number of exciting projects. Rob Blackburn, one of the AREI researchers, is working with Craig Hogan to establish a North American ITC "station" which will be able to replicate in ENGLISH the work being done by Sonia Rinaldi, a Brazilian Instrumental Transcommunication researcher. Sonia has been recording the voices of people in spirit speaking clearly in Portuguese to people on this side of life since 2001. The recordings are crystal clear but very few are in English. Listen to this example. In one month, Sonia has connected as many as 163 parents with their children in the afterlife realm. Each session has contained up to 200 answers to questions the parents ask their children. Read more...



At 16 Mike had a cardiac arrest which led to a full blown NDE. He now sees the world differently, no longer needs to be "cool" and values the things that money can't buy.

NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCE VALIDATION During their NDEs people sometimes report meeting with relatives they did not know were dead. In all cases they are correct. Dr. P.M.H. Atwater reports a case of a woman who talked with her father during her NDE. Neither she, nor anyone in her family, was aware that the father had died only five minutes before the woman had her car/truck accident (Atwater 2007:164). She also reports that during his NDE, LLoyd Haymon saw his pet parrot sitting on his deceased brother's shoulder. He later learned that the parrot had died for no apparent reason while the paramedics were trying to resuscitate him following his heart attack (Atwater 2007:163). Similar cases were reported by Dr. Ian Stevenson and Dr. Elisabeth Kulber-Ross.

"Those who love you will prove their presence, despite the incident of death, if you give them the opportunity and provide them with the right channels. That is not a fantastic speculation; it is a calm statement of something which has been proved many, many hundreds of thousands of times. It is beyond the realm of disputation or controversy, except for those who are blind because they do not wish to see, or for those whose minds are so distorted that they can no longer recognise the truth when it stand in from of them." (Silver Birch, highly credible afterlife teacher).

MEDIUM SUSANNE WILSON TALKS WITH SANDRA CHAMPLAIN Susanne says her NDE was a wake-up call to force her to do the work that she was born to do. She explains how our loved ones in spirit learn to send signs and how we can communicate with our guides. She also answers the frequently asked question of why some loved ones seem reluctant to communicate. Listen...

Dr. Julia Assante explains how her own mediumship unfolded, what happens when we die and and how people can communicate with their loved ones. Read more about The Last Frontier.

Gordon Higginson was one of the finest English mediums of the last century. He was trained from boyhood by his mother, Fanny, who was also an excellent medium. He was demonstrating from the age of 12. His evidence often included full names, addresses and telephone numbers. Gordon was a fine teacher and trance medium. He was also a physical medium and a healer and demonstrated materialisation, transfiguration, independent voice and apports at the Arthur Findlay College to large audiences of 90 or so people. Read more...

Below is a news story from ATV Today broadcast on 20th November 1969 about Gordon Higginson and Longton Spiritualist Church.

Is there any reason why you do not update recordings of materialization medium David Thompson's sessions? In the past you reported some very exciting information when Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Harry Houdini, Arthur Findlay and many others who came through. We have not had an update for a couple of years. Do you still think David is a good medium?

Victor: Yes, I still say that David Thompson is the best medium in the world to-day for proving that the afterlife exists. This is because his sessions are repeatable, predictable and in many ways objective.
The reason why I have not been able to do as many reports about David as previously is that David is now travelling extensively in Europe, U.K. and the U.S.A. For years we had weekly materialization sessions in Sydney but he is now based in New Zealand. You can find updates on his mediumship, testimonials and researchers' report on his website.

Michael Roll, of Bristol, England, heads The Campaign for Philosophical Freedom, an organization dedicated to altering humankind’s entire belief system about the survival of consciousness.

Michael has a very informative website providing the information the Campaign for Philosophical Freedom had accumulated about the proof of survival of consciousness and the physical science bases demonstrating the reality of the afterlife realm. The website had been lost and Michael was unable to retrieve it. The Afterlife Research and Education Institute located his website and set it up at scsad.afterlifeinstitute.org

Michael often talks about the wonderful proof of the afterlife he received when his father materialised through physical medium Rita Goold (now Rita Lorraine). He writes: "
My father proved it was him and not an impostor by touching me the way he did on Earth – patting me on the head. Also he was able to produce his earthly smells. He was a smoker and a drinker."


So do our lives have a predetermined end?
When we pass over and we meet our loved ones how will our relationship with them proceed?
Can you comment on doppelgangers and bi-location please?
These are just some of the questions explored on David and Jean Ingman's mind-expanding website Reality and You on a post dated 30th March 2016. Read more...

WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE Closed-Minded Pseudo Skeptic ?
When we first started writing about the afterlife 25 years ago, the skeptics "ruled the waves". Basing their beliefs on an outdated view of science, they had far more influence than today and would viciously attack mediums and paranormal researchers. Today many of the new scientists have totally discredited them.

Paranormal investigators, afterlife empirical- investigators, mediums and psychics who still have to deal with the ill-informed and career debunkers will find Winston Wu's website and book invaluable. Debunking PseudoSkeptical Arguments of Paranormal Debunkers provides irrefutable arguments that can be used to counter unfair attacks.

PHYSICIST LEARNS TO FORGIVE TO SAVE HIS OWN LIFE At age 42, Lester Levenson, a physicist and successful entrepreneur, was at the pinnacle of worldly success, yet he was an unhappy, very unhealthy man. After having his second heart attack his doctors sent him home to die.

Lester realised his emotions were making him sick. He began a self investigation by asking himself what he wanted out of life. His answer was happiness. He realised that negative emotions made him unhappy and that he felt happiest when he was loving rather than being loved. He developed the 'Sedona Method', a technique for letting go of negative emotions which is still being taught today. See this example of how the technique works.

Within 3 months, he had become totally healthy again and claimed that he entered a state of profound peace, which he sustained until he died, another 43 years later.
Read his book No Attachments, No Aversions.

A documentary film about a group of prison inmates who participate in a 10-day Vipassana retreat. The film asks "is it possible for these men, some of whom have committed horrendous crimes, to change?" This film has the power to dismantle stereotypes about men behind prison bars.

Watch entire film (starts at 43 minute mark)


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1.Silver Birch has been my very favourite teacher since I was a child. No-one has ever been able to replace him. Simple, basic, loving Truths. Thanks for this, Victor and Wendy. XX Jo Buchanan

2. l like the commentary Victor, love to share to my friends out there...Thanks again for this wonderful message of hope. Rotsen Sajol

3. Thank you and Wendy for having provided such a valuable site for people interested in exploring issues of our lives that are not easily available in the current popular domain. I must say Victor you have presented the evidence for extended consciousness courageously and emphatically. I hope and believe really more and more people will awaken to the reality of this information. Peter

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