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November 12th 2010


Last week's report

COMMENTARY: CLOSED-MINDED MAGICIANS WHO CHEAT AND LIE - MISLEAD AND CONFUSE: I received an email this week asking me to comment on some magician who attacked mediumship calling it 'all *cold reading'. Immediately I can tell that these magicians - like D. Brown, J. Randi and others like them - are losers and a defeatists. Why? Because they make negative conclusions BEFORE investigating. That shows their negative prejudices they have are too powerful for them to perceive the paranormal in a balanced way.

*WHAT IS COLD READING? There are many reasons why contact with the afterlife CANNOT all be 'cold reading' - where the mediums get the information by watching closely the body language of the sitter and making vague open ended statements for the sitter to finish themselves:

The English and Scottish Societies for Psychical Research and the American Society for Psychical Research have investigated mediums for over 150 years and found many of them to have access to information that they could not have gained by any normal means.

2. In 1917 a father in the spirit world began to co-operate with his living son in a series of 348 psychic experiments to provide knowledge from the spirit world that was not in any earthly mind.
These were the famous "book tests".

3. Dr Gary Schwartz conducted a number of experiments where the medium could not even see the sitters who were only allowed to answer yes or no during the reading. Yet the mediums scored hit after hit. (see video below)

4. The Windbridge Institute has conducted a number of similar double blind experiments where mediums cannot see the sitter who was only allowed to answer yes or no. Yet the mediums get spectacular results. (See Windbridge publications)

5. People can see for themselves gifted mediums on television come up with names relationship identification, specific details which could not possibly be gained from body language (see video of Lisa Williams below).

6. The magicians fail to distinguish between mental mediumship and physical mediumship. When a spirit person materializes and tells you his name and talks with a loved one in his own voice there is no way that this can be "cold reading."

7. In the last four years, no closed minded, anti-afterlife negative skeptical magician has ever accepted my challenge for $500,000 to show how COLD READING or any other type of fraud is taking place at David Thompson's materializations. (There is a special condition: if fraud is not proven, the applicant will have to pay us the $500,000).




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SCIENCE and the AFTERLIFE. Wonderful video on the Scole Experiment, the Bacci voices and other scientific evidence for the afterlife.
Film director Tim Coleman contacted us this week to explain that there had been a change in the name of the video and distributor. It is being released in Mid December 2010 but you can email Tim now for an advanced purchase [-Tcole7777@aol.com -].
Now re-titled "Science and the Afterlife" it contains lengthy interviews with top scientific investigators Montague Keen, David Fontana, Arthur Ellison and the Scole experimenters Robin and Sandra Foy and Scole mediums Diana and Alan Bennett. As well it contains original footage and recreations of the spirit lights and film experiments done at Scole. It also contains wonderful footage of Marcello Bacci's Voices. Cost will be $19.95 For US buyers(+ shipping and handling) or 13.99 British pounds ( + shipping and handling)

How could any normal person could get this amount of specific detail from the grieving fiance's body language?

WHAT REALLY HAPPENS WHEN WE DIE? What causes hauntings in the cases where there is a mechanical repetition of events, such as monks walking the passages of monasteries?
"Some hauntings are caused by spirits, but in the cases you mention they are caused by intense concentration on earth, leaving an etheric picture which can still be registered. Usually, however that which your world calls a ghost is one we recognize as an earthbound spirit." (Teachings of Silver Birch p.208)

WHAT HAPPENS TO BIG TIME MOVIE STARS and the SUPER RICH ON CROSSING OVER? Will they get special treatment? I asked William - an intelligence from the afterlife. His reply was that on crossing over, their level of spirituality (level of accumulated, increased vibrations) will determine where people go - whether the very poor or the very rich, black or white or any other color. But those with plenty of money - the millionaires and the billionaires - would have a greater duty to help others. The famous movies stars too, will also be assessed on their level of spirituality on crossing over (selfless service, being helpful to others etc). If the super rich or the movie stars were reasonable, they'll end up in the Third Realm of the Light. If they were selfish and cruel in their relationships with others they're likely to go below the Third Realm of the LIght - and into the dark realm and into obscurity. But there are those in the afterlife who are regarded as 'superstars'- not because of their stunning figure, or appearance, or reputation or personality or wealth or power. One thing and one thing only gives them SUPER STAR status- the very bright LIGHT coming out of their aura. You do not have to be wealthy or a superstar on Earth to attain super-star status in the afterlife - but just by heightened spirituality.

: " What you have quoted is one of the interpolations in the Bible which has caused great affliction and separated people ... Everyone will live after what you call death, not because of believing in a creed, a doctrine or dogma, but because it is unalterable natural law. It has nothing to do with religion. It is equal to the Law of Cause and Effect. Is it not paradoxical that a book, a religious book, a holy book, a sacred book, has caused more bloodshed than an ordinary volume could have done? (S.B. Light from Silver Birch, p167).


IS THERE A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN being 'RELIGIOUS' and being 'SPIRITUAL'? Some people use these terms inter-changably - as if they meant to be the same thing. Is that right? Kim, Singapore - this week.

No, that is NOT right! Religious is anything to do with religion - reading religious writings, attending religious services, being involved in religious rituals - singing hymns etc. These activities may be acceptable to religious people, but technically, these activities do NOT raise your level of spirituality. Being spiritual means you do NOT have to be religious at all. Being spiritual means you are DOING something positive for others who need your help. When you can unselfishly help others, when you can unconditionally forgive others for the things they do to you, when you can unconditionally love - that is being spiritual. Just attending Church services, singing hymns and sitting and praying is NOT being spiritual. When unselfishly help others you raise the vibrations of your soul (your duplicate 'etheric body', as afterlife scientists would say). But if you are not in a position to do things for others your attitude towards others will be very important.

WHY MATERIALISTS ARE STUNNED WHEN SPIRITUALLY ADVANCED PEOPLE GIVE AWAY $10,000,000+ to charity - money they won from lotto.
Just very recently an elderly couple from Canada won $11million. They kept half a million for themselves
and the rest they gave away carefully to family and charity. I had people in coffee shops telling me about it and wondering why they would give so many millions away to charities. Simple: when spiritually advanced people come into money, they find it very easy to allocate the money according to need - especially to hospitals. They may not know know that unselfish acts will raise their vibrations and have a multiplier effect- that those who benefited from the money will tell others about the help they received and the others will tell others about it. That's "The multiplier effect of spirituality." They probably only know that unselfish positive actions make them feel happy. That is why materialists do not understand the behavior of spiritually advanced people.


A young American boy remembers his past life as an American fighter pilot fighting the Japanese During World War II.

This was an earlier interview with James at age 6.


DR JIM TUCKER AGREES TO INVESTIGATE XENOGLOSSY Just to report that the lady we mentioned last week who experiences speaking in foreign languages she never learnt is now receiving special assistance from Dr . Jim B. Tucker, M.D., Division of Perceptual Studies Department of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences University of Virginia Health System. He is also the author of the book Life Before Life. Thank you Dr Jim Tucker, perhaps we will eventually be able to report on this fascinating case. Watch this interview with Dr Tucker.

SPIRITUALIST CENTERS around the world:
in the United States, Australia, England, Ireland, New Zealand and Canada.
We had requests for information about Spiritualist and Spiritist Centers in different countries. If you are interested, you can visit them and if you are satisfied with what they have to offer continue to find more information about the afterlife through the Centers– otherwise keep on looking for something that will suit your needs. If you belong to a Spiritualist or Spiritist Center - from anywhere in the world - and would like us to promote it send us an email.

World centers: http://home.vicnet.net.au/~johnf/chspirit.htm

Spiritist Society of Florida www.spiritistsocietyfl.com

Is 'baptism' really necessary?

ANSWER: Mons. Hugh Benson (former Catholic priest directly from the afterlife): "When I was on earth I fully believed that to die unbaptised was to be deprived of entry to the realms of heaven. The greatest extreme of all was to believe that unbaptised persons who passed to the spirit world in that condition were condemned to hell for ever. I therefore regarded the whole ceremony of baptism as of the utmost importance to the soul's salvation. I deemed it, in fact, indispensable. I believed that it completely washed away every trace of sin if the baptism were performed upon one who had already reached the age of reason ... I did not know then, as I know now, that there is no mystic or magic formula that will eradicate from an evil doer the results of his evil ways ..." No, baptism is not necessary at all!



Clint Eastwood himself admitted that when Uri Geller used his paranormal powers to bend his house key, Clint Eastwood needed a hammer to straighten his house key to enter his home. No closed-minded magician in the world was ever able to duplicate Uri Geller’s paranormal demonstration. No magician has ever allowed himself to be scientifically tested BEFORE performing any tricks. No magician has ever allowed scientists to test his magic demonstration. One flamboyant magician was caught CHEATING - Randi on the Don Lane Show - this magician was caught trying to bend the key on the front part of the chair he was sitting on. Millions of people watched this closed minded magician cheat.
Only mediums allow themselves to be scientifically tested before they give a psychic demonstration. That speaks volumes!!!! Read what C Eastwood says about Uri.


AFTERLIFE HUMOR- IT MIGHT HAVE BEEN A TRUE STORY! Old Harry, a good average guy crossed over. Harry's good record on earth put him in the Realm of the Light. He was very happy there ... but a year later he was waiting for his wife, Lucy, to cross over. On meeting her, after a kiss, hug and a cuddle, he said to her: "It's really beautiful here. We do not have to work for a living. We do not have to clean, to sleep, to cook, to drink. We always feel enormously healthy all the time - no doctors, no dentists, no physios, no hospitals. We can have really beautiful music as much as we like. For continuous recreation we can play a musical instrument, we can sing, we can join a chorus, we can even paint landscapes - you name it we have everything. But the people here are so nice. We do not have crime, we do not have fighting or stealing or drugs or anything .. just a really beautiful place to live for a long, long time .... Then Harry looked at Lucy's eyes and paused to talk very seriously. He said to her, " ... and if it was not for you and the health food you made me eat and the physical exercises you made me do ... I WOULD HAVE BEEN HERE TEN YEARS AGO!

SCIENTIST v SKEPTIC: A cute, informative five-minute text-to-animation short, in which a real scientist confronts a self-styled skeptic. http://www.xtranormal.com/watch/7618367


PUBLIC MEETING: VICTOR will be the guest speaker for DOWSERS SOCIETY OF N.S.W.: on November 21st, 2010 2 PM, at the Community Hall, 44 Gladesville Road, Hunters Hill (corner of Ryde Rd).
He will present evidence for the existence of the afterlife putting emphasis on materializations of medium David Thompson. Victor says that the afterlife evidence is now objective and repeatable. During the materializations, he converses with afterlife intelligences. He also witnessed some seventy reunions of those from the afterlife with their loved ones sitting in the sessions. Victor will present simple steps which he says will allow you to reach the Realm of the Light on crossing over. The meeting will certainly be interesting, educational and entertaining!

Following a successful tour of England, Tom Morris and Kevin Lawrenson, the mediums from Montcabirol in France, are visiting Australia for the first time next February and March. They will be providing opportunities for members of the public to experience many types of physical mediumship. An exciting program of demonstrations and weekend workshops is being planned. Details coming soon.

MEDIUM & CLAIRVOYANT LISA WILLIAMS: will be in Australia again very soon. We watched Lisa Williams performing brilliantly on television and on stage. For those who particularly like LIsa and would like to see her in person ------ Read more ...


1. Hi Victor, My deepest respect to you and your mission. You converted me from Atheism to a believer through your news letter and your free book ( A lawyer presents a case for the afterlife ) which I printed off. I became very spiritual … Mick, Ireland.

2. Dear Victor and Wendy, As always i look forward to your weekly report,i get so much information from them. I found the videos of David Ash really interesting,i watched all five and found his explanation of the Atom ..speed .. light etc so easy to understand.So much that i sent for his book ..THE VORTEX ..What a brilliant read i recommend it to all those who find science hard to follow . It has helped me to understand a little more with how my EVP works(although he doesn't mention EVP)with a science view. Love and Blessings Victor, Linda

3. Hello Victor, I was sick in hospital ….it has taken a few days to come out of the anesthesia and i have not regained my old self yet. i found your reports on the afterlife very helpful in keeping up with developments; it will take a bit of time to recover from it all. Thank goodness for your afterlife reports they have kept me grounded in the present .kindest regards Terence H.

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