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10th April 2015

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COMMENTARY: PHYSICAL MEDIUMSHIP: The management of the Arthur Findlay College has issused new rules regarding the demonstrations of 'physical' mediumship - including materializations. In the interests of scientific investigation they are insisting that anyone demonstrating physical mediumship in the College must do so in red light with infrared video cameras recording.

While this may be good in theory, in practice it means that people attending the College will no longer be able to experience this spectacular and highly evidential form of mediumship.

The fact is that physical mediumship both ectoplasmic and energy based is highly sensitive to light. Many mediums have been injured and even even killed by the introduction of light at the wrong times. While it is true that at times, when the conditions are right, some mediums have been able to allow a very small amount of red light this is totally different to introducing light on every occasion.

I have been attending materializations mediumship for the last ten years and we know that competent preparation for physical mediumship will prevent any fraud by any semi-gifted physical medium. Clearly, these gifted mediums will now go elsewhere.

DR. RUPERT SHELDRAKE TALKS ABOUT CLOSED MINDED SCIENTISTS He encounters hostility frequently in his work on telepathy and finds that, unlike the general public, his academic critics refuse to look at the evidence.

See one of his popular experiments below.

TELEPATHY- refers to mind-to-mind communication of thoughts, ideas, feelings, sensations and mental images. The word was first coined by paranormalist Frederick W.H. Myers, a founder of the British Society for Psychcial Research (SPR). Great researchers of the mind such as psychiatrists Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Prof William James, Prof Charles Richet, J.B. Rhine - even astronaut Edgar Mitchell on rocket Apollo tested telepathy. The results were positive. But information by highly credible sources inform us that in the afterlife on the higher realms telepathy is used to communicate - because it is more effective and far more efficient than vocalization.




“At this point, we can definitively state from the results of our proof-focused research that certain mediums are capable of what we call anomalous information reception (or AIR). That is, they can report accurate and specific information about deceased individuals (or discarnates) without any prior knowledge about the discarnates or sitters (the living people interested in hearing from the discarnates), without any feedback during the reading, and without using fraud or deception. The quintuple-blind protocol we use effectively eliminates all the explanations that a skeptic may claim are responsible for a medium’s apparent accuracy: fraud, experimenter cueing, information so general it could apply to anyone, rater bias, and ‘cold reading’ (a situation in which a medium uses cues from a present sitter to fabricate an ‘accurate’ reading). The readings take place on the phone between a medium and a blinded experimenter; sitters do not hear the readings as they take place and they later score blinded transcripts." Read more...





WHAT HAPPENS TO THOSE UNINFORMED ABOUT THE AFTERLIFE AND DIE SUDDENLY IN ACCIDENTS: there are times when some of those who are totally ignorant about the afterlife matters are killed in an accident - a car, train, plane crash.

"The suddeness of their departure added far greater confusion to the mind. Instead of a steady transition, the spirit body had in many cases been forcibly ejected from the physical body- and sent into the spirit world. The passing over had been so sudden that there seemed to them to be no break in their lives. Such people are taken in hand quickly by bands of souls who devote all their time and the whole of their energies to such work. The souls find themselves in the hall of rest. Had these souls had but a small knowledge of the afterlife, these awakenings would have been so much happier." When the crisis is over, these souls move on to meet their loved ones. (Mons H Benson - directly from the afterlife).


Jurgen Ziewe has been having regular out of body experiences, some for up to several hours at a time, for forty years. A talented artist he draws what he has seen. http://vimeo.com/26993275

The Superdimensions - What is Heaven like? from Multidimensional Man on Vimeo.



PSYCHIC HISTORY: TELEPORTATION: One of the greatest mediums who ever lived without doubt was Carlos Mirabelli from Brazil. He was closely watched and studied by government scientists. He was able to dematerialize from one place - from Luz (San Paolo) and materialize 90 kilometers away. (picture below shows Mirabelli levitating in public) This was witnessed by a number of highly reliable people. The report states thata at the time th emedium was at the station Luz in company with a number of people and was intending to travel to Santos. Shortly before the train started he suddenly disappeared to the astonishment of everybdoy. Hi presence in S Vincente being ascertainede 15 minutes later by telepphone, it being proved that he was met in the town exactly two minutes after the disappearance. This medium is worth serious study because of his other great psychic achievements and was investigated by scientists who confirmed his psychic gifts.


Victor: Good to have you join us - welcome! Guaranteed, careful, cautious reading will give you the supreme confidence all through this life and on crossing over. First read my book on the internet for free - you do not have to pay to read my research on the afterlife which in the last ten years no genius scientist or materialist or skeptic has been able to rebut. When I first started, I found the research of Arthur Findlay (left) exceptionally brilliant: read the first five chapters of The Rock of Truth especially if you had some religious background. Also read his On the Edge of the Etheric - scientific evidence of communicating with afterlife entities. Secondly, read the books by Anthony Borgia - transmitted by Hugh Benson (right) from the afterlife - especially HERE AND THE HEREAFTER and thirdly read the books by Silver Birch - a highly credible entity from the afterlife discussing various critical issues. Of course, then you can go to my bibliography and choose any of the 200 books I used for my evidence. Also, keep an eye on my weekly report because I regularly have the up to date information about afterlife matters.

THE GREATEST HEALER IN BRITAIN - PROBABLY THE WORLD: HARRY EDWARDS. Famous spiritualist healer in England, he demonstrated many times his healing power in public meetings and deat with enormous weekly requests for his services - healing services freely given. He performed stunning healing where highly experienced medical doctors were stunned by the cures Harry Edwards was able to get. These doctors had told the patients they had incurable disease - yet Harry Edwards was able to cure these so called incurable diseases.We must never forget the huge contribution made by this wonderful healer - and it is hoped others would be inspired to follow his dedication and become excellent healers. The Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary is in Surrey - and you can get in touch with them there. Read more..

It appears it is highly controversial when death occurs. Sometimes, it is very easy to tell when someone has died. We are told just because the heart is not beating, or if there is no breathing - does not mean death has taken place. Even medical doctors and specialists tell us that sometimes it is difficult to tell when a person has actually irretrievably died. But from the spiritual perspective, we know death takes place when the silver cord connecting the physical body with the spirit body is cut - then death is 100% certain - and no medical instruments can restore life. Some clairvoyants claim that they actually see the energy leaving the body when death takes place.

Note: We are advised from the afterlife that if a person did not acept the afterlife it may take some time for him/her to completely sever connection with the body. So it is advisable to delay the disposal of the body for three days.

was a traditional psychotherapist and at the age of 35 was a professor at the University of Miami's medical school. He was publishing papers and becoming a nationally recognised expert on psychopharmacology. He was not interested in anything mystical, philosophical or spiritual.

One patient changed all that. Dr. Weiss calls her Catherine in his first best-selling book, Many Lives, Many Masters (1988), 8 after he began treating the young woman. He had been using routine psychotherapy to treat her and after 18 months with little improvement, Weiss finally put it very simply to her one day while she was under hypnosis: "Go back to the time from which your symptoms arise." She did. Back to the year 1863 BC when she was a 25-year-old named Aronda.

Since treating Catherine, he has researched reincarnation, Eastern religions, mysticism, quantum physics, intuition and everything in between. She also went to the space between lives and was able to give Dr Weiss detailed information about his own family and his dead son.



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