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March 18th 2016

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COMMENTARY: POWERFUL PREJUDICES, BELIEFS and the 'EXPERIMENTER EFFECT'. My 27 years involvement in afterlife research showed me that just because someone claims to be a scientist, that does not mean he/she does not have his/her negative prejudices like everyone else. These negative prejudices stop scientists from acknowledging the true value of afterlife evidence. Intrinsic powerful negative prejudices and beliefs can be very hard to shift.

This is called THE EXPERIMENTER EFFECT which can happen in one or more of 7 stages:
1. In reading up on the field
2. In specifying and selecting the study sample
3. In executing the experiment
4. In measuring outcomes
5. In analyzing the data
6. In interpreting the data
7. In publishing the results.

The classic experimenter effect was demonstrated by Professor Marilyn Schlitz (who got positive results) and Professor R Wiseman (a skeptic who got negative results) on the same experiment with the same subjects. Read more...


It has long been claimed that spiritual masters who practice yoga (or buddhist meditation or Qigong and other martial arts) develop psychic powers that Western science says do not exist. In Supernormal Dr. Dean Radin examines the claims made in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, a 2,000 year-old manuscript on meditation practices which are believed to release extraordinary powers. He compares these to modern experiments on the paranormal. Listen to interview with Dr Radin. Prahlad Jani has been investigated twice by a team of doctors to confirm his claims that he survives without eating or drinking. Naturally this has unleashed a storm of disbelief. Read about the controversy.

CELEBRITIES WHO HAD A NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE Peter Sellers was the comic genius of a generation of actors. He brought brilliant characterizations to numerous films, including "The Mouse That Roared" (1959), "Dr. Strangelove" (1964), "The Pink Panther" (1964), and "Being There" (1979). In 1964, during the first of a rapid series of eight heart attacks, his heart stopped and he was clinically dead. On one occasion he had an out-of-body experience and saw the bright, loving light: "Well, I felt myself leave my body. I just floated out of my physical form and I saw them cart my body away to the hospital. I went with it ... I wasn't frightened or anything like that because I was fine; and it was my body that was in trouble. I looked around myself and I saw an incredibly beautiful bright loving white light above me. I wanted to go to that white light more than anything. I've never wanted anything more. I know there was love, real love, on the other side of the light which was attracting me so much. It was kind and loving and I remember thinking 'That's God'". (MacLaine, 172)

CALLING A MEDIUM A FRAUD I came across a closed-minded skeptic who, as part of a malicious organised campaign, called an international medium a 'fraud', because he does not believe genuine mediumship exists. Just a quick bit of free legal advice. Calling a medium a 'fraud' imputes dishonesty. If you can't prove specifically how, when and where the fraud took place, the medium could sue you for unspecified damages. This was confirmed when Sally Morgan (left) successfully sued the English Daily Mail Newspaper for defamation. The paper had to pay her a quarter of a million dollars. Many people are not aware that this applies to social media. Among the recent cases a former student was ordered to pay an Australian school teacher $105,000 for defaming her on Twitter and Facebook. Read more...

PMH ATWATER TALKS ABOUT NDE MARKERS IN YOUNG CHILDREN She claims having a NDE before or during birth or in early life can lead to changes in brain patterning and nerve response which tend to set these children apart from siblings and other kids. Her talk is based on her book The New Children and Near-Death Experiences.


WHAT HAPPENS TO CHILDREN IN THE AFTERLIFE? "The death of a child may be the most painful experience that life can bring. For most, the grief is a process to be managed; it isn’t something that you really get over. But many bereft parents find solace in gaining a better understanding of their children’s lives now, and fortunately the afterlife evidence has a lot to say about the deaths of children. From the perspective of the child, early death turns out to be a peaceful time of love and joy."


Jurgen Ziewe: " Before I had my own extensive excursions I innocently believed that the much publicised "Summerland" was the prevailing state of the afterlife and not much else. There is cold, which is a spiritual coldness which is experienced very much like physical cold but with an added spiritual dimension. On the other hand I visited enchanting and beautiful snow sceneries where even the snow was comfortable and warm, glistening in a beautiful bright daylight with millions of sparks emanating from it and each snow crystal feeling like a blessing. Our physical life cannot even touch on the infinity of experiences to be had when released from our restrictive physical nervous system."
Read Jurgen's second book about his out of body experiences.

ROBERT SCHWARZ, author of the book Courageous Souls talks about pre-birth life planning and about how acknowledging it can benefit us.



QUESTION: Can the spirit of a child who dies "before his time" be as advanced as that of an adult?

"He is sometimes much more so; for he may previously have lived longer and acquired more experience, especially if he be a spirit who has already made considerable spiritual progress. And many times the spirit of a child is more advanced than that of his father. This is because when we come to earth we arrive here with the level of spirituality we had in the afterlife." The Spirits' Book

26 year old Kyle died in an auto accident. His sister is devastated. She doesn't believe in after-death communication so she tests her brother during a reading with the renowned psychic medium, John Edward.


Helping Parents Heal, founded by Mark Ireland and Elizabeth Boisson in Arizona USA, is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting parents who have lost children, giving them support and resources to aid in the healing process. They go a step beyond other groups by allowing the open discussion of spiritual experiences and evidence for the afterlife, in a non-dogmatic way. According to their current newsletter they now have 23 Affiliate groups in the USA and Canada. Read more...

Before we come down to earth, are we given a choice whether we incarnated as male or female? Terri M.

Victor: I can tell you that the afterlife is very well organized for those who are to incarnate here on physical earth. A spirit who plans to incarnate will have higher beings to plan what experiences to have and what lessons the spirit has to learn. So, the country, the parents, gender, the social and educational status, any religious affiliation, the environment, the spiritual challenges all will be worked out. The spirit will have the usual free-will to act according to the circumstances he/she finds himself in. If it is important for the spirit to be of a particular gender, then the spirit will come to earth according to the worked out plan.

Question: You mentioned in an article written by you published in the Rev Michael Cocks' Ground of Faith Journal (February 2016) that all the world will one day accept the afterlife. How sure are you of that?

As I explained in detail, there are forces operating in our world that we cannot stop. One of those forces is the continuance and refinement of knowledge.
All the time we are getting new information about the afterlife from ITC, from mediumship, from out of body experiencers and from direct after death communication. There will be clash of forces, but eventually, the powerful force of objectivity, predictability and repeatability will negate all other forces. I am confident that in the future, we will have the objective, predictable and repeatable afterlife evidence which will be accessible to all people around the world.


Does the soul ever sink so low that it is extinguished altogether - even after thousands of years in these lower realms?

"NO. It may reach a stage where the spark of the Great Power within it is but a small flicker, but the light never goes out, for the link which binds it to the Great Power is a link forged in eternity. Justice tells that no soul descends so low that it cannot rise. No soul is so high that it cannot descend to help the lowest." S. Birch

With so much media hype on the Presidential election is the USA, what is going to happen to politicians when they cross over?
Victor: Of course, there are no parliaments in the afterlife - and no need for politicians. But there would be positions of leadership. They are open not only to politicians but to anyone who has the spiritual advancement, the skills and competence, the leadership qualities and the motivation for high quality selfless service. There are many fine people who enter politics with a desire to make a difference (like Thomas Jefferson pictured). Those with unblemished character who are able to cope with all kinds of obstacles will do well in the afterlife. For example, there would be a need for negotiators to deal with stubborn spirits like those who were dictators on earth or who wilfully abused their power to hurt others. Clearly nothing is wasted and those with spiritual leadership skills will be able to make a significant contribution in the afterlife.

ROBERTA GRIMES INTERVIEWS CYRUS KIRKPATRICK Although he is not yet thirty years old, Cyrus Kirkpatrick has been involved in hands-on afterlife research for half his lifetime. Roberta considers his new book to be so important that she recommends it as what she calls “a thinking person’s The Fun of Dying.” Cyrus’s research is breaking exciting new ground in this important field! Listen to interview.


NANCY REAGAN item from last week
Thanks Cath for letting us know that the media in the U.S.A. pubicised Nancy Reagan's use of astrologers. Not so well known in other parts of the world. Feedback on the item from last week: 'Hello Victor, I read your story about how the media didn't mention that Nancy Reagan consulted astrologers, but it was well known here in the US that she did, and it was also mentioned in some of the media coverage here in the US when they reported her passing. Cath'

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