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May 25th 2012

Apologies if I have not replied to your email.

REPORT in 50 languages including - French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese and Hungarian - and many others. Be very patient with the grammar of these automatic translations.

For more that 22 years people have been emailing me telling me that they cannot cope with the pressures of life. Some said they are in big debt, they lost their job, they are sick and can’t afford medication. Others said they also lost loved ones and cannot cope with the loss and the grief. The situation they say is desperate. Some also said that the misery, the dreadful situation make them think of suicide.

Of course, these are perhaps the extreme. In life we ALL have problems. Some willfully choose very tough problems to overcome. But we all have to satisfy the physical drives - to eat, sleep and to find work, to find a place to live, to plan for old age security. There will always be problems and challenges. Why? Because life was never meant to be easy.

It is how we handle the obstacles and challenges that will be important to us. Highly credible afterlife transmission tells us that we consent to our life’s challenges before we incarnate on planet earth. True, the going may be tough. But ultimately, it is what we make out of life – in context of the given circumstances that will give us the kind of life we earn on crossing over

But I will state the commentary quote in full - originated by the great George Bernard Shaw, British writer: "Life wasn't meant to be easy my child, but take courage: it can be delightful!"






THE 'EXPERIMENTER EFFECT' - WHY SKEPTIC-SCIENTSTS OBTAIN NEGATIVE RESULST IN THE PARANORMAL: The ‘experimenter effect’ – refers to a situation where the experimenter, willfully, or on an unconscious level, influences the results he/she wants to obtain. In context of testing the paranormal (psi) and afterlife evidence, it is critically important to fully understand the very serious implications of the ‘experimenter effect’ as so far it has shown that professional psi experimenters have become victims of their unconscious (perhaps even conscious) negative partiality when conducting psi experiments. The result is that the public around the world is being misinformed, misguided and misdirected. Read more ...

OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCES VALIDATE THE AFTERLIFE William Buhlman began activity researching controlled out of body experiments since the early 1970’s. During the last six years he has conducted an international out-of-body experience survey that includes over 16,000 participants from 32 countries. In this interview and in his books William Buhlman shares the nuts and bolts of how to travel beyond your body to experience profound spiritual breakthroughs that by their very nature are life changing. Listen

NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES: DR MELVIN MORSE ON COAST TO COAST Are NDEs a final hallucination of the brain?


PSYCHIC SCIENCE AND RELIGION: I find some Catholic priests support our scientific investigations because our results give them the evidence about their important, most fundamental belief – such as the existence of the afterlife. Besides, science as I defined it, “anything repeated over time and space and which yields the same results, keeping variables constant’ is persuading huge amount of people about the afterlife. Now there are SIMILARITIES between science and religion in afterlife matters:
1. The existence of the afterlife.
2. There are different levels of existence in the afterlife.
3. Accountability.
4. Etheric beings (spirits) exist.
5. Possession of spirits – see the works of Dr Carl Wickland and other psychiatrists who accept spirit possession.

6. We do NOT stay underground when we die – we continue to live.
7. Hell is NOT for eternity – Scientific version of hell is the 'lower darker Astral level'
8. Authority about the afterlife by religion is the Bible – not science.
9. Salvation by FAITH. Science says to do well one has to do good works.
10. No one can alter the universal law of Cause and Effect.

QUESTION: Last week you made important distinctions between religion and spirituality. I know many would have agreed that being religious does not necessarily mean being spiritual. But do you have anything against religions?

I do not have anything against anything that is good for the people. IF RELIGION IS PRACTICED PROPERLY it can serve many important functions. It can help bring people together into a community. Religion teaches people that there is an afterlife. Religion tells people what is acceptable behavior and what is not acceptable behavior. Religion can inculcate and develop the person's 'conscience'. Religion has the capacity to make people accept accountability for their actions and omissions. Religion helps people to develop their altruism to genuinely help others in charity and voluntary work. This means religion can help people become more spiritual. Decide for yourself if your religion is fulfilling these functions.

According to a press release dated May 24th:
" In a stunning development world renowned psychic medium, international speaker, author and teacher, Lisa Williams and the Universal Life Church World Headquarters together announce that Lisa Williams has been ordained by Presiding Bishop, Brother Michael as a faith based Minister. Rev. Dr. Lisa Williams, DD is now a world renowned psychic medium, Minister, international speaker, author and teacher." The Church website claims it is a Christian faith based organization and claims to be " the only Universal Life Church who can provide you with the same Christian Ordination and Christian Doctorate Degree had by Rev Dr Billy Graham, DD. "
Brother Michael was emphatic, "...her talent is surely not evil, but one of much love and a great gift given to her by God, I hope that by ordaining her it helps to bring forth more individuals seeking spiritual help to this amazing woman, who will only benefit from their experience."


WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE? When we cross over to the afterlife, do we have to stay with the same family we were when living on earth? In other words do blood-ties continue as a 'family' in the afterlife.

Victor: Blood family relations in themselves are irrelevant in the afterlife dimension. What really happens when you cross over is that you join with those who you have spiritual heart-to-heart connection - whoever they may be. It is possible that in one family you may not have heart-to- heart connection with any of them - and you may not want to particularly see them again. But sometimes there could be someone in the family where you have heart to heart connection - and with that family member you will be re-united. This blood relation could be parent-child or brother-sister-brother love link. You know if it is heart-to-heart because there will be a natural filial attraction. It is also possible that if you do have a connection with a particular member of the family - or a friend - it usually indicates that you may also belong to the same 'family soul-group' of the afterlife. More about family soul group later on.


MICHAEL NEWTON- A SKEPTIC LEARNS ABOUT THE LIFE BETWEEN LIVES In this fascinating video interview psychologist and author Dr Michael Newton describes how for years he rejected the very idea of past life regression, came upon it by accident and was convinced by the evidence. He says that he was convinced by the consistency of the reports he got about what happens when we die. In Part 1. (10 minutes) He talks about how "beginner"souls want to attend their funerals to see how many people turn up.

Part 2. (10 minutes) How all souls reach out to their loved ones but how grief stops them getting through.
Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

We would like to add our congratulations to medium Kai Muegge (Europe) on the occasion of his marriage to his fiance and circle leader Julia this week. Being a physical medium takes enormous courage- physical, emotional and spiritual. Kai has won respect from those who know him for his determination, courage and integrity. Below is a most positive report of a sitting with Kai last month in England. Kai's spirit control, Hans Bender, speaking through Kai in trance, gave a member in the audience a highly accurate message from the man's father who had been a member of a religious sect called the Exclusive Brethren. Read more...


WHO GAVE WONDERFUL SURVIVAL EVIDENCE. Just after World War II began, in 1940, she moved to London. According to George Meek she was frequently summoned to No 10 Downing Street on Sunday nights during the war to give advice to Winston Churchill, Charles De Gaulle and King George of Greece. During the decades after the war, Harris emerged as one of the most prominent of London mediums. In private sittings she usually went into trance and was taken over by the spirit communicating. One sitter wrrote: " A dead man, my father, had returned, and was talking to me as intimately as in life. Full names, incidents, intimate things only applicable to the one communicating, sometimes predictions, come in a quick flow which starts almost as soon as the sitter comes into her presence, and her gift has given evidence of survival to thousands." Read more...

QUESTION: What is usually understood by 'cosmic consciousness'?
Victor: A revelation of knowledge of life and order in the universe. It is realized usually in a moment of ecstasy by certain people and brings moral and intellectual illumination. the conception of a huge 'MIND RESERVOIR' which all can share on attainment of certain psychic states. Those who are able to meditate deeply have reported experiencing cosmic consciousness. Others have claimed that using certain drugs gave them the same feeling of all knowing and all understanding about the universe, about God and about life.

CULTIVATING THE HEART OF COMPASSION Ram Dass (born Richard Alpert on April 6, 1931) is an American contemporary spiritual teacher and author. His book Be Here Now influenced a generation. He is known for his personal and professional associations with Timothy Leary at Harvard University in the early 1960s. He claims that his journey toward God began when he took psychedelics. His life of service has included working with refugees, with the blind, and with the dying. In this talk he explains the role of suffering in spiritual growth. He continues to teach via his website.

QUESTION: Victor, I’m a little confused about ‘spirit possession.’ Does it happen? What’s your view?

Victor: We do have some of the giants of afterlife investigation who have stated on the basis of evidence that some people do have negative attachments - people like Dr Wickland who reported his research in his book 30 YEARS AMONG THE DEAD (download free from survival e-books). There is the very well established source, Allan Kardec The Spirits' Book (download free in pdf ) which has formed the basis of spirit release treatment being offered to patients with psychotic symptoms in Puerto Rico and Brazil (read more). Recently there is the work of Dr Edith Fiore from the United States in The Unquiet Dead, Dr Louise Ireland-Frey Freeing the Captives and Gary Leon Hill's People who Don't Know They're Dead based on the experiences of one of our subscribers from Portland, Oregon, Wally Johnston. These and other informed sources all state that we humans can be adversely affected by negative or ignorant spirits attaching themselves to our auras. Of course, there are negative spirits who do not attach themselves to people but they can intermittently negatively influence people. Read full article

Long time student of metaphysics David Ingman writes:
" Having been an avid amateur student of the scientific and metaphysical aspects of consciousness and the case for the afterlife for many years I have long wished to put together a short simple explanation of how we form our reality. Twenty years of continuous study plus hundreds of hours of discussions with channeled entities together with directly received information by clairaudience has resulted in the following short simplified explanation of who we are, how we came to be here and how we experience our personal reality.
(Comments, constructive criticism and alternative concepts welcomed.)davidingman@yahoo.co.uk"


AFTERLIFE CONFERENCE IN THE UNITED STATES JULY 28-29 - Gig Harbor, WASHINGTON: A Two-Day Workshop on the Afterlife and Afterlife Connections July 28 – 29 The Red Barn, Gig Harbor, Washington (Seating is limited).There will be Dr Craig Hogan and others - see details for contact below.This two-day workshop brings together acknowledged experts in afterlife connections from around the country. It will include presentations and readings:
- A remarkable procedure psychotherapists are using to help people have afterlife connections with loved ones while sitting in their offices
- An explanation of why we know that the mind is not in the brain, so when the brain stops working, our minds live on
- Medium readings by a talented medium from New England
- Descriptions of documented experiences from those who have communicated with the deceased
- A presentation of the evidence that proves, without doubt, that the afterlife is as real as this life… Full details
http://spiritualunderstanding.org/Workshop .....($50 fee)
Phone: 253 851-3498 or 253 678-7422
E-mail: rwmind@msn.com


MEDIUMSHIP LEADERS IN AUSTRALIA - ONE DAY PSYCHIC-MEDIUMSHIP WORKSHOP IN CANBERRA - WITH TWO EXCELLENT MEDIUMS - great opportunity for the budding and the more advanced mediums and psychics -
BOOK NOW as places are limited:

DATE: Saturday, 4th August 2012 “The Path of Mediumship” Are you new to the psychic world? Discover and deepen your development, strengthen your intuition-psychic ability and introduction to mediumship in a supportive environment. Intermediate-Working mediums. Enhance your connection to the Spirit world, improve your evidence/presentation as you build a stronger relationship with your Spirit team. With brilliant mediums Christine Moran and Sarah Jeffrey

Numbers are strictly limited so contact her to reserve your place: sarah@sarahjeffery.com.au .... Don't forget to 'Like' her page on Facebook. If you would like more information on Spiritual development and her work Read more...




1) Dear Victor ... Well done with your tackling of the tricky subject of 'spiritually & religion'! I would add only that what has bothered me for many years is the lip service given to thou shalt not kill. Yet within church congregations so many still support their governments in warfare and fund it through taxation. This is just a meaningless nonsense of course that devalues religion. Sincerely ... George.

2) Victor and Wendy. Thanks for your wonderful weekly letter. It is a “gold mine”. With love to you both from Sweden. Pia

3) Dear Mr. Victor Zammit:
I hope you read this one short letter. Let me introduce myself, I'm a 47 year-old Cuban man, I work at the Havana airport. I just want you to know that I'm a subscriber to your web page, and that it has helped me a lot to increase my personal growth in the after life field which I find so important to follow. I just want to thank you for all the things I've learned during this time. You also can count with a friend in this island. Francisco

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WE SALUTE ROBIN OF THE BEE GEES. Very sadly Robin Gibb tragically died this week. Here is one of the greatest and most inspirational songs ever written by the BEE GEES sung by Robin Gibb 'THE JOKE WAS ON ME'-
By a very special request for Louise. ......................
Let us remember Robin Gibb in our hearts and prayers.

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