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June 10th 2016

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During the forum I was in last week, I was shocked to hear the uninformed lawyer for the Australian skeptics making two wrong claims which skeptics often make.

The first is that the evidence for the afterlife is purely anecdotal, which means a few unnamed people sharing stories not representative of the whole. This shows colossal ignorance of more than a hundred and fifty years of systematic surveys, case studies, experimental sittings with mediums under controlled conditions and laboratory experiments undertaken by some of the greatest scientists in the world, in many different countries.

The second is the claim that mediums like John Edward rely on 'cold reading', guesswork and simply tell the clients vague generalities, when many recent experiments with good mediums show scientifically that the results they achieve far exceed those that could be arrived at by chance.

A rational and intelligent person who reads the evidence presented in our book would understand that both these arguments are simply not tenable and that something else is going on. I said many times that closed minded skeptics have a huge problem accepting scientific evidence for the afterlife and need to refine their capacity to allow higher wisdom to be absorbed. Read nine reasons why skeptics refuse to accept afterlife evidence.



THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA EXPERIMENTS WITH MEDIUMS Professor Gary Schwartz and colleagues at the University of Arizona conducted a number of research studies with some of the top mediums in the United States. These included (in order of working with them) Laurie Campbell, John Edward, Suzanne Northrop, George Anderson, Anne Gehmen, George Dalzell, Allison Dubois, Catherine Yunt, Mary Ann Morgan, Janet Mayer, Christopher Robinson, Traci Bray, Sally Own, Mary Occhino, Debbie Martin, Doreen Molloy, Sally Morgan, Robert Hansen and Angelina Diana.

Dr Schwartz writes:
"These mediums have been tested under experimental conditions that rule out the use of fraud and cold reading techniques commonly used by psychic entertainers and mental magicians."

A video, made by HBO in 1999, shows Professor Schwartz conducting experiments with five of the mediums. The subjects were screened off from the medium's view and told to only answer yes or no.
Here is part 4.

Next week we will look at other recent scientific studies with mediums


There have been many reports of people answering the telephone (or mobile) and hearing the voice of someone they know has died. Others have received a call and found out later that the caller had died before the call was made. Parapsychologist Scott Rogo and Raymond Bayliss spent two years investigating and wrote a book "Phone Calls from the Dead" about them in 1979. A more recent book "Telephone Calls from the Dead" by Callum Cooper came out in 2012.


In 1994 afterlife researcher George Meek received a phone call from ITC researcher Konstantin Raudive (pictured) who had died 20 years earlier in 1974. Raudive claimed he had George's deceased wife, Jeanette, beside him. Fortunately George had an answerphone attached to the line and was able to hit the record button. Four other ITC researchers, Mark Macy, Sarah Estep, Dr. Walter Uphoff and Hans Heckmann (a close friend and colleague of George Meek) received similar phone calls from Konstantin Raudive in the same period. In each case the phone call mentioned the previous phone call. Listen to George Meek's phone call from Konstantin Raudive in the spirit world (1 min 24 secs).

Some of the best evidence that the consciousness of a person has really separated from their body during a NDE is when they report seeing and hearing things that would be impossible from the position of their body and those observations are confirmed by others. A famous example is the lady named Maria who reported seeing a worn dark blue tennis shoe on the ledge outside a window on the far side of the hospital (see video).

A recent Dutch book by NDE researchers Titus Rivas, Anny Dirven and Rudolf Smit details 78 cases of veridical perceptions and other verified paranormal aspects of NDEs.
IANDS has organised a translation into English and editing is well under way. There will be over 100 cases in the English edition and it is expected that the book will be published by July 2016. Your help will be needed to promote the book. Read more...


We came into this world to have trouble and to learn from it. Unfortunately many people don't realize this and complain about their bad luck and spend their lives chasing pleasure, fame and money. Then they die without making any spiritual progress. And so they waste life after life. It should be obvious that all we'll take with us is our character, our karma and our abilities, and that we'll have to live with people like ourselves. Therefore, our highest success would be to rise into the highest heaven through unselfish love." (Near-death experiencer Arthur Yensen)

Roger Moore (of James Bond) confesses that he once saw a “misty substance” floating across the bed. He was apparently awakened at 2a.m. on two consecutive nights. He said the experience “petrified” him. He never saw the misty substance again after those experiences. But we give him full credit for telling the world of these paranormal experiences.

Physicist Tom Campbell argues that all life is a 'virtual reality' system. When the 'character' in a computer game is killed, nothing happens to the consciousness of the person sitting behind the computer, since the consciousness was never inside the character.

Charmaine is a well-known Australian medium, who has been consistently recognized for her skill and compassion since awakening to her gift in 1999. Read more about Charmaine.

QUESTION: Why is it difficult to remember sleep experiences when we get out of our body?
"When your etheric soul-spirit body is released from its physical body, you are freed from your own brain, which is your limitation in the world of matter. The consciousness now has experiences on our vibrations, according to your grade of evolution, and it is conscious of its experiences whilst it has them. But, when you go back to your body of matter and try to capture the experiences of the spirit, you cannot do so because one is greater that the other. The smaller cannot hold the greater and you get distortion. ... But if your soul is already evolved and you have reached an advanced state of consciousness, then you are aware of the spirit realms. Then you can quite easily train the brain to remember the afterlife dimension experiences." Silver Birch.

All healers say that that at times healing appears to be 'unsuccessful' - their patient crosses over even with a huge amount of healing. It may be that the soul's plan is to exit at that particular time. Great afterlife teachers inform us that the purpose of healing is primarily to 'first touch the soul of the patient'.

In Love, Medicine, and Miracles:Lessons Learned about Self-Healing from a Surgeon's Experience with Exceptional Patients, author Bernie Siegel, M.D., shares an evidential case involving Bill, a physician with esophageal cancer. He had joined an 'Exceptional Cancer Patient' group but was quiet and distant.

Says Siegel: “Three months after Bill had died of his cancer, a young college student came to my office to interview me. She said she’d been in a healing circle the night before, and since they knew she was going to see me the next day, the medium who was directing the circle had asked if there was any message for me. She handed me a card: ‘To Bernie from Bill with love and peace. If I had known it was this easy, I’d have bought the package a long time ago and wouldn’t have resisted so much.’

When I called his wife, she said, ‘That’s what he always told me after the meetings. He would attend, but he said he couldn’t buy the package.’ . . . The people in the healing circle knew nothing about who Bill was, yet there was the same phrase he and his wife used. ‘Love and peace’ is the closing I use for all my letters. Who else could this note be from? How can I help but believe and share this belief with others?”

DAVID THOMPSON'S BRILLIANT MATERIALIZATIONS ARE THE REAL DEAL We are very fortunate today to have a physical medium with the ability and dedication of David Thompson who travels the world to demonstrate the rare phenomenon of materialization. The testimonials and reports by knowledgeable investigators on his website speak for themselves. However every now and then we come upon those who need to develop their intelligence and modify their negative prejudices to allow for higher wisdom to acquire the capacity to understand higher truths.

David, a black belt karate expert and former police officer, and I have recently been threatened by an yet another uninformed ignorant closed minded skeptic - low-life claiming we 'need to be investigated'. As some of you know we have dealt with many extreme skeptics before. Let intelligence and common sense over-ride bigotry and prejudice.

"I'm definitely a sceptic when it comes to
pretty much everything. I went online and started searching for scientific evidence (of the afterlife) and stumbled across Victor Zammit's book. I had been reading all kinds of things before this and this book combined everything in a easy to read and easy to verify format. I've checked the background of every reference I could and so far everything checked out enough for me to say that this is an awesome book. The very fact that this could pass in a court as a valid rebuttal to all of the arguments placed against the psychic and afterlife phenomenon is relieving. I've recommended this book to hundreds as a starter to discovery. It has become my bible. Clinton Johnson.

KINDNESS BLESSES THE DOER, THE RECEIVER AND THE OBSERVER Dr. Wayne Dyer claims that a simple act of kindness improves the functioning of the immune system and the production of serotonin.

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FEEDBACK: (Three only).

1) Dear Victor, We placed your newsletter on our website www.valeriebarrow.com so many extra good videos and information. Had to share - hope you are happy with it.
We do receive a lot of hits! Congratulations on your work Valerie.

2) Thank you again Victor and Wendy. Yes, there's much life out there on other planets. Our Kingsclere Group has indeed communicated quite extensively with other planetary dwellers; also ones now in spirit associated with them. Some have visited Earth and they built the original carefully placed PYRAMIDS, primarily to generate their energy requirement. Those pyramids still produce energy! And the energy beam that rises from them is revealed by our RADAR. So this single fact alone is the hardest of hard evidence for the existence of others in the universe and of their visits here. Yes? Keep up the good work ... George.

3) Dear Wendy and Victor, I have been a keen follower of your weekly report for a numbers of years. I want to say a huge thank you to the both of you for your ongoing hard work /dedication on spreading the important messages that we are more than our physical body. The range of topics you raised really help widen our understanding of this life and the afterlife, as well as the wider implication of we are not alone in this ‘universe’.

On these topics, you may find Dolores Cannon a regression therapist’s work highly interesting too. Also Bruce Moen of the Monroe Institute, someone who is like Robert Monroe frequently explores the other states of being while still in the physical.

Love and many blessing to you both.

a really beautiful love song for all. Elton John is one of the giants of music and when you watch and listen to his music you will understand why he is considered such a great singer and musician.


Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith. ALL WORK IS COPYRIGHT BY THE CONDITIONS SET AT THE GENEVA CONFERENCE ON COPYRIGHT.