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August 10th 2012

Last week's report and read all previous reports

REPORT in 50 languages including - French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese and Hungarian - and many others. Be very patient with the grammar of these automatic translations.

COMMENTARY: THE $5 MILLION AFTERLIFE INVESTIGATION GRANT: 'RE-INVENTING THE WHEEL?' The John Templeton Foundation (conservative Christian) has given a grant of $5 million to John Martin Fischer, distinguished professor of philosophy at the University of California, Riverside, to undertake The Immortality Project, "a rigorous examination of a wide range of issues related to immortality (the afterlife)." Prof. Fischer has been quoted as saying " while philosophers and theologians have pondered questions of immortality and life after death for millennia, scientific research into immortality and longevity are very recent." And while he says he is going to co-ordinate studies of NDEs and OBEs there is a glaring lack of any reference to studies with mediums.

SCIENTISTS WHO INVESTIGATED THE AFTERLIFE: Those informed know that the afterlife has been scientifically investigated for the last 150 years by eminent men and women of science - as you will find in chapter two of my book A LAWYER PRESENTS THE CASE FOR THE AFTERLIFE. Will this new investigating team be repeating or ignoring the afterlife experiments conducted by some of the greatest scientists who ever lived on planet Earth?

CONSEQUENCES TO OMIT FUNDAMENTAL AFTERLIFE EMPIRICAL INFORMATION: It would be violation of protocol and technical procedure for Prof. Martin Fischer (pictured, left) and his future team to neglect to take into consideration the existing empirical research on the afterlife. Failing this, guaranteed that litigation lawyers and scientists will show the results of the $5 million afterlife study to be incomplete, highly prejudicial, slanted towards conservative Christian theology, and mostly worthless.

Essential research should include:

1. The results of the Church of England two year investigation into the afterlife where a senior lawyer and a scientist and others found that yes, there is an afterlife and that we can communicate with those in the afterlife dimension. The results were kept secret for forty years: Read report:

2. The objective and repeatable evidence contained in A LAWYER PRESENTS THE CASE FOR THE AFTERLIFE. The professional closed minded skeptics especially from CSICOP were unable to show where, when, how and why this evidence cannot be accepted - not even for the allurement of one million dollars.

3. The Frederick Myers Cross-Correspondences: "The most convincing proof of the reality of life after death ever set down on paper" Read chapter16 of the book left.

4. THE MOST SENSATIONAL AFTERLIFE EVIDENCE AMOUNTING TO ABSOLUTE PROOF we have on planet Earth to-day: the materializations of medium David Thompson. I, as an attorney specialising in the admissibility of evidence with a major in Scientific Method, have been investigating David Thompson for five years and guarantee the materializations can be empirically confirmed. Read chapter 3 .

5. WINDBRIDGE STUDIES The scientific testing done by professional scientists such as the Dr Julie Beischel at the Windbridge Institute (see video below)

6. S.P.R: The important volumes of afterlife evidence amounting to technical proof held by the Society for Psychical Research in England - (and the U.S.) which was founded in 1882.

7. The investigation of Mrs Leonora Piper: The evidence of senior scientists such as Sir Oliver Lodge , Professor William James which showed that the medium Leonora Piper repeatedly demonstrated contact with afterlife entities. Further, that her mediumship skills converted the most skeptical investigator in British history, Dr Richard Hodgson, who himself eventually publicly confessed that it is a fact that Leonora Piper was making contact with those in the afterlife dimension. Read Mrs L Piper

8. THE RESEARCH OF ARTHER FINDLAY: The highly credible afterlife evidence of Arthur Findlay, starting with empirically recorded On The Edge of the Etheric.

9. SCIENCE AND NDE's There is a huge amount of scientific research already conducted on Near Death Experiences.

Clearly, the investigating team cannot ignore the established scientific evidence for the afterlife - something which would be insulting to the greatest scientists who ever lived on this planet. Existing negative prejudices should be swept aside - and NOT restrict investigation of critical empirical evidence just because it is not consistent with Christian theology or the investigators' bias.

WHO TO INCLUDE IN THE INVESTIGATING AFTERLIFE TEAM: It would also be critical to include in the investigating team a working senior attorney, scientists, and experts in parapsychology. A lawyer with at least 20 years of senior litigation experience would be expert in knowing what technically constitutes admissible afterlife evidence. Highly credible non-aligned scientists would have to be included because the evidence has to be scientifically sound. Highly qualified experts in the paranormal would also have to be included in the investigating team as some of them have vast experience dealing with 'non-physical' energies.

AFTERLIFE EVIDENCE MUST BE PERCEIVED WITH 'FULL EQUANIMITY': There are already experts stating that a non-aligned Professor of Science would be preferable to a Professor of Philosophy who has existing highly negative prejudices against some areas of empirical afterlife evidence - and who conceptually would not be able to perceive ALL aspects of afterlife evidence with true empirical equanimity.

As Michael Tymn said in his excellent recent article, "they are on course to try to reinvent the wheel".

gives a presentation about the work of the Windbridge Institute.


SCIENCE AND THE PARANORMAL: Scientists at Princeton University and other respected institutions are beginning to prove that ESP and telekinesis are real, measurable phenomena. "If you consider the world an extension of yourself, it becomes a better place." "The only way I can explain the phenomenon is that it's occurring... outside of space and time." "Consciousness is the ground of all being." "The universe is one and we are one with it." These are not proclamations from the latest Zen philosophy self-help book, nor passages from The Celestine Prophecy, nor quotes from a Marianne Williamson seminar. They are not even remarks from some Uri Geller video. These are statements from respected, mainstream scientists, engineers, and researchers, respectively: Brenda Dunne, a developmental psychologist at the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research laboratory (PEAR); John Haaland, president and CEO of Mindsong Inc., an electronics firm developing mind-matter machines; Amit Goswami, professor of Physics at the Institute of Theoretical Sciences at the University of Oregon; and Victor Stenger, professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Hawaii Read more

Materialisations of loved ones in red light are the ultimate evidence for the afterlife. Before he died the late Tom Harrison recorded his experiences with his mother's materilisation mediumship.


A RUSSIAN billionaire has a plan to make himself, and others,"live forever". Dmitry Itskov, a 31-year-old media mogul, implored other magnates to fund cybernetic immortality and the artificial body - basically transferring human consciousness into a robot body. Those highly credible teachers from the afterlife just cannot believe the colossal ignorance of some humans on earth wanting to hang on to earth 'for ever'! Besides, we are informed nothing can happen unless it is 'spirit animated'. Which means this Russian businessman's dream can never happen. In an open letter to the Forbes richest list he wrote, "Currently you invest in business projects that will bring you yet another billion." "You also have the ability to finance the extension of your own life up to immortality. Our civilization has come very close to the creation of such technologies: it's not a science fiction fantasy. It is in your power to make sure that this goal will be achieved in your lifetime." Read more... and see video


67 YEARS AGO THIS WEEK: ATOMIC BOMBS ON HIROSHIMA, NAGASAKI: I watched with horror this week a Foxtel televised documentary showing the blowing up by atomic bombs of Japan’s two cities. Experts tell us up to 500,000 lives were lost within the ten years because of these horrendous atomic bombs. The debate as to whether the United States was justified in dropping these horrendous bombs continues even to-day. If, and I repeat, if, it is true that Emperor Hirohito and his generals COULD have avoided hundreds of thousands of deaths by surrendering, then the Emperor and his generals would be spiritually responsible for all these deaths – especially if one accepts that he United States definitively warned the Emperor it would use atomic weapons. But read for yourself the debate on this issue of momentous importance to humanity.


Bill Buhlman is a residential trainer of the OBE Intensive at a TMI. From AstralInfo.org, here are 9 steps to initiating an OBE using his "Early Morning Method."

1. Select a time in advance that you will experience an OBE. (This evening I will have a conscious OBE.)
2. Several hours before your chosen time keep reminding yourself of your focused goal to have an immediate and conscious OBE.
3. At bedtime set your alarm for about 4 hours after you expect to fall asleep.
4. When you are relaxing and drifting off to sleep, repeat your intention to have a fully conscious OBE. (Hold your intention as your last conscious thought)
5 . After being awakened by your alarm, get up for about 15 minutes and move to your sofa (or designated OBE practice area, however, not your normal bed!) and lie on your back in a comfortable position.
6 . Saturate your mind with your intention to have an immediate OBE. “Now I have an OBE” or whatever words focus your intention for you.
7 . Close your eyes and imagine you are walking around your house, and away from your body, as you examine objects within your home. Clearly imagine yourself walking to another room of your home.
8 . While holding this vision, silently repeat your focused intention, “Now I have an Out of Body experience”. IMPORTANT - Hold this focused intention as your last conscious thought as you drift off.


GROUND OF FAITH - Advanced Christians from New Zealand: Journal is now out: From the Editor: " Buffeted, as we are on all sides, by more information than we can absorb, books and articles that provide over-all pictures of things are very welcome. For that reason I recommend Dale Graff's lecture on Synchronicity and Psi phenomena in this Journal: it is very clear, well documented, and should be read in its entirety. His lecture was delivered to the annual conference of what is now to be called the Academy of Spiritual and Consciousness Studies. Read more …


I've had questions sent to me by budding mediums and psychics. I am referring the questions to highly qualified and highly gifted medium Christine Morgan, who works as a teacher of mediumship in Britain, the U.S., Europe and Australia. At the moment Christine is holding workshops in New Zealand.
QUESTION: "How can anyone tell if a 'reading' is psychic or mediumship?
Christine: The following points should be observed whilst looking for genuine communication from the spirit world. Many times people do not know the difference, even some mediums themselves, as information can be picked up from the energy field of the person having the reading about their loved ones, and this does not always mean that the spirit of their loved one is actually present. Christine has five points to discuss: read full answer:

: Why is there no justice in this world? It is so unfair - what I see and what people tell me about their experiences, it’s just not fair. One would have thought that we should have some kind of justice in this world for us to be encouraged and to see everyone gets what he or she deserves – that’s not what’s happening … it’s so frustrating living in this world …”

Victor: First, I do accept there is no real ‘justice’ in this world – and from our experiences, the wealthier you are the more 'justice' you’d likely to get. The old saying, 'Justice goes to the highest bidder.' Clearly, life was not meant to be easy.But I can guarantee you that ultimately, there is justice and those who were cheated and adversely affected by others will definitely obtain justice. This is because of the Law of Cause and Effect - nobody gets away with it. Every action, good or bad is registered in our aura. The Law is that if one has committed some act of injustice against another, one time in the future that person will have to experience the same injustice he-she caused on to others. The idea of this is for continuous spiritual growth. Perfect justice is inevitable and unavoidable.

Why does not the spirit world give us proof of reincarnation?
Silver Birch writes: "You will only accept it when your consciousness is ready, when it becomes clear to you that it is the law. That is why there are many in my world who say it does not happen. They say it does not happen because they have not yet reached the stage of consciousness when they know it does happen. Can a mystic explain his mysticism to a man of business? Can an artist explain to those not endowed with his sensitiveness what his inspiration is. He cannot. They are different mental planes."


WHY IS THE CATHOLIC CHURCH EXPERIENCING A GLOBAL CRISIS? Catholic highly ranked priests themselves have stated that the Church is experiencing its worst crisis in its 2,000 year history. Catholics everywhere are questioning Catholic teachings on birth control, divorce, abortion, priestly celibacy, the infallibility of the Pope. There is the huge problems of pedophilia which has done and is still doing irreparable harm to the Church. Surveys have shown that up to 90% of the Catholics do not accept 'hellfire for eternity'. Some 87% of Catholic women regularly practice contraception and most Catholics do not accept the Adam and Eve myth. More Catholics than ever before are not attending Sunday services. These are critical times for the Church because it is rapidly losing credibility. The Church is in a crisis because of these and other objections the Church has failed to address and because many of its teachings are hundreds of years out of date. My own personal view is that the Catholic Church - on an urgent basis - ought to have a new Reformation to update its archaic teachings, to get rid of the unacceptable, insulting and absurd parts of the Bible where it makes God look worst than Hitler and to make its theology compatible with what afterlife investigators and scientists have discovered about the afterlife. Failing that the Church is likely to inevitably continue towards its gradual and eventual extinction as a force in the world.


This conference organized by Anne Puryear, Herb Puryear, Mark Ireland, Jane Katra and Bill Roberts held in Phoenix Arizona April 13 – 15, 2012
brought together a magical mix of "(i) scientists (ii) mediums (iii) people who are actively grieving and (iv) curious seekers."
Conference recordings of all the speakers are available as MP3 downloads for $7.95 per session - Some excellent topics include:
* Dr John Klimo's "What Communication from the Afterlife Can Tell Us About Suicide"
* Dr Jane Katra " Experiencing Afterlife Evidence in Real Life & Research Lab"
* Dr Neal Grossman " When It Happens To You: Scientific Objectivity & The Transformative Power Of Subjective Experience"
* Mark Ireland: "The Value of Mediumship in Healing Grief (with Tina Powers)."
See full list


TWO GREAT MEDIUMS IN SYDNEY: KERRIE ERWIN and MARCIA QUINTON to give psychic-mediumship demonstrations: “Thursday 16th August, 7 - 9pm, please arrive by 6.45pm as door closes promptly at 7pm. The Rainbow Show is an evening about and with Spirit which teaches us that Spirit is always with us. Join us at this special event with 2 of Sydney's leading psychic mediums, Kerrie Erwin (pictured top left) and Marcia Quinton- pictured below. Kerrie and Marcia will connect to the other side and deliver messages from both loved ones who have passed over as well as psychic messages from your guides. The show will finish with a beautiful, harmonic healing from Kerrie with her crystal singing bowls to help re-tune you to your natural healing vibration. The show includes stand-up Mediumship, Psychic Questions & Readings & Crystal Bowl Healing and so much more. Book online or phone Sydney 99679415


For many people losing a much loved pet is just as heart breaking as losing a human family member. AUSTRALIAN EVP researcher Rob Smith is establishing a service in Melbourne to support and assist people at that critical moment when their pets transition from this life into the next.
He writes: " I arrange and conduct BURIALS, SCATTERINGS, and MEMORIAL SERVICES for Pets in a dignified and professional manner. My rates are negotiable. Having now semi-retired, I can focus upon the areas where I can offer people the best benefits of my experience in the areas of death & transition, grief & Loss."
Rob is
a certified Funeral Celebrant with the Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants, Pet Celebrant, and Grief and Loss Counselor living in Melbourne. His "Forever Companions : Rainbow Bridge Services" can be contacted on 0419508868


SIGNS OF LIFE RADIO TODAY Today's Signs Of Life Radio broadcast
8 PM Eastern/ 5 PM Pacific Thursday Night (1 hour after this report comes out) features an interview with
Professor Dr. Erlendur Haraldsson, a worldwide respected researcher of deathbed visions and past life memories, and has amassed a large amount of data about all types of communication with the departed. His latest book, The Departed Among The Living, is an investigative study of all such experiences, and includes visual experiences, auditory perceptions, sense of presence, apparitions, mediumship and much more. Not only does he discuss the evidence suggesting survival, but the frequency that experiences occur, what types of communication are the most common, and the possible reasons for the experiences. Listen here...The program will be archived for later access.

FEEDBACK - 3 only selected responses:-

1. Victor, Wendy, I would like to thank you for the free copy your book. Please thank Chick Lowson for the postage. I know I will enjoy the book, as I've really enjoyed your weekly reports. So much good information in there every week. Thanks again. Many Blessings, Judy T.

2. Dear Victor, I've been receiving your Friday Reports for nearly 3 years I think; and I eagerly look forward to scan my Mailbox every Friday.
I can't tell you how much my inner life has changed because of all I've learnt from them. I too had a deep seated fear and anxiety syndrome; which could cause palpitations on the slightest bit of bad news ... Of course I also do prayer & meditations - but ever since I prayed for only LIGHT to understand all that happens to me (as well as in the world), I have been led to discover numerous books, articles & websites which all seem to dovetail towards answering my prayer!! And this Report is one of them. Thank you
. W.G. Fernandes, INDIA.

3. Dear Victor First I want to say I read your book from cover to cover and enjoyed it. I ordered another book for a friend of mine..... John. U.S.

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SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT- Exquisite spine tingling harmonies in this a cappella version of True Colors by Perpetuum Jazzile- Thank you Maya for the suggestion.

You with the sad eyes
Don't be discouraged
Oh I realize
It's hard to take courage
In a world full of people
You can lose sight of it all
And the darkness there inside you
Makes you feel so small

But I see your true colors
Shining through
I see your true colors
That's why I love you
So don't be afraid to let them show
Your true colors
True colors are beautiful,
Like a rainbow

Show me a smile then,
And don't be unhappy, can't remember when
I last saw you laughing
If this world makes you crazy
And you've taken all you can bear
You call me up
Because you know I'll be there

And I see your true colors
Shining through
I see your true colors
That's why I love you
So don't be afraid to let them show
Your true colors
True colors are beautiful,
Like a rainbow

I can't remember
When I last saw you laugh
If this world makes you crazy
And you've taken all you can bear
You call me up
Because you know I'll be there

And I see your true colors
Shining through
See your true colors
That's why I love you
So don't be afraid to let them show
Your true colors, true colors
Are beautiful like a rainbow

I see your True colors shining through
See your true colors
That's why I love you
So don't be afraid to let them show
Your true colors
Your true colors are beautiful,
Like a rainbow

Disclaimer: Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.