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July 14th 2017

COMMENTARY: INTELLIGENCE DOES NOT NEGATE PREJUDICE I had some response to this topic which I mentioned some months ago. It was put to me this week that real intelligence will remove all prejudice. Not so! We come across highly intelligent scientists and professionals who still maintain very strong prejudice in areas of race, religion, extreme politics and refusal to accept the afterlife. This is in spite of the fact that the evidence for the afterlife is powerful, repeatable and objective.

During these last 28 years of afterlife research I found that absolutely nothing shifts the prejudice of those who are deeply entrenched in anti-afterlife thinking - not even if they are highly intelligent and successful academics. Stubbornness through strong prejudice can carry on to the afterlife dimension. Now is the time to acquire the skills, the ability and the proficiency to be able to perceive evidence with true equilibrium, with true scientific balance.


BEYOND OUR SIGHT is an excellently produced independent documentary created by Anthony Chene that talks about near-death experiences, human consciousness, and the possibility of communication with other dimensions. It features the testimony of a number of near-death experiencers, as well as researcher Dean Radin.

In the afterlife we will have access to very special books which "do not only tell what occurred in history (on earth) as you think of it, but they reveal the complete sequence of events, embellished with all the deepest motives of the people involved. This is powerfully different from the history in your schools and universities, and it holds many lessons about human nature."
This would mean we will obtain the true information about many historical events, including the President Kennedy assassination, who killed Marilyn Monroe, all about Hitler and Stalin and other controversial events. Fascinating for historians - and others, and something to look forward to!

ORBS AND THE AFTERLIFE Peter Shockey, producer and director of the award winning NDE documentary Life After Life, interviews Virginia Hummel, author and researcher into the orb phenomenon. Virginia is the creator of TheOrbWhisperer.com website and these books.
Virginia will be presenting at the AREI Symposium and taking orb photos there.

BRILLANT BOOK ON CONSCIOUSNESS: THE END OF MATERIALISM by Prof. Charles Tart "Science seems to tell us that we are all meaningless products of blind biological and chemical forces, leading meaningless lives that will eventually end in death. The truth is that unseen forces such as telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, psychokinesis, psychic healing and other phenomena inextricably link us to the spiritual world, and while many skeptics and scientists deny the existence of these spiritual phenomena, the experiences of millions of people around the world indicate that they do take place." Read more...

SANDRA CHAMPLAIN INTERVIEW WITH NIC WHITHAM FROM BANYAN RETREAT Nic Whitham and Steven Siu are the trustees of the Banyan Retreat Center, a small non-residential day retreat center in the heart of Kent in the UK. It is one of the few places in the world where members of the public can experience physical mediumship with accredited mediums. Nic shares how, the night after his German Shepherd died, the dog materialised through medium David Thompson and ran across the room and barked.

Contrary to what may be generally supposed, Spiritualists do not believe in "miracles" the way those in other religions do. They claim that all phenomena proceeds according to natural laws and the seemingly miraculous is "supernormal", but not "supernatural". Successful spiritual healers, for example, are using the energy in their hands in a way that is in accordance with a natural law, even if we don't completely understand it as yet.


CROSS CORRESPONDENCES: STRONG AFTERLIFE EVIDENCE A number of scholars like Colin Brookes-Smith, a former atheist, and author Colin Wilson claim that the Cross Correspondences prove the existence of the afterlife. But, what are they?

Many Native American tribes believe in the projection of the spirit body. And for centuries Australian Aboriginals claimed that their 'clever people' could project beyond their bodies at will. The Arand tribe of central Australia calls the astral double the ngancha. During the seventeenth century the Huron, the Seneca, and other Iroquoian peoples described the capacity of the spirit body to journey beyond the physical realm. An example of this is the tribal leader Black Elk, well known for his ecstatic out-of-body travels. Read article "Super Powers of Central Australia's Traditional Healers."


MATERIALISATION IN DAYLIGHT WITNESSED BY SCIENTISTS AND OTHER PROMINENT PEOPLE No doubt, one of the greatest materialization mediums was Carmine Mirabelli. A book about him, 'O MEDIUM MIRABELLI' tells of materializations which occurred in broad daylight in the presence of up to 60 witnesses who represented the leading scientific and social circles of Brazil. Among those who witnessed sensational materializations in daylight were the President of Brazil himself, the Secretary of State, 72 doctors and many other professionals in business and in administration. Read more...


"You can well imagine our joy, indeed, heart-felt jubilation, when we go to meet some soul who has knowledge of the spirit world, of its truths and laws, and has practised communication with other folk in these realms. Never is our work so easy and so pleasant as upon such occasions. Most important of all, never is transition so pleasant for the principal person concerned that when all these conditions prevail ... We merely rejoice with our new friend ..." (Mons. H Benson, MORE LIGHT)

For over twenty years I have been calling the place where most reasonable people go, on crossing over, the 'Third Level'. That description comes from highly advanced spiritual teachers communicating through trance mediums. Interestingly it is the same term used by St Paul in 2 Corinthians 12:2 two thousand years ago: "... I knew a man in Christ who, fourteen years ago ... was caught up in the Third Heaven". A most unusual confirmation.

IDLENESS IN THE AFTERLIFE DIMENSION? Are there those in the afterlife who do not employ themselves in anything useful?
"Yes; but that idleness is only temporary, and depends on the development of their intelligence. Certainly, there are among spirits, as among men, some who live only for themselves; but their idleness weighs upon them, and, sooner or later, the desire to advance causes them to feel the need of activity, for achievement and they are glad to make themselves useful." It is very wrong to think that in the afterlife one can keep idle for hundreds of years, Sooner or later the soul realises that making a spiritual contribution is an essential part of residing in the afterlife. (see Allan Kardec The Spirits' Book)

Based on the book Astral City by Dr. Andre Luiz (which was channeled through Brazilian medium Chico Xavier) the movie Astral City (or Nosso Lar) has been around since 2010. While we do not agree with everything portrayed (especially the definition of "suicide" at the beginning) the movie helps people to realise that the afterlife world we enter at first seems as real and solid as this one. The full version of the movie, with English subtitles, appears for short periods online before being taken down, presumably on copyright grounds. This link appears to be working as does this one.

With reference to himself, Tart notes that meditation has been difficult. Such difficulties occur when the mind races, and when one somehow expects an extraordinary experience. The key is to find a particular focus, such as the breath and to keep returning to that central focus each time one realizes that the mind has wandered.

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FEEDBACK: (Three only).

1) That was an excellent Friday report, especially the Silver Birch quote. Never have I come across someone so quotable, but that's what happens when you speak the truth so clearly! Eric.

2) I watched this (The Marissa Ryan Video) today; found it in the July 7 Friday Afterlife Report, and it is brilliant. Lasts about 100 minutes, but well worth the time. Will be of special interest to those who have never had a visit with a medium. Jean.

3) I always look forward to your emails every week and I love your book. Joe.

A really beautiful song, performed magnificently by Chloe Agnew of Celtic Woman. Visually it is just so breathtaking - put it on full screen!

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