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November 25th 2011

Apologies if I have not replied to your email.

REPORT in 50 languages including - French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese and Hungarian - and many others. Be very patient with the grammar of these automatic translations.

I do hear so many people who say with some concern "time is going so fast"! I'm sure most of our subscribers have experienced this phenomenon of the 'acceleration of time' in the twenty first century. It is as if we have entered a paradigm shift, a kind of a age where the world mysteriously seems to be 'spinning faster'. Regularly, involuntary thoughts will come into your mind about the human condition - here now, gone to-morrow. For some the knowledge that their time in this life is quickly passing is a source of anxiety.

Knowledge erases fear. There are those who are terrified of death. But planning and reading the right material will remove all fear and anxiety. Those who can relax and plan for the future, will inevitably find themselves at much peace when the time comes to cross over. The change from the physical body to a non-physical body can be as easy and natural as closing your eyes in one place and opening them in a different one.

Guaranteed, those who prepare- by reading the right material, by listening to accounts of those who have had near death experiences, by seeking stillness within and cultivating loving and peaceful thoughts - will experience a most wonderful crossing over. The good news is - guaranteed, for open-minded, reasonable people - and we do NOT have to be perfect - greater and most wonderful things are waiting for us!


PHYSICIST TOM CAMPBELL IN CALGARY 2011- Thomas Campbell, physicist, Consciousness expert, and author of My Big TOE, presented a workshop entitled "Reality 101" at the University of Calgary, Friday September 23,24,25, 2011, hosted by Beth Haley. In this overview, Tom reveals the importance of the Double Slit Experiment, and what it tells us about our reality. You will also be given the scientific version of the Akashic records, precognition, time travel, auras, and other such phenomena. He gently reminds the participants and viewers that "Open-minded skepticism is the only thing that can take you any place important."

The full version of the seminar is being made available on Youtube:
Saturday sessions- Part 1 Part 2 Part 3-healing and remote viewing
Sunday sessions- Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 to be put on Youtube soon.

"This world is a dream compared to the afterlife." Inspiring accounts of expanded consciousness.


Frederick Myers was a professor of classics at Cambridge University in England. He was born in 1843 and he died in 1901. Fascinated with the question of survival he was one of the founders in 1882 of the first Society for Psychical Research with some of his Cambridge colleagues. Within a few weeks of Myers' death in 1901, he bgan to communicate through different direct writing mediums in England, the United States and India. His scripts made no sense on their own but the mediums were told to forward them to a central location where they fitted together like a jigsaw. They were signed, "Myers." In all more than three thousand scripts were transmitted over thirty years. Some of them were more than forty typed pages long. After more than twenty years in the afterlife Myers began to send information about what happens when we die. Read more about the Cross Correspondences and Myers discoveries about the afterlife...

SCOTTISH MEDIUM GORDON SMITH is known for his ability to give exact names of people, places and even streets. Gordon's extraordinary skills have attracted the attention of university scientists researching the paranormal. Here he talks about how his mediumship gives people hope and how people can connect with their loved ones.

THANKSGIVING DAY: We do hope those of you in the United States had a wonderful Thanksgiving day. Thanksgiving weekend has become a favorite national holiday in the USA and a time when families try to travel home to celebrate together. Our warmest wishes go out to all who are celebrating and to those whose family members who are separated from them for whatever reason.


This book may be a great help to those struggling with loss especially over the holiday season. Vicki Woodyard was faced with the death of her seven-year-old daughter from cancer. Already on the spiritual path, she deepened her resolve to continue. In 2000, her husband began his fight against a fatal cancer. This book is for those on the spiritual path and those facing loss of any kind. Many readers have found this book incredibly helpful. Read more...

Dr Allan Botkin, a clinical psychologist, created a new kind of therapy while using eye moment desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) with grieving Vietnam veterans. In 98% of cases he found he could induce an experience which allowed clients to feel they were having a vivid meeting with some who had died. Most people felt they were in the presence of the person who had died and could talk directly to them. Some people saw the person, heard their voice, felt their touch and/ore could actually smell them. Initially Dr Botkin thought that these experiences were hallucinations, until he discovered that the observing psychologist could 'tune-in' and observe the encounter (Botkin, pp91-99). Although still early days, the process is repeatable, teachable and promises to be an interesting new avenue for research, as well as an immediate benefit to those who have lost loved ones and overcome with grief or guilt. Read more and locate a trained therapist..


" You know that the vibrations that come to us from your world are not all that they should be. There is so much darkness where there should be light; so much ignorance where there should be knowledge; so much foolishness where there should be wisdom; so much hunger where there should be plenty; so much misery where there should be happiness; so many hovels where there should be fit habitations for all; so much cruelty where there should be kindness; so much hate where there should be love. It is only through a few 'instruments' that the power of the spirit can express itself, but the number is constantly increasing and the tide turns in our favor." (From S. Birch's A VOICE IN THE WILDERNESS)

Author Craig Hogan
shares his research into contact with the dead, and the powers of the mind.

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ON EVIDENCE: Question: Why is it that highly intelligent people react to the same 'information' in totally opposite ways?

Victor: a) How we perceive information does not depend on intelligence - but on our personal prejudices. . After some thirty years studying the problem I see that those with a closed mind DELETE a great deal of critical evidence. Their minds cannot cope with fundamentally inconsistent information. Very briefly, I'll just mention one item concerning modern 'closed-minded skeptics' such as Prof Richard Dawkins and Prof Stephen Hawking who both accept 'INTELLIGENCE' and 'ENERGY' - Dawkins in biology and Hawking in the cosmos - but both refuse to answer the question I asked: how did ENERGY and INTELLIGENCE originate?

b) WHY DELETE CRITICAL INFORMATION? These skeptics both - consciously or unconsciously - DELETE the role of energy and intelligence in their explanations of their hypotheses. They completely delete the evidence that will invalidate their conclusions. Biologists and cosmologists may delete opposite evidence to promote their theory. But using legal analysis and reasoning, lawyers CANNOT delete ANY relevant critical matter. Lawyers would want to know in biology and cosmology WHERE the energy and intelligence came from, WHY the energy maintains ORDER (prevents chaos) in the universe and in biology why does energy give rise to more evolved species. Dawkins has to deal with why energy is critical 'energy- power' and force of evolution that changes the species. And Hawking has to explain the 'energy' behind the intelligent order in the universe.

There have been a number of cases where gifted PSYCHIC-MEDIUMS were critical in solving criminal cases. In some instances they inform the police WHO the murderer was, WHERE the victim is to be found and HOW the victim was killed. The 'medium'; is the one who communicates with the 'spirit of the victim' to get the information to inform the police. 'Psychics' get their information in other ways - usually through 'vibrations'. A classic example is the one of Dixie Yeterian which I mention in my FULL ARTICLE on PSYCHIC DETECTIVES - see case 18. Gifted psychic Dixie Yeterian told Lompoc Homicide Detective Mel Ramos that the missing person is 'dead', that 'his own son Owen shot him' and where' to find the body of the victim'. Interesting it was this closed minded skeptic son Owen who actually contacted the psychic Dixie Yeterian thinking he was going to fool her. She looked at him, moments later told him that he was the killer! Never, never underestimate the power of a truly gifted psychic! Detective Mel Ramos of Lompoc Police Department stated, "The information Dixie gave us was like a giant key...we solved it through her. We would never have found the body if it wasn't for her."
Why do skeptics continue to DENY the paranormal? Simply because the repeatable and objective EVIDENCE of the paranormal makes the skeptics look rather stupid and silly.


WISE WORDS FROM THE DALAI LAMA? When asked about what surprised him most about humanity, the Dalai Lama answered, "Man. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health; and then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result is that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he never is going to die - and then he dies having never really lived"! ('Man' in this context also refers to 'woman'.)




Those who investigate psychic phenomena and mediumship are always puzzled why the leadership, particularly in Western countries, are so prejudiced against psychic phenomena (also abbreviated as 'psi' ). Of course, we know that for the last 1,800 years there was vicious negative prejudice first started by theologians - who historians tell us - burnt (killed) millions of psychics and mediums 'at the stake'. Over the centuries the negative prejudice against psychics and mediums became deeply entrenched, secularised and part of the Western culture - which makes it difficult to shift. But things are radically changing everywhere especially when some advanced countries are using psi for military espionage, police work, for cosmonaut training (Russia and the U.S.), in the share market and politics. There were American Presidents who consultant psychics e.g. Abe Lincoln, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan, in England Winston Churchill, in Australia Robert Hawke. But steadily, when those in leadership show good judgment by employing only the highly gifted psychic-mediums, there will be more acceptance of psi throughout the world.

MEDIUM LOUISE HERMAN'S second book out! “Victor, I am pleased to announce that Book 2 "Team Spirit Speaks" is now available. It can also be purchased at all events for $25.00 or online for $25.00 + Postage at www.louisehermann.com This book brings forward wisdom and inspiration directly channeled from the spirit world. My guides on the other side known as "Team Spirit" provide 100 inspirational speeches on how to live a better-life on the earth plane. They will provide you with the empowerment and insight into the discovery of "who you are" as well as your own life journey. This Book as well as Book 1 "Dedicated to the Afterlife" and the DVD "Louise Hermann Live" can now all be purchased as part of the Trilogy Gift Box set. This set is $65.00 at all events or online for $65.00 + postage at www.louisehermann.com

FEEDBACK - three selections representative of feedback:
1) Dear Victor,
I just wanted to offer my heartfelt thanks for the deeply uplifting and informative weekly afterlife reports you bring to us. The Truth contained within is like a cool, refreshing glass of water in a desert of illusion and ignorance, especially with regards to how saturated our society is with its vacuous materialism and focus on image. God bless you and Wendy always!
Warm thanks, Justin M.

2) Hello Victor & Wendy, Thank you once again for the report. I'm always amused when I see RIP. I anticipate I'll be very busy when my time comes giving loving support to my children and grandchildren. I think now is the time I ought to rest in peace in preparation! As for Judgment Day......................................! Kind regards, Judith.

3) Hello - (Victor and Wendy) In the recent afterlife weekly reports You have shown me light. I no longer think that death is sleep . All the evidence is just impossible to refuse or reject .I did not believe in the afterlife but now i have accepted it . All words in this world or the other are not enough to thank you for showing me the 'TRUTH' Thank You for showing me the Light .ill try my best to tell everyone about your amazing website. Max

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Listen to this most inspirational song played and sung with so much passion and energy - after he accepted spirituality as a way of life.. No doubt, George Harrison had a huge influence on millions of fans around the world. Listen to this most harmoniously beautiful song that will always remain a classic - 'MY SWEET LORD'

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