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10th 2010

Apologies if I have not replied to your email - inundated with urgent work. I receive hundreds of emails - I read them all and try to reply in order of urgency- But please do NOT send long emails - time is a huge problem for me.

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Last week's report

Those who are interested in the afterlife should never forget that for over a hundred years some of the most brilliant minds in the United States and the United Kingdom have worked quietly with the best mediums to accumulate evidence of survival after death.

In the first century of the existence of the Society for Psychical Research founded in 1882 there were nineteen professors and other famous scientists renowned for their work in psychology, physics, astronomy, biology among the fifty-one Presidents. The American Society for Psychical Research was founded in 1885 by a group of top intellectuals including William James, renowned Harvard psychologist and Professor of Philosophy and James H. Hyslop, formerly Professor of Logic and Ethics at Columbia University. It too attracted men of top intellectual caliber who, after years of investigations, became convinced of survival after death.

There is a huge need to preserve their research and make it accessible to people in many different languages and formats- especially online video format which is rapidly becoming the first point of research for ordinary people. Sadly, in an age where the concentration span is about 5 minutes fewer and fewer people have the time, the skills and the will to wade through volumes of printed research in obscure libraries.

But preserving the research and the testimonies of witnesses to the work of the great mediums of the past, especially in video format, is an urgent need.

A number of mediums and psychics asked me to do a video on the so-called psychic challenge offered by the extroverted, flamboyant cynical negatively entrenched closed-minded J.Randi. They wanted me to point out how how unfair, unreasonable and inequitable it is for him to attack mediums and psychics saying that if they had any psychic skills they would take on his $1m challenge. This is because non-aligned scientific experts, psychics and mediums and even lawyers like myself, state that Randi's challenge is a joke- "It's the greatest hoax in paranormal history " - and it is set-up in such a way that nobody can beat it. I have been advising mediums and psychics for some twenty years to completely ignore the challenge - it is a complete waste of time, money and energy. Watch the video ...



Those who think they can rely on outdated science to support a materialist view of a universe without an afterlife and psychic phenomena are clearly misinformed.
A revolution going on in science.

Over the last few decades there has been a significant increase in research into quantum physics, the study of the characteristics of and relationships between subatomic particles and energies. Innovative, unorthodox physicists tell us this important research has a strong bearing on the understanding of the paranormal and the afterlife.

These physicists are discovering no conflict at all between physics and belief in the paranormal and the afterlife. Indeed they are showing that the phenomena we now call “paranormal” are normal and consistent with the laws of science.


PROFESSOR HENRY SIDGWICK 1838-1900 Professor of Moral Philosophy at Cambridge. First president of the Society for Psychical Research (UK) and active for eighteen years in its interests. He took a leading part in the testing many most famous mediums, including Slade, Eusapia Paladino, Mrs Piper. In 1901 he communicated through a Mrs Thompson in a very characteristic manner in the presence of Mr Piddington of the SPR. Other messages were received through the hand of Mrs Verrall. His wife, Mrs Eleanor Sidgwick, also took an active part as president and Hon, Secretary of the SPR until 1931 and became convinced of the reality of survival and spirit communication.


Professor Sylvia Hart-Wright considered herself an agnostic until her husband died and she began to sense unmistakable signs of his presence. Then three solid rational people that he'd known confessed to her that since his death they, too had sensed him. She began to take notes of her experiences and to interview others who also had after death contacts. This led to her book When Spirits Come Calling: The Open Minded Skeptics Guide to After Death Contacts. Since that time she had written this very useful research paper "Over a Century of Research on After-Death Communication".

When his wife of 5 years died in her early 30's
Roy Dixon-Smith, a British career military officer serving in the Indian army, was devastated. “Exhortations to prayer and faith and assurances of a future reunion in a vague sort of heaven, supported by biblical texts, were of no use whatever to me,” Dixon-Smith recorded his initial despair, adding that at the very most religion offered him nothing more than a gray tinge to his black despair.
So, After returning to Scotland and depositing their four-year-old daughter, Cherry, with her aunt in Falkirk, Dixon-Smith went to London and began exploring mediumship. Read more in Michael Tymn's article.


QUESTION: INTERESTING INSIGHT AS TO WHAT HAPPENS SECONDS AFTER WE CROSS OVER - ARE WE ALL MET BY SOMEONE ON CROSSING OVER? directly from the afterlife. "It is safe rule to say that no person passing into the spirit world at dissolution does so unattended. There is always someone there. BUT in so many cases we are PREVENTED from giving any help by the spiritual state of the soul we are approaching. In fact, approach becomes impossible, and so we can do nothing but watch the soul depart upon its way into darkness. Naturally, if we can perceive the tiniest glimmer of light issuing from such a soul, we do our best to fan it into something more resembling a flame."

QUESTION: WHAT HAPPENS TO THOSE WHO DENY THEY ARE DEAD? "...what do you do? You hang out, confused. Unaware of your condition, you are unable to separate form the reality you still seem to be part of but no longer have the ability to affect. You can't pick up the book and open the page you were on. You can't read ... . But how can anyone sleep in the chattering commotion of voices you keep hearing? Where are these voices coming from? Who else can hear them? And when will they shut up?...."
This is a most horrible situation to be in. Those who read the AFTERLIFE REPORT weekly and others who accept the afterlife are certainty NOT likely to get trapped in the darkness "between the two worlds" - where you see just mist all around. This condition could last "for hundreds ... even thousands of years by earth's time." Those closed minded skeptics who vehemently deny the existence of the afterlife are prime candidates to be caught in this horrible world - where from the afterlife dimension itself -they keep on believing that there is no afterlife!! Eahhhhhhh!


We are delighted to report that Dr PMH Atwater has received a Lifetime Achievement and Special Service Award and an award for literary excellence from the Denver Conference of IANDS. The citation reads in part: "PMH has been researching NDE's and writing books and articles from the very beginning. She is the most prolific writer on NDEs that we have today, having written nine books. She has served on the board, written materials for VS, done workshops, promoted IANDS and helped with fund raising for many years. She has given her life to helping experiencer, educating communities, and furthering the knowledge base of near death studies."

PMH Writes: "The new book just out which tells my own story about dying three times in 1977 and each time having a near-death experience is called I DIED THREE TIMES IN 1977 - THE COMPLETE STORY. This is an electronic book available through Amazon.com and/or most other e-readers. This book is not available on my website!
Buy the book on Amazon...
Now on Amazon's Kindle.
Free Kindle software is available for your PC or Apple computer, as well as the iPad/ iPhone, Blackberry or Android.

The old book is called I DIED THREE TIMES IN 1977. This book is on my website and can be downloaded for $4.95. It does NOT contain information about what I witnessed at the Centerpoint of Creation, nor does it carry the revelations I was given, nor does it go into all that happened to me. The new book does.


One of the best ways of getting knowledge of the afterlife into mass consciousness is through the medium of film- think of the impact of the movie Ghost. let us hope that Clint Eastwood's new movie Hereafter due for release October 22nd
will be of similar quality and have a similar impact.
The plot sounds promising:

"George (Matt Damon) is a 'handsome, shy, soft-spoken' factory worker who can talk to the dead but prefers not to. Meanwhile, across the world, two different plotlines play out that are touched by tragedy:- beautiful French journalist Marie (Cecile De France) recovers from a near-death experience in the 2004 tsunami, then becomes increasingly gripped with questions about what she saw before she was revived.- at the same time in London, a drug-addicted English single mother (Lyndsey Marshal) loses one of her twin 10-year-old sons in a car accident...The three parallel stories eventually intersect: three lonely people, cut off from the ones they love, searching for answers about what lies beyond life." Read more....


QUESTION: Regarding Professor Stephen Hawking in your item last week Victor, don't you think he knows what he's talking about - he's a great scientist and well respected. R.R. N.Y.

Victor: When he talks about physics we give him due respect. Yes, of course he's a great 'scientist' - but his conclusion about 'God' is not based on science - it was a personal view which has critical omissions. With respect to scientists, I state that litigation lawyers are in a much better position to assess evidence. For example, if Prof Hawking was in the witness box, a lawyer would ask him many questions - especially: 'do you agree there is intelligence in the universe, in gravity, in energy ...' (usually the reply will be yes ...). Then the critical question would be 'where did intelligence in the universe come from?' Where did the' intelligence in gravity, in energy, in growth, in the atom come from?' Materialistic atheistic scientists all say that guided' intelligence' came about by 'chance' - and all statisticians agree the 'chance' argument will actually work against the materialists scientists.


THE GREATEST DISCOVERY IN HUMAN HISTORY: COMMINICATING WITH MATERIALIZED INTELLIGENCES - NEXT SUNDAY: I re-state that communicating with materialized intelligences is the greatest discovery in human history. I conversed with afterlife intelligences through the mediumship of David Thompson (left). David's spirit friend, William (left, lower) has shown himself over and over to be as solid as I am (listen). All those who have had the privilege of sitting with David have witnessed communication between those who in the physical world and those who materialized from the afterlife dimension with their loved ones who came to sit with us in the Circle of the Silver Cord. It is such a spectacular - earth shattering experience - when we hear those afterlife materialized intelligences hug and converse with their loved ones about topics they are familiar with, but no one on our side, sitting with us had any idea about the topic being discussed.

And next Sunday, the Circle of the Silver Cord will be holding another spectacular materialization session.

" a skeptic doubts, inquires, questions, ponders, etc. But these pseudoskeptics do anything but. They attack, ridicule, discredit and suppress anything and everything that challenges the materialist reductionist paradigm." Read more.....

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FEEDBACK:: MEDIA and SPIRITUALITY: Regarding your editorial on the press, I agree with you that whilst there are a couple of good old time professional journalists, these days the level of journalism has descended to gutter level abusing the power of the media to be blatantly political - even telling lies about what is happening. Do you see any violation of spiritual principles in the press these days? Martin J.

Victor: When anyone blatantly lies for profit or to mislead that is a spiritual violation. Most of us know that in the press business journalists will never write anything which is fundamentally inconsistent with the cherished beliefs and the political values of the owner of the newspaper they work for - if they want to keep their job. So journalists adopt survival values and promote the political beliefs of their boss. But mostly, members of the public do have a 'nose' for blatant lies or injustice or exploitation.

Occasionally I receive emails asking about Christine Morgan's mediumship. I've had feedback which says when she's in top form she's just as good as Lisa Williams! Here is an attestation by someone who lives in the United States – who had a telephone 'reading' by Christine: this is only a part of the most positive response:

Dear Victor,
I just wanted to email you and tell you that I just had a phone reading with Christine Morgan who came highly recommended by your site. I was nervous and worried that nothing would happen for me, but she came through with as much amazing detail about my Dad, Information that was personal and not just anyone would know! I plan on getting a reading for my Mother and my Sister and to have another with her in the future! I feel she is my direct link to talk to my Dad and I feel as though my Dad is with me right now. The Love that I feel right now is unbelievable. Victor I only hope that some day I can meet Christine and Yourself for helping to confirm what I already knew to be fact but was straying with questions. I love my Dad so much and I cant wait till it is my time to join him on the other side, but I do understand that day will come when it is truly my time.
Always... Tammey


1. Dear Victor, With only ONE Friday's report I have enough to read, to think about and to do meditation with it for more than one month! It has become my FOOD! and daily moment of anti-stress and being happy all by myself! So many informations of all kind, from various countries all over the world, the videos I'm found of, the life-speakers we get from you... WOWWOWWOW... the indication of good films about THE subject, parties of films (Ghost!), SO MANY THANKS!!!!! A. Belgium

2. Dear Victor, Thank you so much for your answer Victor! I'm happy to hear this because I was always afraid of dying. But since I know you and since I read your book, I find REST, exactly what I needed. I can't thank you enough and I wish you all the best.
Love from Belgium, K.

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Disclaimer: Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.