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13th June 2008

the most highly controversial item in my twenty years of investigating the afterlife: I was stunned - talking to an entity who called herself Diana, the former Princess of Wales. Last week I put in my Friday Report an item on 'Diana' and the links to hear her speak at length - audios obtained over the last few years. There are hours of talks by 'Diana'. Experts I consulted agree that the contents of the audios are highly persuasive, that in fact the voice could well be Diana's voice. Other experts also stated that there is the realistic potentital that 'Diana' is who she claims to be. I studied the voice myself, and I know from experience that it would be difficult for an imposter to speak for hours consistently maintaining a Diana voice - in fact a professional actor told me that a really good actor can go for a time using the voice to emulate someone else - but not consistently for hours. A skeptical journalist from the U.K. who studied the contents and the voice agreed that it is likely to be Diana - the intimacy of the knowledge she transmitted about the circumstances, about herself, about her children, about Dodi and others. Immediately, I told 'Diana' that it would be critical to obtain as much validation as possible to objectively prove her identity. Content analysis of 'Diana's' transmissions shows that except for a few negative extremists, anyone would be impressed by the detailed knowledge and intimacy and the power behind her motivation and the desire to continue to do wonderful work for mankind: helping humanity to accept that there is an afterlife. The empiricist in me longs for physical and other evidence. Sociologists use 'content analysis' to measure internal consistency of the transmissions for validation. So this week I again will be putting on the website material from 'Diana' so that you can see and hear more for yourselves about one of the most important and powerful personalities of the twentieth century who apparently still wants to make a most important spiritual contribution - from the afterlife.

A MESSAGE TO THE WORLD ABOUT THE AFTERLIFE FROM DIANA - "... Yes, there is an afterlife!":

last night, Thursday at around 8pm (Australian Eastern time) I telephoned Andrew Russell-Davis in Europe, the medium who states he is the trance medium for Diana. He arranged for 'Diana' to come through – so that I was actually conversing directly with an entity who identified herself as Diana (pictured)- sounding just like she was on earth except perhaps the voice was just very slightly deeper. We had a brief fifteen minute conversation, but one of the questions I asked her was, “Assuming you are who you claim to be, what message do you have for the people around the world?” This is 'Diana’s' reply which was confirmed by an email sent to me by 'Diana' through her medium Andrew Russell-Davis.

" Hello Victor,

It was lovely talking to you too albeit somewhat briefly but I appreciate you are a busy man. My message to the people of the world I think might well be this ....

“Hello Everybody,
Whilst I am aware of the fact that for many my speaking might be viewed with skepticism naturally, I would ask you to ask yourselves why this might not be possible and particularly regarding someone who said of herself in life, "She won't go quietly” speaking even then in the third person context !

I was always pitched up front, the "Way- Shower" if you like in so many areas and I'd imagine therefore I am the prefect candidate to be chosen to do so again now, illustrating the reality of there indeed existing "Life After Death" in a very real way or this would not be happening!

There's food for thought ! "

With love from, Diana xx


Before anyone dismisses anything without investigation, remember, that as an empiricist I do not automatically accept or reject any information that comes to me. I need proof. I need evidence - hard core evidence. As I stated to you in Friday Report last week about the messages from Princess Di: from the evidence YOU BE THE JUDGE as to whether what comes across is really Princess Diana. Keep an open mind. Allow your mind to perceive any information with true empirical equanimity. And just because the claim is fantastic, don’t dismiss anything UNLESS FIRST you investigate. Question: is it theoretically possible for someone to communicate with me from the afterlife? Evidence shows, YES, ABSOLUTELY, it is possible from those in the afterlife to communicate with us – and with me, personally. I have 18 years experience communicating with intelligences from the afterlife.

So, how do we go about investigating 'Diana’s' message? The audios and videos on the archives of the Diana Speaks website and the podcasts on www.sessionswithspirit.info are very interesting and highly provocative. My position, as most of you know, is to present the evidence and leave it entirely up to you to decide whether it is really Diana who is speaking. Read, study and investigate and be patient. Assuming for one moment it is the real highly influential Diana, what is wrong with using her power, prestige and status to tell us yes, there is an afterlife?

Here's what the claimed Diana wrote to me: Emails...

Last week Tony Pappard was highly suspicious of the Diana communications and began to investigate. He contacted the two mediums and his own deceased partner whom he claims communicates with him from the other side. By the end of a week he became convinced that they were genuine...Read his comments.

VALIDATION, YOUR TURN: What question would you ask Diana for you to be satisfied that she is who she claims to be?

Make your question sharp and short. If all goes well, Diana will respond to your questions next time. Of course, do not ask questions that have already been answered in the transmissions - the links given. One question per reader - but send in up to three questions if you like, let me choose one of the questions. If you do not agree it is Diana, give your valid reasons why not. Send your question/s...

Advice ostensibly given by a wise old soul on the other side to a newcomer to the afterlife who was expressing his intense desire to return to Earth to tell people that the afterlife exists.

“There are thousands - millions of friends here who have been animated and swayed by the feelings which now move you; but when the opportunity has come and they have proceeded to carry out their noble desires they have found that which will yet be your own experience. In the first place, you will not be believed as to your identity, and will be called upon to fight a long and by no means complimentary battle to prove you are a messenger from this life. Next, having gained this point in the presence of a few, they will begin to demand from you numberless signs and wonders to strengthen this proof and gratify their curiosity. When you have succeeded in this, and your heart is burning to begin your work, someone else will be brought in, and they will demand that you shall go through the unwelcome process again, for the gratification of the late newcomer. In fact, this is the normal condition in which they desire to circumscribe our work, and the greatest care is needed not to drive them away before we have attempted to sow some grain of truth.“
(Through the Mists, p.128)

Account 3. Account of a person who dies in an accident.

"I was walking along a crowded footpath, engaged in contemplation of the lights and shadows visible on the faces of passers-by, when I heard a scream, and saw a child in deadly peril among the horses in the road. He was not far away, so bounding forward- with no thought but for his safety- I reached and dragged him from his hazardous position, then turned, and--- Something touched me. I clasped the boy more firmly and stepped forward. The noise ceased, vehicles and street faded away, as if some great magician had waved his wand, the darkness disappeared, and I was lying upon a grassy slope in an enchanted land."

The above account is taken from page 7 of a best selling book called "Through the Mists", the first of three books in a series written by automatic writing through the famous British medium Robert Lees (1848-1931). There are many stories about Lees, one (which has been largely discredited) being that he helped the police catch the crazy doctor who was Jack the Ripper. Read more... You can read a summary of the three books here.

Download Through the Mists pdf file.

A great internet event to support Julie Beischel's wonderful Windbridge Institute that we wrote about last week. Monday, July 7, 2008, 7pm-9pm Central USA time (convert to your time here....) Windbridge Certified Research Mediums Joanne Gerber (pictured left above ) Doreen Molloy (pictured right) and Stephanie Bridges Stevens (pictured left below) will provide messages from your loved ones in spirit during this special evening online. Online with The Other Side offers a unique opportunity to hear from your loved ones in spirit from the comfort of your home through certified, reputable mediums while providing much needed support for the research performed at The Windbridge Institute. And all for a mere $7.00! TIckets are limited...Read more...

BEST EVIDENCE a book by Michael Schmicker, one of the best books for those who want to study more about the afterlife evidence: An investigative reporter’s three year quest to uncover the best scientific evidence for ESP, psychokinesis, Mental Healing, Ghosts and Poltergeists, Dowsing, Mediums, Near Death Experiences, Reincarnation and other impossible phenomena that throughout history REFUSE to disappear. “an important book.” Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 astronaut. “… a dazzling journey into one of the most important areas of science that has ever existed.” Dr Larrry Dossey MD, New York Times best-selling author. “My highest recommendation … not just one but half a dozen astounding stories, anyone of which can change the way we think about the nature of reality.” Dr Dean Radin, author of best selling The Conscious Universe: The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena.’ Read more...

MATERIALISTS IN THE AFTERLIFE WHO DENY THEY ARE DEAD! Absolutely, it happens! Highly credible transmissions from the otherside – from around the world – inform us that there are those materialists and hard core skeptics in the afterlife who push stubbornness to its extreme by refusing to accept they are in fact residing in the afterlife! There is a dialogue between an American lawyer with his medium and a materialist from the afterlife who was a wrongdoer when on planet earth – and although he’s been in the afterlife for years – he continues to say, “There is no afterlife.” These are some of his responses to this lawyer Edward C Randall, (THE FRENCH REVELATION- through the mediumship of Emily French See pages 196-202.) – a wrongdoer from the afterlife, “I am not dead nor am I interested in the subject”, “… there is no survival-no continuity of life. Death is the end.”, “There is no such thing as life after death.” “…I am not dead!” “I cannot accept a word you say about a life after death. There is no other life-there can be none - a man dies like a dog.”, “I am not dead … If I were I would not be talking to you.”, “No, I don’t want to know that I am dead …and I don’t want to know about it.”, “It would be foolish to tell me such a thing when I am here talking to you.” Eventually this stubborn materialist was brought face to face with his business partner who had died before this stubborn materialist did – to convince him that he is dead. His business partner in the afterlife told him that he knew this materialist had stolen money from the trust, depriving the surviving spouse and child of the partner. This stubborn materialist was shocked by the revelation that he was no longer an inhabitant of physical earth … and that his brutal corruption on earth had been discovered. The realization took place with a lot of horror!
Taken from THE FRENCH REVELATION pp. 196-202.
(To obtain a copy email the editor: nrileyh@hotmail.com)

In this interview Alex Tsakiris, host of Skeptico, talks with Dr Julie Beschel of the Windbridge institute about the importance of modern credible academic research into mediumship, about the difficulty of getting funding for medium research and of their frustration with what she calls "pathological-sceptics" who don't read the research.
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W e get a great deal of positive feedback about our weekly Friday Reports. Last week's video about the child who had spontaneous memories of a life as a pilot brought a flood of emails. Many said that there was a gut feeling that the parents were totally genuine and that reincarnation was proven from that just one incident – extremely difficult to rebut. In fact, one former skeptic who viewed the video was very much overwhelmed by the evidence presented. If you want to watch the video on REINCARNATION again, you can find it in my last week's Friday Report.

BRILLIANT PHYSICIST WRITES BOOK ON HIS AFTERLIFE: The author, DR Jan W. Vandersande Ph.D. born in Holland has described in considerable detail some of the best evidence that he is aware of for life after death. He has based this evidence on his own investigations and experiences which include sittings with trance mediums and channelers, and also sitting quite regularly over an eight year period in a circle in which he witnessed physical phenomena such as trumpets flying around the séance room, direct voice and ectoplasm. All his experiences are described in detail. Life After Death: Some of the Best Evidence, has been published and is now available on Amazon.com

There are those who are anti-materialization, anti-paranormal, anti-academic who are not qualified - and others, not professional in Scientific Method (minimum of three years at university) who try to throw mud at those who are formally qualified, at those who are successful – especially professionals with doctorates in science. This week I heard mutterings that some critic is attacking the above book on the basis that one instance of bad grammar – (by someone writing in English as a second language) – reduces the credibility of the scientific results!!! C’mon mister, you are being most unfair, most unreasonable and unnecessarily most pedantic and dogmatic. There is no correlation between an error in grammar and obtaining correct results in scientific methodology. Solecism, grammar mistakes, will not encumber objective results. Dr Jan W. Vandersande Ph.D, a brilliant physicist who taught at one of New York’s prestigious universities, has made a fantastic contribution to validating the paranormal. Because there was nothing to pick on in the substantive book, this critic picks on a grammatical error? That says a lot about the critic!

If you have ever seen pictures of spirit materializations or of spirit photographs, you’ve probably had a good laugh. Some of them are so ridiculous and hokey looking that one wonders how the “trickster” medium could possibly have thought he or she could fool anybody. Certainly, they could have come up with better and more believable “tricks.” If you want a better understanding of the phenomena, Read more...

CATHOLICS DON'T HAVE A MONOPOLY ON THE AFTERLIFE I am not against religion or against the Catholics or Christians, or Buddhists or any religion. I’m not against anyone or anybody. People have a right to their beliefs. But I am an empirical investigator into the existence of the afterlife and I also had to study the etiology of the Bible to find out if it has anything specific about what happens when we die. There is nothing! But empiricists and the ‘new scientists’ who accepted the evidence for the afterlife AFTER they investigated have given us specific details as to what is going to happen to us the moment we breath our very last on this planet earth. I used some fifty sources to inform what happens to us when we cross over. Click on BOOK top right, click on chapter 29.

RADIO OUT THERE: Barry Eaton’s radio interviews – he’s probably one of the very best in the world to-day partly because he interviews people who have in depth understanding of the paranormal. Look up the archives and see for yourselves.

WORLDCHANGING- A USERS GUIDE FOR THE 21st CENTURY The "bright greens" are the environmentalists who believe that there are technological solutions to the environmental crisis. A great source of the latest "bright-green" ideas is at World Changing. The site also offers a book, " a groundbreaking compendium of the most innovative solutions, ideas and inventions emerging today for building a sustainable, livable, prosperous future. From consumer consciousness to a new vision for industry; non-toxic homes to refugee shelters; microfinance to effective philanthropy; socially responsible investing to starting a green business; citizen media to human rights; ecological economics to climate change, this is the most comprehensive, cutting-edge overview to date of what's possible in the near future -- if we decide to make it so." Read more...



"THE VOICE BOX: this is a Website that works towards providing knowledge and understanding of all forms of mediumship, which will hopefully, help those interested in working in this field towards working with Safe Practices – with particular emphasis on Physical Mediumship.... Apart from publishing as many stories of mediums of the past, and what they used to do to develop their mediumship, the trials and tribulations that they had to suffer at the hands of the law and the scientists, we are hoping that readers, during their own investigations and development, will share their experiences and phenomena obtained with our other readers. Maybe you run a physical circle and have had phenomena that you would like to share with other like minded people and developing circles. In turn, giving encouragement to those who may not yet be as advanced as your group where possible." Read more...

Do Tables Tilt, Turn and Float? Table Levitation Phenomena, 1850-2006"
If you know of interested individuals living in or near Basel, Switzerland, or in neighbouring areas of Germany or France, kindly tell them about a lecture which will be largely presented in German with some English-German translation by Walter Meyer zu Erpen, BA, MAS, Historian and Archivist, and President, Survival Research Institute of Canada SAT., 21 JUNE 2008 – 7:00 to 8:45 pm Basler Psi-Verein Neuweilerstr. 15, 4054 BASEL, SWITZERLAND Information: +41 (061) 383 97 20 info@bpv.ch www.bpv.ch Cost: 20 Swiss Francs (10 Swiss Francs for members)

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